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Death Has No Voice

Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
United States
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Poetry Contest

Explain death as the deceased through poetry or prose.
Imagine yourselves in the reticence of death, and write as if you had to explain to the living what death is like.

Poems can be any length
Prose minimum half a page
Any style accepted
PM me for questions
Two weeks, good luck!

Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
United States
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Joined 26th Nov 2018
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Death Has No Voice

The walls of this tomb breathe;
disturbing years of dusty memories,
icing over my sunken corpse.

I’ve lain frozen in time
since you sealed me
in this eternal bed.

Oh how I’d love for the light
to find its way pass the coffin lid.

Now and again,
I’ll run my fingers across the wood and wonder;
how much longer shall I have to wait?

This death has no palate for passion;
long since my heart had thudded beneath this dingy suit;
the heart of my emotions thunders within.

Death has no sight to behold;
darkness welcomes itself and dwells
within this hollow soul.

Death has no touch;
this leathery rag of insecurity wrapped around a corpse
linked together by a shatterable conviction.

Death has no voice;
oh where is that song
resting eternally now?

Words that once gave this body life and serenity;
now fractured in pieces,
scattered amongst a repressed soul.

Life had a summer taste; death has a winter one.
In springtime I was born,
in fall… I was on my autumn deathbed.

The walls
never echo in here;
I am alone.
Written by gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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This is a non-entry poem by the author of the competition!

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Death is mere vacancy  
and so, in this six-foot space  
bridged beneath Earth, horizontal    
I wonder if the rabble
had the decency to bury me    
out where the wild things are    
I'm trying to project this    
through an engraved planchette    
but you know how they work,    
those table-tipping marionettes    
soiled in strange juju
if you're reading this, perhaps    
you'd be gracious enough    
to write it out for me—
there's little point asking you    
to return it to sender;    
I no longer know my address.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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A- wake

To float up to the gates of gleaming glory
And all your organs decomposing slowly
Rendered down to lie in your best clothes  
A sepulchre of polished stone  
The minister his benediction  
Falls like dirt upon the coffin  
Your spirit, its so healthy and alive "Ha!"  
Trapped in that old decaying cadaver  
Waiting for the call, the higher authority    
A hold for you in purgatory  
A wait to tot up the accounts  
Will a red card see Beelzebub  triumph  
The wreaths of condolence lie in place  
Is there a future, any solace    
 It should have been the cryogenics clinic  
To delay deaths final physics

The mourners hush
Descends in screams of nothingness
To look upon eternity as that LP
Needle broken record spinning endlessly
Written by slipalong
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Twisted Dreamer
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The Magic Trick

The older we are
The younger we will become
Subtracted towards death
The years behind pushing us
The years ahead pulling us
We are powerless to time
Our choice-less lifeline

When we become our youngest
No year to count ahead
Awaiting our deep slumber
Plotting how it ends
We will hear his murmur

I have seen him once
At age 6, underwater
Panicking and accepting
My world will end here
But his trick got noticed
And I was pulled out
Breathing in back my life source
Unlocking the padlocks
White dissipating
Returning to colors
His mistake saved me

Far apart we are now
But birth has been distant
When my bones start aching
Teeth replaced by porcelain
When my heart grows soft
Eyes losing vision
When I’m shrinking to become
At the same level as ground
I will bow down to you
The great undertaker
Your trick will be mortal
Displacing me to the underworld.


Written by LUUH19 (Emeraldia)
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Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Mother Death

- Mother Death -

I denounce thy faith, I deny thy service to servitude.
In my name, breath ceases and flesh becomes dust...
Foolish is thy foolishness, thy voice in song is rude.
What use is faith in my presence, where steel rusts!
I am the black of a moonless eve, I am the absence,
Of light, of life, of all the things that shackle a soul.
I am liberation, rebirth and the light in the darkness,
Where I take my lovers, where time takes not a toll.
Dost thou know me, child, and in knowing despair?
I am Mother Death, and my mercy is ever absolute.
Even as my merciless wrath is beyond any repair...
For it wracks, it burns, it freezes, it makes desolate.

My wings embrace the dying, my arms the dead...
And my heart feels for the living, even their dread.
Their tears make mine fall, their sadness is mine...
For I am Mother Death and I stand outside of time.

