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It’s not you, it’s me

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Can you stress whether it needs to be new or old?

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Anonymous said:<< post removed >>

Once upon a time, a girl worked furiously to compose new poems for a competition.  Then she saw entries two years old and older, and thought,

Well, Damn.

The end.

Thanks, HF!  LOL!

Twisted Dreamer
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I dreamt of beginnings new and free clear of a fated past.
To break the hold of a fractured life whose condemned to ever last.
What was lingers on to haunt my nights and curse the gift of day.
By the seemingly harmless casual inflictions that are his loving ways.
I wanted so much for you to know how close we might have been.
How different our life could have become if you had let me in.
You’ve taken my flesh in ways no one has ways others won’t dare.
Each drop I savor that quenches the thirst that I can hardly bear.
You’ve taken my soul for my need is eternal I live and die for you.
Heaven is hell pain is pleasure it’s your wish that makes it come true.
You’ve taken my mind I think only of you till I no longer exist.
Thy needs I’m a slave thy will I submit helpless to ever resist.
You’ve taken my heart so now take it away for you it only can feel.
It shall always be broken for such fatal wounds are powerless to heal.
Written by midevil
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Tyrant of Words
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Illusional Love

“Life doesn’t hurt until you have time to yourself to think about how things have changed, who you’ve lost along the way, and how much of it is your fault.”
I don’t think she truly believed anything I said; it was just another one of her many facades
and because I wanted someone to believe me
I trusted her and believed her…..in her.   I allowed myself to become the fool…..foolish.
The other lesson learned here is there can be only one for one lifetime and I had mine long long ago.

No matter that this one was taken from me by nothing other than another mysterious illness;
No matter that she came to me at a very early time in my life and we only got in a couple of years;
No matter. Did I make the best of those years?  You bet.  Especially towards the end.
And so, I know I deluded myself in earnest desire to recapture what was lost by loving and believing in
the illusion of an angelic shadow  in the depths of hell……mine (ours).  
(I can deal with this.  I was born with this training.  As a high functioning schizophrenic, I get to listen
To voices 24 / 7 AND often I get to see hallucinations – like people I’ve never consciously seen before.)
The worse part of this is I can still feel her and I am not even trying.
I need to find someone right away to tell me how I stop this because until I can make it stop I will
continue to be reminded of this illusion and the emotional pain associated with it, daily.
Hmmm, perhaps I will let it continue for  a while…
Sometimes I write amazing stuff when I am in pain.
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Tyrant of Words
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Ahavati said:Can you stress whether it needs to be new or old?

I don't have any NEW Break-Ups,

hence, an old spill  

- Missy -
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I’d not
listened to our music  
since it happened  
couldn’t do it  
didn’t feel right  
other excuses  
but my room was empty  
my room was empty  
as I sat  
of everything after.  
The song confessed  
a wealth of memories  
a blood-letting of prophecy  
as madness dissipated  
replacing old love with new:  
the measure  
of your smile.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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21st Century Emily Dickinson

