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Why do you participate in these bedamned 'competitions"

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Poetry Contest

The most original perspective on participating in such shit......I am the soul judge & eXecutioner. Bless y'alls! !
Just do it. (or not).........
(.i might be wrong).

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Ass-famous twit

Ass-famous twit

Pure ego simply shot to shit
an anti-magician without knowing it
No, you are right, and you are wrong,
and your song says you knew this all along
Sucking and blowing a blasphemous tit
you fucking unknowing ass-famous twit
Written by archetype23
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Why not?

I've got
so much time on my hands
might as well give in
to your silly demandin' -
find something to write
willy nilly off the top of my head

"That's what Rex Durkin's mama said
when I rolled her over last night;
it's just like riding a bike"

Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell
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The human experience, can only give so much to writer's block,
Maybe it's something you shouldn't knock....
I love being given prompts,
As a challenge to express my style and story in their prompts.
And the feeling of winning a competition (although the goal is just to have fun),
Is not something that's overdone.
It is my favorite thing about the site,
More encouragement to write.
Though I have my own adventures and life events,
The more competitions you enter, the more people see your page, and the more encouraging comments.
Who wouldn't want to fit their experiences into a very specific story/situation and show off their style, their thoughts on subjects, and their comments?
It's like a conversation, and you're being asked questions about how you feel on certain topics,
You could give the pros and cons of topics,
Show your support for a cause/oppressed group,
Your spiritual beliefs, the meaning of life, or your hatred for a nincompoop.
Why does it bother you?
How does it affect you?
Am I you?
No, I am not,
Does it make you any less of a poet when I choose to compete? No it does not!
Maybe it's because you're not up to a challenge?
Maybe it's because you can't take the plunge
Into writing for more than just yourself,
You're as fragile as a piece of Delph...grey, muted, Delph.
Show everyone how you feel on a topic, passionate!
Do it for yourself, do it for others!
Their own fun, each and every naysayer smothers!
Written by Orc_Pirate_68 (Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell)
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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The Perverted


What happened to the one I was the one I used to be?
Stranger am I each time my gaze is done reflectively.
The sin I seek is often stroked leaving love denied.
An audience I feel at home among them I can hide.
Things and others badge their failures upon proud uniform.
Uncloaked and naked revealed to all despite the armor worn.
Kept are mine like treasure earned never will I share.
So near to me one day she’ll see and wonder if I care.
Ironic slave that will not master graces painful fall.
Blind more when more can be seen desperate for it all.
For a tainted soul the rich life’s sold foolish is the wise.
Of what I was are ragged garments a lie is my disguise.

Written by midevil
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Rex, You and Johnny should do a collab and enter it into this comp
You 2 crack me up and i ALWAYS am in need of gut busting Laughter!!

Paul S...
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poetry is too personal to be
in competition with anyone
else ..

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tr. Dear seamstress, are you again talking to the sewing machine???

...No, I just want to reply to the thread.

R Byron Johnson
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submission guidelines

i eat poetry, sleep poetry,
live poetry, think poetry, shit poetry,
do everything like poetry---
it takes a lot of practice to hold this prosthetic pose.  

pain is my muse, i can't live without my pain and
can't stop complaining about it, i keep my time by it,
spell it out in hidden verse that's just too deep to inflict your surface with
similar sores.

this virgin is scratching at her hymen,
she'll break it with her fingers and brag to everyone about her
"first time."  

like art in a gas mask,
is this a trench or a bunker?  am i fighting or hiding?  
let's talk secure rebellion in a circular academic dungeon and defy by numbers,
commit deviant delinquencies according to the lesson plan.

Frost and Dickinson always dreamed of boring high school kids into drawing cartoon tatas and peepees on their folders

Follow these submission guidelines:  No offensive material.  
No excessive profanity or gratuitous sex.  
No graphic violence or misogynist or racist material.  
We want works with feeling, but not if you mean it.  
We want mannequins faking orgasms posing in non-penetrating positions.  
We want anything original and creative,
but only polished, refined thoughts please.  
Go to a bookstore or a library and study one of the many available templates.  
Have you ever read Auden?  Check out Leaves of Grass, it's good suicide fodder.  
Have you ever written a haiku?  5-7-5.  5-7-5.

We pay only in contributor copies because poetry just doesn't sell and we can't figure out why.
Written by RByron418 (R Byron Johnson)
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Better than me!

You don't like comps?
I am the opposite of You
I love the chase
love the run of tinted hue
attempts to escape

About the Trophies
don't truly care
just more crap to
dust atop the mantel

But i love to be read
and choose to use
competitions as an
avenue to the mob!  

Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell
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Anonymous said:<< post removed >>

No, they're to determine who's poem the competition host (or voters) like better in relation to the prompt. It's a rather subjective thing, done simply for fun, who wins doesn't matter. Also, if someone enters and/or wins a competition you didn't enter, it shouldn't affect you. Stop judging their competition entering, maybe someone should judge your non-entering. You're not interested in the competitions? Good for you, that affects me how? Why are you so bothered by what other people do? A lot of people like competitions and you few people against them (in a competition no less! ) will not get them removed from the site anytime soon. So just let us enjoy them, okay? Thank you.

Also, why do you post poetry if you don't care if people read it? Why get your work out there for people to read? Do you mean that you want to share your work, but you don't care how many people read it? Or does it just not matter if your work is actually posted or not? Genuinely curious.

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