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Oh, it was definitely you.

Thought Provoker
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Grow Up Yourself

Claiming not to stalk
yet knowing your bursting to mention
what is said on social media
so youíre not yet raising the issue
quicker than a 12 year olds penis
Iím tired of obese bitches talking about small dicks
you ugly fat fucker, just put your feet up
Enjoy the highlight of your day
which is only soap operas
And as for ďMY SON!Ē in the past text messages
tell the school, if ever he starts skipping it
because that fine then would be yours to pay
so then donít be fake and two-faced
by twisting the shit
on no moral high ground
when things arenít going your way
I was an asshole for wasting time
over uncreative slobs
money hungry and can only fuck their feelings out
Your new partner is a wrinkly jelly belly
C-section scar but gastric-band weirdo
who earns a lot more than me
and still dresses like a tramp
Talking about not being strong enough
and not being able to carry that tv
without resting
shouldnít the hard man have then done it himself and not asked someone else?
Of course, you havenít the courage
to come to my front door
like the fat controller who works at Network Rail
because whereís the sense in calling me an asshole
knowing full-well Iím just shy and timid?
Your partner pours drink over his last one
in front of my Nan
for her pointing out he wets the bed
and then blames it on the kids
But that day of him finding out she cheated
and him receiving his karma
Whatís funny, was the status his narcissistic twin left about doing nothing
wrong in the whole 13 (unlucky) years
they were together
No pictures at all of him with his baby-mother and their kids
Just buy gifts to try and get away from
the physical and mental abuse
because heís so caring
But Iím past that for you
because youíre just as bad
after reflecting over everything
Donít want to hear nothing from you about Tyler
Iíd rather one day hear it from himself
And I had to publicly have you
on the receiving end of a load of cusses
because I was tired about leaving
no names in a love poem
and you believing youíre the only female on the planet
as well as for who I was interested in
Plus thereís nothing more to be wrote about that wanker
who doesnít have sex in 6 months
and begins to lose his mind
because itís true, all he can do is fall back
onto an ex of mine who isnít all that
Like doggy style and not being able to
reach behind and caress a ball-bag
Heís so powerful to mention lifting up heavy things
howís turning you upside down
and eating that smelly discharge
pussy working out?
A bullet to the head
will get you from that imagination
because youíre not hurting me now

Fire of Insight
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It Was Always You

the way you never laugh  
genuinely at my humor
not unless you count
the side smirk-smile
meant to look amused
just ends up looking smug  
lest I think too much  
of my own existence
or feel somehow proud  
to have you over a barrel
exposed and bare  
for the world to see
even though the world
was never my goal
itís always only been
the two of us here
and I only wanted to see you
the way you gesture wildly  
with your fat, calloused hands
and stare at me  
like Iím stupid
because I fail to read  
your sign language  
instead of using  
your words
you know, the ones  
you so readily find
when itís time to run them  
razor sharp
and roughshod  
over my sensitive soul
the only time you really laugh
is when your barbs dig deep
and my face canít hide this
the way you see me
my anxieties
my insecure, incongruent nature  
so small and petty to you
and you use them as fodder  
to make dumb jokes  
to make me feel smaller  
so you can feel bigger
even as you tower over me
all six feet plus of you
the breadth and width  
of your stature
youíve always used it  
to keep me compliant
because like my brokenness
this shit seems to fuel you
itís rivaled only by my contempt
I can see why you find me so  
you are a terrified boy
wrapped in grown man
and when I find my wings
youíll be the dust  
I wipe off my shoes
the ones you hate
because they arenít feminine
with four-inch heels
attached to pussy,
that juvenile, sexual ideal  
you hold so sacred
and youíre so very angry  
that you have to placate yourself
with someone else  
because you canít have this
this hasnít been yours
since you decided  
your dick only has fealty
to the one person
you really care about:
you repeated it so often
I heard it on an endless loop
like that tape stuck  
in the dash  
of our old Taurus
in your quiet moments
the ones where you  
werenít breaking my things
because while you have me
in this gilded cage
you can never have me
the way you want me
so youíd say in earnest,
ďJust let me love youĒ
but it always failed to register
that love is vulnerability
and the gods and I both know  
you canít throw love  
like a bomb over the wall
of a fifty-foot fortress
and just hope it lands  
if you ever grow up
and really I hope that you do
just remember it wasnít me
that caused you this wound
you canít seem to let heal
the still-sharp pain you exorcise
by finding it a new home
within the walls of me
my bruised and battered heart
and now itís so heavy
from carrying the weight
of your broken childhood
and itís so full of the glass
Iíve crawled over
since I was seventeen
to find the good in you  
thereís no room for you now
it wasnít me that failed
to love all the way

Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Thought Provoker
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Baby boy

Baby boy, I will always be better than that whore,
Who has legs with makeshift revolving doors.
From your insecurities in bed, and the way you gave head,
I'm glad to say that our relationship is very much dead.

