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sexual desires

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Poetry Contest

Write something so dirty god himself would look away
I don't care what you write about as long as it turns me on

Strange Creature
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Ride Or Die.

As if I knew where she went
those passionate nights spent together
smoking some grass, drinking some liquor
and a vapor of smoke in the dark
the ice glistens in the light of the pipe

Nothing better after a toke up than a vicious fuck
I know she's down as she chokes on me
fuck on me, baby yeah, you got it now.
You sure know how to party let me know when you out

Ever since she got locked up for firearms possession
I haven't fucked another woman since, still loyal to you
I been dealing from dusk til dawn, just to pay your rent.
As if there isn't enough on my plate, it's okay, when you rode me hard.

Damn girl, the way you fuck me, the way we ride together,
fuels my desire, burns in the eyes of our fire
Ride or Die, yeah baby girl I'm down for hell and back.
Just say you love me, always be by my side.

As if you're gone, I try hitting you up on my socials
no reply.. you locked down tonight
I still remain loyal, hard work in the rain I'll toil.
As I am as I always have been
loyal to the bitter fuckin end, my lover and my friend.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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The Stud, The Whore, And Me

Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai  
Dubai - United Arab Emirates      
Presidential Suite
Hushed words carried away on gentle winds        
Reminiscences fades over time as a new hard dick slides in        
Hot oil, whip cream, a leather sex swing, blindfolded as our naughty games begins        
Shh, don’t tell, the seduction of my hips while I’m riding on your dick        
Bribing your silence with a tongue to tongue kiss        
That threesome for your birthday I glimpsed from off your wish list        
It’s yours throughout the night by two horny wet clits        
Your hungry mouth sapping the creamy essence of my slit        
She’s between your legs, licking over your balls, and up and down your hard dick        
Extending your palms upward, squeezing my perky tits        
She softy bit my ass        
Her finger traveling inside my tight ass as it thrashed        
Her nostrils, sniffing the crevice between your thighs, your grunts heard throughout as sensations will last        
Your wet tongue climbing inside me deeper        
Her finger wiggling inside my enclosure, pushing it even steeper        
This whore is a fetish keeper        
Wet pussy riding my lover’s flickering tongue        
Galloping with desire, head thrown back pussy juices on the run        
Her lips meeting mine…umm two strikes against one          
Your mouth siphoning as you’re swallowing my butter rum        
Her mouth coercing your pearly release, your eyes closed, I can assume the feeling is better than none        
Jealous my pussy didn’t feel your monstrous cum        
A soft wet tongue roving over my back        
Palming my breasts, kissing my neck like my skin was her duty to attack        
Strapping her dick on, divided my ass, her relentless passion refuse to lack        
Inserted her plastic toy inside me like I was her main whore laying on my back        
Slipping your dick inside        
Dual pleasure from the hungry ride        
You bound my wrists behind my back as you thrust up inside me        
Both genders using my body for the sake of pleasure and victory        
Plastic toy dick in, his hard dick out        
Aiming for my Holy Grail, drippings from my pussy flowing as from a  water spout        
My lover gyrating my hips side to side        
Moans of delight heard throughout our hotel suite, where lust filled bind the ties        
Someone banging on the wall, wishing to join in for the wet slip and slide        
Sex filled the air of the room        
My pussy was the pursuit, for this sexual bride and untamed sexually dominating groom        
This slut rode my ass        
Plastic pleasure inside me as my lover’s dick marinated my pussy to outlast        
Her insertion and his dick sliding inside with a hard thrash        
My juices swooshing with a raging splash        
Holding my hips in place        
Desires of penetration invading the duel space        
I came with an earthmoving shudder        
Her tongue kissed over my back, his dick slicing into my pussy, now soft butter        
Dicks out my canals of grace, satisfied, too wet to rehash        
I flipped her over parted her wet pussy, she did not have to ask      
My tongue was on a selfish mission to eat this sexy bitch’s cunt my tongue licks not to be deterred        
Placed her legs over my shoulders as I lapped at her tasty slit, my contentment to lick her pussy as I purred        
My tongue danced through her fine downy hairs
Hands cupped her buttocks, pulling the scent of her into my mouth, without any cares        
Her soft cries filled my ears screaming at me for her release        
My tongue was her spoon, and her pussy provided the lubrication grease        
She arched her back, her climax was near        
My tongue snaked farther, moans of her surrender greeted my ears        
The taste of her drooled down my chin        
The best night ever as we fed off our wicked passion of sin        
Wait until my birthday stud, a foursome will be its next lust of kin
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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In the Mirror

He makes her ride him on a leather chair,
As the image is becoming clearer,
Her legs spread wide so she can watch,
Everything on a full length mirror.

