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Poetic Dialogue

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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Poetry Contest

Poetry speaks to us, and sometimes we create poetry to speak back: enter your own piece that came about by another poem speaking to you.
This competition is for poems that speak to other poetry: whether in response, or having been inspired by, or even in complete opposition.
Have you read a poem and the written your own poem off the back of that? Has a poem ever made you want to rewrite it and give it a new spin?

As this competition relies upon your poem having a response or connection to another poem, please include the poem's name and author. Please also include a link to the poem if it is on DU, as long as the poet responsible has agreed to it being included here in this competition.

As inspiration cannot simply be bottled and distilled when needed, (if it has please pass on the contact to me as I would dearly love to have it) this competition is open to both old and new poetry.

Entrants may enter more than 1 poem, but only 1 poem will feature in the winning roster (winner, runners-up etc). Poems from user profiles that share the same owner will not count: the idea is to have poems here that connect different people.
There is no specific style or form required for this competition, but free verse may be the most suitable.

Voting will be done by me, Viddax with input from whoever volunteers or whom I deem suitable. Entrants can volunteer in judging but their entries will automatically be not considered; you may want to enter just for the thrill or decide your poems don't quite make the grade and decide instead to help crown a deserving winner.

In the event that 2 or more poets enter poems that form a back and forth with each other, only 1 poem from each poet will be considered for the trophy, and some magic behind scenes will be done to ensure those poets receive equal rewards if they win the trophy.

Good luck and may the will to write always be strong.

(If I seem to have missed anything out do say, and ask if you need clarification; its not everyday I host!)

Twisted Dreamer
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Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven. On this once the middle of the piece is reached the word ending each phrase is used in reverse order.

Twisted Dreamer
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Writers Block

The words will come all dreamers pray as they prepare to write.
Out my window reigns the full moon on this last autumn night.
Should I put to parchment things I’ve heard about this time of year?
And ring louder now the whispered stories that fell soft within my ears.
Strange my candles flame doth bend away from encroaching gloom.
As alone I am I feel a presence bearing close within my room.
Tis hardy nymph or fairy child of sweet and pure felt heart.
Dancing shadows and tethered owners are freely torn apart.
Into the darkness strain mine eyes that’s both alive and with out life.
I wish to shred this blackened specter’s cloak should I beheld a knife.
These later years recall my youth’s nightmarish childhood dreams.
As the comforts that surround me now may not be as they may seem.
Rushing to an open window I hope to further fortify my keep.
I see the rolling meadows fog beyond where swampy creatures sleep.
Up peers the red glowing eyes each of a tortured forgotten soul.
Aberrations dressed in death as black as charred briquettes of coal.
I know them well, I wished them life, they were of stories told.
It’s the tales magic that holds a curse for it never can grow old.
Now for me they have come my days are weak and old.
What’s written is but of a terrible sameness of earlier stories told.
At my hearth I stoke the flames and feed it well with coal.
My spirits comfort grows with the fires light though terror fills my soul.
By fright my vigilance is worn down but I dare not take to sleep
Away slips the slow ebb of time stealing the sanity I pray to keep.
I reason there visions but it’s less the truth than they do truly seem.
More than flights of fancy or haunting ghost of some disturbing dream.
Defenseless am I against these demons not a musket or a knife.
Approaching nearer is that sad moment when I may loose my life.
The logic that once served me well rips my every thought apart.
I savor my gasping precious breath and chest beat of my heart.
This last stand is it to be my grave instead of private rented room?
Like triumphant warriors the dawn appeared to chase away the gloom.
Erupts the quiet din replaced the howls that rudely cursed the ear.
I survive once more the hallowed season to live another blessed year.
The mornings rise herds away the loathsome creatures of the night.
Quaked so great by fear touched nerve never more shall I write.
Written by midevil
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Fire of Insight
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Our first time on the Beach

