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Origin unknown...

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Poetry Contest

Finding inspiration here from you who will do me the favor of doing something completely outside of the box for yourself and your usual basis in your works. If you are diverse than you are exactly who this is aimed at. Do something with origins unknown.
Challenge yourself to drift away into a visionary place where you ask for answers to solving this quest. Not start immediately into spillage of what first comes to mind. But find inspiration in you from that yet to find.... Expand your mind, 3volv3 your thought, and find growth for becoming more than before my friends. Two weeks. I'm not going to judge this alone. Rather I invite all those who participate to cast their vote by replying on each others work. Only one reply per person will be given. Multiple replies will result in disqualification of your entry. Do not leave replies on this thread. Enter something bold and uniquely yours, whilst stepping away from you to find it. Have fun

- Missy -
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Hi. The description is a little confusing. Can you please clarify what it is we are writing about? Or is it anything that we have written? 😊

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Class For Rent

Vultures watch the nest egg,
and times passing.
From an angel of death and an angel of sorrows,
a calling to go into the light.
To what purpose may it be?
A rest from toil or a rest from debt.
A curious love,
but for whom.
Written by midevil
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Find inspiration to do something new for you. Attacking this in a way you'd not even normally think poetic or any variant of it's arts, and make it one. Differently. Best discription in a physical sense. Lay down in a way that your head is dangling, to view the world upside down. Now put a large mirror in your path of vision like this... Now try and think like this instead of seeing like this. Hope this is sufficient.

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 We are all labyrinth, trying to find our way out within ourselves. Ariadne's thread yet to appear on our hands. We could hear the Minotaur roaring to get out as we struggle to find the exit before the hybrid does. An ungodly being created by us stuck in the center of our mind. Once we finally find the red ball of thread, it's not the end. Only the beginning to mark our tracks.  
When a track is a dead end, we swear not to be back there again and try to find another route starting at the line where we went wrong. Until then, until the last thread runs out, there will be many choices to make and many to correct.  Keep moving, don't rest.  
When you do go out, don't rest. When the labyrinth is solved, mazes that are put long before you were born, will be yours to go through to find the wide-open spaces. After you’ve passed, looking back at the ones you have solved, they will not look scary anymore. Rest in Peace, resting in silence.  
If you do come back to live this life for the rest of eternity, in between birth and death, ask yourself, would you do the same thing again or do things differently than the last time? Solving the inner workings of the mind one lifetime at the time to reach yourself. Once that is achieved, the big bang of complete meaning of existence will come out of its hibernation. The thread no longer needed, the hybrid no longer existing, and the labyrinth crumbling to the ground with the loop closing on its self as if the snake is eating its own tail for the very last time. But the mazes will still be standing tall.  
If you do decode the mind, when rational imagination gets pulled in to be unfurled as being the higher level of reality we can now grasp on by our senses, what's next? There will be a whole new grammar to be learned. Space and time coexisting as a physical being, saying ‘’When are you?’’ than ‘’Where are you?’’ at times depending on which part of time in space you are meeting up. Seeing that the future can control the past as the past controls the future. When life began as life ended that revolves destroying and creating us. The knowledge of how being came to be in the first place discovered. When anything can be literally possible, when everything is now, you still must keep moving, don’t rest.            
Written by LUUH19 (Emeraldia)
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Lost Thinker
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Wake Up

oh as i was out of this world dreaming  
i heard my phone vibrating, Bzzt Bzzzt! Bzzt Bzzzt!
"damn this bloody phone again interrupting"
i said, to ignore,
after a minute it was too late, i woke up
getting off from bed like i was doing worm up
checking time "oh damn! its 8 O'clock"
i took a bath with no water,  i dressed up
taxi! taxi!
i realized my mouth was a garbage ,i shut up
i used a hand gesture, my underarm whispered,
                                                            "wave down"
didn't go to work, i went back home
 had no way out.
i continued to sleep but guess what?..
i couldn't go back to those dreams i had to wake up
that's when i woke up from the dream  
and realize it was all a dream
Written by imbongi
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Dangerous Mind
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Origin Unknown

