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Itís not you, itís me

Thought Provoker
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Juxtaposition of Love

If I could
I would erase every memory of you
to regain faith in love  
evading all questions  
waiting for crumbled pieces to fall  
rusted scrolls  
in the dilemma of dreams
There seems to be  
no ending to the quickening within senses
in each wavering branch and spiraling bloom  
unfurling awakenings  
spiritual and intrinsic;  
the purity of innocence
suspended in each atom  
the chaos of silence
twined around itself
I donít miss  
the wind harrying the maiden grass
and my hair sweeping across my face
shielding the momentary belief in miracles
the vapor rising from stones
drenched by cold April rains
releasing weight of secret  
bent with larches  
to unexpected pain of changes
all reminding me of you
and your scent lingering
thrill by thrill
under my skin
The world span  
on its axis  
logic with illogical  
bemused of the muse
rolling dice  
The language of love
Iíve plucked your words  
like precious gems
in dark alley behind the shop with faded sign
ďWe Repair EveryThing but Broken Heartsí
placing them on marble steps of the church
on one way street
tacit and solemn with fading ether
awaiting for the moment  
when Iíve had enough of you
the sun and stars anguished in their worthlessness
dissolved in the graphite canvas
breaking beams in half
meshed in lace spires
Landmarks change with passing time
while I wallow in the arms of another
naught not, you shall never know
tears of rue
throbbing ache flowing
to rip every lining and rupture every seam
breaking the needle and its tiring eye
a moment
If I could
Iíd find a new religion
in its  
with all the fallen
tragedy of love.
Written by Layla
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Dangerous Mind
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imposing purples not much dampened the darkness

 "the object of the most crucifying attention
at any chosen time trapped equation
had been one of a farther lighted fraction
of some purplish wavelength, jaded in traction
that poured sparse in not much reasons
given away to an unrelenting darkness nation"

Knew I was slipping offboards since the retrograde
knocked down by shadows with mysterious depths

Thunder stones of the mocking audience
consumed conscience in installments
Shamed corners of frilled draping
were nibbled and eaten to nakedness
Mealybug whites in powdery shower
scrapped off the spirited juices

The last crop of purplish rays
got focussed beyond perimeters
of self-squabbling egoism
in pettysome amplifications

Still the glimmers caught farther
flushed in like electrified adrenalin
Were they the ghastly desires or selfishness
or at the least, small shimmers of hope?

"decaying souls killed any thrown decoratives
expectations surged by sighted lights waned off
self-deceptions garnered suicidal extensions"

when those lying beneath mealybug whites were roughened black skins
when I knew all left out in you were the same pitch darkness as mine

Why did I seemed to be luring you for futuristic constant suns unknown?

Let me be warned of that
my corner dimming lantern
had already blown out
and spilled its kerosene
to vaporous benzenes

Written by summultima (uma)
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Twisted Dreamer
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We Shall See

Don't tell me what's on your mind
I don't want to believe it
Assumptions I'm scribbling
But I'm thinking the same thing
Let's not give it power
Let's ignore it's relevance
Revel with our masked affections
Its a bliss in this moment
Use each other for ourselves
Indulge on our cravings
I beg of you let's not ruin this
Even though we both know what's coming
Forget the future we for see
I have waited for you, at last we will meet
Ride the pony until it's red
In the end it will stay dead

There you go as I watch you
Smile with acid burning my goo
A sentence you will be in my ten page book
Hook up number three that sang no hook.
Written by LUUH19 (Emeraldia)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Iím Sorry

Iím sorry I behaved that way for many years,
I was an immature young man for a long time,
Unsure of things with so many irrational fears,
I should have been able to see, to read the signs.

My feelings went astray somewhere along the way,
Come on, letís be real with ourselves, honest to God,
We arenít teens any more but I just hope and I pray,
Because I donít want to keep up with this faÁade.

I know married couples go through difficult times,
And nothing is perfect but we have to realize,
We have broken our sacred vows and thatís not fine,
We have shattered our cores now we should open our eyes.

Iím sorry I donít feel the same way anymore,
But I think you should know the straightforward truth,
There is someone else because we opened that door,
I have been unfaithful, deceitful and uncouth.

And though I may or may not ask for your forgiveness,
Itís a terrible thing when a man leaves his wife,
I wan't the person to bring you happiness,
But I think without me youíll have a better life.

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you poets and poetesses for your excellent submissions. Please note that Iíll reserve my comments on individual poems after the competition is judged.

Dangerous Mind
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Poets and Poetesses of the Eternal Breakup, I salute you. You have honored the timeless tradition of sliding out the door gracefully. Every single write was a truly worthy entry, thank you!

I took to the task of judging this competition a bit scientifically. First, writes were disqualified from first place if they failed to express an actual breaking off of a relationship. Some were truly beautifully written, but they were about relationships that had already ended--please save those for the upcoming "I want you back" competition (I'm kidding).

+1 if you broke it off with no criticism of your significant other; -1 for each criticism or blame given. +1 for new writes. +1 if you took all the blame honestly and believably. The rest was judged on that nebulous "poetic" value we really can't quantify.

Congratulations to Playdatewithfire for "As I'm walking out the door." This poem unabashedly takes all the blame and offers lovely sentiment for the future happiness to the break-ee:

I pray that you will love again,
with a man that's not like me.
May he be everything for you
that you wanted me to be.

"I'm Sorry"
by Wallyroo

And though I may or may not ask for your forgiveness,
Itís a terrible thing when a man leaves his wife,

Tyrant of Words
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Bravo and well done, HF!  Thank you for a fabulous competition.  

Congratulations Playdatewithfire and Wally!  Both deserving pieces!  I enjoyed reading everyone's entries.  

Twisted Dreamer
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Honored and humbled. Many thanks. It feels good to to recognized as I was walking in the door!
Big props and respect to all other entrys as well!!

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you HF for the runner up mention and to PlaydateWithFire for taking the trophy. It was a pretty unique idea/competition.

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