 Our first time on the Beach        
The foul smell of the seaweed makes me dry reach            
Stupidly, I plonk myself down on the littered sand            
I yelp as a used syringe jabs my hand            
The couple in front of us are giving me the shits            
You’re paranoid that I’m looking at the lady's tits            
You stomp off mad down to the packed sea            
Everyone can tell that you're angry with me            
I dunno 'bout this water I’m just not sold            
I’m such a pussy when it comes to the cold            
You put your hand down my shorts with your head on a swivel            
I say 'It's usually bigger, the temp made it shrivel"            
To my surprise you splash salt water in my eyes            
When I open them you're flirting with some other guys            
They’re tanned and chiseled and in great shape            
Compared to them I look like a pale, shaved ape            
I wade over to you and they can tell I’m pissed            
As I grab you firmly around the wrist            
You pull away and head off toward the dunes            
A fuck wit with an iPod blasts techno tunes            
The dark seeps in and all the people piss off            
I think I've caught a cold 'cos now I have a cough            
You pull out a box of Sunnyvale goon            
We drink it from the nozzle in the light of the moon            
As the wine buzz sets in you don't hate me anymore            
Being in your presence is no longer such a chore            
Clumsily you rip my board shorts down            
And with your hair tied back on me you go to town            
I enjoy the sensation ‘till you bite down and grunt            
Because you accidently got some sand in your cunt            
In a frustrated huff you take off your bathers            
As we’re encroached upon by space invaders            
Fuckin’ mozzies everywhere wouldn't you know            
Biting me from drunken head to hang nailed toe            
They don't go for you , they only go for me            
You tell me to suffer and laugh “he he he”            
I give up on the day. I’ve had a e-bloody-nough            
Until I see you laying there on the sand in the buff            
I roll onto your body. You spread your legs wide            
But as I’m nutting we get hit by a fuckin’ king tide            
June 13 2019      
I wrote for you      
By RexDurkin      
Written by RexDurkin
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Inspired by 'Our first time on the Beach' By Nutbuster

Dangerous Mind
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Herding Butterflies

You have been more than successful, friend poet
bringing your affliction to light

I can feel your frustration...and your rage
the struggle of dealing with things that are hidden

then suddenly loom to the forefront unbidden
You must be pissed as Hell...I know I would be...

at having my life stripped way from me.
Not for you just accepting fate... and suffering in silence

that level of exposure would make many
resort to exhibitions of violence...

but somehow you have managed...to turn pain into art...
making beautiful poetry that comes straight from the heart.

Written by Ely (E.A.Rothwell)
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Dangerous Mind
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Al's little yellow flower... a vision ...

It seems to me...that I can see
that flower had a plan
to lure you out into the street
as bait to bring a V8 van
which fetched that fortunate  
seed-laden flower ...up between two treads
transporting her to fairer fields
there her seeds to spread.
Sweet Al, that flower used you
to further her own ends...
she meant not to abuse you
and hopes you will forgive
her indiscretion...
surprising you that way
but time was of the essence
you know how Nature plays.
Written by Ely (E.A.Rothwell)
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David Macleod
Tyrant of Words
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A Lady - - - inspired by Ahavati's "A Gentleman"

Is not all about money
Or societal social status
The body and looks of convention
She is faithful and loving
Committed and reliable
Forthright and truthful
Like, everyone, she can make errors
But realises her liabilities for her decisions
Admits them and frankly does not finger point
A Lady doesn't act out being a victim
Regardless of her predicament
Unless she is truly a victim
She strongly fights for her rights
Never bowing down
Always seeking righteous change
Stands up for herself
With principled fortitude
And even-handed scruples
A lady suffers not liars especially herself
Or toxic people in her circle
Yet does not start fights
A Lady
Doesn't simply push her own agenda
Pressuring others to do her bidding
She listens to others
Showing respectful concern
Not showing empathy
To the plight of others
Is deliberate cruelty being enacted
A Lady wants inclusivity
Never tries to establish power
Treating others like peasants
A Lady holds in high regard
Her fellow humans, male or female
Building them up not breaking them down
Never making up lies about anything
Attempting to assassinate someone's reputation
A Lady is
The sum of her intentions and actions
Who does not seek to destroy
By acting like a crazy chimpanzee
inspired by:

Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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Tyrant of Words
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Seventeen Seconds

is all it takes to capture              
  a negative entity                  
  invading your thought process                 
Your future is built by such—                  
   you get what you think about                
 whether you want it or not                
Within 17 seconds of focus            
  a matching vibration                  
                            will activate  
Within 68 seconds  
    gravitation initiates—  
manifestation begins    
Despite circumstance:                  
   spilt coffee or milk—                
seventeen seconds infuses it                
      ( should you choose )                
      with the frequency of Gratitude:                
it'll be a lesson learned;    
   the Seventeen Second Rule;               
  but, most importantly—Freedom                  
     from its future classroom                 
Written by Ahavati
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Inspired by Fireyangelsouljia's "Why?  
( Linked with permission per comp rules )

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Train Wreck

Still sucking in fumes,  
the ash of break-speed  
I uncovered my eyes
long enough  
to search the wound  
of entry-point.

