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Poem of the Month October 2019

Guardian of Shadows
Sierra Leone
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Poetry Contest

It’s time to let everyone know about that exceptional piece that we should all be reading
It's time for our "Poem of the Month" to be featured in the DUP 'Poem of the Month Hall of Fame' and on the official facebook page for October 2019!.

You have three weeks to nominate no more than two of you favorite poems from another DUP poet!

Please note the following when making nominations:

1. Self nominations are not accepted. The great majority of the competitions here are about spotlighting one's own work on a particular topic or theme.  This is a chance to nominate that poem that you wish you had written but some other great talent here beat you to it.

2. Please limit your nominations to TWO poems. You can nominate a single poem for two different poets; but the nomination maximum remains at TWO (no matter how many pseudonyms they have).  The majority of competitions on DUP cap nominations at one or two poems so there's no need to go beyond that.

No DUPLICATES. If someone nominates the same poem the entry will be deleted. If you like it that much wait and vote for it!

Any genre except erotica or pornography. This is a Facebook feature and we must adhere to their guidelines.  



Any member who is banned or disables their account PRIOR to the win will be automatically disqualified.

Any nominated member who wishes to opt out of the competition may do so by messaging me ( Poem-Worm ). I will contact the person who nominated you and request an alternate nomination.

Nomination Duration is three weeks followed by a week of site voting!

Running list of winners:

February 2019 ... SOPHIE_ERICSON
March 2019 ... AUDIOHARLEEA
April 2019 ... FROM THE ASH
May 2019 ... MISS_SUB
June 2019 ... NAAJIR
July 2019 ... LAYLA
August 2019 ... AHAVATI
September 2019 ... MISS_SUB
October 2019 ... HOWLING_WHELMS

November 2017 ... NAAJIR
December 2017 ... POETSPEAK
January 2018 ...      LADY_OF_THE_QUILL
February 2018 ...    LEPPEROCHAN Craic in a Box
March 2018 ...        TINABUBUYA (Tee Mali)
April 2018 ...           CROWFLY
May 2018 ...            ATOMIKBOMB
June 2018 ...            MISS_SUB (Missy)
July 2018 ...              MEADOWSWEET
August 2018 ...        LAYLA
September 2018 ... COLD FUSION
October 2018 ...       TODSKI28
November 2018 ...   TheMUSE22
December 2018 ...    BENDER

... So, what have you read that's incredible!?

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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honest critique can be an oxymoron
it's sometimes an excuse used by the egotistical
to be as harsh as they want, sparing no feelings
bearing no responsibility when destroying writers
these consider themselves as the elite but not so
the do not care who they hurt or how they hurt them
they point the finger and laugh at writers they see as peasants
they find their peers wanting in all areas because they have to
in their lust for power over others, they will stop at nothing
there is not a place they won't go in fact the lower the better
they assassinate, they gossip, they prime others to think their thoughts
these people are the poisoners of many wells and always aim personally
they collect "friends" as a hobby, but what happens if you dare question
firstly there is the lambasting, secondly the abuse, lastly the harassment
hate-filled narcissists by their very nature are incapable of any critique
that doesn't involve the destruction of the poet unless of course they
are part of this sycophantic clique, who bow and scrape to their masters
all forms of writing have these people around - they are called critics

but there is a better way
treat all writers in a community as equals
when critiques are requested, gently does it
firstly use encouragement and be empathetic
concentrate on the positive things of the piece
make respectful suggestions on possible changes
always deliver critique with a kind and humble heart
listen, really listen as the poet might know something
you don't that is true of any poet despite education
never discourage, give poets the best of your knowledge
be humble enough to accept the poet's right to choose
on any suggestion you make It must be their vioce,
words and their intent is paramount above all things

this is the way critique should be in a public forum
so-called honest critiques should be done in private
there are new or nervous people able to view them
some will leave as a result, some won't ever post
this is an avoidable loss and should be a source of
sadness and guilt for all members baring grudges
these fight and flames are seen in public sadly
maybe we shouldn't pick fights, maybe we shouldn't retaliate
maybe we should resolve our differences or just keep away
maybe we shouldn't target people regardless of history

