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poet Anonymous


All I could see was destruction.
The hole you left in my heart, gaping.
Was this idea of your construction?
To add desolation with no hope of escaping.

You claim to have lost your love for a while.
If that is true, then why did you remain?
Was you leaving me for another an example of your guile?
After all this was not the first time you hurt another for your personal gain.

You have left, but your memory will stay.
Your image forever engraved into my brain.
How I wish your presence upon my mind would go away.
After all your memory is nothing more than a stain.

You tugged and you tugged, on my heart with a string.
You should have know it takes more to de throne a king.
poet Anonymous


It's sad
The way you acted
You laughed
But now
That you suffer a similar fate
I do not feel pride
Hold hate
You stand where I once did
Heart broken
And for myself
I no longer know
Who I am
Nor can I
Recall my own shadow
poet Anonymous


Determination written all over her face

Termination is finally between the bond we swore

To stick till infinity

With finality she now rabbles

Tears storm her pretty face

Darkness clouds her angelic nature

She is trapped

Between goodbye and staying

She swore never to leave

Yet swore to not stay

If stray ever became one with me

I had not strayed

But stray held me captive

I had not gone straying

Yet stray entrapped me

Sending her younger sister my way

Attire hugging her volumptous figure tightly

Cleavage staring me in the eye


Hips threatening to escape

Calling me to their rescue

Eyes big,round and innocent

Begging me,daring me

To venture and explore

Lips full,moist, slightly parted

Not speaking but my name curved on them

Warning signals ringing inside me

When I had shut eyes to her

Thoughts of u preoccupying,flooding in my mind

But when i opened them again

There she was

Somehow in my arms

Resistance left me

Mind left soon after

Reason followed in hot persuit

And I assumed her you,you her

Rode into the heavens

Her you..you her

Found myself ensnared

You see

No love spoken of

Her there, you in mind

Explanation presented

Response comes

At the sound of her steps, fading away

Not a word spoken
poet Anonymous

placement is important

I'm still a little raw
so deep was the hurt
I struggle just to find words
wound gaping
open to the wind
it burns
as a chill finds its way in
I'm not holding grudges
just trying to explain
please understand
it was where the dagger was placed
not the heart
no...she's a beauty
given freely
she expands & absorbs
and my love was pure
regardless of yours
I felt that pain
in the small of my back
viciously stabbed
by the trust you betrayed

poet Anonymous


As we go through rough times I don't need the stress of being accuse of cheating on you for all I ever did was love you unconditionally with love honor and respect but I see that wasn't, enough to prove my real love that I have for only you but you know what they say if you continue to accuse someone then it is you who has been cheating on them as you've been creeping in the darkness but whatever is done in the dark always comes to the light.                                    
For I thought you knew and understood of the love lost and gone and were I have been and gone through my life experiences of a broken heart and soul for that is not me for I still carry my unseen scars of the mental and emotional abuse, I had to endure at the hands of loving someone unconditional who didn't deserve my love at all for I thought you were suppose to be my peace not my misery of hurt with pain leaving tears falling down my face as I try to hide my shame of my deepness that can be seen within my eyes.                                            
For how can you not see the love that I have for you in the depth of my heart and spiritual soul for how can you not see the hurt in my eyes with each word you shout out to me cutting me so deep till I bleed, for how can you ever believe that I would do to you what has been done to me out of viciousness hitting me like a slab of granite rock beating down on my heart shattering my inner soul into tiny little pieces of broken stones.          
For you cant denie that you don't see or feel the love I have within my heart soul and spirit for not once have I ever gave you a reason to feel insecurities about how much I want to love only you, nor did I come with illusions of lies nor disguise my true inner feelings of my heart of my true potential of loving only you from my mind heart and soul but now you got me going in circles trying to figure out how can we get back to loving one another and being each others peace of mind and heart and soul.
poet Anonymous

She was not
to blame
the blame is mine
to claim
i let her  
slide under
my skin
into my heart
with my eyes  
open wide
with my mind
on wishful thinking
dream time
as she sucked me dry
an emotional wasteland
she left behind
but as they say
will find a way
so my feelings
will learn
to grow again
one day

