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Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
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Poetry Contest

Show your struggle, or that of another with death.
This competition is inspired by Dylan Thomas' poem Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. Written for his dying father. Please read for inspiration hereinbelow:

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on that sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas

One entry
New writes only!
No word max, just no epic sagas
Any style
PM me for questions
Two weeks!

Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
United States 6awards
Joined 26th Nov 2018
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Mother's Hushed Eyes

Passages of my childhood arise within my mother’s death gaze,
bringing reminiscences of olden days.

When in sadness in childhood we would speak in silent gaze.
No mother left to envision me now, now within those quiet eyes.

Mother, you have gone away;
oh, dear mother let the memories rest beneath your eyelids.

But never close your eyes!
The imageries still dance in them as if you’re still alive!

 While vibrancy in your quiet eyes remains, I'll save
this voiceless reflection I saw from a mother's hushed eyes.

Mere images from when I was a child,
and often when I'll be sorrow-hearted, these reflections will then give me joy;

so, while life does remain in cycle, the memories she has protected;
those reflections I saw from a mother's hushed eyes.

Oh, I remember the life of my mother's glossy eyes,
my reception of joy to her when I returned home,

always gently did her eyelids come to a rest
as she used to sit and wait for me to speak,

but now are not closed, and silent;
though they have left me for the cold of death,

but while mute voices do persist, in those images I'll remember
this vivid reflection I saw from a mother's hushed eyes.
Written by gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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Non-entry poem by author of the competition.

Lost Thinker
United States
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Decay Of The Grave

I am hypnotized by the sight
Of the cross that identifies your grave to me
On the night you died, it blew my mind
When you held me close
Then whispered these words to me
On the verge of your death
With your very last breath
You made me promise
To honor your memory
Until the end of my
Life I will try
To live with no regrets
And cherish every heartbeat
Your words live even though you're dead

No rest for the weary
No solace or sanctuary
Another broken body buried
Underneath the decay of the grave
No rest for the weary
No solace or sanctuary
Another broken body buried
Underneath the deep, dark, dank decay
Decay of the grave

I am like a marionette without strings
But still somehow I managed to let
Your death control me
This is something
That goes against all of my beliefs
To say that I am simply upset is insanity

Punish me...
Make me an example
Sentence me...
To death I don't give a damn
Put me out of my misery my friend
I wouldn't care If you make me suffer
Can't you see that me and pain
Walk hand in hand
Not that you would understand

No rest for the weary
No solace or sanctuary
Another broken body buried
Underneath the decay of the grave
No rest for the weary
No solace or sanctuary
Another broken body buried
Underneath the deep, dark, dank decay
Decay of the grave

I am like a marionette without strings
But still somehow I managed to let
Your death control me
This is something
That goes against all of my beliefs
To say that I am simply upset
Undermines these...
Feelings that I feel for you
I am filled with such self-contempt
There is nothing I can do
Or say to change the ways of ignorance
But still I hope for better days
When I no longer feel so insignificant
I will submit to fate
And bow before the certainty of the grave
I will submit to fate
And bow before the certainty of the grave

No rest for the weary
No solace or sanctuary
Another broken body buried
Underneath the decay of the grave
No rest for the weary
No solace or sanctuary
Another broken body buried
Underneath the deep, dark, dank decay
Decay of the grave
Written by TLM5150
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Tyrant of Words
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Have you ever been trap within an image while you are trying to fall a sleep but yet it interrupts your true ability to fall silently to sleep with peace in your mind and soul, but yet your mind seems not to want to turn itself off for your perspective becomes an illusion of disillusion of a powerful anticipation giving you a glimpse of nothing but the end of darkness at the end of the tunnel.
                                                                                                                                       For as you go deeper into shredded strips of metals of elements of your most darkest moments of your life and world with its viciousness of its seductive thoughts, teasing you into believing that which what you see is only a mere illusion of your mind reflecting the true images and feelings of your mind and heart and soul.                                                                                              
                                                                                                                                  For you are deeply confused as the overwhelming feelings slowly begins to takes even a deeper hold of your inner spiritual soul for your sanctuary has no longer become your own cause sleep wont come to you, for darkness has roam through your silent thoughts gripping you and holding you within a deep trance shackling your mere ability to think and massage the deepness of your inner thoughts.                                                                      
For the end of darkness is truly a journey and travel and walk through the tunnels were the end of darkness controls your most mind deepest thoughts, were dreams become real and life becomes your mission unbound by space or time for you are the the survivor of your own destination of your own life.
Written by Stoney223 (WOLF BAY33)
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Thought Provoker
Belgium 2awards
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The Final Battle    - - competition piece - -