Those who revere me need not worry over the end,
For beyond the endings of all things, we rise again.
In my gardens below the under-places, devils tend,
The roses of my contentment, with blood and pain.
My names they whisper, my throne they keep well,
Awaiting my return, at the end of cycle and season.
I am in the stars, in the earth, even in the deep hell,
Where burn and freeze those guilty of each treason.
My children play my music, as my kindred gather!
In the deep, in the dark, in the cold and heat below.
They know me well, in every atom beyond matter,
And they sing, songs of joyous suffering, and woe!

My wings embrace the dying, my arms the dead...
And my heart feels for the living, even their dread.
Their tears make mine fall, their sadness is mine...
For I am Mother Death and I stand outside of time.

The witches who worship, as in the eldritch wilds,
Of bygone ages, wherein a black moon didst rise...
Speak my names and keep my scriptures, not mild.
Do they know I listen, and hear, or often surmise...
That I walk in this body, living and breathing full?
Mother Death, the Maiden and the Matron Trinity.
My mind reaches out, and multitudes feel the pull,
Whilst never knowing the source of such divinity!
Remember this when thou thinks of me, and thus,
Keep joyful thy devotions to the Mother Oblivion.
I am a part of all things and keep well in my trust,
The dawn and dusk that fuels the darkest devotion.

My wings embrace the dying, my arms the dead...
And my heart feels for the living, even their dread.
Their tears make mine fall, their sadness is mine...
For I am Mother Death and I stand outside of time.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Back And Forth


A final breath then came sight so focused and so clear.
Gone were all the ghosts of thought and the grave of fear.
Moments filled my clouding eyes each breaking through a haze.
Cherished memories going back to long forgotten days.
My beloved’s hand was of the first in passion clenching tight.
And like a prayer came the words, “All will be all right.”
A body frail makes lazy days with time’s slow ebbing tide.
Shown was my soul’s retreat with my love still at my side.
The children of my children each sat upon my knee.
My nighttime tales hushed them quiet as they slept so dreamily.
Then born to my son and daughter came children of there own.
Holidays filled with laughter rang through out my happy home.
 I saw again the wedding vowels of two that once were mine.
How sad and proud I had become at this special time.
I smiled at a happy memory with a friendly familiar face.
At chores I’ve done and of scenes of a far-flung distant place.
My children went from on there own back into waiting arms.
How carefully I cradled them and protected them from harm.
Again my thankful eyes were filled with my children’s birth.
I gazed once more at the face of angles here on earth.
Vows of love by joined young souls sharing a single life.
I watched as my beloved and I became a husband and a wife.
Childish scenes came in a flurry of school and some of play.
My fathers smile and mothers hug were more than words can say.
At last a bed of final rest lays a peaceful form.
Scars from toil lines from worry upon its face are worn.
The hand once clenched now feels soft but never lost its grip.
Hand in hand are an eager two resuming their eternal trip.

Written by midevil
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buddydog H Faulk III
Thought Provoker
United States
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The Other Side

I’m trapped here
Between heaven and hell
Here in the darkness
Only evil and the righteous dwell

I follow foot prints
As i walk along the shore
In search of my final destiny
Left by the one that carried me before

I see all that once was
The true colors of a loved ones soul
The emptiness is a endless hell
When you have everything to feel and nothing to hold

I’m a spirit with the power to fly
Unlike a ghost that’s no longer alive
I stay here in the shadows wherever you are
Protecting you from the death I’m trying to survive
Written by buddydog (buddydog H Faulk III)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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The Perfect Place To Die

( Rensaku: linked Tanka )  

