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Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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( a Quatern )  

I thought with faith I’d keep the light ablaze;  
There’re things about myself I tried to fix.  
The Reaper stood in black with cards it plays,  
I threw my challenge down before his tricks.  
There’s no way I’d give in without a fight,  
I thought with faith I’d keep the light ablaze.  
I stood my ground and showed I felt no fright,  
The Reaper’s echoed words told of my days.  
A feeling of resolve in my malaise  
Came to me as I set forth strong demands.  
I thought with faith I’d keep the light ablaze,  
My birthright to control the shifting sands.  
A grin of Reaper’s maw almost like hate,  
The figure of my death begins to raise.  
The sound of laughter finally seals my fate;  
I thought with faith I’d keep the light ablaze.  
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Thought Provoker
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Grandma, you were not supposed to die.
Please, why did you have to go.
It wasn't supposed to be this way, you and me.
You were supposed to see me graduate, watch me at my wedding.

But now you're gone, and i'm just as dead.
I feel you everywhere, but you are not here.
I thought you'd live forever.

Life wasn't supposed to be this way, you weren't supposed to be gone,
And I wish you were here to make me feel better.
I remember the little things about you,
Like butterscotch candy coated tongues and scratchy soft wool sweaters.

It all comes back to me in pieces,
Spice cakes and Pineapple,
Tuna fish and warm summer days.
Grandma you weren't supposed to die.

The smell of stale Marlboro cigaret's and cheap butter mints,
I'd trade all of my shiniest pennies for more time with you,
Because with you, it felt like I had forever and a day.
Grandma you weren't supposed to leave me,
How the hell am i supposed to be okay.
Written by Fallen_Angel_194 (FlowerChild)
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Fire of Insight
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Tales Not Told In Mabignonion

Poor Father & me –
Pour forth craclin fire into hearth
To warm knuckles
Smoke out blood lined secrets,    
Sit tight in cropped semi-circles
Tongue-craft sail storying breath,
Imperfect enough to keep survival flowing.
Mouthfuls of broken glass -
Smash whisky tombs into embaying embers.
In everyman Fern Hill
Under valleyed verse
Boughs bend towards secondary sun
Gravely glade stones form bascule bridge
What force of storm uproots trees, unending?
Seeds of light that grew
Here and gave being.
Theatre of Dreamings…..
Don’t tell me Father the moon is blue
I saw you on saddened heights
Round the stars on frail limbed ladder
Painting skies deepest hue of dark.
Reality runs at 24 frames a life
By 21, greet the mo(u)rning
At 22, prepare solemn (w)rites
Last will & testament carved
On nitrate based film stock:
On 24, whore to what came before
Reel thrashes to heart attack beat.
All over Llareggub  
Laugharne lullaby
Sandman sprinkles grit  
Under blurring eye lid;
Perception fuses shades into> shadows.
From his bluest eyes
Final tear caressed  
Feathered pillowed  
Nest of last head rest
Rubble in the river’s silver;
Unlived dreams
Blinked & fled.
In his reflected nothingness
It was my face which stared back.
Wnco mwnco stretched across
Hospice walls flight’ing permeating
……. Jet streams >>>>>
Silence entered corpse
Somewhere, a butterfly creased into leaf
Parlour of pili pala enmeshed in trappings, of
Cuckoo shying in absence from clock.
Beyond sudden bregus distance
Something stirred on bed edge
It wasn’t him
It wasn’t me –
A rarefied presence,
Lips cradled placenta-soaked Vedas
In regeneratione under ploughed soil.  
Winter air was almost empty
Save flutter of birds between branches
A banking of iced wings, feathers flame floated
O’er white frosted ground & mental spaces
Horizontal to multi-dimensional horizons.
If one swallow does not make a summer
How many ravens on wire
Croak a mirroring Salve Regina?
On the ledge of a breaking dawn
Sun-bursts burn off the morning mist
Washes blood from unforgiving seas
Celebrates life on amber ripples –
Dylan and Caitlin do not celebrate
Nor Father and me
Undone, undressed, under taking
All this and more.

pic Dylan and Caitlin in rare serene mood
Written by Trouble_Loves_Me
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Dangerous Mind
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The Fight Against Death

Fight hard against the death that is threatening
To take your very last breath. Do not go gently
As the day of judgement and final reckoning
Is approaching. Do not be afraid of the barely
Lit sky as it takes the hope you tried to hold
Onto in your calloused hands. I always pray
For your survival and fight against your cold
Death. There is not enough time for us to say
What needs to be said, but I still wanted to
Say I love you and I hope that your tears keep
You alive. The light slowly begins to leave you
And the dirt that others keep trying to sweep
Off your grave is reemerging, but that should
Not stop you from the forest’s burning wood.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
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Love Unchained

First I was alive then I became darkness,
I entered your dreams through a hidden door.
I followed the light until I saw my own skin glowing,
I saw myself for the first time in opalescence
of pure spirit, body removed.
Though there was light all around me,  
I was dark inside.
Here, time did not know me,  
I beckoned to you in an eternal way
and I felt you all around me  
like a joy that would surely fade
as birds to land then fly away.
I cannot follow them, I have found
my inner final resting place:
My head to lay on the damp ground
of your heart.
Among the crooked stones of testament,
I have only ever loved you this way:
To want to be fenced in with you.
Your stoneyard is my place to roam free,
it is a place where nothing matters any longer
where we are all we need to be;
it is a place where our love  
can finally be free.
Written by PoetsRevenge
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Fire of Insight
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The Word of God


There’s nothing, outside the word of God,    
Will make me believe in another way.    
To deny Him when Death’s at my door,    
Is to forsake all the love He’s shown me.    
I’ve felt and heard the Lord by my side,    
When I embrace life, when I am at rest.    
His lessons I live as years go by,    
For the moment I join Him in Heaven.    
In the past you were full of darkness,    
but now you are full of light in the Lord.    
So live like children    
who belong to the light.    
As for God, His way is perfect;    
the word of the LORD is proven;    
He is a shield to all who trust in him.    
We are hard pressed on every side,    
but not crushed;    
perplexed, but not in despair;    
persecuted, but not abandoned;    
struck down, but not destroyed.
I’ll let His words be my guiding light,    
When it’s time for my eternal journey.    
As I am prepared by them with prayer,    
To then welcome this faithful one home.    
Written by Heaven_sent_Kathy
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Pariah Shadow
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Thanks to everyone who voted for my piece, it means a lot. Fun comp.

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