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Lyrics of Forbidden Love

buddydog H Faulk III
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Poetry Contest

If you truly love someone and canít be with them for various reasons. Write lyrics explaining your feelings.
Three Weeks
Any Style
Enter as many times you would like
Old or new writes
Will be judged by public voting

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Torn Between Two Lovers

Torn between two lovers  
One romances my mind, the other, my soul he captures under silken covers † † †
Loving the rapture when both are sinking, instilling their lustful pearly flow deep inside me † † †
Keeping me wet with tender licks of their ecstasy when on their knees † † †
On their feet, my mouth coveting their girth, echoing grunts as I please † † †
Hypnotic fixating them with my private strip tease † † †
Breaking all the rules when loving the two † † †
Each tasting my soul, my emotions, my body their carnal food † † †
†† † †
My soft hands touring their virile physiques, heightening their pleasure † † †  
Fingering inside my south, smearing their lips with my moisten treasure † † †  
Parting my legs for the sugary discovery, the seepage of ecstasy found deep within † † †
Legs entwined neither cannot escape my sensuous blend † † †
Body to body, lips to lips, palms to palms when chasing the wind † † †
† † †  
How did this come to ever occur † † †
Was it my seductive surrendering purrs † † †
In the sweetest throne of passion † † †
Love bites, clenched skin, their girths plundering inside my wet cunt, thrashing † † †
Kissing my perky tits, pulling me closer, their palms outlining my sultry curves † † †
The coating of my essence they both provide with honey dripping words † † †
† † †  
Chained to both of their minds † † †
Loving the addiction when they have me entwined † † †
Intoxicating feelings, emotions more potent then wine † † †
My Chi, my lust, all on their time † † †
Whispers, secrets, promises of love † † †  
Oh, sweet mercy, their endearments feels so good as ordained from above † † †
† † †  
The Heavens, they both soar me, my temple they adorn † † †  
Quietly slipping away from both, as my mind silently mourn † † †
When words have enwrapped us with such sweet worded foreplay † † †
Such reincarnated alliances by fate, bathe me in soft rhapsody on another day † † †
My skin caressed with moonlight enthralling kisses † † †
Resurrected like a Phoenix, my juices you purged as they trickled like pure bliss † † †
† † †  
My love, I must be free, soar † † †  
Love of another time, will find us again, amore † † †
Leaving my gentle handprints upon your beautiful heart † † †  
Your soul, your mind carries me away as lovers reminisce, drifted away, as love we part † † †
† † †  
Torn Between Two Lovers †
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Torn Between Two Words

ďTime can heal a broken heart, but it could also break a waiting heartĒ

Torn between two worlds, deep rooted emotions of its origin
As I was gradually and sweetly pulled in
A triangle of its sentiments to fall into temptation of its sin
You were written into the song of my soul
Earth and Moon my heavenly warmth as my mind patrols

Two worlds, one bed of silk sheets
Mind to mind, coveting, as we come together when we meet
Mesmerized by two stunning reflections
No objections for two handsome selections
This is how my story begins
Tender kisses to my lips, as a wet tongue showers my tender skin
Strong hands touring all over me, words to emotional blend
Two way revolving door as my inner soul I graciously lend
Two pulsating heartbeats one intellectual brain
One brings the gentle loving, the other brings the ecstasy of the blissful rain

Difficult to make up oneís mind
Can I just enjoy Winter and Summer at the very same time
Feels so satisfying sipping on the smooth elixir of their intoxicating mental wine
In bed, or as we sit and dine

Words of love expressed from below and above
Two hearts to quietly enthrall me to love
If this is wrong, then God please forgive me, but it just feels so right
One feeds me his gifted mind, the other takes me on soaring heights
One sequesters my mind as I lay on my pillow at night
One gives me his carnal caresses, his inner thoughts with all his might
Both playing my mind like symphonic sweet music heard in distance flight
My heart wedged in an emotional captive net
The more I wiggle to get out
The sweeter resistance Iím met

No screams to flee about, only surrendering passionate shouts
Moans in the throne of submission, heavenly confessions heard by mouth
Could it be, both pleases me
While slowly journeying down the land to the wet south
Feels so damn good to allow the chips to rest where they may
How did I ever get to such a crossroad to allow this I say
Intellectual ribbons dancing in the sky
Beautiful needs always behind the addictive whys
A kiss to the moon in Fall
Hooked in June as summer stars I felt when I saw
Entwined weakening bliss
From midnight magic to dawnís reminisce

This is just so unfair
I need them both like wings to fly needs a hope and a prayer
Resonances to land below cradles me
Up above, feeds my heavenly needs
Hide from myself, this I must, I have to do
Heart, Mind, Body, does not belong to a fool