I write this as a plea
to reinstall peace to the site
to not seek to inflame
to only do what is positive for the site
to promote DU and what it could be
to think before typing "would this hurt someone" then desist
this is an ideal world scenario but why not try
aiming for perfection will always make you better

Now before people go jumping up and down
I am making this plea to myself as a flawed human being
somewhat broken but willing to try (are you?)
I plead guilty to sometimes being short with others
I plead guilty to sometimes being over reactionary
I plead guilty to sometimes of unguarded retaliation
I plead guilty to sometimes typing without thinking
I plead guilty to sometimes making my dislike of people obvious
I plead guilty to sometimes deliberately flaming
I plead guilty to sometimes writing veiled poems
I plead guilty to sometimes hurting peoples feelings
I am guilty as charged
for the second time, I offer an unreserved apology
to anyone I have hurt or offended, that means anyone
I am sure there are a few
this is my confession
this is my plea
a plea for it all to stop
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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I shall swim through sand

I shall swim through sand,
leave all sensible problems behind
and just proceed stroke by stroke
as the sandwakes sighs in soft susurrations.
Let the Sun bless me
as arms slowly but purposefully
make wide rotations
churning through the dusty dunes
like orbiting planets
languidly spinning in infinity's serenity.
Let me lose myself
to the eternal expanse
transcending the senses
synchronised with a higher tune
that reverberates across all and the void;
the momentary now becomes
submissive to the displacing motion.
While I, am a desert swimmer
a fish out of water
but immersed in another great body
striving on and onward seeking,
making waves with wavign arms
being wild and free
under an endless sky,
unconcerned about movement and place
entranced by inner visions of outer planes of existence
as I swim through sand.
as silly as that may sound;
We all seek to move somewhere.
Written by Viddax (Lord Viddax)
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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simple furnishings

we languished  
a tree  
talking of things
that couldn't be  

and then died singly  
in rooms  
with simple furnishings  
I remember church:  
with deep carpets  
and white pulpits,  
flowers and coffee  
in the tiled lobby,  
colourful Bibles  
on shelves.

The generations tidied up  
and plastered stony walls,  
installed stoves,  
de-splintered pews,  
upholstered God  
from beard to robe,  
and scented Him  
with fresh lemons.
That's Anglican to me:  
barley water, cakes,  
and tea.

and I am an Anglican ghost  
wandering the old churches  
where once we used to rove  
the unblemished Spirit  
and I
Written by The_Silly_Sibyl
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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
United States
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A Cold Bastard

The poison lingers on my lips
like salivation, uncontrolled,
and waiting to ruin everyone’s day.

I get it from my dad, I say,
which certainly isn’t a lie.
But really, ugliness is me,

as near the Divine as I get.
Some people reach it perfectly,
projecting only thoughts and deeds

to make an angel blush
redder than a teenager,
on watching with his parents that

scene in the movie where
the leads take off their clothes.
That isn’t me.

Sarcasm, and bitterness,
the lowest form of wit:
that’s me.

My dad’s an Enfant Terrible
even in his latter years.
Without ever meaning to be,

his words are like thumbscrews,
cat o’nines, and other such playthings
with which to sing the blues

in tones of cackling laughter.
Paraphilia, divorce, crimes of war
and wretched hate, the broken whore

of life in all its vicious modes...
it’s always, always ripe for jokes.
And I don’t want to be a cold,

offensive, mean bastard
(given that bastards don’t have dads
and mine, however flawed, will do).

I’d like to be a comfort and a joy.
But sheer grotesquerie can be
its own strange alchemy,

and we don’t notice flowers less,
nor turn away from art,
just because the cut of our jib

is lined with razorblades.
Written by The_Silly_Sibyl
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Innocence returning

