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Race is a myth

Thought Provoker
United States
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Whats endowed behind our Shroud

Why is it we see "people of color"
instead of humans, and what lies within
Our covers are there to protect us,
not to be characterized by our skin

Yes, it is the first thing we see,
and for that it can be an impression
But it wont tell you what's in my heart,
or my name, or my current profession

Can it tell you my trials, tribulations, and thoughts
my hopes, or my dreams, or my friends that I've lost  
Can it tell you about my education or skills
Or give you a hint about my depression or thrills

I have faith, beliefs, and love of God, who is good !
Without a discourse, how can that be understood
Sometimes we rush to our own bigoted conclusions
While still perpetuating some old time illusions

Stop, and don't judge, by our visual make up
a conversation might mentally, wake up
the thoughts of a person, much to our chagrin
make a better impression, than composition of skin
Written by TIG
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Strange Creature
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Justice of three races
European Asian Aboriginal.
You are beyond race
The ideas stuck rotting in my head,
You brush off your skin like water.
So many cultures yeah
I'm amazed but you don't care.
You just want to party.
I've seen girls I thought were you everywhere.
Brown skin, black hair, friendly.
Held close in the centre of their circles.
You will be welcomed child, everywhere.
Whatever you need child, it will be there.
Written by Tunde_e
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Tyrant of Words
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Renaissance  reindeer rite

Void whispers tundric silence
Atuned antles capture dawns sonar

Noone bore witness
Though discoveries
of imprints

are now called
ancient treasures
Seen in museums

Property for sale
a Mausoleum
Who will joik

these dead
for us?

(Dedicated to the Sami people)

Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Not Scientific but Legal Objectivity Prevails

I ticked every box as mixed race,
a scientist objectively
answering the question in place.

But legal objectivity
accurately reflects the world.
Our shared irrationality,

says Lord Denning, is now unfurled
upon the Clapham omnibus:
reason in the common man's world.

His view is reasonableness,
and his view in this world prevails ...
Written by AnonymousBystander
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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This Race of Life and Death

Madre Maria de Dios...

I didn’t know—
A block over cooking tamales,
gardenias on the porch
vacation’s begun,
But I didn’t know!

For this warm night,
fiesta en la calle,
a truck careens
knocking over trash cans
riding two tires on their sides.

niños y niñas rien
I didn’t hear the pops,
chambers empty—
smell the smoke of summer
acrid stink of death.

She was left
to die alone on an
east L.A. street like a dog,
a nothing with no name,
till the choppers point the way.

Too numb to feel me
hold my baby in my arms
as she looks up,
her dull eyes ask ‘Por que mamá?’
no longer in pain.

Guardian of Shadows
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something to consider:
at one stage or another
everyone alive
is blue

Tim Eros
Lost Thinker
United States
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Perspectives of Race

Born of blood, raised in flesh
Somehow we seem to have lost touch
Forgetting that all our blood is red
seems to have mislead most of us
Imagine the skin of all humans being clear
We can see our organs, blood, and condition
The only difference between us is fear
Everything else is in the same position
Now imagine we're centuries in the future
and the aliens of outer-space have become friends
All our concepts of religion, race, and war
are crushed in our growth and raised common sense
Our mistakes of the past can be all but lost
Our hope for the future has no paradigm
Let's move beyond our presumed thoughts,
close our eyes and open our mind
Written by eroseternal (Tim Eros)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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While variation exists
In poems
Thru people’s words…

There are no
Differences in letters used…

Thus seeing a world
Thru poetry
Is how a words elitist views


How about you write my poems from now on

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Please note:
it is possible to recognize people
as equals
without saying
there are no differences
between them.

In fact,
I recommend it

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