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RUNNERS-UP: crimsin and Heaven_sent_Kathy

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Your favorite poem...written by YOU

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Poetry Contest

Have you written a poem that you feel is your best? Perhaps the piece that says most about you?
“Brevity is the soul of wit”; so…  Apologies for inconveniences I inadvertently caused entrants. My gratitude to the “ghost judge” for guidance, patience, time & consideration.  Thanks to all for entering; …the top 3 entries were exceptional, but every piece had merit.

1st Place: David_ Macleod  for “Love Actually Love”         
2rd Place:  Crimsin for “Her”
3rd Place:  Heaven_sent_Kathy for “Girlfriends”                      

Dangerous Mind
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If I was a sunflower
And you were the sun
I'd refuse to bloom

Written by Umm
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Roz_EZ and Raz_ORS

The scars on my breasts    
Will never heal    
They are too deep      
Physical mastectomy scars      
Affecting my womanhood      
Don't look good      
In a swimsuit      
Roses and razors      
My gift to the world      
I don't do nakedness      
Only in the dark      
Deeper still the psychological      
The coldness of being      
Need heart defibrillation       
Paddles from a canoe      
Cause bruised ribs      
Black and blue face      
The swelling is telling      
My life a microcosm      
Roses and razors      
My ex-boyfriend      
Was really an animal      
Held down repeatedly      
By his master's voice      
Forced romanticism      
Roses and razors      
A kiss with a fist      
Sex,sex,sex, and      
Don't forget the violence      
How can I?      
He said I should      
Get a job in Hooters      
The heart shatters      
Need open heart surgery      
Roll away the stone      
Heart transplant      
To change this      
This Ice Queen Bitch      
Into Martha Stewart      
Before the scars on my      
Chest and heart      
Are overtaken by      
The self-inflicted scars      
I cut into my arms      
Razors and roses    
Inspiration "This Little Fight Of Mine"
Written by imogeequeen
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poet Anonymous

comment transferred.

poet Anonymous

imogeequeen: comments moved to your page. Thanks

buddydog H Faulk III
Thought Provoker
United States
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Empty Pen (Poem)

You're the poem  
I'm the rhyme  
Divided by space and time  
Just an empty pen  
No words within  

I sit here surrounded by paper and daydreams  
Words all in disarray  
Scattered by silent screams  
I need more than three words to say  
I love you is such a cliche'
Blank pages that hypnotize  
My desire and passion are in disguise  
I'm blind, I need a sign  
I'm so outta touch  
Can you feel me, when It hurts this much  
I can't let go of the feelings I can't show  
To find the words to let you know  
I can't  let go of this empty pen  
That will never comprehend  
The day turns into night  
I can't surrender to dawn  
The midnight oil is almost gone  
My heart is not that strong  
To overcome the rage of an abandoned page  
I'll never be your Shakespeare  
I'll hide forever in my fear  
Written by buddydog (buddydog H Faulk III)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Silent Madness

Looks can be devious  
I look strong, balanced, calm  
supposedly impervious  
Silence and Madness laugh  
hysterical at your naivete

Silence sighs, cries  
never lies, never dies  
Madness supposedly sets you free  
That never happened for me  
Completely unwelcome  
I cannot send the shadows away  
To banish Silence and Madness  
I must exile myself  
It took a while to accept  
the frequent visitations  
Silent mania suffocating  
voiceless misery shrieking  
Silence dances with Madness  
I’m not them, shadowed fiends  
Yet the muted delusion is me
Written by inechoingsilence
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Related submission no longer exists.

objets de curiosité

I've always thought it tethering
the things we collect in a lifetime
how we choke on dusty trinkets,
albums holding memories
we never intend to keep

and that's the impersonal irony
of living a life through objects
in which we take only photographs
and leave only footprints
in binders with no place to go

my mother always says
that cleanliness echoes godliness,
and maybe I watch her clean
that kitchen floor to within an inch
of its sterile, threadbare life
or the way she blocks the taps
to stop the creatures climbing in

      take only photographs,
                leave only footprints

my Father holds so many pages
he is the last great museum

I scoured the leaflet in my medication
for a side effect regarding photographs

when I met you, I learned
the value of silence

everything in my head
just disappeared

I forget to tell you how beautiful
I always thought you were
and I knew
the very first time we met
I'd spend the rest of my life
making room for you to stay

when I lost you,
I started taking
a tangled warren
blocked with pictures
of locks and oven doors

I can't

your tears reminded me
of a long lost poem
in which the hero dies

and fuck you,
fuck you again


until I realise
how to love

you ripped
my fucking world

won't you
come back

and do it again.