He penetrates slowly at first,
As the ecstasy makes her tingle,
Feeling his cock deep inside her,
Her body becomes taut yet nimble.

Her reflection stares right back at her,
Delightfully inquisitive as she’s plucked,
Enjoying the vulgar display of submission,
She finds she likes to watch herself get fucked.

She has the look of agony and pleasure,
Almost as if though she can’t believe her eyes,
A complete showcase of watching the coition,
Thrusting steadily between her thighs.

She reclines her luscious naked body,
As he kisses and whispers in her ear,
And when he slides between her velvet lips
She curiously sees his member disappear.

A moan escapes from her here and there,
Tilting her head back from time to time
And as his hands glide all over her,
She then slowly begins to writhe and grind

He lightly strokes her swollen clit,
The reflected image becomes profound.
As it seems to increase the pleasure,
When he precociously wets her mound,

He begins to pump a little faster,
She whimpers like a naughty girl,
The sound of thumping skin and flesh,
Heighten the senses that fully unfurl.

From his vantage point he can see,
Her pussy and shapely legs spread wide,
Stuffing her with his throbbing cock,
As he kisses her neck and side.

The images in the mirror,
Show a remarkable work of art,
Where her sex is trimmed and pretty,
She’s an exquisite tasty little tart.

Her beautiful and supple breasts
Bounce with each and every single hump
Their bodies then start to quiver,
To the point they want to jump

For joy

She moans louder without holding back,
Taking him deep with every thrust,
And with a sweltering passion he delivers,
A hard fucking that’s full of lust.

She cries with sighs of full delight,
As he rips into her with skill and craft,
Then she releases her sticky honey,
That trickles down along his shaft.

She pants and moans then bites her lips
To a point where she begins to cream,
And with a wild fever that’s about to burst,
He drives fast and hard she begins to scream

And her love juices spurt and flow,
Like a river of love between their thighs,
And like some unspoken mutual accord,
He too climaxes inside.

And for a moment they sit there,
Basking in the blissful afterglow,
Bathed in the cum she blessed him with
That only the mirror could show.

Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
United States
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The Nun

Tis’ the witching hour,
hereinbelow the imposing statue of Jesus,
I’m fucking a nun in the ass.
With each thrust,
her ass cheeks parted violently.  
As firm in muscle they are, they fought back vigorously.
Pulling my belt off;
now a collar round’ her neck - I pulled.  
She even reached behind to pull it tighter herself.  
I looked up into the stony eyes of Jesus,
his stone-cut smile,
his indifference – oh, the inconsequence.  
Anyways, back to my story.
Hiking up her garment,
I pulled back on this nun’s leash
as I was pushing it into her.
Hunching over her bare, milky, sweaty ass,
I had realized,  
that there was no reason for this to be a quickie!
No, the church’s doors were locked from the inside,
and it was late at night. No interruptions for hours to come.  
Leaning back upright,  
I pulled, and she arched her head back; gasping.
She too I could see make eye contact with Jesus’ stony eyes.
“Help me Jesus!” the stricken nun exclaimed.
I took off my sweat-drenched shirt,  
hunched back over her sweaty, milky ass
I whispered, “I’m your lord of lords.”  
Her eyes darted to mine.  
At that moment I thrusted a push in her and kept it deep,
a stream of white running down her thigh.
Her panties had fallen to her knees
and I grabbed them with a vice-grip, tearing them off.
The sister shrieked and shook with tremors.
The torn panties went straight into her mouth
but not before I wiped off my cock with them.
Now throughout the church echoed the muffled groans.
The candles burned within the flickering piety,
the apostles within the stained-glass windows watched with indifference.  
Written by gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Hazy Lazy Fantasy

sweet smoke made of glass dust  
meeting my inexperienced lungs
the sharp, gritty savior of my sanity
uncurls along my neural pathways  
blissful relief and promised release
in the secret of my imagination  
bathed in rural starlit darkness where  
you and I become more just than the
measured words of awkward mouths
is where I have you to myself
slick, slippery wetness rushes through
plumped pink lips, as if searching
my skin for a hint of your presence
where the ghosts of your essence
run down the insides of my thighs
grasping soft, rumpled cotton sheets
pressing my sly smile into the pillow
like a slinky feline arching her back  
my wickedness displayed in full view  
for your needy, greedy eyes
you bury yourself deep on cue,  
fingers grip hips that keep slipping  
forward to find the tortuous slide  
of the full moon tide pulling you in
then pushing you back on a wave  
heat blooms slowly within my belly  
tendrils unfurling to stoke flames
in that place deep between my legs
so far within, it may be no place at all
roaring towards inevitable inferno  
hands full of worship find juncture  
of belly and thigh and pull me back hard
painfully eager to stay buried deep
inside the grave where the remains of
perfectly sensible thoughts lie  

Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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  Do I turn You On?