She wasn't to blame
the blame is mine
the signs were there
i refused to see
i didn't look
behind the scenes
behind her smile
behind her eyes
behind the walls
she hides behind
and for that
i pay the price
a broken heart
a fractured voice
a river of tears
when i remember  
the lonely fears
i thought  

i'd  left behind

poet Anonymous

In every moment of everyday

Sitting alone in a car park
Late at night
Rain on the windows
The droplets glistening
A soft glow of streetlights
A muted fuzz in the air
These thoughts plague me

You were it to me
The only thing I saw
But when I was close to you
I felt alone

I was alone because you did not understand or care
You kept demanding MORE
But you’d already taken everything
What was left?
My personality withered away under your pressure

What is there left to say
When you ripped apart my insides
Destroying everything I am
Causing pain that will haunt me for the rest of my life

There’s nothing to say
There’s nothing that will make the hurt go away
When you were here you’d cut through me everyday
A constant headache demanding appeasement
You’d wear me down and take what you wanted

But it wasn’t enough
It was never enough
You always had to have more
More, more, more
It didn’t matter the cost
My life, my soul, my future
You had to have it all

My heart throbbing violently
You took it all
Now you’re gone
And I sit alone in desolate car parks
Humming that our youth is almost gone
Thinking about everything that went wrong

Did you remember that it was my birthday
You’ve been gone for so long
And in every moment of everyday you taint my life
A shadow that bleeds
through the days
Painting the world black and grey
poet Anonymous


My Father once told me        
the biggest lesson in Life
is not to betray yourself            
in the midst of betrayal 
For the longest time            
I wasn't sure what he meant;            
despite asking            
he wouldn't provide examples            
Years past, and one day
In high school a "friend"            
betrayed a confidence;            
she violated my trust-            
I struck back, spilled my guts;           
revealed everything
she'd confided in me with            
I thought, "All's fair in revenge!"            
But I was wrong, and then some           
In growth we're given the syllabus            
before the test to see if we've learned;            
it will determine if we repeat the class            
Sometimes years fan            
between incidences           
others, weeks or minutes          
It's always when we think
we've risen above, that the pop quiz
will hit the desk            
at any given hour of the day      

I'll tell you what I do know now:       
I hadn't betrayed my "friend"            
I'd betrayed myself              
It took one time            
waking up with the enemy            
to realize that hard truth            
So, continue to stab me with your            
sharpest knife of vitriolic gossip
behind my back-I learned young            
what my Father meant;            
And while I've slipped, I'll be damned            
if I repeat that class;        
Your secrets are safe 
with me-and we both know
you have plenty
poet Anonymous


He was fucking him?!  
She started laughing at her husband like he was a comic
he choked her till she stopped
breathing into her lungs  
couldn't bear the itching truth anymore that she never loved him  
looking into her eyes as she walked in and saw them  
he was caught by surprise when she started laughing like a child  
then the surprise turned to rage  
he couldn't make her feel betrayed  
he couldn't make her feel anything  
the last time he fucked her, cat was made  
he was curiously engorged with furor  
he wanted her to feel  
how she made him feel for the last faded years  
and in that split second, he was a puppet to the devil  
the love couldn't stop the once sealed up core hatred  
releasing it in a single moment  
her eyelids opened wide, her face was blood shot red  
she stared at him with a suffocating voice  
but she didn't struggle  
as if this was better than the life she was living  
now in a freezer with her eyes still open  
her coldness within matching her skin  
she despised her teenage daughter  
she saw her as her stolen youth was found on her  
she saw him as nothing  
her husband noticed it but he said nothing  
she didn't love him, both knew that and they told kat  
Kat was fucking the front door neighbor  
and he was caught fucking her father.
poet Anonymous

Will you ever finish
what you started
when you promised
you would change
when you promised
your reflection
you would turn
another page
that you would dig deep
into your imotions
to find another way
to break these chains
of this twisted hidden
love of shame
of im sorry i promise
i wont hit you
on what i feel
when frustration
becomes my pain
the only thing
that i can change
is your face

poet Anonymous

she turns
to gently stare
at the ruin  
that stands before her
with his hand
held on heart
still standing in the dark
whining and sniveling
Denying the facts
You lost our Child
You knew it was Wrong
but you didn't act
as she steps
off the edge

Into the air

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