One heartbeat two intelligent minds
Strangling myself to keep both, as destiny has abided my time
A kiss and a silent whispered goodbye released on the wind
Landing to a cheek for the declaration as my solo journey begins
Fly with the wind
Where that ribbon may end up
Will be where my lips sips from the rim of its loverís cup
Torn Between Two Worlds
Enjoy the heartbeats of its rapture as I twirl in harmony as it unfurls
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Twisted Dreamer
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Till We Meet Again


Echoes dance from canyon walls to a chorus fading song.
In melody she sings of the one that her heart forever longs.
Each word is of a cherished life that is to her still real.
Love filled notes she sings aloud for all to also feel.
Forever has a price to pay pain marks the passing time.
A plea for him again to hold is begged in every rhyme.
The hurt left by a broken heart that eternally beats for two.
A sad reminder of the life that her spirit had once knew.
Born from dreams she lives alone till quiet night times sleep.
And for that time, again there one, a time thatís thereís to keep.
But then comes the morning light his spirit leaves this land.
Loveís last touch before he goes from an angelís silken hand.

Written by midevil
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Twisted Dreamer
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Lost Love


Where thoughts and dreams and could have been lay still in hollowed ground.
Here troubles ceased she finds such peace atop a stone marked mound.
The sodden room of creations womb now takes him gently in.
To now become what he is from mortals pay the cost of sin.
Under pale moon light at the burial site fantasy dwells upon his rest.
Strong still his hold on her gothic soul her flesh at his bequest.
A bound night queen, in shackles unseen, clutched in death the key.
Black gowned silks worn forever to morn a sworn love eternally.
Written by midevil
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poet Anonymous

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I tried to love you, to love myself

Youíre everything  
I hate in the world  
But when I felt
Your personality drip
Against my lips
Suddenly, I was dying of thirst  
Youíre everything  
I hate in myself  
The world seems  
Cold and empty
Thereís pain everywhere  
It lingers on everything  
I hear your smooth voice  
In my head  
Telling me that
You wish I was dead
I never want to  
Open my eyes  
I tried to love you
To love the world
And myself
To turn the dark into light
But my love drowned  
In heart wrenching agony  
Into the deepest depths  
Of a pitch black ocean  
Written by Heart_symphony
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Twisted Dreamer
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In every moment of everyday

Sitting alone in a car park
Late at night
Rain on the windows
The droplets glistening
A soft glow of streetlights
A muted fuzz in the air
These thoughts plague me

You were it to me
The only thing I saw
But when I was close to you
I felt alone

I was alone because you did not understand or care
You kept demanding MORE
But youíd already taken everything
What was left?
My personality withered away under your pressure

What is there left to say
When you ripped apart my insides
Destroying everything I am
Causing pain that will haunt me for the rest of my life

Thereís nothing to say
Thereís nothing that will make the hurt go away
When you were here youíd cut through me everyday
A constant headache demanding appeasement
Youíd wear me down and take what you wanted

But it wasnít enough
It was never enough
You always had to have more
More, more, more
It didnít matter the cost
My life, my soul, my future
You had to have it all

My heart throbbing violently
You took it all
Now youíre gone
And I sit alone in desolate car parks
Humming that our youth is almost gone
Thinking about everything that went wrong

Did you remember that it was my birthday
Youíve been gone for so long
And in every moment of everyday you taint my life
A shadow that bleeds
through the days
Painting the world black and grey
Written by Heart_symphony
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Fire of Insight
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Our invisible bars

To carry on without a you at home
No smoke and fire in the hearth
The key that locked in that forlorn
We had plan A, a life to chart

A together split apart
A together with our feet stuck in the mud
Without the funds to share our dreams
Ours single beds in the house with mum and dad
The chains of cash we never have
The chains of cash we never had
the bars that hold our lives asunder

Gazed in widows holding hands
And credit cards were like handcuffs
Walls that minimum wage cant climb
A future without any stuff
La la la lalala the hoarder and his deputy
La la la lalala la life just holds IOU's for me
The prison of the social scale
The judgements cash flow fraying ends
 Robbery when you lose your friends
Just solitary confinement the open jail

Can you steal what is not there
When you find an empty money tree
The cage that separates a loving pair
A bar code of just negative equity

Chorus 2
A together split apart
A commitment of loneliness for good
The diamond ring the needs of womanhood
The debtors prison that kept apart
A life of crime to steal back my broken heart
Do what it takes to escape the penance
Make the bars real for a life sentence
La la la lalalal la the hoarder and his deputy
La la la lalalal la------ this life just holds IOU's for me

Written by slipalong
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- Missy -
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Even the riot squad take an in-breath

Christmas day;
your suicidal ornaments
dangling strange
before my wet eyes

guess it taught me
many things

how to speak of love
in case it was final
whilst slinging a gin
in some bizarre toast
to casual death

youíre still alive,
so Iím told

Iím yet to find
evidence of this
as the months meld
into years, shrugging
their absent shoulders.