I have a vision of you nude
Waiting patiently to be screwed
Your breasts displayed and inviting
For some action they're inciting.

Between your legs nice and juicy
A most tempting sexy pussy.
Can I please enter this space?
My cock can move a quite a pace.

Before I go in; our mouths should play
Oral sex a good start for the day.
My tomgue will caress your crutch
Your wet mouth my cock will clutch.

Savour the feeling of this beginning
I hope to set your senses spinning;
Preparing your cunt for an intrusion
The feel of my cock is no illusion

You'll sense the thrill of its entry
Thrust right to the hilt, very gently
The smooth moist sides of your passage
My cock will give them a massage.

Your first orgasm is not far away;
Do not try to keep it at bay.
Your pussy will be wetter now
You'll  keep coming anyhow.

A dozen orgasms; a good score
Do you want to have some more?
Let me rest before we resume
We'll fuck all night, I assume.

If this poem makes you randy
Visit me, I'm always handy,
I will satisfy your desires
Quench all your sexual fires.

Written by gardenlover
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Fire of Insight
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On Her Coffee Break

a story in verse

By eight forty-five, she has started her day
She’s a lovely brunette, but we call her a “tease”
And by ten, on her coffee break, things get risqué
She’s the office coquette with a hunger to please

She’s packing a rack that is high, round and pert
Quite a sight for sore eyes as she jiggles, burlesque!
Now she's trolling the pack with a swish of her skirt
To show off her thighs as she struts past my desk

She smiles and bends over, with no underwear
And I groan with a boner that’s pinching my pair!
Then she turns back to face me, a gleam in her eye
At the bulge in my trousers, now growing in size

My discomfort elicits a giggle or two
And in whispers explicit, her comments are lewd
As she rolls me away from my desk to the aisle
And then plops in my lap with a devious smile!

Then that wicked young woman begins to perform
With my manhood her cushion, her movement? Pure Porn!
By a lap dance so sexy and vulgar and wild
I am near apoplexy! My crotch is on fire!

With our coworkers watching her raw sex-appeal
She keeps grinding my crotch to ensure I can feel
She is wearing no garment beneath her short skirt
Then, atop my enlargement, she comes! With a squirt!

As the scent of her wonderful sex fills the room
And my manhood she plunders with horny aplomb
Our boss glares with rage at her chutzpah displayed
While she moans unrestrained as her orgasm fades

As my office chair swivels and rocks back and forth
And I feel her last dribbles of moisture and warmth
The chair rolls down the aisle as the caster wheels squeak
With her skirt flipping high so that all get a peek!

With a kiss, she dismounts from my throbbing disgrace
The room watches, astounded; lipstick smears my face
And she giggles to mock me, and point out the view—
My trousers are soaked with her juice—and mine, too!

In my chair I recline, while she playfully kneels
Where my legs are splayed wide, gently copping a feel
Of my manhood still turgid, one final surprise
My attention diverted, she unzips my fly!

Before I can stop her, she whips out my meat!
And they all see my Whopper exposed, indiscreet!
I leap from my spot but her grip is too tight
She is ‘jacking me off as she squeals in delight!

I try backing away but her grip is too strong
And my trouser’s snap, frayed, can no longer prolong
And they drop when it pops, and the whole office leers
And the ladies all gasp at the size of my spheres!

With my stones bouncing ‘round while she’s yanking my schlong
The room watches, spellbound! I erupt, hot and long!
I am amply endowed, and my coworkers stare
At It standing up, proud, as it sprays everywhere!

Modesty unrestored, but it’s not from neglect...
It won’t fit in my trousers when fully erect!
While my burden stand's pat in its masculine pose
Many selfies are snapped with my "assets" exposed

“Are you finished?” The angry words shoot through the air
But I’m horny and well-hung, still loaded for bear
“Let’s go get a room, ‘cause my job’s all but lost.”

...And we did!
...And it was!

