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Angry at Society

Strange Creature
United States
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Poetry Contest

Are you angry at society? Good. Now's the time to let it all out. This competition is all about how society has wronged you. Write a poem about how awful society is, get as angry as you want.
New Poems only.
There is no length limit on poems, but please don't write a novel lol
The poem does not have to be about something that affects you personally or even anyone you know; if it makes you angry still, or it makes a group of people angry and you want to try writing from that perspective, be my guest, get creative.

Can't wait to see the submissions.

I have posted an example below!

Strange Creature
United States
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What is the meaning of the word?
You don't recognize my autonomy
Your definition is blurred.  
Is that word supposed to hurt?  
Put me back in my place  
take away my power and put you in first?  
Why would I care?  
Is the way I dress an offense,  
Is my confidence too much to share?  
Why is my sex life so important to you?  
Are you jealous  
that I don't want to screw?  
Oh, sorry. Mad I proved you wrong?  
Mad I have sharp mind  
and not just a ditzy ass in a thong?    
What is the meaning of being a her?  
Trapped as object.  
My brilliance never heard.  
Written by vagabondvibes
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poet Anonymous

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Strange Creature
United States
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that is tragic. I am sorry.

poet Anonymous

I understand your angst and I'm certain it must be justifiable...but anger only really hurts you.  I hope you used the thread as a sort of catharsis and that you'll treat yourself better, as a result.  I don't mean to preach; I ain't the "holier than thou" type.  I wasted far too much time being angry...I hope you are MUCH smarter than I.  

Lost Thinker
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"I scalped the truth"
This perked up my ears like bugs bunny...impressive from the view of my window!
Condolences in regards your beloved pet.

R Byron Johnson
Twisted Dreamer
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King Fuck of Shit Mountain

my heart forgives against the crippled tongues
who pick the words with the least meaning to hide
that which is most meaningful to them......

....and the whole world is lashing tethered hands
to the back of my neck to mark me with welts for their jealous eyes to demean upon
and condescend the ones they fear are better than them,
mocking every stammer of my stride,
making my clumsy way of living seem as a chaotic dance in convulsion and seizure.....

....and so many have made an art of fucking up;
metallic moral rods rammed up their asses to replace their withered spines,
a mind on crutches, soul on life support,
drugs burning in the bloodstream.....

....too much life will kill you fast, not enough will kill you before you pass.

love arrives insecure with defenses flaring,
conditional, sanitary, and generic.....

....i have a simple plan to overcome
that involves smiles and jaded eyes,
broken homes and aborted lives

i am beautiful
i am worth loving
i am successful
i am the King Fuck of this Shit Mountain
(rinse and repeat)
Written by RByron418 (R Byron Johnson)
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Strange Creature
United States
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No Bars Will Hold Me

We is microwaved daily
By lizard aliens fuckin scaly
It's scary
It's hairy
It's a shakedown
A takedown
Fo shoo
Glued become unglued
Creation of hedonism
Is an Armagedonism
End times approaching
It doesn't need coaching
As globalisation
Leads to mass manipulation
No more nations
Required associations
The antichrist is on the throne
Slaughter all just blood and bone
Brainwashing on your I-phone
In god we do trust
Salvation robust
I pray from my jail cell
Please Lord, save me from hell
From the hell about to be unleashed
Lord save me I beseech
Caught up in the air
With tender loving care
With the wings to fly
This child of God shall never die
Written by blinkers55
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Dear middle-aged white men triggered by Greta Thunberg

Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Dear middle-aged white men triggered by Greta Thunberg

Now I know
how much you’ve been looking forward
to another one of those angry lesbians
daring to speak outside of the kitchen

now that I meet in women’s groups
and burn my bra on the sabbath
at this wild notion that women
should have a voice

but allow me to proclaim myself
the loud muff-diver of bad news
as we delve beyond the surface
to the heart of the climate issue.

I’ve read several
news reports this week
with provocative headlines
such as “environmentalism
is rebranded Paganism
& a threat to the modern world”

closely followed by
the American democrats
shouting “look at the rainbow, Greta
God promised he would never flood
the earth again before it was hijacked
by those hell-bound gays...

I’m still amazed it took
a 16 year old girl to ruffle feathers

let’s face it:
It’s not Greta you hate—
it’s the encouragement of free thought
beyond offshore bank accounts
bible pages

because she represents something
that you will never know

the passion of being alive
of standing up for what you believe in
backed by the voice of science
daring this long forgotten notion
that revolution can change the world.

The world is fucking dying
you absolute morons

how many straw-nosed turtles
and anorexic polar bears
does it take
for you to realise this
is not going to go away?

