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Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Death Has No Voice

Fire of Insight
United States
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Smothered Silence

Filtered hues of shady grey
Seep through my fog like invading clay
Newborn aliens covet me across the moons array
Under subjective orders to expose my decay

Exasperated crosses proliferate my soil
Blasphemed with names to tattoo my turmoil
Some are blessed holy designed for my spoil
Where others are desecrated to incur my boil

My residents lay slumber
embalmed in their waste
 Silent cries are immortal psalms
extricating my smothered face

From dusk till dawn
I’m feared by most
The wicked are drawn
To my unholy ghosts

My flesh is hollow yet firm against the rain
Garnished with flowers to commemorate their pain
Anguish and sorrow remind me of the slain
Their afterlife is woven to the heart of my vein

My hunger branches out as far as the view
My stomach extracts itself for your debut
Choking the night with my sporadic residue
Awaiting to lay claim your smothered silence too

Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Into The Cold

I crawl into your decrepit heart,
coldest Earth,
to be refined by your chill.
My fatal reflections emerge among
your still, anaerobic lifeforms
as I become like them
one cell death at a time.
No longer moving or breathing,
I forget motion and growth;
my expressions become my decay,
though it is slow, my decomposition
moves through stages as I descend
your one-way staircase alone.
Lost of breath, I no longer respire;
My bodily functions remain in stasis.
Only your depths shield my vulnerabilities
in remaining whole and undisturbed.
My bones are encased in tight wrappings
of the leather I am being reduced to.
This dirt mausoleum is my sanity's
only mode of preservation; my only
respite from dismemberment as
my joints become slack and my flesh
unremembering of blood flow.
I cannot bear to leave my form
in spirit and face the uncreated state, so
I remain here to endure this motionless
undoing of the human condition into
a nonhuman one, smelling dampness  
and yet being so dry and paralyzed
in this final dehydration.
Every facet of my life becomes
only a memory repeating in
my electrically dying, barely  
conscious brain; the memories
come randomly as sounds to
a blindfolded person.
The darkness blinds me and
renders me mute.
I feel unborn, retracting permanently
into the womb of the dark Mother;
I am now becoming hers, alone
and hear only myself echoing.
I scream silently to those above  
who mourn me; no one hears.
My life's story is an anecdote  
told to be learned from;
I am the dead teacher who
demonstrates the cruelest lesson:
In the end, nothing matters;
all stories end this same way,
and no one conquers or wins over Death.
We all, eventually are destined to face
the void which birthed us and to enter
into it's cold embrace.
Written by PoetsRevenge
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Thought Provoker
United States
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[ On Poetry ] Ode To The Great Plagiarist

Death has little of its own to say;
a thief plundering the thunder
from sky of many a great poet  
and literary doppleganger alike
before their rains are fallen today;
ground underneath your toes nor
tomb below never to be puddled  
with who knows what profound
insight you are owed by whom
Written by PsycoticMastermind
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Alyxes K Mcmanus
Lost Thinker
United States
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What may I call you?

Dirt beneath my skin
Rotting but aware
My time has not yet ended
My skin was stripped left bare
I am filled by ice
Held by the wind
I speak in low moans
Trying to make my loved ones understand
Death is a beautiful thing
Corrupted by what you see
Because you cannot feel
Nor understand
Until your bones are encrusted with dried leaves
Your skin peels and muscles dry
Your hair will become strings held by earth's cold core
No emotion will warm your dreams
You can't even dream
Eyes closed in the casket are now wide shut bathed in tears
I saw my mother today
Skin pricked by the moonlight and she wept
I guess I never knew what happiness was until I couldnt have it
My breath will seep from my lungs
My teeth crowded with dried flowers  
Too many colors to recount
My body again black,white, and lavendar skin
A mosaic of disease
Crumbling back into the earth
To disappear forever
To meld my bones into sticks
A tree that holds laughing children
Laughing children
That will someday lie beside me
-Alyxes K Mcmanus
Written by Alexxis (Alyxes K Mcmanus)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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The Fate Of Time

Forgiveness in your comforting hands for the sadness mirrored in your eyes
Two strong women whose spouses fell under someone’s ill intentions of demise

Coretta Scott King
My Martin speaks to me from the bed of his grave
Whispered words he ponders for world peace once man finds the way to pave
His belief this world can still be spiritually saved
In the land of the free and brave

He believes in one nation as we walk in unity, hand-in-hand
That old Negro oppression mentality shall no longer define a colored man
The laws of morality shall be upheld across these great lands
No matter where a man or woman stands

One love given, received under the majestic blue skies
No defiance by heart, soul, mind, will hinder the advancement of time
Or the stagnation of human beings’ state of mind
The revelations to love will be ordained by God’s designs

Nationalities or language barriers will be the reflection mirrored in our eyes
Interracial unity will be at an all time high
Integrity and reverence will be a person’s worth
The stigmatism of segregation shall no longer rule this earth

Jacqueline Kennedy
I thought it was peculiar I can still hear John’s voice
A man who loved his country by free choice
He advised me, had he still been here
Mandated laws to edge America’s progress to a better political frontier

Where work for the wages of your pay
Would stretch beyond the calling of the day
Give me your poor, weary, your indigent, will have a better cause to be
A universal healthcare system will be free

Technology used to better educate our youth
Invigorating mentalities will be fruitful to learn, wisdom in its fragile pursuit
Not controlled by mood enhancers to solve life’s simple truths
Scientists, Chemists, will have the ability to compete with any other’s Democracy’s patent

Not sell our country’s rights in any fashion
Then reap the downfall of its crumpling distractions
We The People will Make America Great Again
No disparity in its promise of its constitutional origin

Remarkable men with different creeds we adopted within their era
Tears of remembrance only to be carried away by Pallbearers
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Dangerous Mind
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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I thank you, Daniel, for the opportunity & the honor.

In memory of LiamReedus

Lost Thinker
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Visionary. Very moving. Nicely written.

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