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Wrong Place; Wrong Time

Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem (any style) about an incident when you were in the wromg place at the wrong time.
New or old poems, not too long, erotic content acceptable.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

It was fate when you messaged me that night,
Catching up like we were old friends. We had
Not spoken since high school. Years later and
I would learn we were in the wrong place at
The completely wrong time.You were the light
At the end of the tunnel and made every bad
Day better. It was not until I held onto his hand
I knew you and I had soul ties, but I combatted

The feeling we were not compatible. We had to
Take many wrong turns before we finally made
The right turn, but it was the wrong turn too. No
Matter how many chances and opportunities we
Had we were knocking on the wrong doors. You
And I knew after that phone call we would fade
Into nothing, but the memories will always follow.
With you and I there was a love truly lost at sea

With no way to come back from the devastating
Or treacherous storm. Time will stop waiting.
Written by eswaller
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Thank you for this first entry in this competition. I hope it will encourage others,

Thought Provoker
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Crazee Mudda Fucka

Plastic smiles are always the worst
They're just the slightest bit off at first
They make your creep senses start to tingle and make a sensation
She said, I give off a creepy sort of vibe
I said, that's an odd way to start a conversation
I just ate popcorn and watched girls play volleyball
Then got made fun of for being such a creep
But I told them I was only sitting here all by myself
That's probably why I'm three times more creepier than the ordinary solo creep
Mention your red Ferrari, that'll get the panties dropping faster
One can be a creep and still get to enjoy the role of being master
I told a girl at her 18th birthday party, that I wanted to eat that cake off her ass
Then I had to tell the entire party, that I had to hurry back to class
To practice going hands solo coming and going while flashing my special hall pass
I asked if ya wanna take a ride home with me in my squeaky cruising van?  
Truly a mystery why anyone would call me a little bit creepy, damn
But I told them I was not here all by myself
That's probably why I'm three times more creepier than the ordinary solo creep
I tried to start an orgy once or twice, on a bus full of giggling cheerleaders
While on the way back from our schools annual college basketball 'bout
Tried but failed at having sex with everyone on that bus, only as a game
Even did a strip tease for everyone and I even tried to make out
They didn't wanna make out but they liked my strip tease of fame
But I told them I was not here by myself
That's probably why I'm three times more creepier than the ordinary solo creep
Now I feel like a junior high football jock
Waiting for the nod, so I can stop doing it into a sock
Why get a girlfriend when I can just masturbate with porn?
Fuck, dude. Just call a hooker up already and get that out the way
We all make fools of ourselves sometimes, ok for me everyday
But I told them I was never there by myself
That's why I'm so much more creepier than any other so, so, crazee mudda fucka.
Written by Fetchitnow
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Testify Karma's a freaky bitch

Bitch let me testify to my crimes
murdering stifling bitches gasping  
this isn't sexy deep in fucking  
this isn't meant to be loving
what you did to me
I'm sitting in your ex's kitchen  
draped in all black as venom leaks through
seeping from my skin murder is my intention
you both in the bedroom discussing your business
I'm sitting in the kitchen with this bottle of Gin
bitch I love you but if you only moan or scream
somebody's gonna get it
honestly I'm there for your protection
lining up all the kitchen knives on the floor
you don't even know I'm outside
you ran out and meet me sitting there
cutting myself tears dripping from my eyes
he came onto you and I watched you give in
you fucked him but I loved you still
you begged me no to, the veins in my neck stand
blood red eyes, like a vessel burst inside
I plunged my fist into his face over and over again
blood painted the kitchen
as you continued to beg for his forgiveness
You have no idea how badly I wanna rip you to shreds
I resurrected all my inner legion's  
I wasn't gonna do it  
but you've been playing me for quite some time bitch
you to old for this, knowing that I am that I am
you try to hurt me like this, it was just a discussion huh?
I gave her a knife from the kitchen floor
as she looked at me like what the fuck for
I kissed her as she got down on her knees
she seemed to like the dark side of me
kill me or suck my dick bitch
slammed into the fridge
up against the wall as I get it in
penetrate deep with all this rage
she screamed and cum for me
squirts and screams as I went in balls deep
he laid there and watched me as he bleed
watching as he saw what rough looks like for real
big black stiff demon slamming into her innocence flower  
watch how my wife likes the pain as she cum again
tears fell from his face as his daughter just came in
curious as she just returned from work  
you fucked your ex  my wife  
it's about time I testify your daughter's payback, kinda
as you feel like death's waiting outside
I approach her as she willingly decide
watch me take her virginity dad
bend over and spread your legs like this
she willingly gave in without question as she wanted this dick
the sweet tender innocence
shit happens when you start to catch feelings  
but daam you can keep my ex
your daughter's been eyeing me  
and you treat her like garbage  
what a way for me to meet both your parents
yeah I liked milf's I thought you left him
I been trying to behave
but now I love your daughter  
as you both sit there feeling sick as I should have been
I love that Karma's a freaky bitch
I already treated he good now she's finally loving the sex
Look how Karma's a bitch.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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poet Anonymous

poet Anonymous

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Strange Creature
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Highway to Hell.

My motorcycle soared to 300km/hr
dodging traffic, the narrowing gaps between trucks
pissed as all hell, off my chops on all sorts of shit
had to make it home for another hit
this is my life, how I longed for better.

