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Oh, it was definitely you.

poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
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Because you live I now live
and why I’ve wished to die.
Tis a Purgatory of take and give
devoid of reasons why.
The wraps of love cannot make warm
a hearts that’s gone awry.
And torments the soul like a storm
that shrouds a blissful sky.
Fleeting has the truth become
eternal dwells this lie.
Within and touch each grown numb
I yearn the strength to cry.
What’s said is said what’s done is done
still we try to try.
An ending long ago begun
but time shall hell defy.
Comfort is a shared torment
the damned could not deny.
To pass moments and help forget
what secrets underlie.
How I wish to know the way,
so far yet so nearby.
  But here I’ll forever stay
beneath your watchful eye.
Intertwined is a twisted soul
I could never say goodbye.
Absent from me thou won’t be whole
without you so am I.
Written by midevil
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Tyrant of Words
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Evidently I don’t know how to love
Blame it on electric trains
Spitfire planes
crushed little fingers
model glued together
abusing love putatively
is all I know. . .
Maybe why I put myself through
See-saw’d emotional pain

Whip me into confusion
Cut out my insolence
Break me into a million
little brittle fingernails
force down my throat
Finish me
finishing nails
Fuck! My big feet still hurt
I gargle the red elixir
my fountain excavated
from blunt force trauma
Household pliers
my personal family
dental drama. . .
Abusing love putatively
is all I know. . .

I really don’t know

how to love
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Tim Eros
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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I Could've Been an Actress

I knew when we met you would fall for me,
and I found a way to come to your country
  So I played the role of damsel in distress

You were never my type, and it wasn't easy
but you were the best option for me
      I was only pretending. I could've been an actress

I know your heart is broken and you wanna know why
but I have no need to answer your questions
When I left you I laughed, cause I seen you cry
You see, I don't even care about your emotions

Just go find someone else and stay away from me
I've changed my number and my address
I don't need anything else from you, definitely
I need someone that will treat me like a princess

Someone to buy me lots of presents and things I want
Someone to fuck me till I cry
Someone with a cock, bigger than my cunt
That someone's not you,  just fuck off and die
Written by eroseternal (Tim Eros)
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Trash Man Blues

Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Fire of Insight
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Not Any More


Je ne veux plus de ton amour,  
I lost the fire of your pursuit!
Burned by delusions of grandeur,
My good name, now in disrepute!

I broke the grip of passion’s chain,
Je ne veux plus de ton amour!
My will was spent to end your reign.
Now watch me walking out the door.

I’ve silenced you, my raconteur,
In solitude, I found release.
Je ne veux plus de ton amour,
A temporary, secret peace!

Now, drink the final parting glass,
I swear to love you nevermore!
Return to your own social class!
Je ne veux plus de ton amour!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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poet Anonymous

Done With Your Shit!

you got the cheatin'
on your mind, huh?

Well. . .

there goes my heart
there goes my soul
there goes my fucking innocence
that you so proudly stole!


Don't look at me
like I'm talkin' crazy
like I'm fuckin' crazy
like I'm makin' shit up
when you're the one
who really fucked up
cause you're ass was too lazy
to delete your sweet talkin' mess,
those, let's keep it on the down low, texts
not to mention your dirty porn sexts!


You think I was just goin'
to turn the other cheek,
and dismiss YOU
as a 'lil Wayne freak,
then, forgive you
for all your bullshit sins
just so you don't look like an ass
in front of your gangster friends?

So now that you know
what's up, here's what:
you ain't takin' the baby
you ain't takin' one fucking cent
but I'll spare you the embarrassment
and toss you two quarters
so you can stick it to that 'lil spic
who crossed the border
cause this here bitch
is done with your shit!

Thought Provoker
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Rhyme of Betrayal

the chaos in my calm
the stirring in my quiet  
the confusion in my evident
all applied
because you lied
leaving me tongue-tied
I hope you still taste the tears I cried
Written by delanee
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Fire of Insight
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love will drag us to hell

I watched you circle mounds of feathery ashes with nicotine laced fingers
thirteen long winters, under the red moon. The sea did not part in the love-
bed-divide. The crows stopped chattering out of boredom of colors,
the bedroom walls collapsed-in-wayward.  Knowing love will drag us to hell.

You don’t get much sleep, do you darling?
With all those ghosts hanging around the ceilling, fascinated by the monotony
sooner or later out of habit we’ll lace the arrows with sex and choc-a-late,
tossing rules of Sun-tzu in the air.  Passing withered sentiments and half-
hearted chuckle.  Knowing love will drag us to hell.