How many activists
glueing themselves to trains
does it take for you to stop
and consider that this
this is real

and tangible

and no matter how big
your mansion on the hill is
it will one day be under water
unless you stop being triggered
by voices that might just
change the world

before we meet each other again
just politicians and dreamers
fighting over driftwood doors
to float down the Thames
burning in the acid rain.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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...And the Horse You Rode In On

How the fuck did we end up here?
How are morons and greedy bastards in power?
Did the world just decide to bend over and fuck itself? 
Did we just give up and cower? 

Fuck you motherfuckers, 
For driving companies into the ground, 
For losing people’s money, jobs and livelihoods, 
Bringing up misery as you walked away, 
With your fucking golden parachutes. 
Where did your sense of social responsibility go? 
Was corporate profit always the priority up front? 
So to all you CEOs who walked away with millions, 
Fuck you, you fucking cunts. 

Don’t get me started about global warming, 
Because idiots in power are denying it all, 
Oh wait, they’re in cahoots with corporations, 
So go choke on a bag of dicks and hairy balls. 
How the fuck can they be rejecting this shit? 
Oh yeah, these stupid ignorant bastards are corrupt, 
Acting as if nothing is the matter with the world, 
You’re all a bunch of super mega thunder cunts! 

How the hell is a fucking moron in charge? 
This motherfucker can’t have that much luck! 
Oh yeah, it was with his devious past and shady deals, 
Fucking orange cheeto, how many dicks did you suck? 
You sound like an incoherent babbling idiot, 
But then again, you must have shit for brains, 
You fat bitch, you fucking orange cunt, 
I can’t wait till they take you away in chains. 

Although the word cunt in this context is used as a derogatory and offensive term (insulting men) 
in no way I’m putting down women or mean to disempower them. I support women in their effort 
for equality and representation. Although society has oppressed women throughout human history, 
my use of the word cunt here is only to add levity and rage against known bastards and douchebags.
Addendum to Disclaimer: 
The female reproductive organ is one of the strongest, resilient, most beautiful wonders of the world. 
All of us came from one, therefore I worship it and hold it in the highest regard. 

And to those sons of bitches who preach hatred, 
You’re a bunch of cunty cunts who have no idea, 
You pieces of shit will have your judgement day, 
But in the meantime, 
I hope you get explosive diabolical diarrhea. 
What kind of demon semen nut up in your mouth? 
Ignorant fucks, read a book instead, 
But for now, go suck each other off you fucking cunts, 
Maybe your mothers dropped you on your heads. 

Flat-earthers and bullies, suck it, 
Assholes, fuck ‘em without restraint, 
Lobbyists, you motherless fucks have a special place in hell, 
Right in the devil’s smelly sweaty taint. 

So to all the dumb fucks who think their shit don’t stink, 
Who have taken advantage of others, one day it will dawn, 
A revolution is coming, you moronic imbeciles, 
So fuck you…and the horse you rode in on. 
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
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Public transportation
Should have won,
I think after
Dodging the speeding grill
Of an un-
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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poet Anonymous

The man with tits

Other than global warming
what else is there to be angry at society for?
They’ve made the choices
like implying I’d be played at my own game I’m not playing
but if that’s the case
I’m now in the position of some choosing to be blind
and not seeing four aces I had to cough up
It takes a real man to raise someone else’s kids?
More like it’s lack of options
Tired of ignorant all-knowers too
and the lack of empathy they’re going through
Can’t be jealous of a certain someone
fucking an uncreative obese tramp
now being fooled by Satan I had to repent
so I left having the T-shirt
the trousers of mine wore
and she stretched
I guess I was upset she didn’t tell people
I was the one that threw shit in the bin
now he’s welcome to my sloppy seconds and to be excited at feeling her
Plus if he’s adamant Stevie Wonder had the opportunity to get his
eye-sight back but never wanted it
next he’s gonna come with the world isn’t flat but a cylinder
Fucking fool, being a daddy-long-legs
chasing a finger shadow on the wall

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Transphobia Debate.


For years I have been
seeing the worst kinds of
discussions and topics that  
keep trending within
the transgender  
Endless videos
articles and topics
“genital preferences are transphobic”  
“dating preferences are transphobic”
Preferences are in no way
shape or form transphobic ..
wake up and think about
it people.
That is like telling  
heterosexual people
they’re “homophobic”
just because they’re  
attracted to the  
That is like telling  
a white person they’re
“racist” for being attracted to
another person outside of their
own culture.
And personally my  
favourite one of all:
that is like telling  
a transgender they’re
“transphobic” for dating
someone who is cisgender  
and isn’t transgender.
Case closed.
Written by _boybrains
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Fire of Insight
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