1) Aokigahara Dream  

this belov’ed sight  
I’ve grown up with a lifetime,  
even out at sea  
helping Father mend his nets—  
he and brother haul a catch  
lurching from the waves,  
thoughts of late spring pilgrimage  
family outing days—  
tossing back the smaller fish  
before we set sail for home  
early next morning,  
Mother’s honored sisters come,  
cherished reunion—  
helping prepare the lunches  
when we honor Fuji-San  
Father’s ‘Buddha’ truck  
loading for the trip, and us  
packed just like sardines—  
off we go with happy shouts,  
Yamanashi Prefecture!  
2) In Mount Fuji’s Shadow  
honored sisters sing  
old tradition travel songs—  
men on bicycles  
smile and wave as we pass by  
watching glancing scenery  
Father nodding head  
in time with sisters’ singing,  
brother Yoshi grins  
as Mother leans, turns around  
focusing through camera lens  
and when we arrive,  
the forest, black, forbidding  
where no sun enters,  
of bones dangling from branches  
and no life leaves after dark  
we walk the thin trail,  
it fades where thick roots tangle  
when time and rain caught,  
o’er layers of eruption  
the humid breath and strangle  
I haven’t seen them,  
anyone, since darkness fell,  
and only silence  
what I hear and cannot tell  
if I died or everyone  
3) The Black Sea Of Trees  
costs of being old  
the elderly forgotten—  
abandon a soul  
having done what love dictates  
for the chance to die in bed  
and the lovers flock  
like two birds of a feather,  
for they too are mocked  
as the end, their tragedy,  
never knows eternity  
hoops of braided hemp  
as if trees make offerings—  
the death po’ms of monks,  
scratched out kanji on tree bark  
of sentinels’ no longer  
a single bird call,  
rustlings of its floundering—  
in which direction  
did it make its last mistake,  
‘fore once again a calming  
4) The Suicide Forest  
as the forest stands,  
forever firm in lava  
a millennium ago—  
storing its own in the caves  
trespassers no more  
and the volcano is stilled,  
snow cap is unchanged,  
with the belly of the beast  
bulging till more come again  
to honor dark spawn,  
to consecrate the mother,  
the roots with their blood—  
and even they are all gone  
In the fires of Fuji-San
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Have you ever wondered when it rains how many folks didn't get the chance to see the rain fall and hear the sounds of pureness from the skies, as it beats upon the ground creating an musical sound of thunder and lighting shooting through the darken skies.                                                                                        
For have you ever wondered why when someone dies and we get our last chance to say our final good byes as there body becomes an vessel of the universe, as it is lifting them up to the heavenly skies taking them to a better place of peace and serenity were no hurt nor pain can be found only blue heavenly skies await there arrival.                                                                                              
For death and life are truly entwine as one for you cant have one without the other for we are born from birth to live and to die, for that is the true calling of what is known as life so next time when it rains, who will come to your mind as there image pulls at the very depth and deepness of your core of your heart and soul.                                                                                    
                                                                                                                                  For did you get the chance to spend some time with them did you stop by from time to time to talk and listen to words of wisdom and knowledge even to hug them close, and get there loving and caring kisses of love are did you have to say your good byes with tears in the rain cause you didn't spend the time when they were alive, to say all the things you had the chance to say when it was in your heart and what was on your mind even what was deep within your soul of souls.
Written by Stoney223
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Harry Rout
Dangerous Mind
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It's all just so dark.

Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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In life, the vivid colours of the world were a joy to behold.
In death, there is only the blackness of the eternal abyss.

I feel no pain here, though I feel nothing else
Except time, everlasting and unending
If only I could be alive for one more day.

The maggots have had their feast
My bones lie here, still
Like all the others.

I know no smell, taste or sight
All I have is an eternity to think,
And it's driving me crazy.

Is this purgatory?
Had I been a better person would I be up sitting on a cloud with the angels?
Or if I had been bad, would I now be in the constant fire of Hell?
I don't know, and I suspect I never will.

The only company I have are my memories
But they are crumbling away,
Much like my headstone.

Enjoy your life, take your chances
Grab every opportunity with both hands
And live with no regrets, otherwise
You'll end up here, thinking about them forever.
Written by Adzy
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Death Unveiled

Most often, you must join me on this side in order to realize there is no you, no me.    
We are but perfect energy contracting and expanding, simultaneously, always.    
From the other side,    
this message of love    
a mere mirror.    
You mourn a loss. I cry as well, for I am you.    
As you are consoled, I , too, am comforted.    
I rejoice and soak in the revelation:    
All is one. And it is well.    
And, though you may not yet know it, you celebrate as you marinate, too.    
Written by Rachelleundrgrd
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Another Phase of Life

Time and space move so differently here,
The agony and pain have subsided,
Actually my brain understands that fear
Is an illusion the living provided.
There’s no light at the end of this tunnel,
The darkness covers everything around,
There’s nothing here to make me stumble,
Just an echo that makes a faint sound.
But it’s the grief of those that are still living,
Trying to deal with departure and sorrow,
As my body withers I’m shifting,
Knowing for me there is no tomorrow.
I’ve been here before but I can’t remember,
My memories depart as my heart beat slows,
The fire is dying and I can’t feel the ember,
I feel a sense of calmness as my eyes close.
I think what used to be my body is now floating
The shakes and aches I used to feel reel in bliss,
Death is just another phase of life I’m noting,
Those around burst into tears and give me a kiss.
Written by wallyroo92
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