Tyrant of Words
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an unapologetic 'fuck you'

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Twisted Dreamer
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If I wither away with every last fall of the autumn leaves
I will come back with winter to see no change
In the metamorphosis of no evolution  
The after burn jejune escalading to nowhere  
Putrid smell concentrated of the platitude  
We are still in our mother's womb  
Trying to envisage utopia, but living a life of decadence  
Cradled with fluids that supports us    
Dependent, waiting to be fed    
I hate the smell of the swap, full of dead hope    
Every day it thickens, altering nothing  
Forgotten as the elixirs before it  
Spitted out as sputum by the ones on the throne  
They are playing psychopaths to our form    
If I die today, it will be my fall  
But tomorrow is today    
Immortal stuck on the lone brick mind  
Nothing to be noticed  
A mutation that has been removed  
Immature, their sense of state    
Greedy minds, they populate    
A never ending replication  
A defect with no cure  
Always change being a no  
Déjà vu will be the eyes worst foe.  
Written by LUUH19 (Emeraldia)
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poet Anonymous

Buddydog---comments to be moved to orinal poem's site

poet Anonymous

Miss_Sub!  The piece has depth and insight par excellence!  You translate your feelings very well (imho)!  I'm glad you shared the poem in this competition!

poet Anonymous

LUUH19,  comment moved to poet''s original post site.

poet Anonymous

Magdelena,  comments to be moved to the original poem's page.

Fire of Insight
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Egg & i

i have a companion
A friend you could say
An immaculate white Egg  
Of ultra dimensional design  
i think of Egg as female  
i reside inside Her  
She has no name  
She just is  
i call Her my Egg  
She doesn't seem to mind  
Time means nothing to Egg  
She is truly a wondrous being  
Am grateful to have Her  
In whatever this is  
i think She likes having me  
In whatever that is  
She has a console a bunk  
A panoramic screen wall  
A chair and counter  
Equipment storage area  
Everything you want in Egg  
But no bathroom  
The two doors operate  
By a switch in my head  
Who thought of that?  
Sometimes i forget  
i can be so careless  
That's why i have Egg  
Egg knows the multiverse  
That's Her specialty  
Quietly humming like a machine  
But i know Her She is alive  
She has to be  
i can sense Her soul  
She shows me me from without  
In my three D world  
Real as my selected one  
Only quite different  
In the usual way  
We are on a journey  
Egg and i  
An unlikely pair  
Gathering useful clues  
United on a queer quest  
To an infinite mystery  
And scattered puzzle pieces  
At a corner of a fractal plane  
From a time long forgotten    
In a small control room  
Of the whitest of white  
We make some progress  
Switch the dial on tuner  
To any cosmic pull channel  
Light years traversed instantly  
Egg has skills  
Went to Mars a million times  
Dreadfully forlorn sector  
Dusty brown shacks  
Zombified population  
Far removed from glory days  
Must wear a livesuit  
Never again i said to Egg  
She said I told you so  
i trust my Egg implicitly  
She won't let me down  
i am Her chosen partner  
She is my pure white perfection  
We are who we are  
i love Egg and She knows it  
i show my affection  
We have our inside pokes  
Like a Kirk and Spock scenario  
i must feel for both of us  
We are okay with that  
She is good to me  
Still i have this feeling  
That i am Her captive  
And She is not who She seems  
That She is some wild entity  
With Her own agenda  
And it's the weirdest thing  
Somehow that's alright  
i earned Her She took me  
We have a contract  
A purpose  
God help me
Written by Northern1
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