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Twisted Dreamer
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A bathing midnight sun’s soft glow
Caress lost souls and freed shadows.
Along a path of lesser light
Came the children of the night.
No longer forced to wait and hide
Their hunger fed till satisfied.
On mortals flesh they often feast
Such bloody banquets feed the beast.
Beyond the end of fairy tales
Where laughter turns to screams and wails.
Awaits a different kind of end
Those faint of heart can’t comprehend.
The naïve and weak is how it thrives
That one such fable still survives.
Away from grandma’s lonely home
And wooded fields she used to roam.
Into a world of glass and steel
She’s at home amongst her meal.
No longer known by local folk
No longer worn red hood and cloak.
From elder eyes she’s grown apart
A different spirit’s touched her heart.
Blessed for life as well as cursed
A full moons hunt to quench her thirst.
Carnage till the break of day
Cure her heat by pure soft rays.
Remembering well the taste of fear
The cries for God and screams she’d hear.
The sounds and smells that filled the air
Her muscles rippled beneath coarse hair.
How sweet the power as thick as sweat
No remorse no pity no regret.
Deep within she’s found some peace
In death is how this spell will cease.
For no matter what the switch
Life will always be a bitch.
Written by midevil
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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She wolf  wears a skirt

When you see a cold and yellow eye
The mascarra shadowed fire
Cubs run close and by the side
The mothers instincts alone but tied
Moon to set the cry to hidden gods
To conform yet be at odds
Tempered fear of a raging heart
To howl for favour from the storm so dark
Stealth is the camoflage you use
The clothes you wear  
The shoes you chose
Distraction of a pincer move
A quarry so begiled in fear just froze  
Charms headlights dazzle and confuse
Cold blood as you scoop all the goodies off the shelf
The pack in rings of thankfulness  
The E bay where good pickings lie  
Your pictures terror all in style
That X rated creepy darkened woods
 Gleaming teeth that match you moods
The gallery of thicket is your backdrop
A trail you run, your cities bypass
The scent that leads to your inner needs
A sacrifice by any way or means
To run with those for greater good
She matriarch in that great hunt for food
The blue chip is the one of choice
All for one in the supermarket crush
And when you are in season
The strong they come to draw attention
Virility is yours to question
Just soft Merino cloak for protection
Written by slipalong
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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On the trail of a deer
I met another hunter
Someone whom I once called
My wild canine brother

Thousands of years ago
We set aside our fears
To hunt together the bison
And the fleet footed deer

He, with cunning and speed
I, with sharp flint and long wood
Together we conquered the prairie
And every forest that stood

Then when I no longer needed
My wild deer hunting friend
I slandered his good name
And his bloodline I condemned

Today, like him I am loathed
For being a deer hunter
So maybe it’s time, once again
To call the wolf my hunting brother
Written by snugglebuck
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Fire of Insight
South Africa
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Kuekuatsu (the Wolverine)

O' Lora.
I've swam the most treacherous of oceans,
dived into the darkest caves.
Been held captive in cages,
and tortured for my sins.
I've glimpsed the grimmest of graves,
walked the darkest of valleys.
But never for a second feared.

O' Lora, my love.  
I've been hurt,  
I've been made to bleed.  
Death has visited me so many times,  
There's no limit to what I've seen.  
I've been broken,  
torn to pieces,
And drowned.
As payment for all my wrong doings.  
In turn I've exerted my vengeance.  
had my hands on the hearts of non belivers,
ripped them to shreds and learned their truth from feasting upon their livers.  
Never for a second I was thankful for the life the Sun gives us.  
I've never feared.  
O' Lora, my love.  
My dearest Lora, my only one.  
You've accompanied me through the darkest of nights.  
gave me comfort, you gave me light.  
You're my North star I'll follow to the end of the line.  
You give purpose, you give me direction.  
Nights are longer when I don't see your smile.  
I don't know what life would be without you.  
I don't remember my life before you.  
The only thing I fear, is losing you.  
I'm just a wolf howling at the moon.  
The Wolverine.  
Written by poetOftragedy
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Wolf's Blood

No one yet knows that there is wolf blood
In my veins, guiding me to the place one
Calls home. I am among my brothers and

Sisters, a part of the pack. Snow like crud
On my paws, but still I trek into clear sun-
Light and harsh winters. I feel all this land

Standing so still beneath me, but I move
Like a stealthy warrior and goddess lurking
In the shadows. I wait silently as my prey

Do not know as I am watching. I will prove
My enemies wrong again as I am working
Hard to disarm everyone. They always pray

For my downfall, but I come back hungrier
And thirstier for what keeps my blood alive
Like a flowing river that never stops, even

In the middle of winter. I am a creature
Spanning hundreds of years old, but I dive
Into the realm of me; a wolf to believe in.
Written by eswaller
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Tyrant of Words
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Wolf - Rayet

I Am The Walking Wolf The Talking Wolf I Am

Woods Prowler Midnight Hour Night Howler

Between Worlds Power One Never Cowers

Lobo Negro Call Me Call Me Lobo Negro

So I Come So I Am So I Am So It Goes
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Primal Instinct

In each of us lies a disposition,  
A primal instinct,
A primitive element dating back thousands of years,  
Like the call of the wild,  
Untamed spirit raging to be free.  

In this essence  
There is a life force yearning for family,  
Protective and caring,  
Tended to from the womb on down through maturity.  
These primordial impulses:
To hunt, feed, survive  
Give chase to our quest without question,  
It’s the natural drive pushing beyond boundaries,  
Like the wolf in pursuit of its prey,  
It is the inherent power of nature and all universal things  
That makes us animal and human.
Written by wallyroo92
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Thank you so much.  What an honor to be selected among such great contributions.

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