There are times
within my mind
when the whispering
from the shadows
begin to shine
upon those thoughts
that want to become

But my personality
will not agree
to what these
unbidden thoughts
want to be
so the battle
rages on
within the shadows
between the cracks
where these
unbidden thoughts
first came into being
but it's hard
to keep your gard
all alone
within a system
that only grows
within the shadows
where these thoughts
First Arose

Dangerous Mind
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Designers of the Universe

  There’s a secret place I like to go. It’s a berth that no one knows. There I converse with the designers of the universe, revealing the mysteries that history will never show. It’s there where I come to comprehend more of the world around me. How things come to change, starting with me.
    It’s a revolution of sorts, against traditions and customs of the kind, come to think of it, it’s an insurrection of the mind. It finds new ways to resolve, to advance and evolve, it’s a special space where I can be involved, having conversations with the designers of the universe, remnants of ancient civilizations who speak in verse.
    They are the combined subconscious converged, all souls gathered with their best ideologies emerged, a blissful haven in the caverns of my mind, where time moves different for mankind.
    I sit there amidst the gathering of great thinkers, listening to their philosophies and figures, gods and heroes all as one in a collective, freeing ideas that become comprehensive.
    Each of us has a secret place, a hidden base, a space we call our own, and it contains the mysteries from origins unknown. There we find enlightenment piece by piece, in peace, with the designers of the universe understanding we are not alone.
Written by wallyroo92
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buddydog H Faulk III
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Salt In The Wind

Today I realize        
Angels are here with me            
This city just won't let me be        
The wicked are always at my door            
They keep crying out for more        
Voices echoing in my head            
Saying leave here before you're dead            
Don't look back my friend            
Her memory blows like the salt in the wind  
Here on this mountain            
There's no peace within me            
I pray for you to set me free            
Everything I can't remember            
They took from me in disgrace            
In their attempt to save the human race            
Voices echoing in my head            
Saying leave here before you're dead            
Don't look back my friend            
Her memory blows like the salt in the wind            
Like salt in the wind            
I'm trapped in the beginning of the end      
I can't see my blessings, Just my sins      
They say don't look back my friend        
Everything I can't remember            
They took from me in disgrace      
In their attempt to save the human race      
Voices echoing in my head            
Saying leave here before you're dead            
Don't look back my friend            
Her memory blows like the salt in the wind            
Like salt in the wind        
Written by buddydog (buddydog H Faulk III)
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Frank Statile
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Flower petals

Broken beings
Blown astray
Bouquets of petals in the breeze

Beautiful fragments
Bewildered souls
Bleeding heavily with the winds breath

Stripped hearts
Scorned lives
Searching for their place of slumber

Suffocating sorrow
Sacred secrets
Scattered for the world to see

Born serene
Becoming scarred
Blinded, souly for the purpose of fulfilling the worlds dark desires
Written by Jomamma97 (Frank Statile)
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Tyrant of Words
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I didn't do it...,.
I shouldn't have done it....
Why do you think it was me?
Because I confessed?
Everyone knows I'm a liar-----------
---------Because I told them I was
That made up graffiti mark name
isn't even in my spray-painted piss -stained
watermarked handwriting
Anyone could have painted that----
'''''             ---------
way up on the overpass for everyone to see
looking down on me way down here
     -----no fear, my dear------
                        That ain't me
            I don't even know who I am
                      Do you?
                                   Do you really know who I am?
                                 Do you really know who you are?
                    ---DEEP INSIDE---

                         .........         Dead, died        ............
Well, shit.....................
Then maybe it was you who did it.
-you piss-stained graffiti mark-
                                                     -CASE CLOSED-


Written by archetype23
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jade tiger
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Cumulus and Stratus


You think that water is the color blue,
That ocean currents imitate the wind.

And where it ends beyond the height of clouds,
That’s where the sky of me will turn to black
Where neither air nor astronauts may live.

Yes I’m the sky and all the rest is air.
If not for me there’d be no atrium,

To hold within the weather and the rain
From where the cumulus and stratus play.

