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Why do you participate in these bedamned 'competitions"

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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wHy WhY wHhYyYyYyYy

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Because Sometimes a Virtual Trophy, Is the Only Positive Thing In Life

everything blows at once, and
clawing one’s way back up, clinging
to a silly virtual trophy , remains
a reminder that there is still good
in life, amid:

sinus infections that just won’t quit

your child’s epilepsy making a guest appearance after 9 years of silence

ex-husbands snooping for addresses when said child doesn’t want to be found

counting the months left of a job that will be ending

your sister cancelling her wedding because the groom is a controlling, angry asshole (good on her for that )

your Dad having a carcinoma

knowing that all this, too, shall pass, but seriously, is it necessary to come all at once ?

Yup—sometimes that electronic trophy, is your smile-giving chocolate ration, in a time of war.

poet Anonymous

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I used to want to win trophies, but pretty quickly I realized that writing to a prompt can actually summon the muse quite well!

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I just need some proof
my angst is the deepest yet
Validate me now


poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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The fuck fucktioning
Getting out of bed
Let alone my head
MY synapses spew ink red
Better than being dead

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You just got to ride that bike

Thought that I could cause a spike
And saw a chance of praise
A chalice or a golden cup
To put on my fireplace
Pumped up the wheels so they inflate
looked for that thrown gauntlet
Sharpened up my pros  
Old or new give us a clue
Self belief that you ever were a poet
Ballance on the pedal, leg swung o'r the saddle
The prima donna and their spills
Soar in laureates, bathed in cream and milk
Unicycle on the high wire
With shelves of trophy's bowed
Is this the dreamed utopia that I could ever own
Wobbled, shaking knees as you set off
Down the road of your own thoughts
And know that a like or two are small lights in the dark
 Nettles of disapointment  come
Dried ink of all postponed
A waiting game of who will vote
An ego shrunk by the ritual voodoo comp
 So ride those potholes like a pro
 Plasters on the scrapes and bumps
Ready for another go
Written by slipalong
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A Shot in the Dark

Poetry competitions are like testing your own conditions,
Are you good enough at the art when you take a shot in the dark?
It depends on the objective but it can also be subjective,
When your words resonate with the reader it may just hit the mark.
It’s like a sudden and swift race caught up in the thrill of the chase,
I’m trying to show I’m the best from the rest in this virtual joint,
Testing to see if the host will like my post but most likely not,
Unless I ass kiss with this bliss of a poem just to prove a point…
Unless I kiss his ass then have a blast when we both smoke a joint…
Wait, wait,    
Unless his ass laughs out loud so crassly after he grasps my point…
No wait,
Unless we smoke grass and laugh our asses crassly for trophy points.
Much better.
Written by wallyroo92
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poet Anonymous

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Anonymous said:<< post removed >>

no idea WHY - but am liking this brevity a lot  

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