There was flame  
pure and intricate,  
sealed in skin-folds  
I counted out loud:  
and as I dropped  
the still lit cigarette  
I became lost in the rush  
of pain dissipating in lungs  
looking for an exit sign:  
     one two  
echoless dry heaving  
shrinking white noise—  
the quiet hum of tongues  
tapping on a flesh wound  
born not two minutes ago.  
I still watch eyes  
pondering these wrists  
seeing only sleepers,  
ghosted tracks scarred.  
It was Christmas Eve;  
I never made it home  
I still can’t remember  
the address.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Inspired at the time by “So we” by _boybrains:


poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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the battle [within]

“தருமத்தின் வாழ்வதனைச் சூது கவ்வும்;    
தருமம்மறு படிவெல்லும்” எனுமியற்கை    
மருமத்தை நம்மாலே உலகங் கற்கும்    
வழிதேடி விதிஇந்தச் செய்கை செய்தான்.    
கருமத்தை மேன்மேலுங் காண்போம். இன்று    
கட்டுண்டோம், பொறுத்திருப்போம்; காலம் மாறும்    
. தருமத்தை அப்போது வெல்லக் காண்போம்.    
தனுஉண்டு காண்டீவம் அதன்பேர்' என்றான்.    
roughly I translate the unparalleled Bharathi:    
"the life and its length, this lifeline Dharma- Evil preys upon    
yet Dharma will again win in an eventual say"- this nature's    
mysterious way, let the universe learn from the quintessential us    
the pathways of such treaded victories are sought    
from ardent search that's destined    
more and more will we visualize the Karma, today    
we lucidily imbibed upon this..and shall we wait the wait    
there will be the inevitably changing time when we    
shall win over Dharma too...Have faith on the lighted    
hopes, the skillful bows within'  Arjuna said    
the varifold symbolisms does draw      
correlations to the timeless epic      
‘Mahabharatham’ … some classic      
verses from Bharathi’s version      
of it, “Paanchali Sabadam” [Draupadi’s Vow]    
feels quite apt to quote above..      
strikes chord in an immediacy      
of erupting consciousness,  their essences      
coincide with the singlemost~ the only      
like the dark-knotted twisted hells      
mushrooming within      
for a suicidal Doom..to the still-spirited      
lighted channels in an inter-connectivity      
taking on the looming lethality      
whatever inner or alien      
whilst traversing electric as fine nervelet      
networks..in an ultimate formative      
in the Mystical Mass, the Ocean of Oceans, the      
Sun of Suns, the Unknown of Unknowns      
now that the stage been handed over      
(rather snatched) in reigned supremacy      
to(by) a hypocritical mind, all it      
shamelessly dances [in disguise      
of a inarguably intellectual, a timed-comedic      
entertainer]  is to the tune of its own      
curses..the  endless      
saturnish stint- kanda sani & its many      
lobbying devils, in a stormy      
rock-n-roll as the choking audiences with    
and within  you..desperately      
give in to the generated toxic fumes      
its still the virtuous Satyayug prolonging      
in patience ..but you see,  it’s in bearance      
of a well-maligned      
yet ‘instantly reaped in karma’,  the      
Kaliyug mode…    
just have this slight awareness sparkle      
within…in your much possible revival      
from these eonic long      
deliberated ignorance, a self-suffocating      
erosion meted out towards a fateful      
blinding trance [as if given up      
in a call beyond thresholds, when      
in actuality, you never even had taken      
an efforted  pint towards      
your time & again inner calling]      
as you struggle for a rescue a      
salvation.. a paradise to be regained      
a liberation…all in the highly      
impossible waters in LD100 killing      
probabilities’ self-effluent stinks      
an asariri..a vedavaakku, the      
Oracle’s prophecy …there is neither      
a shortcut nor an un-necessitated      
long-winding route to reach      
your realized shining suns within
… your chosen way hailed with holy-flaming      
comets as all your sin-goodness balance      
keep thunderously marring you down      
alongside million winking angelic starlet      
kisses on your feet      
…and as the clearing skies & sun      
open a hopeful dawn of a touched in      
heaven in possible dimensional realities    
what you do      
for the better or rather the best    
is the miraculous self-engineered reconstructs      
of starry-crosssectional dna-blooms      
of a super-consciousness
eating away      
those rottenly shrunken to  disintegrative      
purely political fragments      
shedding out      
their corroded to biased to insecure      
to their fearfully fascist figments-    
  dying a dear death      
in dearth of any faintly ploying to solid plotted      
divisibility plans and plays staged upon      
Written by summultima (uma)
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* Inspired by the Revolutionary Tamil Poet Subramanya Bharati (1882-1921) His Poetic Work- Panchali Sabatham