I met you in high school, and I thought you walked on water,
But that soon disappeared when you referred to yourself as "The baller"
When we broke up, I thought i would crumble, but instead, I only stumbled.

You were toxic to me, always calling me names.
And to imagine you crying, screaming my name.
It's the sweetest thing in life i'll ever get.

Baby boy, I will always be better than that whore,
Who sucks cock for sport.
She's got nothing on me, she can have you, for all i care.

Baby boy, it was never me.
It was always you, with your cheap ass remarks,
To your irrational fear of cars.

Baby boy, I hope you enjoy your whore,
The one with legs for revolving doors,
But in the end,
She will never be me.

When she's fucking you, you will scream my name,
And when you call out for me in your sleep,
I will no longer be there.
Enjoy her, James dean.
Because she will never be me.
Written by Fallen_Angel_194 (FlowerChild)
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Dangerous Mind
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On Second Thought

But on second thought now a lot of it makes sense,
You used to accuse me of lying and cheating,
It was your guilty conscience under pretense,
How many times did you lie about late work meetings?

Hey, did you think about all those marital vows?
When his cock was up inside you and it felt good,
When you came home late with excuses that somehow
Made sense when you told bold face lies right where you stood.

And when you confessed it was a real fucking mess,
I blamed me for my conduct that led you astray,
I said I forgave you but deep down I regressed,
To a profound anger to explode in a melee.

I can sit here and point fingers at you all day,
But I hope the guilt you feel will eat you alive,
You want to be a bad-ass bitch who doesnít play?
Weíll let those slammer bars calm down your furious drive.

Still want to come at me right after you made bail?
I can take anything, I have been the bad guy,
You think youíre going to make my life a living hell,
I am the abyss, you done fucked up so girl bye.

Fire of Insight
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Who's fault?


I'm wondering why
you NEVER call

BEND me over the conference table
hammering out a wicked thrill
deep and sharp
like an electric drill

not once
do you give ANY sign of hesitation
so I spread my legs
in DESPERATE resignation

the very next evening
towards a couples PRIVATE destination
you flew
with your ex
on a TWO WEEK vacation

I came to
during that PERIOD
a hefty realization
REVENGE being the soul proprietor
of my sudden motivation

the joy to IMAGINE
TEARS spit
from your mother's eyes
as she faces the hard fact
of her ONLY child's DEMISE

on bent knee
in PRAYER for your absolution
you beg me to
accept one simple SOLUTION

I decide to have the FINAL say
then out of your pocket did you pay
for the mysterious pregnancy
that came YOUR way

..aren't you grateful for that "fake" abortion?

it was ALWAYS you
so RETURN my voicemails

  † † † † † † † † † † † † † - †-
 † † † † † † †motherfucker!

Written by LostGirl18
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Dangerous Mind
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Your Fault

You walked away and never looked
Back. Why did you hurt me like that?
Just like everyone else you hooked
Me in and felt like a fool who laid flat
On her back waiting for all the tears
To completely subside. Within your
Promised words I thought my fears
Would vanish, but once that door
Closed they came roaring back and
All I could think is why am I not good
Enough for anyone who could stand
Promising me love. Everything wood
Made has to burn sometime because
They are truly not meant to survive
The harsh storm. The shattered vase
And the fact that you would not dive
Deep into this love is solely your fault.
Fire is in my veins. All I could wonder
Is how dare you! Have it with a grain
Of salt. You said it was a fatal blunder
And misstep on your part. You made
It feel like my whole world was falling
Down. I was putting my whole heart on
The line. You let our love go and fade
Away. You never stayed past the dawn
In the end you messed with the wrong
Girl and I was done with the love song.
Written by eswaller
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Fire of Insight
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Congratulations Luna!

Mr. Highly -

will you be commenting on our poems individually as previously stated? I'd like to know my rank on your "scientific" scale.


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Congrats to Luna!

Thanks for hosting & for runner up!

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