What penance is to be paid          
for dropping the large brown eggs                
of your eyes—              
their content saturating              
the busted carton of your cheeks                
And all my childhood horses        
and all my imaginary playmates        
can't put them back together again;            
I can only try to explain          
Blood is the life;              
I feel mine in these Sacred lands—              
each spilled drop fertilizing                
a blade of grass                
My Heart is a Mother Elm                
embedded in these woods:                
my fingers rooted in past lives;              
my breath warm with memories                
These mountains bear my shadow              
and that of our Father's people             
Perhaps somewhere in Time              
I'll belong here again                
Yet, how can I look at you and pretend                
when Poetry is pulling my Blood              
into the open flow              
of its own veins                
I do not fear solitude;              
but, yearn instead              
for its peaceful existence              
from the world                
You are strong and brave—              
have kindled my being              
that I not freeze    
in my winter season                
I could write here forever              
in this glade of wilderness          
watching you fish, smiling at me—                
were it not for Destiny              
drawing my name                
I promised you an answer              
when I was ready—          
it never had to be said;           
but, the question you asked                
altered the existence between us;              
and, I've never been good                
at permanence anyway              
Truth is all I have to my name;                
drink it from these cupped lips              
partake in this aching tenderness    
between us;          
departures are never easy—          
even when blessed               
I have not traversed Time              
to surrender my own judgment              
to the ordinary Life                
My Intuition is born from innocence;                
it follows the Poem                
into Future's dark recesses              
I fail to understand, but accept              
as absolute                  
You have always been with me              
even now,              
in the taking of my leave              
Love travels with me               
while another makes her way        
to lie at your side in age                
I glance back once at you watching . . .             
but there will never be any regret                
or loneliness in poetic verse—                
only a 21st Century Emily Dickinson              
contentedly alone at her writing desk                
Written by Ahavati
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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The Very Fabric Of Us No More

My belief
 In love
Was weaved
Beautifully into my heart
It never occurred to me
It could be broken

That the feeling of emptiness
Could be more painful
Than anything
I had experienced before
That each breath
Would be harder to take

We were lovers
Bonded by our souls
It felt a forever thing
But like the splitting of the atom
Everything we were
Blew apart

A chain reaction
That wouldn’t stop
Till the The very fabric of us
Was no more
This lonely beat
A sad echoing reminder
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Dangerous Mind
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Let You Down Gently

Like the changing tides and shifting
Winds I have to find it in my heart to
Say goodbye without hurting you in
The process. It was never your fault

I could not love you. You were gifting
Me with endless love. With the blue
Sky on the edge, the feel of your skin
On my hands and all the grains of salt

In your tears I could not stay. I was
Too young to appreciate your love
And I wanted you to find someone
Willing to give you that something

You deserved. You took the gauze
And band aid off with your ungloved
Hands. As I walk away I see the sun
In your hair. You are your own thing

And person without me so this is me
Letting you down gently so that it is
Someone else who wipes away tears
I created. It is he, not I who will look

At you with new admiration and I see
You as he sees you, but without fizz
Or fade outs. Without doubts or fears
You will trust him fully, but I only took

Every fear from you and multiplied it.
I was not the puzzle piece that would fit.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
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She's Not to blame

She was not
to blame
the blame is mine
to claim
i let her  
slide under
my skin
into my heart
with my eyes  
open wide
with my mind
on wishful thinking
dream time
as she sucked me dry
an emotional wasteland
she left behind
but as they say
will find a way
so my feelings
will learn
to grow again
one day

She wasn't to blame
the blame is mine
the signs were there
i refused to see
i didn't look
behind the scenes
behind her smile
behind her eyes
behind the walls
she hides behind
and for that
i pay the price
a broken heart
a fractured voice
a river of tears
when i remember  
the lonely fears
i thought  

i'd  left behind

Thought Provoker
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When Love is Not Enough   -- competition piece --

closing the book
after the final chapter has been read
over and over
closing the front door
since my bags are packed
like we discussed
starting the car
now I have a new destination
hoping that you’ll find yours soon
it’s not you
it’s not me
this life became too small for two
Written by delanee
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Tyrant of Words
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Here I lay alone with my thoughts of you just running through my mind but yet it is here within the silents of the darkness I need to feel you as I touch you with my hands, but yet I can only imagine you laying here beside me as I hold you so close within the very depth and deepness of my arms as I imagine you here in my loving arms.
    But yet as I stare into the depth of your eyes and see your love for me as it shines from your eyes I long for you even that much deeper than my words can ever say, for it is because of you I feel this way for you touched my mind with your thoughts as you opened up my heart to feel again that which was lost.
     For it was you who showed me that love can be real without the hurt nor the pain for it was you who, made a believer out of a soul that has almost given up on finding love for I am lost without you in my life and in my world.
Written by Stoney223
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