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Lyrics of Forbidden Love

Thought Provoker
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Love Lost

He watches me change under the full moon's embrace.
My body twisted and gnarled like an old tree.
Bones breaking as fields of hair spread across my skin.
Bright yellow eyes peering at him through the darkness.
My great love, the one I am meant to be with forever.
My nails grow long and sharp from my fingers and toes as they retreat.
I scream and howl in pain as the primal transformation continues.
I asked him not to follow me here, to go and yet he came.
He loves me.

A tail extends from my bloody spine and my legs bend back snapping the bone as they take new form.
One of a large beast with a shiny black coat.
Fangs break through in my jaw growing ever longer, sharper.
And yet he waits blinded by love possibly thinking to join me in this curse.
I think to myself, 'run', and yet the wolf thinks 'stay'.
I am so hungry the flames burn inside of my stomach as the final changes are made.
A last thought I cannot help but to think, 'Yes, stay my love'.
I think he realizes now no humanity is left as he tries to escape.
But it is too late, I spring forward knocking him to the ground.
I tear open his lower back to reveal a bloody mess and so the rabbit shall no longer run.
Screams echo in the night as lifeless legs are unable to carry him.

'Please, Rebeka, I love you!'
As he speaks the final word, I take his throat into my jaws crushing it instantly and ripping it open to feast.
My dear sweet love, he no longer moves as I devour his body.
There is no sweeter taste than love and I savor every bite.
The morning comes and I lie naked covered in dried blood that cracks with each movement.
My hunger has been satiated  leaving yet another hole in my heart to fill.
And so I look for another lover that we may search for eternity together.
Forever in love.
Written by NBathory (Natalia)
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Strange Creature
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Swept Off into a Dream

She swore they’d always be friends,
Then again that’s how friendships end,
He couldn’t be more than what he wanted to be,
She had his heart and held the key,
But that’s what happens when one falls for another,
When the emotions run deep one discovers,
The stars weren’t aligned,
Now they’re left far behind
And the light that once gleamed,
Got swept off into a dream.

And so they went their separate ways,
Bonded by memories of golden days,
But the feeling feels like a nostalgic ember,
It’s fantastic just to remember,
That the thing could have been,
Lingers on somewhere within,
Yet the stars weren’t aligned,
Now they’re left far behind,
And the light that once gleamed,
Got swept off into a dream.

Then he heard she felt the same way,
But by then it was too late,
And yet it seems like it was a fantasy,
To have been able to love and foresee,
Lost at sea under a rainbow,
To know the truth and still let go,
But the stars aren’t aligned,
They’re not too far behind,
And the light that once gleamed,
Has been swept off…
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
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Our Forbidden Love

I loved you, but I would never tell  
The world including you because  
Although we were lovers there  

Was nothing else. My heart swelled  
With so much hatred because claws  
Scratched me and I could not swear  

To tell you that I was bleeding from  
The pain. I could never tell you that  
I was tired from loving the wrong  
Person who only showed their warm  
Smile, but never the war or combat  
They face every day. I was the song  
That cheered you up and the place  
You went to when you needed to  
De-stress from the world. It was our  
Secret as my fingertips would trace  
Every inch of your skin. Me and you  
Were once safe in our morning hour,  
Laying against your chest, hearing  
Your heartbeat, but we both already  
Knew that we could not stay. But  
Instead we were looking or peering  
Into something that was unsteady  
Like an old house without its guts  
Or foundation to stand on. We were  
An empty house that had no love  
Left. We were drowning in the sea  
And its cascading waves. The blur  
Of tears were too much. Like a dove  
We were flying too close and we  
Burned, but could never survive or  
Escape the feeling that this love was  
Forbidden or felt like a wrong turn.  
It was something I could not ignore.  
It was our last night when the buzzed  
Feeling wore off. I no longer yearned  
For something that left me so hollow.  
It was a hard pill for me to swallow.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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As the memories of that cold and rainy day invades the depth and deepness of my mind, I can remember it as if it was yesterday that I once held you both deep within my arms, as you the mother and the baby our child not yet born into the world of you and I but he can be felt kicking as his heart beats with life.  
                                                                                                                                       For it was you the woman that help me turn my life around for seven years of our life together as one, as you instilled within me there is another way to have a life, besides that street life that I had grown so use too just to stay alive and have all the things that I dreamed about having in my life.    
                                                                                                                                  For it was you that taught me there is more to life then cars and cold hard cash for you taught me a true lesson about my own life, for it wasn't the cars the cloths nor the jewelry nor the house that you loved about me but more than anything, it was my heart and soul that was caring and giving of thyself along with the depth and intellectual thoughts of my mind to be able to adapt to my way of life, coming from a dysfunctional family and still be able to smile at life even with my adversities of trails and tribulations that I had to endure as a young man.                                                                                                                            
                                                                                                                                  But yet as I sit here as the thoughts of that day come flashing through my mind when we three had to say good bye, for I can see it as if it just happen yesterday as the rain falls now and reminds me of that cold and rainy day, where from out of the storm of the rain a drunk driver took you both away from me in a blink of an eye before it was your time...A RARE LOVE OF THE HEART AND MIND.
Written by Stoney223
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Fire of Insight
South Africa
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love outlaws

The preachers daughter,
And the devil son.
To be in love, we need to live on the run.
The world doesn't approve of our love.
A queens daughter,
And a peasant son.
To be in love, we need to live on the run.
For royal only marries royal blood.
Kings finest are out on the hunt.
For I've been branded an outlaw for my love.
A second is all that we've got.
Your palace is always roaming with guards.
Stolen moments and blown kisses is all we've got.
Yet that doesn't tarnish the fact that we're in love.
I may have not have all the diamonds and rubies of the world,
But I harvest great love in my heart.
Even if I'm to love you behind bars.
Shackles on my feet and cuffs on my hands.
Will never quench the fire of my love.
I'll love you till the bitter end,
Even though I've been branded an outlaw for my love.
Scars of whips on my back makes our bond even stronger.
My life in exile makes me love you harder.
The world doesn't need to understand,
But for what's ours we'll a make stand.
I'll keep on fighting because I know deep inside you're
dying for another moment with me.
No matter what they try to do about this,
We've got hell on brakes.
No matter what they say about this,
We have something the world wouldn't replace.
A kings daughter,
and a peasant son.
even the gods of love don't approve.
No matter what, we've got our love.
We'll live the world behind and live on the run.
We'll dance under the rainbows and chase after the sun.
They don't seem to understand,
That’s why they branded us outlaws of love.
Written by poetOftragedy
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Lost Thinker
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Can it be?
What is this that i feel?
An unpleasant tickling
A Lukewarm sensation
A blend of many
But different feelings
sweet and bitter
Joy and sadness
Laughter and cry
I wish we never crossed path
I wish I never behold her beauty
Nor feel the warmth of her soft palms.
It feels like i drunk a poison.
I can only hope it doesnt kill me
For whatever i feel
If it is love
It can only be forbidden.

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