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Narcissistic-ally Speaking

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Poetry Contest

Give me the best thoughts of you loving yourself and youre the shit, poetically....
Need to have a MOD make 18 and older please!  Thanks!
Be real
Do not hold back
Make me believe you really are the fucking best and you do deeply love yourself
Make this piece rhyme
Must be new
No collabs
Not too long yall know why
( i may have to write my own, hot damn!)

OOOH  I cant wait! GO!

Twisted Dreamer
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Between S And N Is I


The corners you now cower in I know them all too well.
Tis there I wait and have so since the moment when I fell.
Idle hands count not the cost there squandered priceless time.
Then in your lost and desperate way together weíll find mine.
I am the thought youíve keep forgiven upon each times return.
Foolishly the lessonís lost, doomed till once again itís learned.
Common senses different breed morphs wrong till seeming rite.
Rulers followed in my steps my shadow passed for light.
Hostage by there wants and needs and tumid bound desire.
Till vises pass for higher virtues where the truth is but a liar.
Iím not a dream that owns the night though I lurk with in your sleep.
Iím not a wish thatís thought away for in each Iím buried deep.
Iím not that voice you sometimes hear but youíve listened for my call.
Iím not that feeling that quivers the soul and makes itís flesh to crawl.
For the goodness that Iíve made Ďtis a wicked means to feel
Pleasures price is how Iím served in time youíll take the deal.

Written by midevil
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Fire of Insight
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I'm Endowed

Iím endowed, so it seems, beyond womankindís dreams!
Quite well-hung for the Godís Bacchanaliaó
I elicit their screams when I unzip my jeans
To reveal massive male genitalia!

With my muscular thighs bared before female eyes
And my abdomen, rock-hard and ripped
There hangs the Grand Prize of remarkable size
All men WISH they were SO well-equipped!

Its length and its girth promise women much mirth
And theyíll find when they ride my erection
Itís the best one on earth and much like giving birth
Except, from the other direction!

The mere sight of my stones makes a ladyís hormones
Start to boil from such passionate lust
That sheíll beg me to ďboneĒ her erogenous zones
Be engulfed in my streams of hot spunk!

With orgasmic screams, sheíll be filled with hot cream
While she claws at my chiseled, tanned pecs
Cutting loose self-esteem, unrestrained and extreme
As she joyfully worships my sex!

With my prostate so vast that, with semen amassed,  
Iíll delight in the orgyís prime choreó
And with blast after blast of my spunk, Iíll outlast
All the other men, limp, on the floor!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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midevil and reggiepoet thanks for the kick off and these are exactly what I was expecting!  Thanks!  Keep em coming poets!

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Tell Jeremy Kyle
ďHow you gonna make me choke, you fool?
The index too and not just a middle finger
because Iíve got both my balls.Ē
Look forward to seeing my girl
and pay-day
doesnít matter you can then laugh
because only a narcissist would tell you theyíre an empath

Any sarcastic reply at me they aim towards, I thank the champ
Itís half a hand stood on peeking out a trap door
before trying to tell me they got wankerís cramp
Now they can keep lying
but itís partly the reason for no neat writing

Thought Provoker
United States
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Be My Validation

gather Ďround my feet  
worship at my altar † †  
the way I showed you † † †
putting my fingers over yours † †  
be my validation † † †
the only way you know how † † †
show me how I am † † †
every bit the temptress † †  
I imagine myself to be † † †
† † †
I am greedy for your mouth † †  
jealous of your sighs † †  
loathe to think of you † †  
giving them to anyone else † †  
tell me how I will forever be † † †
the only one † † †
she, who can set your sky † †  
by commanding both † †  
the moon and the sun † †  
I only want your words by day † †  
they sustain my yearning † † †
† † †
but here I want your groans † †  
your guttural quickening † † †
barbaric hunger glistening † † †
my ears ravenous † †  
for every deepened exhale † † †
those sounds you didnít † †  
plan to make † †  
sudden, without rehearsal † †  
in the pitch that escapes all men † †  
whenever theyíve found themselves † †  
in the liquid embrace of † †  
Teicu herself † †  
† † †
damn, how my wings unfurl † † †
when you bow to me like this † † †
and all the tomorrows † †  
when you give me your words † † †
of your renewed adoration † † †
thrown into the fire † †  
offered up to me in your love † † †
the ultimate sacrifice you can give † † †
I will be sated in my waiting † † †
† † †
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Fire of Insight
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Outta my way losers! Iím better than all of yousís
You know damn well that I am the Best  
There's no one better looking so just stop all your sooking
Comparing yourself to me will just make you depressed  
Not only am I hot but I have also got  
A genius mind that's off the IQ chart
When Einstein hits a wall he gives me a phone call
To solve his problems 'cos I'm so very smart
Iím the toughest guy around no one stronger to be found
I once won tug-of-war against a bison
If you think you want to dance buddy, you donít stand a chance
Iím like a cross between Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson
I am living large, just take a look in my garage
You'll see my fleet of sports cars and my two new boats
Iíve got so much goddamn money that when I go to the dunny
I wipe my arse with hundred dollar notes
No man's dick is bigger (as in longer and or thicker)
It's the only organ that can be seen from the moon
Mine makes the cock of Reggie look like a small steamed veggie
Or a caterpillar wrapped in a tiny grey cocoon  
All the ladies say that they pray for the day  
That I'll invite them to sleep in my bed
For it is well known that Iím an expert with my bone
Those aren't my words, That's just what they all said
Thereís no one in history that is better than me
The truthís the truth, no matter how it's sliced  
So It doesn't confuse me when famous people accuse me
Of being the second coming of Jesus Christ!
Written by RexDurkin
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Lately kind of yeah

Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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[ Bad Raps ] Death Chant Three Point Two

yo, Yo ...    
You hearin' me? †  
Here we go † †
† †
straight Outta Comptown, Bitches †  
† †
YO! Rex Durkin †  
he be circle jerkin you 'round †  
ridin' a merry go around; †  
winner only his mind †  
This riotus clown show of his †  
having us in stitches? †  
I'm burning it to the ground - †  
† †
straight outta Comptown, Bitches †  
† †
YO! Donald Trump †  
bankrupted his Taj Mahal †  
Now he's corrupted the White House †  
worse than any Tammany Hall †  
Time to buck the system †  
gamed by him and his Richie Riches †  
Let's get the fuck out of Dodge, yawl - †  
† †
straight outta Comptown, Bitches †  
† †
YO! Trophy Whore † †
with your tiaras and crowns! No more †  
proof of being competitively crazed †  
Poof! The roof is razed †  
setting the bar even higher †  
Writing poetry should be †  
your only desire
† †
straight outta Comptown, Bitches †  
† †
Yeah, you heard me right †  
† †
Like this flow †  
my word is always tight †  
† †
This comp's gone up in flames tonight †  
The bar is higher †  
The rof now razed †  
† †
Yanno, you just might †  
want to consider yourself †  
Johhny Blazed †  
† †
🔥📝 †  
† †
Written by JohnnyBlaze
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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5thriddler, that made me laugh!  
Luna, that was splendid!
Rex, loved it!
Miss....i totally identified with yours big time!
JB, haha   omg...great one!

Keep em up yall!  Love all of these so far <3

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Come on, I know yall that love thy self are here and out there dont be shy!  Give it to me!

Tyrant of Words
United States
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I'm trying! It just doesn't feel right!  "I am THE BEST, BITCHES!"

Talk about stepping out of the box!  LOL!

Tyrant of Words
United States
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[quote-453629-Ahavati]I'm trying! It just doesn't feel right!  "I am THE BEST, BITCHES!"

Talk about stepping out of the box!  LOL![/quote

yee of little faith.....give me what I demand!  please lol

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Wally Behind Bars

Writing live from an unknown location (and no not a prison),
Risen out of this prism ready to spill some euphemisms,
Wally is behind bars lit with cigars firing off shooting stars,
So you better keep up and listen to the colloquialisms.
Sit back, have a drink of this ink I think youíll read and maybe like,
Like an open mic night it might just feel right to get up and fight,
But like an empathic telepathic Iíll make a prediction,
Youíre going to leisurely follow me then swallow all my diction.
I know I donít have to rhyme every time I write a simple line,
But my mind finds fine field mines of explosive vocabularies,
Hell I still stutter when I utter the words recalling my prime,
Thumbing through those thesauruses and thick dictionaries.
So lean over and lend me your ear, I fear it may go too fast,
Iíll blast off with a bang, with the band, witness and please take the stand,
Canít hang with the slang? I got news for you, this noose will be too tight,
You may lose and bruise yourself then probably need a helping hand.
Want to get your rocks off? This grammar pops when my hammer drops,
Posting potent pondering poems and pouring portent pulsing prose,
Itíll knock your socks off, the rhythmís hypnotic maybe even erotic,
Titillating and calculating but itís the way I compose.
I grit it and fit it, Iíll stomp through a comp then admit it,
But in the E.R. Iíll still spar, ill with it till I spit it,
The heat on this beat might catch fire I may just lit it,
This bitty ditty is like a quickie when I hit it and quit it.
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Wally, Im soooo happy to see you int his comp, yours was awesome!  Thank you! <3

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