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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Todays Gothic

The dark needs some light  
Some neon in the night
Some promises soft flesh provide
The stoker, the nightbird riding over hills
Your mistress, forensics all imbibed  
To make your loins pneumatic  
Blacks studs and chain just for garnish
Never deminish always start never finish
Leave you screaming for GODS mercy  
And then raise the limit
The Satans cross for fools
The needles holes for you to fill
Wiches milkmaid pulls those gallons from your balls
The snorting bull will rise again
White powder dust to fire its sperm
Headonistic nymph that lies exposed
So close so close the overdose
Sinks tattooed on viens all punctured
Dark sides that vault the evils chapel  
Satanic verse that fannies overflowing chalice
Piercings needles the preferred jewellery  
The high just pills of ecstasies dependency  
The velvet mound its breach incessant
The angels kiss, cum like shooting comets
Gain and loss, groping blind no noughts no crosses
The hard core of desire not malice
Prince or princess the black bats ambush
Suck the blood only soon to vanish
"Heroin" a virgin or a whore
Never satisfied, exposed the need for more
Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Nymphetamine Lullaby

It was a switchblade September night when my hollow honeyed hips swayed in his abandonment. To this day, the sweet stench and taste of our last river tryst lingers in my psyche; the petrichor of a summer's rain as the metallic of his blood rests heavy on my tongue. I recall each sound and shudder of his body as my every oriface was granted entry. Unbeknownst to him, would it be just this one last time.                                        
I always allowed myself to ripen like fruit, so easily blossoming beneath his every touch; all that would deem and keep him my devoted fiend. As he took me every which way; greedily, I used his smile adorned elation to my benefit, writhing with greater force than usual as evilness fueled my desire. This fucker had no clue what was coming as he reveled and relished every grind, shove and settle. After my all was given, the time had come for the wickedly planned despair of my departure to be executed. I watched the pallor form on his face as the crimson red on my lips, smirked. Seemingly, he looked as if his heart had been crucified by cupid's unholy bow; tears pouring more steady than the dew from the heavens above.                                          
Thereafter, I played voyeuristic succubus; watching him scream with anguish as he contemplated his sunset suicide escape. Each day forward, I looked on as he held the blade close to his heart; my gilded cunt haunting him like a death row disease. My malidiction continued to ransack his soul with the flick of a lick to his mindfucked virility, while sucking vulnerabilities from his cock without a touch. I was his LSD lullaby, the white forest Goddess with cocaine hits tucked between alabaster thighs. Sliding in the deep pink of this benzo barbie, ignited the flame beneath his silver spoon of china white resin; offering his neon nod high. As if distilled liquor to his lips, my eagerly imbibed cum was liquid delirium that kept him punch drunk and lovestruck.                                            
Day and night, the memories hauntingly played as his dick continuously stiffened against his will. I was the demon he danced with and couldn't escape, as a gun even rested beneath his pillow should he ever be pushed over the ledge. He kept his trigger finger locked and loaded; so close to calling quits on his pathetic life and pain. The mere thought of my inflicted damage, stirred a raging inferno that coursed from belly to clit, as I craved his every frustrated need pushed inside me, to rip it from his loins as his flesh bled beneath my carnal bite. I quaked in the slick perversion of setting his addiction ablaze once more, to then drag him to the waters edge and watch him drown. I knew just how to seduce him; coming on like the iniquitous hemlock I was, while playing him like the sacrosanct seraph I wasn't.                                          
My devoted fiend was in need of me and my sweet rush of dopamine. My need to lace his heart with track marks while scarring his flesh with my blood lust, grew stronger with each passing day. He would unknowingly watch my hollow honeyed hips sway in his abandonment once more; left in dismay under the pouring rain of yet another September night. Until we met again, every night, his white forest Goddess would now sit by the river and beckon from afar, as I sang to him; my sweet Nymphetamine Lullaby. I was the weakness he adored and my song was one that he couldn't ignore.
"Led to the river midsummer, I wave                             
          A "V" of black swans on, with hope, to the grave                                          
                And through red September, with skies fire-paved                                          
                 I begged you appear like a thorn for the holy ones                                          
Bared on your tomb, I'm a prayer for your loneliness                                          
                And would you ever soon come above unto me?                                          
                 For once upon a time, from the binds of your lowliness                                          
                 I could always find the right slot for your sacred key"                                          
"Fall to my arms, hold their mesmeric                    
         And dance out to the moon as we did in those  golden days                    
      Christening stars, I remember the way                    
We were needle and spoon,                    
           mislaid in the burning hay"                    
Written by PandoraUnleashed
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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thank you for all who entered this was a tough decision
you all brought your darkest A game  😈

congratulations Playdatewithfire when it came down to it
your write made the little hairs on the back of my head stand up...

poet Anonymous

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