‘Cause her dad was the boss!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Lucifer (Lucy My Virgin Submissive)

Why is it so hard to be lucky
Is it a sin to just want to be happy?
all women should know what love is
I guess I just know how to pick them
relentlessly heartless with a white halo
but every time I fell, I fell for the devil
she would make love to my ego
fuck me sweet till she's had her fill
draining my energy begging me to cum
as you realise I'm a vast universal force
unable to keep up or even be in my presence
you all seek a lower life-form then run
this time around satan I will fuck you
my beautiful little princess you are
my virgin as you please my deepest
every inch as you obey my command
tell me you love me with your last breath
as I am forever resurrected relentless
cum for me till your to weak to scream
take my whip for I am your master
you are my little virgin mistress Lucy
come swallow your masters cum
bend that ass over N spread for more
each deep slow stroke in your gut
feel me where no man has ever been
don't beg for mercy darlin let it in
ease the pain before I give it all baby
do you really think you love me
because I honestly do love you
I really don't want to send you back
cum take this dick hell ain't the place
already your wet and i'm patiently waiting
and if you leave we're both going
I'll fuck you to Hell and right back to Heaven.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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She’s sexual dynamite

I know she likes me, and she knew I liked her back
I slapped her the 1st day she kissed me
trying to avoid this feeling
she laid in my arm in tears as the scent of her warm body aroused me.
Face to face asleep I can feel her breath caressing my lips
turning away, my back to her chest she hugged me
It took what felt like forever as her hand slowly descended
Descended on my patiently awaiting hard cock
stroking me to maximum capacity
I turned and grabbed her hand, but she won't let go of me
She descended beneath the sheets
and between her warm soft lips I came immediately
as her tongue continued to drive me crazy as she swallowed
She swallowed every drop of me
I couldn't help but to give in
honestly afraid
the consequences await as this young girl had her way
taking my virginity as she gave me hers
Soaked in her own creamy moisture
She slid me in, just a little bit
Her hot clenching pussy pulsed
throbbing with the excitement of cum, her 1st orgasm
Wetness trickling down her core
thighs tremble
as tears ran down her eyes
Omg!!! What have I done this time?
I knew she wanted more
without question I took over
Spreading her legs, the scent of her arousal turned me on
Sucking her tight little hole as it gripped my tongue
weak with each release, her little moans begged me for more
Finally, I slowly descended in my entire glory
Plunged in and out with unmeasured strokes with excitement
buried screams in the pillow as I'm fully submerged and erected
pulling away everything just to see her sweet innocent face as she came again and again
she so tiny  but she took every inch of me
totally filled and stretched as we bled
gasping for breath as she now knows she's in over her head
screams for me to end
pulling out was worse than staying in
so I stayed still trying to slowly evacuate
but her slow giration made me hard
as she seemed to enjoy the pain
pulling me in
having me give until she couldn't take.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Cum for Me Baby

Lay on your back and close your eyes for me
as I taste your honeycomb you moan for me  
with gentle strokes, I'll make you weak  
My tongue so skilled I'll make you scream  
I touch the spot you know the G
then falling in slow, so thick so deep  
Your toes they curl, from moans to screams
as each stroke feels so deep so sweet
you beg for more, keep wanting me
Till finally you squirt for me...
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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DARK PAIN WET Secretions

Cureena Fuck!!! I've got that weed in me
Don't start this please!!!
DARK PAIN*** Deep inside you
eat ur pussy till I leave a hickey
Taken relentlessly as you resist me
fight me please, don't give in to easily
helplessly this experience your deepest fantasy
ghost connection throughout your body
I'm in you finally
roaming your inner spirit, caressing you deeply

DARK PAIN excretions takeover
Me deep on top DARKNESS N PAIN taken away
Hangover from this Hate and Anger taken
Magical experience wet pussy melting
Eyes blind to this bliss DARK PAIN vented

Screams out loud of true pleasure needed
I've got your peace, your pleasure, your loving
lost in side your magnificence