Please pardon the cynic in me as we sit here pondering,
which one of us will survive this eternity.  
A beautiful chaos of misconstrued words, tangled and knotted
lined in perfect symmetry of love gesture on everything broken, before
the bastard sun rises again.  knowing this love of ours will drag us to hell.
Written by Layla
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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I want to talk about something that has been heavy upon my mind as it has been ripping a hole into the mere depth of my heart for know one deserves to feel abandon or unwanted or unneeded, for we all are in search of that one love that comes from the heart mind and spiritual soul with love honor and respect, for so many times during this journey travel and walk not withstanding the turmoil that we will have to face head on during this cycle known as life love is the most powerful element of emotions that we all seek to find in life.                                      
But yet we find ourselves caught up within the moments of pure seduction till it becomes an addiction of what we thought is love only to be awaken by the truth of a deeper remorse, filled with unbearable hurt and pain leaving even deeper scars that sometimes never really heal even with time but yet that is the price we must pay for trusting and believing in someone.                                                                            
Due to the mere fact that we trusted someone with our heart our love and our soul of souls even our very thoughts from the deepness and depth of our minds, for an old wise woman once told me a story she said to me when you trust to easy you just make it that much easier for someone with there own agenda to manipulate you for there own personal gains.                                                              
For they will tell you what you want to hear and hide from you what they don't want you see nor what you need to hear and see for thyself through your own eyes and mind, for by keeping you totally distracted off the real big picture they continue to tease your mind with seduction of words that slowly become meaningless to your heart, as they are filled with the most poisonous snake venom that ever existed as it came from the mouth of  a man and a woman out for there own real personal self gains.
Written by Stoney223
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Dangerous Mind
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Guardian of Shadows
United States
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Still Bitter, After All These Years

I’ve won the Oscar
for “Best Actress in a Long Term Relationship”
to punch a hole in the cloth roof of
your Audi-fucking-convertible
that you always loved more than me.

(aside from your same-sex lovers, which
I found out about at the end of our 25 year

But I played my cards right
kept my emotions in check
walked away with our (my) daughter
her car
and all of my pension intact.

Four years post-divorce, we
must still be breaking up—
I continue to have the occasional nightmare
of being trapped in the house, you
trying to kill me
with narcissism, or
your hands.

The subconscious sleep world is great, though—
there’s no rules.

I can give you that aneurism
you always deserved.

buddydog H Faulk III
Thought Provoker
United States
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One Eyed Dove

When you look in the mirror    
Does your conscience show      
Is the truth any clearer        
Or do you pretend you don't know        
Is my reflection is what you see    
Or a reflection of you without me
In a mirror of broken dreams      
Do you remember all the lies        
Do you confess with your soul        
I'm lost in your alibis        
In your world there's nothing to behold        
You say you don’t love me        
But you still can’t set me free
I don't know what this means
I don’t know what this means

With a blind eye        
I look to the sky        
I ask God why        
With tears in my eyes        
On these wings I soar        
Of a one eyed dove        
On a one eyed dove      
Written by buddydog (buddydog H Faulk III)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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The Garden

You gotta go back, gotta go back
To the Garden, that’s where we found it,  
Remember, lover, when we first met?  
But then I slouch against the pillows  
And shout ’Why is it so dark in here!?’  
Then I realize I’m here alone.  
Forgetting to eat, so much happened  
On no sleep in twenty-four hours,  
But still I check my phone by its light.  
Though it was me, old habits die hard;  
I find myself yearning for your call,  
So I hear the voice that made me laff.  
Then suddenly, it starts to return.  
Passion, it seemingly never ends.  
Does it mean yesterday was a dream?  
On this I’ll meditate unless I  
Choose tonight to overmedicate;  
I better come to my senses quick.  
Have I had a fucking change of heart?  
I thought we’d already talked it out  
Who’s not to blame, I surrender dear.  
I shouldn’t be feeling any pain,  
But something is sticking in my craw;  
It was what you had said day before.  
We cudd’led on this exact wet spot.  
The distance began to separate  
With I wanna date other women.  
I choked, ‘Their platonic company?’  
No, to fuck with and ejaculate -  
I just wanted you to know the score.
Even after when I said ‘How kind’,  
I imagined your head on the floor  
In a pool of your blood inches deep.  
I’m a good girl, and especially  
I’m a generous lover, and more,  
‘So you mean I don’t give you enough’.  
Your dead silence was thick as a plank.  
Now after two days I’m feeling it??  
The paintball gun you left me last year,  
I just realized a use for it;  
You were such a romantic biotch.  
I apologize dear, it was YOU!
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Joined 1st Jan 2018
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Reasonable doubt (narrow escape)

When I stood in the congregation
And hung my head in shame  
For I no fear to turn the tide of mitigation  
Untied but still remain  

When the vicar asks the question  
Bitten tongue your awkward silence  
Does any here  have good reason  
They not be wed and to have that licence  
For when I started out a ferris wheel  it soared  
The lift of expectation the mezmerizing ride  
A labarinth of feelings no chance of feeling bored  
 Finally feel connections deep inside  
The strength to face what make you tick  
Religon's anchors hold fast that ship  
The ceremony familys all expect  
Cards all down could I make that switch  
Brotherhoods of rituals cult, seek ultimate control  
Heart and head torn in rended fire  
Skullcap or the beard so full  
Which is truth and which is lie's  
A straightjacket of costoms and thoughts  
Believe or be dammed that prophecy scribed  
Now just a child a piece in a broken jigsaw  
No winners no losers the time to say goodbye
 To procede down a one way street  
A conscience weighed with fears distraught  
All is lost to those that hesitate, pecieve a future bleak  
To cheat and blame another cause  
For there is a preacher a dictum not shallow  
To come with the package a smile and a glower  
Who lays down the laws the mantra to follow  
A motherinlaw an escape oh so narrow
Written by slipalong
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