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Soap and Skin

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Poetry Contest

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Soap and skin,  The amazingly gifted talented artisistic renewing eye opening artist Anja Plaschg, born in austria, Some of my friends say her music is weird but Id call it reborn.
Its very deep, tragic, eloquently spiritual, and transforming. These songs are not for just anyone, and its no rock n roll...Its tragedy, dramatic piano, deep deep depths so warned are thee....Give it a chance, open up to might be surprised.
For me this music triggers deep emotions but then I like to really dive deep into music and feel its soul.

Here is more info on fraulein Anja

the songs

Choose one of the above and write what it brings to you, doesnt have to be song related
Write a new poem or text, in a respectful way, if you dont like the song or music then kindly refrain from this feeling or this competition.

Any style, length
Colaborations accepted
One month
New  works only




Fire of Insight
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The Austrian Siren.

I remember the  
back corner  
of a double  
decker bus,
a head tilted  
towards a  
cold winter
the ventilation
stains dance  
back and
I ponder  
shuffling from  
bleak empty
piano keys
echo through
my ear phones
full volume,
an austrian
accent singing  
like a soothing
I think
anja knew
my deeper
Written by _boybrains
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Strange Creature
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It hurts my eyes

You were hungry and little would grow.
Everyone wears dark clothes and sighs.
The stones are slippery, they walk slow.
Dalmatians have sad donkey eyes.

From the black hole of your memory,
I watch the morning scene in surprise.
White pebbles, blue umbrellas, still sea,
sunlit, dazzling. It hurts my eyes.

Who are all these people? I'm confused.
Those wealthy skins don't tan to leather.
Where are the headscarfed babas who used
trolleybags, and their drear get-togethers?

My raw skin hurts
from the heat of
two summers. Your
door I've peeked through
closed years ago.
There's nothing here.
Written by Tunde_e
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