biting me begging me...STOP!!! baby it's too sweet
legs trembling, moaning, weak
Nails deep as this pain excited
ripping you to shreds
while putting you back together again
DARK PAIN of satisfaction
every fetish without request met
Who knew DARK PAIN could feel like this.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Fuck! How do you do this to me?
A small look and I’m weak in the knee.
Within minutes my clothes are on the floor,
And you’ve locked the door.
My hands tied to the bed,
You say it’s time to give you head.
A slow slide between my parted lips,
From my pussy my lust drips.
In my mouth you have grown,
I tease you more with a moan.
More lust pours from between my thighs,
I beg you please with my eyes.
I crave you,
Am I on the menu?
From my mouth your cock slips,
To the south your head dips.
Your tongue dances within my cherry box,
How you do that is a paradox.
Once you have me good and blushing,
You say it’s time for the fucking.
You’ve given in to my plea,
My slit drips with glee.
My hands are untied,
My nails run down your side.
With each thrust, my pink walls tighten around your cock,
You’re as hard as a rock.
I take you in deeper, oh yes that’s the spot,
Please don’t stop!
Harder! Deeper! More, more, more!
My liquid desire now an uncontrollable outpour.
On the sheets my lust remains,
Though more than just a round wet stain.
Proof of my need for you,
And how no one else will do.
A small look and I’m weak in the knee.
Fuck! How do you do this to me?
Written by Nocturnalbutterfly
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Behind Closed Doors

Let me taste every inch of you
As your skin tastes sweet and salty
Like honey and rain. My neck blue
From your grip. My insides runny

And dripping down your body as we
Try to catch our breaths. Your cock
Still standing at full mast. In the wee
Hours you want more. Your hawk

Eyes look as you enter me again and
Again. Fuck, I want your fantasies
Wrapped around my legs. Your hand
Clutches the bedsheets and sanity

Is right here on the edge of this bed.
Do you know what you do to me? I
Lost my innocence and I dread
The day you leave with your sly

Smile with nothing else to remind
Me of our time between those four
Walls. Scratch marks fade, but minds
Never forget what is behind the door.
Written by eswaller
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Love of the Darkest sort

 Your venom of accepted bullshit spits with great genius.
​I swallow your wet words tasting the sweet and sour of  
allowed deceit. Emotional pain intermixing with physical  
pain over time, now wearing the same demonic face we both  
tongue in the dark. My heart gormandized then regurgitated,  
repeating residual beats heard in the haunts of our tinted  
home. I bare my flogged back arched and oiled. Steady as  
you continue carving your masterpiece for audience applause.    
Signature stab marks I stitch with shiny blades and black  
thread through gnashing teeth. Our erratic love written in old    
English calligraphy decorates our living walls for guests to detest    
and hypocrite on. They chase false fairies licking righteous dick    
and pointing fingers I bite that fills my belly.    
Beautifully painful sounds of large calloused palms violent against    
black latex mounds I crave. Breather holes tested and covered in play of Gasper.    
My other personalities and I share in your gluttony of pussy and their variations in all  
​things sinfully tasty. We hunt the cunt together, playing with  
our food. Latter scraps for nature's hounds we rid to appease my jealousies.  
Lost and determined eyes changing from hazel to watery  
red lightning, crackling, holding it's gaze of daggered cocks fucking in anger's sloppy bed.    
Leather leashes forcing attentions rule... I self inflict my own pain, a    
heightened tease for hungry eyes I strip, panting beneath bravery's kilt, feeling my white lace crimsoning.  
Drink of my youthful fountain and satisfy your aging thirst and there I will eat and take part in communion of you.  
Guttural groans, seeing your aroused approval of shiny blades initialing it's arrival.  
Red warmth down her chin, bypassing dead capillaries and pooling in corset cleavage  
tempting titty fucks of strawberry and vanilla swirls.  
Two minds chained together, wrapping around the hickey's of glorified euphoria.    
We toast glasses clanking, yanking shades of blue on Philia's glossed lips screaming  
and convulsing her quieting lullabies. Fucking our way to the bank, awaking  
on live stages swallowing the applaud of increasing views.  
Creativity tires our rampage, for now put the Russian iron to bed..  
​Limits and rebuked pleasures of Sadie go unmatched in the webs dark halls.  
Dare not call me a lady, far from it I am in full boast.  
Their ghosts surrounding my bed would banter ferociously  
at such a claim of feminine bullshit. Instead love me as you do...
Suspend me by my hair and rape me to sleep like only you can hatefully lovingly do. I feed and cradle your beast between my drenched ego and you adore and kiss my darkened mind in all it's deviance and fuckage...  
Let the wrong done unto me see it's hateful creation and let them secretly envy and lick my heels.  
This love wedded with all that is rejected, detested and whispered of.. I suck off over dirty toilets laughing in sarcasm all the while smirking beyond false eyelashes and watching as I swallow this deliciousness of shame and tainted blackmail.  
Grotesqued abominations we are, perfected each to the other our darkness  A cunning match forged in mastery of the blacksmith's fires. Drowned and cooled in ruby tubs of nevermore's and hidden sorts.
Written by Darkpoetria (DarkOakPoetry)
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