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As Summer Memories Fade

Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

Hosted by The Poetcast Project

Episode 5 is coming up folks, and we would like to again offer up the hallowed end spot of the show to feature your poetry on the podcast. The podcast goes out on multiple platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, so it’s great exposure

If you've not heard the podcast yet 1) Where have you been and 2) you can listen to past episodes here: https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/podcasts/

We would like you to write a poem about Summer. How do you feel about it coming to an end? Was it memorable for you? What did you achieve? Any funny stories you would like to weave into poetry?

It can be serious, funny, melancholic... be creative.

Obviously we would really love if you would be able to read and record the poem yourself for us, but please do not feel pressured. We will be able to read the poem out for you if you don't want too. We understand.


* New poems only
* Audio / video / songs accepted
* One entry per human being
* No extreme content / extreme erotica
* Winner agrees to have their poem read on The Poetcast Project September podcast
* No word count, just don't go mad
* Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thought Provoker
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Summer In Memphis

I was leaving the beer line  
When she bumped into me    
Had one in each hand  
Spilling Bud Light on her Def Leppard tee      
I said excuse me ma'am      
Can I buy you a beer      
She said that would be nice      
But that's not why I'm here      
As she grabbed me by the hand
I was chillin' in a beach chair      
As the sun came out      
Smoke filled the air      
While she danced in that Memphis mud      
The band played their last song      
I smiled and said, how about that beer      
She said that would be nice      
But that's not why I'm here        
As she grabbed me by the hand
We were sitting by the fountain        
As those ducks came in        
I could see it in her eye        
So I said goodbye        
She leaned in and whispered        
That's not why I'm here        
She let go of my hand, gave me that Georgia smile        
She said don’t worry, I’ll be back next year        
As I watched her walk away...        
All I could think about...      
How she...      
She blew me away        
Like a Memphis storm in May        
We danced in the rain        
While the band played on        
We slipped in the mud        
Sat there for awhile        
Then I brushed her hair back        
She kissed me with that Georgia smile
Written by buddydog
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Twisted Dreamer
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What things are best of this season?
Where playful thoughts banish reason.
Those winter ghosts of evening gray.
Dissipates in ocean spray.
Sing bug and bird through lazy heat.
Grass and sand caressing feet.
Spirits dance in children's laughter.
Glimpsed an Eden we've chased after.

Written by midevil
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poet Anonymous

Great start guys! Just what we are looking for. Thanks 😊

Tyrant of Words
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I don't mind offering my voice to anyone who doesn't want to read their own poem, if that is allowed Missy?

poet Anonymous

Magdalena said:I don't mind offering my voice to anyone who doesn't want to read their own poem, if that is allowed Missy?

Mags that would be awesome. If the person doesn’t want to read, I’ll be in touch

Tyrant of Words
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Miss_Sub said:

Mags that would be awesome. If the person doesn’t want to read, I’ll be in touch

Okay, cool. Glad to be of use.

poet Anonymous

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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As Summer Gets Personal🌞

( a Sonnet )
My bedding stripped down to a single sheet,
With two fans at cross purpose in the room.
Warm currents twisting overhead that meet,
Both rain upon my scantie’s print of bloom.
A silhouette of sweat shows off my form  
Upon the mattress as I soak the sheet.
I beg your pardon I was misinformed,
It’s truckers from the runoff-flooded street.
So many round the world are feeling Fall.
For people in the southwest of the States
Who water lawns & endless shop the malls,
Enjoy the A/C till day’s heat abates.
The way it often goes as Summer leaves,
When trick-or-tricking on All Hallow’s Eve.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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The Gardener
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Rockhollow's breath

Life is an abundant thing -
in all ways,

the spoils are bountiful depending upon how you pay your Gods.

Down in the 'Hollow it comes with walking,
by dusk,
as moths flutter out of shelters from light
and I do the same,

clothe -
take in the splendor of years on years of labouring.

