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Through The Alphabet--The Letter "T"

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Poetry Contest

Use all the words in the list below, in a poem
Next up, the letter "TĒ ! Same rules as the other alphabet comps:

One poem per poet
Any style, length
Use all the words in the list in your poem
Two weeks to complete
Winner is decided by public vote
*New*  :  will be putting up 2 comps at a time, to finish out the alphabet series.

Hereís the list of words:


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elysian †impinging

In the sultry skin-hot evening
Selene rose in Her fullness
& Glory beaming
over the desert beach
where the arid sea bore
no wet

Textile worshippers clothed
among us Pagan Witches --
they transgress with sweat
covered thatch & tissue
tumbling over one another
with the grace of a tavern

We will not allow these
Interlopers to spoil our fun
our ritual to our Goddess
No, they will not topple
over our rites
No trampling upon tenets

Seleneís shine and magick
Is near
though She doesnít twinkle
Her dreams penetrate us all
moreso during this Full moon
of a 13th Friday night
this is a great night for cleansing
or charging our Talisman of

Later I will typeset this
Honor & memory
Printing upon my heart
for future
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Dangerous Mind
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TU y Yo (You and Me)

Here I go again ,
Tumbling down the rabbit hole like a rabid mole,
With a whole other ulterior motive in my scheme,
My poem is an uprising that you might find surprising,
To usher in a new era and topple this useless regime.
My dream?
To transgress with success and stress the current system,
This urban kid is tired of this downward skid and schism,
Donít get mad because I can speak another language bro!
Hereís a tissue if you have an issue but this is just my intro.

TU y yo means you and me itís just simple Spanglish yo!
I have every right to speak you weak freak if you didnít know,
Itís called free speech you old leech as you may be unaware,
Glare at me all you want as you blare in your underwear.
Listen to what Iím about to say, itís of the utmost importance,
Every utterance from now on is like a little performance,
See the twinkle in my eye? Iíve been near death and survived,
Wanna point your gun at me because your life is deprived?
You want beef with me? Oh believe me Iím a great cook,
Itíll be a burn when I serve you then youíll get hooked,
While Iím vile like course textile I donít go by the book,
But I bet this typeset is a threat of defeat to you underfoot.
You look like a maniac in your undies and t-shirt of a Umiak,
Stop doing crack or smack or whateverís causing this attack,
You think youíre the shit? Quit trying to be so ubiquitous,
Let me put it in simple terms, youíre crazy and ridiculous!
My dual language lets me duel with fuel against any fool,
My tongue is my talisman, itís like a splendid jewel,
Yo puedo hablar lo que yo quiera en cualquier idioma,
Idiota, toma este insulto porque la venganza es cabrona.

So leave this tavern in a quiet manner because youíre smashed,
Go back to your thatch house you rash louse before you crash,
Spewing hatred and racism only shows youíre uneducated,
Maybe youíre too stupid to realize youíve been berated.
Goofy fuck, youíre a looney schmuck, an angry drunk,
Acting like a little bitch ass bitch you hate filled punk,
Why donít you and me go outside and tell me why youíre upset,
By the way, tonight Iím celebrating because I got my black belt.
Written by wallyroo92
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Thanks Tallen & Wally, for starting off!

Thought Provoker
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To wear me like a talisman a thing of charm
Our close its heat the fire of veins
A tissue of that present wrapped from harm
All and everything and love its name
A magic carpet the twinkle in the eye
Promise to go and walk a path so straight
A textile born to help our heart to fly
When my years have been so celibate
Tumbling of  her laughter's spring
The lilt to shame the lark upon the wing  
†Music to transgress like heavenly strings
†Typeset that true romance, trumps all other things
As the spirit from the tavern flows
"The Arms" she held and in I toppled
My head so lost I am engrossed
"The Bells" its licence for this couple

That lost needle in life's great †haystack
Seize that white witch I have found
Live scarecrow hearts from straw and thatch
Make her mine, not fuck around
Her kiss the shake of natures pollen
†T junction from the side road into life
Luck and fortune that path I've taken
Just to find the perfect wife
Written by slipalong
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Twisted Dreamer
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A Muse

Maudlin, weepy,
beer oiled in pipe-smoke shrouds,
Iím drunkenly wordless in the tavern †
watching old men †
play round after round of domino topple. †
The grandfather clock †
stood in the corner strikes †
nine †
and through smoky veils, and scratchy juke-box tunes †
she approaches, †
clothing - a total textile-transgress †
hair - a chestnut wind-tangled thatch; †
offers a tissue †
dabbing my eyes. †
My Talisman, †
a pendant around her neck, †
I anoint with a kiss †
and from a twinkle in my mind, words †
tumbling †
through quill by hand †
paint the page - an extemporaneous †
typeset flow.
Written by SeaCat
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jade tiger
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Love Amiss


I miss your arms linked Ďround my neck,
A talisman that brought me luck
With cotton textile body checks,
To topple, tumbling, run amuck.
For years, my Love, and evermore,
Like typeset of the daily news
Recalled what feelings were meant for,
When tavern coffee had its muse.
The roofing thatch oíer when it rained
Had leaked before, but never this.
The rings of darkened ceiling stains
That verified what went amiss.
For days, no twinkle in my eyes,
I had no answers, so I guessed.
From the rest, a tIssue of lies,
But not from you, Love, donít transgress.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Great entries, everyone--thanks for joining in!

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