There's a cold breeze
coming through the back door
causing it to creak on its hinges,
Grandad's gone across the backs
to feed his pigeons.
I find him inside the empty loft
closing derelict cages,
gently I place an arm
around the confusion.
Using soft words we stumble outside
towards real moments.
The overgrown allotment glistens
through droplets, strung out
across gossamer connections
that tremble in the cold morning light.
We hear the rush of racing pigeons
and watch them disappear overhead
like ghosts into field mist.
Grandad stood staring at the sky,
"they're not coming back are they son?"
I put my coat around his shoulders,
'no Grandad they've been gone too long".
We start the slow walk back towards the house,
"someone will have to tell your Nan
she loved those birds"
"She's dead Grandad,
Grandma's dead".
Written by Razzerleaf
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Tyrant of Words
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werbepause xvii ~ {blood consciousness ii}

she fades inside me,
a frail succubus
triple digit lips
sucking an empty cock]
a shadoe ov me
consum'd by proxy_
i feel her wilt
in the unfamiliar stain
ov peony
flourishing on porcelain,
our tongues tied
[a slip knot
ov profanity & filth]
my urinal mouth, mute ...
... in my husk,
the desecrated temple
ov my cunt,
coyly wither with her
unable to peel myself
from shyness
[who is this
uncertain whore,
this tentative harlot,
this timid slut]
fill'd with shame
whose come-hither strut
stutters in fuck-me heels

{&} when i spread the waxen pallor ov my thighs
push you into myself, forge that act ov communion
{writhe & mewl
& claw need-yous
into my own hips}
i despise the bite ov pain, the scarr'd hieroglyphs rap'd into me_

it lurks.
somewhere inside me;
all that was lost
howling behind my eyes
where the pieces
are pastich'd to a whole_
& i have never liv'd
in the cracks ov myself
until this,
looking to drink from
my stillborn essence '
once so proud
ov how i bent
myself into a sutra
how i laugh'd
even as i broke

i am going to spend my days
loving men just like you, the ones who fuck their oedipus complex
into the corpse ov my potential.
& i hate you a little more with each moment i am fearful ov how i put myself together
as tho i am too much ov everything
too little ov anything
because my self-worth lies
Written by _shadoe_ (katyusha)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Would Issa

( a rensaku = linked tanka )
a cooler morning—
I await the chime of leaves
that rustle and fall
but birds have all left to find
nests made of grateful leaves
the season is ill—
the sun is facing away
do I only see,
setting out a water bowl
for a stray cat with no voice
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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A Brief History of Thyroid Cancer

A dalliance in
Space, cameras
On every corner,
Opioid addiction

Paranoia permeating
Every waking
Moment, grabbing
Your gun because
Of it

Shooting at something
That isn’t

And killing something
You never

There are quicker
Ways to get to

There is something
That you need
Right now
That doesn’t

And there’s
This other


Written by Taurek
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Lost Thinker
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It's glad to see a soul like you turn 18..  
It's at the same time sad to see a soul like you loosing the young look..  
Years come and go..  
Moments come and go..  
This time came when I met a soul like you..  
Yet in the first place..  
Never had I at any time thought I would ever meet a soul like you..  
But it's sad that i can't spend the rest of my life enjoying your company..  

There are some people who I can just be with...  
Never say a word..  
And then walk away feeling like it's the best conversation I've ever had..  
And trust me,such people are very rare..  
To make it worse,  
When such people don't realize how much I treasure them...  
Among those you are..  
Besides my siblings...  
You are one that I more less adore like my mum..  
Neither words nor actions can best describe my real feelings for you..  
But only God who knows my inner me..  
Can be my only witness...  

