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I Am The Storm

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Poetry Contest

Write a poem on the theme “I am the storm”

The October show (episode 6) is coming up folks, and we would like to again offer up the hallowed end spot of the show to feature your poetry on the podcast. The podcast goes out on multiple platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, so it’s great exposure.

If you've not heard the podcast yet you can listen to past episodes here:

In honour of one of our fellow podcasters recently having to surf the waves of hurricane Dorian, we are theming this comp “I am the storm”.  Write a poem about your strength. About how you are a force of nature. Tell us who you are.

It can be serious, funny, melancholic... be creative.

Obviously we would really love if you would be able to read and record the poem yourself for us, but please do not feel pressured. We (or a member of the reading team currently being formed) will be able to read the poem out for you if you don't want too. We understand.


* New poems only
* Audio / video / songs accepted
* One entry per human being
* No extreme content / extreme erotica / a little swearing is fine.
* Winner agrees to have their poem read on The Poetcast Project October podcast
* No word count, just don't go mad
* Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thought Provoker
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I Am The Storm

I am the whistle
That taps your spine
Echoing bone and gristle
To play your mind
The barren lifeless leaves
That whirl the breeze
A chant in trees
Plants you on knees

I am the breath
That howls your name
An undead eternal death
Cast upon the flame
The perversion of sin
You exult with grin
Stripping me of skin
You could never win

Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Fire of Insight
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From birth I was created and born out of a song that wasn't really love only lust of the skin and flesh but yet my life was not my own, as it belong to my mother who gave me birth to have life but yet that wasn't enough for it left me fatherless, with no man within my life to teach me on how to grow to be a real man raised by his father but all I had was just this empty feeling buried deep within my soul pulling at my heart questioning did he ever loved me his son.  
    For as the years came and gone I grew up in an dysfunctional atmosphere that never felt like home were I felt safe and loved for even as those days and months passed by, my mother decided to marry a man that was not my father who was an abuser and a drinker of hard stuff for once when he got his mind fucked up, I became his punching bag as my own mother stood by saying nothing but that's why you need a man in your life to keep someone like you in line.  
For after to many years of the mental and physical abuse I fought back with the hatred that has been building up in my heart and mind making me cold as ice with evilness buried deep within my soul, but what it got me was a 5 year stay for a crime that I did out of abuse of my younger years but yet upon my release the streets is were I lived away from the abuse at the hands of someone eles. But as time moved on and I grew up on the mean streets of East New York Brooklyn were hustlers roam among the dark shadows of the night upon the streets, that will teach you wisdom and knowledge from those who will show you what is real honor and respect, for a hard life that takes more than it gives for through those trails and tribulations I learned to crave my own way of life but even that came to a crashing end before it can begin as again had to pay the price in prison for living that street life.          
                                                                                                                                   But through all that I have been through and gone through it was my grandparents who saw within me that which that I couldn't see of thyself for it was my grandfather who taught me, how to be a real man and stand upon my own two feet to be me that which I have now become, as a man of heart and soul with emotions and feelings to know love with understanding with honor and respect to love the me I am.
Written by Stoney223
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Thought Provoker
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Its due yesterday

Once in a thousand years that was forecast
But Donad Trump pushed up the Anti
The foaming beast the devils chalice  
That climate change is just pure fancy  
 A small amount just a fahrenheit    
 Seek to bring a deep depression  
 Amass dark clouds about  
And THOR pick up his trusty weapon  
Like a tale  straight out of HOMER  
A storm ahead the lookout shouts  
That sail that bellows o'r the water    
And Shakespear's tempest comes with clout  
Add a touch of global warming    
A typhoon grows out in the ocean  
 Catherine wheel and slowly churning  
That roulette wheel we set in motion  
A rage of ten on the Beaufort scale    
Beware, everything within its path  
Destruction, all within its reach shall cave  
for its sythe  will all completely smash  
An earth child as it screams and shouts  
A tantrum come in fits and bouts    
Its  Whirling dervish roundabout  
To raize and flood where all life amount  
 Render us in awe and praise that we be spared  
For the will of mother natures vex  
To see its name die from the headlines aired  
Only to baptize the next

Our carbon footprint steps upon each tail
Wrote your name in wind and hail
And left it in destructions trail
As Gaia is its Goddess the storm will all prevail
Written by slipalong
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Dangerous Mind
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Pull Me Under

I’ve been through a storm in a raging sea,
Beaten and battered by nature’s fury,
Lost in darkness as far as I could see,
The tempest was my soul’s judge and jury.

I’ve been blinded by the dreadful lightening,
Hanging on in the depths of the unknown,
Pummeled by monster waves it’s quite frightening,
Scared and terrified that I was alone.

I’ve been stranded in grim situations,
Losing faith and hope tossed in the vastness,
And then I felt a swift indignation,
Facing death my fear turned into madness.

I’ve screamed at gale winds and horrendous skies,
Arguing with the ominous thunder,
Mad as hell unafraid of my demise,
Roaring: Go ahead and pull me under!

I’ve survived the rage and live to tell the tale,
I‘ve reached safe shores that are sunny and warm,
When my fear disappeared after that sail,
I realized I too had become a storm.
Written by wallyroo92
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Thought Provoker
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A Southern Breeze

It broke like fallen glass  
at a savage, brutal speed  
Straight out of my arse
I was surprised indeed  

It sounded like a fog horn  
as it smashed through my front door  
Tearing across the green lawn  
with a foul and ghastly roar  

Down the street it swept  
A putrid hurricane  
First responders couldn't intercept  
my tornado of methane  
It turned the lovely town  
into an apocalyptic hell  
Giving everything a brown,  
septic sort of smell  
Streets covered with debris  
buildings blown apart  
This shall go down in history  
as my greatest ever fart
Written by RexDurkin
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This is not a new poem.

The Cosmic Dragon
Dangerous Mind
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I am the storm

The silent storm  
Gathered from a thousand winds  
Low, resonant, approaching thunder  
Stampede of vajra-like elephants
Everlasting storm  
Breaking chains and cycles  
Pushing through ghosts  
Aggregate of force  
Unstoppable, impenetrable will  
Steadfast, determined  
{Allegorical apple  
In the garden  
at the ball  
Calm, centred eye  
I am Kallisti}
Mindful storm  
Summoned mounts  
Upon which minds move  
Like eagles' flight  
Drumroll spirit  
Terrible and awe punched;  
Catch in your throat
Written by Sky_dancer (The Cosmic Dragon)
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Fire of Insight
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I called her name in the calmness of the wind
I watched her hair tumble down
like rocks down a seaside cliff
lilah was a rainbow above me
she held my hand today
and kissed my rosy face

lilah was away
the winds carried her beyond the sand
subtle rolls of thunder echoed through salty air
and lightning flashed around me
but she was smiling down
like the sun lights up for a flower
I waved goodbye
and watched the sky change

lilah was a hurricane
and I was caught in the pouring rain
the crashing waves on the sandy shore
swept the castles we once made
lilah cried out
she remembered those days
of castle building and sailing
of dancing and singing
but she was a storm
and I watched those memories fade

in the seaside fog, I found her
walking to the borderline
where sand meets sea
where worlds collide
like her ever changing mind
I could talk to her
I could hold her
maybe even kiss her
but the calmness of the sea
put me at ease
she shot a grin at me
and I watched the sky change
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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