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Through The Alphabet--The Letter "R"

Guardian of Shadows
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Poetry Contest

Use all the words in the list below, in a poem
Next up, the letter "R” ! Same rules as the other alphabet comps:

One poem per poet
Any style, length
Use all the words in the list in your poem
Two weeks to complete
Winner is decided by public vote
*New*  :  will be putting up 2 comps at a time, to finish out the alphabet series.

Here’s the list of words:


Fire of Insight
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Some Days Are Longer Than Most Years

She Ransacked through the rubble
strewn, rusted, rancid in its glory

To weave remorse with autumn
leaves on her braille skin, but

The Rattan threads snaked, stalking
frayed memories grazing at her feet

To the fading light of a Rebel sun
restitutionary in its golden tears.

Hues of Redemption cascaded from
her cheeks to a familiar Rhapsody

A song, more ancient than time
Ripened on disfigured vines

Dripping Rivulets of fermented wine
on the Rosary chaining her wrists.

Waiting, weighted with a Rucksack
brimming with sins and dry Rye bread

as the dead fish floated downstream.
Written by Layla
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Of Every Kind


When I was young I’d flitter through the sky,
And ransack all the stars of magic dust.
I’d walk lightheartedly ‘cross fields of rye,
Within my rucksack filled with wanderlust.

I was so young, the rebel in me rose,
To holler with a shout that shook the world.
I gazed straight up to God, “I want to know,”
And then the magic started to unfurl.

All thru’ the days & nights, my quicken’d step,
The rhapsody of knowledge filled my mind.
Thru’ jungle, swamp & forest rivulet,
Of bamboo, rattan, growth of every kind.

At last I felt redemption came to me,
The branches overhead were full of fruit.
They heavy hung like ripen rosary;
So hungry and so grateful, I fell mute.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Twisted Dreamer
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With my rattan cane
I struck the rebel
who dared to ransack my home.
Fatal was the wound
as a rivulet of blood
hid not the break of bone.
In his rucksack I found
jerky of beef
ripen fruit and a loaf of rye.
Clenching my rosary
reciting a rhapsody of redemption
twas I that did not die.
Written by midevil
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Guardian of Shadows
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Awesome start, everyone--thanks for joining in!

Strange Creature
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I love the textures in this one. Rattle, ratan, rivulet, rucksack... feels 3D :)

Fire of Insight
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Melancholy Symphony

knees pulled to my chest
bare feet on the torn cushion
planted somewhat askew
in this ugly, old rattan chair  
scored at a summer yard sale
an oddity my mama truly loved
but never got the chance  
to clean or repair or restore
I know she really meant well  
thunder outside my window
rolling in it’s heavenly rhapsody  
the double-tapped bass beat  
shakes the glass like chattering teeth  
the rain slapping this old tin roof  
joins the melancholy symphony  
a lonely rivulet scurries towards home  
joining the others waiting at the sill
I stare at the rosary on my table
next to the defiant glass of rye  
wishing for the hundredth
or maybe thousandth time  
that I still believed in redemption  
but there is no salvation for me
no god I can pray to anymore  
he disowned me long ago  
simply because of my audacity  
to be born an unapologetic rebel  
unwelcome memories ransack  
my neatly organized mind  
they ripen the fruit of filthy chaos  
that always threatens to overflow
spilling its strange contents  
over the tightly drawn top  
like Grandpa’s ancient rucksack
so full of peculiar findings
so I down the rest of my bottle  
and I grasp those thoughts  
into tightly coiled fists  
stuffing them back in their place
and I draw the cord tighter
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Guardian of Shadows
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Great entries--thanks everyone who's joined in so far!

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Risen Reject

In the church where prayers are left to ripen
Forgivness is the count of rosary
And penance a rivulet of guilt
Confessed upon one knee
Can faith now lift that rucksack
The baggage of your sin
The choir with a rhapsody
Conducted lifes amens
Corn and rye of congregation
Stand on broken stems
Try to hold the rattan strength
The seat of your beliefs
A weave of good and bad decisions
That's so hard to achieve
Branded to be christian
To live and so to die
For the devils tempting treat
Its coals that blackened lie
Fester the bishops carnal whims
The innocent that cry
Redemption a well trodden path of sin
Rebel and cheat the ever seeing eye
The weak the Cain that whisper meek
A ransack foisted on ones life
For that altar seek not I
Written by slipalong
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Dangerous Mind
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Through the Eyes of a Friend

Look at me through the eyes of a friend, she said,
A stream of thoughts embraced me in a sad rhapsody,
But I, drunk on whiskey and rye cried a rivulet instead,
Running through my mind like an unforgettable melody.
I took her old rosary, the one she kept in an old box,
Before anyone else would ransack her possessions,
I prayed a prayer of redemption but before I could talk,
She said, never look back or hold on to obsessions.
But I placed the beads and hymn book in my rucksack,
My young rebel soul would never see her eyes again,
And as the years passed in a ripen memory I think back,
How she sat in that rattan chair and the letters she penned,
I remember my mentor but I still dearly miss my friend.
Written by wallyroo92
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Twisted Dreamer
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Camp With Me And Count The Stars

I search for redemption
in the rhapsody of lust
that curls like rosary beads around my fingers
rattan cane strikes a loud
smack across my bare ass
a red bloom ripens  
I writhe
my body rebels against the swift sting
I run a slick rivulet of pleasure
as you slide deep
we settle skin to skin
both moaning against our inability to
live within eachothers bodies
you do everything in your power
to weld us together
in a blur of frictionless wet
I howl
a pulsing light against
the thrust of pounding
an ache spills out
Im lost
because all thats left to feel
is the dark sensation
I grip the sheets
and you with the same fervor 
later when our breathing has settled
i pull a soft loaf of rye bread from the rucksack
a small bottle of chilled wine
unzip the tent so we can stare at the stars
your hair tickling my neck
sweat and steam rising from the heat of our bodies realising
we are less than pin pricks in a vast void of space
but for those brief moments
we ransaked time
we were all that existed
all that mattered
Written by Commentonly
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Lost Thinker
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Guardian of Shadows
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Great entries everyone and thanks for joining in!

Thought Provoker
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(this was a question that I figured out the answer to and now I can’t delete the post for some reason. Disregard please)

Thought Provoker
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It was starting to settle in...the rye whiskey we’d been drinking was signaling my vagina to go, he was a country boy from down south about 6,5 brown eyes, rough and rugged just how I like it from his head down to his toes.
Legs upon each of his shoulders he began to taste and lap at my sweet pussy fruit, preparing his harvest until I was ripen enough to enter, put me on all 4’s like a good little girl and ransacked into my tight coochie causing shock waves in my epicentre.
This was now a war, blood pumping through my veins with such rhapsody he seemed to make my body sing, but this rebel relled redemption...he had no idea what I was about to bring.
Now angels may fall from heaven but I’m not a heathen nor a saint, I popped the rosary hanging from his neck..ass clapping against his dick stroking him with precision until his semen filled rattan came.
He released me, still oozing the rivulets from his forehead dripped onto my back, he then proceeded to get walk over to where his belongings were...pulling more whiskey from his rucksack.
Written by Calligraphee
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