The teaming life that feeds on coral beds,
The orca pods who prey on lesser whales,
As porpoise with their echos guide their young.

The snow on summits where no birds can reach.
The forest at its base, bears hibernate.

The sockeye who return from whence they birth,
And beneficial run-offs where they spawn.

The tribe who grazes stock & gathers fruit,
And nomads follow zebra to the stream.

The fishermen who cast their nets afar,
The children who play naked in the surf.

This is the bounty I give with both hands.
Remember, everything relies on this,
So none will turn to ash and be forgot.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Dangerous Mind
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enigmatic eyelands' an A L I G N, divine

fibrous legs shred out in shambles    
shakeably uprooting from the base    
its innards…clog up here and there in    
racy calving middles, a hardening pull    
-in wholly consuming dichotomy    
sudden slinging sliding mudcretous    
derailment in a combative kimura  
an avalanche  
of a rapid firing pain-starched hirsute broomsticks    
that were quite lying just before as astutely bundled    
poramboke block, now in a buzz, whining continuously    
in an iconoclastical humming silence    
I bury    
my drowsy delinquent sycretically addictive,    
this fatigue-borne humonguos headpiece    
unto you,  my motherland...  
I smell now    
the filling fuller richness of a rounded    
organic touch, in tranquilizing lavishes...    
of your turmeric & talcum skins-    
               wherein deep in closure, these  
mesmerizingly anaesthetized divine infantine eyes    
in an all-feeling-seeing- a portentous wise innocence
elute an unending series of a streaming skyblue    
trapezoid tapestries, tumbling to be erecting, one    
over the other in almost complete overlapping  
all blisteringly filled inner with a fluorescing    
red-rouged righteous anger…  
I feel    
neither the warring raw mango elevations    
inxorably in kneadful needy frictional trysts    
…nor the random fire rounds of an equivoque    
machine gun mind in thickly mobbed defiant    
..ardously pulling down  
its dwindling axial bogs of desirous urbanities    
lighted bright in flickers of synthetic neons- its    
red and ultraviolet dizziness morsels luring unto    
its seditious grinding cabaret cabins of nakedness    
that midnightly stinks of cumming effluent ditches    
with no reclamation left out anymore of its deadly    
anaerobic furrows    
meanwhilst,  the    
each inhaling tidal feverish pitch breaths    
are radically sneezed poetic enjabments    
...smelling fragrant of fizzy sea-salt zings    
hitting out as impinged sprinklet knives    
of the husky melodic cut-throat coughs    
and those    
unaskingly swallowed back tears …  
in utmost hungers of a blinded girl  
[on an abandoned out-skirted    
Nomanland’s archaic small wall  
the donkeyed 'kuttichchevuru'  
of dumped dark alleys..]
..as she’s trying jumping out    
of its accelerating fast-forwardly    
arrived a dystopian doom    
-decries a desiccated war-torn barren earth    
soilless despair with mere brittle skeletal cases    
died,  and but still dying..  
for that    
last missed and left-out droplet    
…that hangs out somewhere there here    
in an achingly thickening-an unfazed    
bloodily milking dripping tear    
…from her innumerously    
divisive parched eyelands    
in an almost written off    
fallout severities & debris    
..yet not.. yet rising One  
...a throbbing singularity    
a coalescing idyllic vision    
Written by summultima (uma)
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The winner of this competition and any runners up were decided by public vote.

Thank you to the following members for voting:

Honoria, _boybrains, Tallen, _shadoe_, nutbuster, highlyfunctional, nomoth, Fiftysevenhours, Tenderloin, AnonymousBystander, FromTheAsh, Darkpoetria, Ely, SweetKittyCat5, Layla, Heaven_sent_Kathy, Hepcat61, Marks, butters

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I am honored to thank everyone who voted (no matter who you voted for)...

I congratulate Uma (summultima) & Frank (jomamma97) as runners-up for their fine contributions!

To all who participated, give yourselves a big hand (applause, applause, applause)! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

And to our host (and new member to the Deep, welcome SuseJ3) JJtheNAP, for the opportunity!

With tiger respect & regards,

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