Dangerous Mind
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bleeding love~  காதலாகிக் கசிந்

rushes down tears          
to them. renewing tents          
when magmatas          
to squeeze out          
releasing burdens        
them.  time's emptiness space          
holds Him in the dark        
its veil invisible          
opens everytime          
when to be in there          
where Her matter fuses          
to be 'one' fulfilling          
light of consciousness        
an acoustic (proof) asylum          
to mute effusive gushes          
and to host        
a smoothly successive pullvomit              
knotty throat's stringball blocks          
to grind-garble them          
in a series of terrific vanish acts          
the flushouts          
disintegrate egoistic self-grounds        
burying in airs of realization          
once tinkling bronze tap handle        
lays now in lacklustrous patches          
the sticky~dusty lies in adherence          
shivers out          
in a functional silvery shower        
of an expressive screech, prolonging          
than its usual short dull repititives          
and a thin helical pleat          
threads in a doubly cleansing show        
disintegrates to dissolve dusts          
    multiple blurry eyes          
    float atop in gratitude        
    chin drink in its saltish          
    feeds, the holy revival        
    as it bows to His Love          
P.s. The title - காதலாகிக் கசிந்து-  and inspiration derived from 7th century CE Tamil literary verses from poet~shaiva saint Thirugnana Sambandhar's THEVAARAM          
"காதலாகிக் கசிந்து கண்ணீர் மல்கி        
Kaadhalaagi kasindhu kanneer malgi          
ஓதுவார் தம்மை நன்னெறிக்குய்ப்பது          
Oodhuvaar thammai nannerikku uyppadhu          
வேதம் நான்கிலும் மெய்ப் பொருளாவது        
Veedham naanginum meyporulaavadhu          
நாதன் நாமம் நமசிவாயவே        
Naathan naamam NAMASHIVAAYAvee"        
With deep love, budding tears pooling,          
whoever hails guiding them to the good          
discipline, the true substance of the four          
vEdhas (knowledge) the sound (for oneself)          
like Lord's name is namaHshivaaya
Written by summultima (uma)
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Fire of Insight
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The Ghostwriter

Every single letter
I’ve written to you is a fabrication.
Did you think
I'm capable of writing
such beautiful poetry
with perfect metaphors
smiling at similes.

Waiting patiently for your reply
night after night
reluctantly reposed with one eye
every form like an architectural masterpiece
building bridges without a blueprint.

This world we speak of
is a fabrication
Spinning theories:
yin and yang at war
reclining opposites
heads and tails
black and white
in the elusive shape of
circling the circumference of ideology.

All the imagery painted in the origami pages
are a fabrication:
I shook the book upside down
not a single petal fell to the ground
from a sky that is perfectly blue
and a sea reflecting its mood
perspicacious yet abstruse

These hands you see in my photograph
delicate and dainty
never held a pen nor sculpted the land
silhouette of two moons
in Kafkaesque labyrinth.

Hundred years from now
I refuse to remember you
the comfortable silence
between your words

heartfelt sentimentality
two strangers in parallel universe
writing haphazardly

That too is a fabrication in this story.
Written by Layla
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In response to series of poetic letters corresponding with RevolultionAL.
Inspired by his poem: Eight

Strange Creature
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Wow :)

Lost Thinker
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Plants, Soils and Oceans (Poetic Dialogue Competition)

Where has all the carbon gone
Long time spewing
Where has all the carbon gone
short term storage
Where have all the carbons gone
When humans burned the fossil fuels
When will they ever learn?
When will we ever learn?

Where have all the humans gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the humans gone?
Long time ago
Where have the humans gone?
Bought new cars every one
When will humans learn?
When will we ever learn?
Written by SilverBeaver_42
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