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RUNNERS-UP: David_Macleod and midevil

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Poetic Dialogue

Frank Statile
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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They starved us
So we refused to eat
They beat us bloody
So we became immune to pain
They scolded us
So we ignored their cries
They showed us hell
So we took our vision as well
They became mad
So we became patient
They tried to break us
So we became stronger
They started killing us
So our souls were finally set free
Written by Jomamma97 (Frank Statile)
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Dangerous Mind
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Dark Dreams

She breaks his heart,
For each night they spend apart,
Feeling the weight of loss and despair,
Sobbing in the pages,
That now seem lost in ages,
The lovely dream seems like a nightmare.
Now he writes in vain,
Sitting and writhing in pain,
Thinking his letters somehow will get to her,
But the ache is so deep,
As each night he loses sleep,
The sight of his beloved is becoming a blur.
He takes all the blame,
As the ink bleeds her name,
Pouring all his emotion on every leaf,
With each tear he drops,
He sighs and briefly stops,
Trying to breathe unable to find relief.
He cries out for mercy,
Feeling drawn and unworthy,
Of the love he has but cannot get back,
So he sits there sleepless,
In total and utter bleakness,
Wide awake as the night goes pitch black.
His poor tortured soul
Has been left out in the cold,
Creeping in the gloom with stark screams,
But he does not care,
As long as her spirit is there,
Weeping in the room of his dark dreams.
Written by wallyroo92
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In response and inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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Thank you everyone for your entries.
The trophy goes to RexDurkin as the poem 'Our first time on the Beach' encapsulated the sense of a poem that inspires another poem that does not necessarily have the same direction as the original; congratulations.
Kudos to David_Macleod and midevil as runners-up.

Tyrant of Words
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Congrats, Durkin!  Well done!   Thanks, Viddax, for a great comp! I always love the opportunity to honor another DU member. 📝❤

Fire of Insight
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Thank You Viddax! for the honor, It's nice to get another win.
There were many great writes in this comp and so much talent.
A special shout out to Nutbuster for inspiring my entry. Cheers!

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