Iíd never keep it in
from that day

the same fears pounding
my head with sirens:

I like you too much,
but I think you already
know tható

itís always a rush
before the cops
close us down

Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Dangerous Mind
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Worlds Apart

Deep within me I feel a calling
Something Iíve never felt before
Bit by bit, I sense a fire burning
Of raw passion and all I adore.

Who is the owner of the voice I hear?
Smooth and clear like a cloudless day
Iíve come to treasure it as something I hold dear
If only I could hear him sayÖ

Pure sunlight caresses my skin
And washes away the darkness that envelops me
A loving warmth comforts me from within
This special presence accompanies me in my dreams.

If only I could learn his name
And tell him mine in return
His hair shines brighter than the sunís rays
I bless the grounds I walk upon to become fertile earth.

His magnificent eyes pierce into my soul
I dare not look away for Iíll surely drown
I never thought a genuine smile could make me feel whole
Whenever he speaks, I block out all sound.

Within his strong embrace, I feel at peace
As if Iíve found my other half
His kisses are soft and sweet
Iím madly in love; surely a spell must have been cast.

Even though itís just a dream, let me enjoy it
Donít wake me up from my paradise
I enjoy his humor and unique wit
Iíll never get tired of staring into his eyes.

My sweet sunshine, how I love you so
I long to make love to you and hold you in my arms
Even though weíre worlds apart, you illuminate the darkness with your glow
And I know that with you, Iíll be safe from harm.
Written by LunasChild8
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william swann
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It feels so wrong. †
Then, it feels perfect. † †
† †  
My mind is split. † †  
I can't tell the difference. † †  
† †  
My bed the snake pit-- † †  
Her head is worth it. † †  
Those eyes are toxic. † †  
† †  
I can't shake the feeling. † † †
I can't take the pleading. † †  
The sex is the reason. † †  
† †  
I may never leave my room-- † †
Not so long as she stays. † †  
This may spell out doom. † †  
She is not the type to date. † †  
† †  
Lies lying all around us-- † †
Lust is all it is with us. † †  
Drugs are a must for us. † †  
† †  
I can't pretend. † †  
She is no best friend. † †
I'm on my own in the end. † †  
† †  
Every time I touch her skin, † † †
I'm falling for the wind. † †  
† †  
This is another dead end-- † †  
Just castles made of sand.
Written by rainy_day13 (william swann)
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Dangerous Mind
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Never love

One delicate wind blowing in secret
Promises amidst a pristine phoenix
Enamored supple words to deepen
Near heed among an abrupt reason,

Suddenly whispered soul give away
Singular passion perceived hearsay
Entangled heart melting into blood
Pulsing alike flames swift as a flood,

Afore collision fraud shook on high
Dissimilar moons to float in the sky
Lady held in spell fetches oversight
Axiom rising senses to a pure right,

Dropped vividly thru broken clouds
Charged to ring smoke as endowed
Enchanted mind upon moriah wind
Flying this soul kite to a world's end,

Laidback upon the sphere overseas
Yearning for such refreshing breeze
Singly fragrance love fascination lay
Save the dreaming heart blew away.
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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jade tiger
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Thereís just no place to go † †
As Om here all alone tonight †  
† †
Hold me up to the light † †
Baby what do ya see inside †  
† †
Be lookin thru my soul †  
Right to the otha side oí me †  
† †
Extremely bitter cold † †
Like no one elseís out to sea †  
† †
Aw come on baby love †  
Om that way cos ya neva here †  
† †
But in the smoke above †  
As we both choke n disappear †  
† †
My heart afire arcs †  
Santana wind bone dry emote †  
†††† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †  
Becoming ash n sparks †  
Another lonely night afloat
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Dangerous Mind
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Angel On My Right, Devil On My Left

At a local cookie and coffee shop I made the acquaintance of a charming young woman.

Boy, she was hot!

Visual impaired, she introduced herself to me at the counter, and then asked me to escort her to a table.

Blind as a bat, and friendly as all Hell. Seductive and vulnerable. What more could a cad ask for?

We met every Wednesday for a month, discussing poetry and philosophy.

Is there anything sexier than an intellectual beauty?

She had a sweet yellow lab service dog.

I wonder, "does that son-of-a-bitch bite?"

I found her to be charming company.

Good Gawd! Just talking to her gives me the lurgies.

One day she asked me how old I was.

I'm one no good lying A-Hole!

Then she made a provocative request, "can I touch your face?"

I'm there, in the garden. Pick the fruit while it's ripe.

She complemented me saying that I had a strong face.

I've hooked her like a fish on a treble hook. †All I need do is reel her in.

I told her I thought she was beautiful.

So, like the horn dog that I am, I took her home and burned her to the ground.


I admitted that I was almost old enough to be her father, and suggested she'd be a perfect match for a younger bachelor.

Sometimes morality costs more, than the wages of sin can afford.

So, the angel on my right, or the devil on my left. †Who do you think won this bet?
Written by snugglebuck
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