I knew this woman, she is the one
there's this other girl, her hands gripping my waist tight.
When I take her shirt off, she could have wings
a demonic woman, that loved how fast I soared
her need for speed was twofold, so too was mine.

She'd love my hands in her jeans, whispering in
my ear "you belong to me" my side piece could never excite me
as much as her and her devilish wings do.
Spread ready for flight. Tonight it was just her and I
while I ignored the incessant texts from my side piece.

I couldn't care less, she reported me missing.
I was going so fast I thought I was bound to wipe out us both.
The pot, the ice, and my every other vice,
she kept me satisfied until the day that I died.
She'd resuscitate me every time I'd o'd.  

Never did she snitch, not like this other bitch that would cling to me
projecting her insecurities, bringing all the trauma that came with her.
That's why I'm flying down the highway
with this devilish babe hugging me tight for dear life.
Too many times, I'd be on the wrong side of the law.

Still they couldn't even see me, the speed cameras flashing at dust

poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
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Caught In a Vortex

It's funny how zeal can be a trap,
and passion becomes a snare.
Be careful because...
Punctuality can lead to fatality.

I didn't need an alarm clock to wake me,
4 hours past midnight I was prepared...
Frantically making my way to the office gate.
No breakfast,
Document in hand.
Surely I Would be first in line.

To my horror I met a crowd,
Had they slept at the venue?
Quickly I joined in as we formed a siege
Behind the barricade.

Four gruelling hours later agitation blazed.
Tempers escalated as men huffed and puffed...
Bodies became battering rams
As the fort was breached.
Suddenly I was lifted by pressed bodies
As the crowd moved in forward turbulence.
Wails could be heard as the unfortunate who fell
were trampled on.

As the gates fell and people poured in.
I once again felt the ground under my feet...
My barefeet though as I had lost my footwear.
As I stood at a distance barefooted,
Gasping for breath...
I saw first hand
The horrors of an angry mob.
Don't mess with an angry mob...
Don't be in the midst of an angry mob...
Be warned!
Written by Kingvirky
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Tyrant of Words
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A Little Suspicious

“Come pick up the boys at the my local church”
The baby sitter texted me right before I left work,
It was near so I did a quick Google search,
I didn’t have to drive in traffic so it was a nice perk.

But when I got to the parking lot it was for naught,
Nobody was there, except for a lady and a cop,
I drove by with windows rolled down (it was hot!)
Until I realized I had driven to the wrong spot.

“That’s another church a mile away with a similar name”
She said in her next text still waiting for me,
So I peeled out of there now feeling a bit lame,
I was late and I need to get to my babies.

Then my rearview mirror I see a car getting nearer,
But I paid no attention I had to get my boys,
And when I got the right place then it was clearer,
Someone was following me making a loud noise.

I got my two little ones (a one and two year old),
It was summer and it was a hundred and eight,
My A.C. wasn’t working so I had to quickly roll,
I also had school at night and dinner to make.

Weaving through traffic because now I’m in a rush,
The car behind me followed my every move,
Honking at me like “does this chick have a crush?”
But not now, it’s hot and I’m not in the mood.

I finally pulled into a strip mall parking lot,
And asked her what her problem was,
“Give me my purse back” she yelled on the spot,
She was clearly mistaken or was a lost cause.

“Let’s stop by the police department on my way home”
I told her confident because she was so wrong,
She had already called the sheriffs it was their zone,
But it didn’t matter I knew I’d be ok all along.

Next thing I know several guns are pointing at me,
Cops yelling like I’m about to blown away,
“Take it easy” I said, “I got littles ones in the backseat”
But it didn’t matter I was a show in public display.

Turns out her purse was stolen from her car at church,
So when I showed up I looked a little suspicious,
I told them it was fine so they conducted a search,
I wasn’t trying to be the least bit capricious.

In the meantime my babies were sweating away,
As the female cop frisked me being commanding,
Upon seeing my kid’s smiles they put their guns away,
Because really it was all just a misunderstanding.

I showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time,
Had I lost my cool I would have died that day,
But my babies kept me calm and all would be fine,
They give me purpose no matter what comes my way.
Written by wallyroo92
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Twisted Dreamer
South Africa
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She screams, damn she screams
She mourns deep and loud
She groans wild
She screams, damn she screams
And her voice is full of satisfaction
Her soul is possessed by ecstasy
Of both the drug
And the love
And the drips of her juices
Staining his sheets
And the penetration of his cock
Hitting the right spot
"Ohhh, yes baby, Oh yes"
"Shhh, you'll wake up the dead"
"Ohhh, baby you doing things to me"
"Shhh, please, you'll end our fun too soon"
And then the screams again
Of love
Of happiness  
Of togetherness  
Of faithfulness  
Of wildness
She loves him, she declares
He loves her too, he affirms
Her heart captured by pure words
Of the moment
She is in love
He is also in love
And as I listen, stiff still, I am filled with envy
Not of the words they share
Neither the love they make
Yet of the genuineness of it all
Their words sharing their meaning
So this is what they call making love!
Being in love!
Sharing love!
Making the right sounds!

(Unfortunately, I was "the dead". Supposedly sleeping on the floor, except I wasn't asleep at all)
Written by NuBorn
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