She, sweet scabious, wafts on a soft,
cooling breeze,
morning glory opens - deep, plummy
and contrary.

She, Creeping Jenny, dresses the paths, with permission
as seeds scatter upon bare soil beds.

Swarms of crickets create a cacophony of sound -
echinops attracts late dwellers,
salvias engage night's shade

and I engage with you, as your living rests heavy against my living.

Globe artichokes create skeletons, promises of Summer's tiring.

A frog hops beyond the ponds safe bank,
and those crickets,
         those crickets!

There's crow upon the aerial, her song echoes, wizened, so full of tales.

The die back is coming -
I see it

in the raspberry canes, the self heal, the chard,
I see it in the anemone, the blueberry, the hollyhocks,

I see it in the whole picture, setting in
hues of brown and grey

I am overwhelmingly grateful for this place,
     in such wholeness,
          in such life.
Written by ImperfectedStone (The Gardener)
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Tyrant of Words
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Mid September


Geese fly in
a V shape
across an
aqua sky,
broken only
by the stain
of trees in the
blue distance

Meadows of
wild daisies
and goldenrod
moved by the
wings of

chants of crickets

...the end of

...the end of

...the end of
all things
Written by buddhakitty
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Tyrant of Words
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Related submission no longer exists.

Guardian of Shadows
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As With All Things

I found two newborn
eating in the garden; they
startled and fumbled on their new legs
in opposite directions.

I caught one, and it let me pet it
I set it back with its sibling.

I said to them:

“Don’t you know it’s August, and
the wind shall surely blow?  You
are out of season.”

They blinked their bottomless black eyes
if I knew that the sea was still calling, and
that I should answer it.

Why yes—the sea calls all the time, and
so do thunderheads, and outdoor markets.

I asked the rabbits if they saw the trees, readying
to shrug off their leaves, and if
they felt the coolness of nights, slipping in—

They twitched their noses and replied
that the train horn, sounds much clearer
this time of year.

I agreed, and bid them adieu—
have your fill of my flowers, find
shelter, and
your mother.

We parted ways, and
as with all things, we
are out of season at times.

I shant forget them.

Fire of Insight
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New Term  (summertime ends)

 Ice cream wrapper blown
All christmass presents now quite worn
And skate board edges scrubbed and torn

The summer thunder laughs and cackles
Spots of rain dimes downward splatter
Humidity so close and so much hotter

Cold shoulder of the dew its mantle damp
 Sun blind of the drivers visor jammed
The air con gives up with a bang

A weather vane of shorter days
The promises that cooled of passions staid
Memories perfumes shout a last horray

The new term it is that unmarked page
To grow. not fit clothes floor jumble laid
 Fade of colours worn and now degrade

For that solar gain is ebbing
The old term dying on its knees and begging
Kicked out by other seasons now ascending

Crisp and bright come the new assembly
 Alarm bells of changed identity
The shed its increment it slews to autumns plenty
 A syllabus of midsummer nights and dreams
 Theatre seats in the footlights beams
That jaded playwright the summers ending scenes


Written by slipalong
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Lost Thinker
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Sounds of Summer

I sit and reminisce
 of all the memories made,
in a state of sorrow
 as summer starts to fade.
So many things I'm going to miss
  I don't know where to begin,
it's a few short month of happiness
 that i wish would never end.
It has its own rhythm
  its own kind of beat,
the sound of children laughing
   running in their bare feet.
Shorts so short
  tan skins all aglow,
its the season of sin
   in case you didn't know.
The heat consumes you
   u lose all inhibitions,
on a blanket under the stars
   with carnal intentions.
The smell of chlorine
  as the water glistens,
the honeysuckles call your name
 you need only to listen.
Lazy days
  front porch swingin',
late night bonfires
  sweet tea sippin'.
Radio up
  windows rolled down,
nowhere to go
  just riding around town.
Dear sweet summer
   I wish you could stay,
but I know you will be back
   the month after May.
Written by Addi82 (Addi)
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