I wish I knew you from childhood..  
Most probably from day one..  
When your mum delivered a soul like you..  
Into this crazy world..  
When you were still that innocent young baby angel..  
So,I can look back and remember the young you..  
Before you became a teen..  
And currently look at the grown up you in your teenage years..  
It's may be then that I would be proud..  
And fully celebrate having been at sight..  
Seeing you rise from roots to shoots..  
I met you at a later age....  
Not knowing the real you..  
Neither you knowing the real me..  
None of us knew the past of the other..  
But just judging each other by what we saw..  
Anyway,since none of us ever had it in plan for meeting each other..  
It was just meant to be..  
That I meet a soul like you..  
And from nowhere treasure her beyond limits..  
The moments I spend with you..  
Though once in a while..  
Stick into my mind for a life time..  
I swear to God that you are one of a kind..  
That spending time with makes the scenario heaven on earth..  
You're one of a kind that I can never feel insecure telling a secret to..  
How I wish the same applied to you..  
But it's so unfortunate that it a'int the case..  
Allow me phase it like this..  
I don't know the number of years you are left with in this crazy world..  
Neither do I know the number of years I'm left with..  
But all I know is you've got bigger dreams about your entire life..  
I know sometimes the world will seem unfair..  
Treating you bad...  
Yet in the first place an innocent soul like you..  
Doesn't deserve being treated in such a way..  
Those moments when you feel like you've got no one to lean on..  
Feeling like cursing the day you were born..  
The only piece of advice I can give to you more so in such moments is..  
Always go onto your knees and pray..  
Believing that such moments are just passing by..  
More so,have trust worthy people you can lean on not only in happy moments..  
But especially when life becomes a puzzle..  
And always keep a positive vibe..  
Regardless of how life may seem unfair..  
It's only then that you will make it through with little or no regrets left behind..  
Happy birth day...  
I can't easily spot what you love most..  
Coz even beyond what you think you love most..  
There is always something you can love more than it...  
You deserve more than just worldly pleasures..  
All i can say is...  
I'm always and will always be that guy that owes you a rose for every breath you take...  
Never mind leaning on me in case you need a hand..  
All I can promise is..  
Regardless of how apart life may separate us..  
I'm that guy that is always and will forever always be on his knees on your behalf...  
And trust me or not..  
I believe God will answer my sincere prayers..  
The best thing that can ever please me..  
More so about you..  
Is seeing you being very successful beyond limits..  
Wish you the bestest....  
My sincere request is..  
Among those few friends that you treasure...  
And can trust without being insecure...  
The few ones that you can share your secrets,pain,sorrows and joy with...  
The ones that you can lean on in case you need a hand..  
Please let me join the list....  
And trust me..  
You will never regret having me as a life time friend..  
Let moments never take us apart...  
Let distance never erase the memories..  
Let you have a portion of yourself occupied by a portion of me..  
Till death tweets...  
Live your entire life like the Ruth I know..  
Never let the world change or duplicate you..  
Let God take control..  
Then just stay an original..  
Be yourself..  
Stay low key...  
Self disciplined..  
Self focused and consistent..  
Simple and down to earth..  
Cute melanin beautified..  
Beautiful black child..  
Stay shading your black clouds..  
Bloodline from Burundi..  
Blow more...  
Achieve more..  
Live to please your family and well wishers..  
And more so prove your enemies wrong....  
With God on your side...  
Accompanied by your family..  
Relatives,friends and well wishers...  
And not forgetting your enemies..  
Coz they are always there regardless of how real you may be..  
Trust me..  
You will make it...  
More so with a guy like "de hustla"..  
Who treasures you beyond limits...  
And never ceases going onto his knees on your behalf...  
If I was to write..  
Words would be endless...  
Let me end it like this..  
Reagan wishes you the best..  
Reagan treasures you..  
Reagan respects you..  
Reagan loves you..  
Reagan adores you..  
Reagan prays for you...  
Only God knows..  
Wish you the best of all...  
Grow up mentally,physically,financially,socially,mention them..  
But especially..  
Grow up spiritually...  
Love you...  
How I wish we live to achieve more than we can believe..  
And live to see each other in our late years...  
Till death tweets..  
I remain that one guy...  
"reagan de hustla"  
Blow more..  
Achieve more...  
Dedicated to: ISHIKANWA RUTH  
Written by; Musore Reagan
Written by MUSOREREAGAN (_reagan_de_hustla)
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Tyrant of Words
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fall the rain

can fall the rain?
can rage the trees, that give a hospice
to every weary, wounded bird?
can call the birds by name?

was every road so cobbled & split
was every cloud a bruise upon the sky
was every grassy field parched & withered
was every hill so high

a soldier’s helmet is a crown of thorns
his aches, a spear thrust in his side
full of a minstrel that merely mourns
full of sorrow, but never cried

dismantle the cannon that pocks the land
rip the flag that takes no mends
a thousand miles begins a journey
a journey never ends

the burning night is made of songs he didn’t sing
the hill that stretches higher, higher
a brooding passion, a sculpted fire…
  I’ve lost something

(Art: Rene Jacques)

Written by JohnFeddeler
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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