at least we got the chance to say our proper goodbyes
we got to line up outside your room and have you to ourselves for a few minutes more
this is a luxury, I know many aren't blessed enough to have
but how do you thank someone for teaching you right from wrong and what unconditional love feels like?
how do you tell them it's okay to close their eyes and put their tired body to rest when all you really want is for them to be there when you graduate, get married, have children?
how in the hell did I stay so strong when I felt like a single gust of wind would knock me to the ground?
     You fought long
          You fought hard  
              You've fought enough.

even now you teach me valuable lessons
and in the end there was no dramatic cries of grief
no praying to a God of any form
only peace and an empty space in our hearts no one will ever be able to fill.
Written by delanee
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Pariah Shadow
Dangerous Mind
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A Rage Against Death

The reaper follows
Stalking quietly
Among nights
It is my own hand.
This rage burning within
Starkly contrasted against
Morose days spent awake
For fear of sleep
The reaper follows
He frequents my home  
Guide me towards release
Only for me to back away
I'll suffer this terrible night
Alone, alone, go away
Reaper, deathly guide
I'll not go to the light
Not yet, though lately
You hardly startle me.
Written by anonymouslyhere (Pariah Shadow)
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Banging on the coffin lid # Dylan Thomas

For all we had  said our amen to life  
The evensong came and, in its broken snare  
No comfort the weakness and all strife
Faiths candle burned its taper short
The welcome mat to find it bare
Belief the insurance you have bought
The resting place a family plot
A colour chart of greying hair
Executors are nesting "leave them not a lot"
The funeral plans finance decease
Just a few more days God can you spare
The undertakers tape be siezed
A stubborn will not lie in shrouds white sheet
To shout and scratch to escape from that nightmare
Bang on the coffin lid, not rest in peace

For dark angels above, beneath
As I hold on to one last prayer
Cry for me no tears of grief
For I am my ghost and I will not sleep

written as a villanelle poem as was the original
Written by slipalong
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poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

Tyrant of Words
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Darkening of the light(Carpe's therapy sessions)

The coffee cold undrunk
Cigarette still awaiting flame    
Thinking least not chain smoking as much and less caffeine..  
sun's warmth  
just a distraction    
head in hands  
resting on legs(heavy)  
dreads moving about    
dancing in the gentle breeze  
Concrete Blonde plays (are you there, are you there)  
I don't know...    
perhaps the ant does, about its day with purpose    
I feel (days and days.... Into daze)  
failing amongst all this debris  
that was......    
now is....    
Holding on by finger nails    
clouds circling  
sharks out for blood    
Close my eyes......    
Think ill let go  
It's dark out tonight    
Written by Carpe_Noctem
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Dangerous Mind
India 34awards
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Monsoonal Reindeering, The Rising Soul Lanterns

ripples…. are they parting or merging?
there is silence of the pools  
between a harshly fallen drop & its  
splashing diehard circumferential  
the building up sound …as it explodes  
diffusing traceless into much of thirsted  
of the parching earths now in  
an uncomfortable silence....that  
that may be  
a jerky manipulative mould  
in that’s so  
stuffed upon in frilly layered lies  
one after another after another… its  
hardened boldening holds that’s  
s t r a n g u l a t i n g  
the touched soiling base unto a sudden  
shockingly shrunken clot- pressurized  
& pulled up  
in a temporal levitation..only  
to be freefalling suicidal  
out of the already  
loosening grips... now  
in a crackdowning  
in clutching protuberance  
in some ossified decades  
now blow out in a famine’s erosive
severity …its unsettling turbidity  
of deathly dusts in darkly rise  
penning thumb  
a bloodied line of cease-fireless  
violence..swollen to be a  
blown out benumbing  
……..distorting aghori-fications
still an adamant stud of frontline  
rebellion daring naked degrees  
-its pillowed facades  
press against the ghastly printing  
rollers-their bladed & bundled  
stemming entirety in catalytic thrusts  
flowing fuelling as the burning  
midnight oil…..in a wanton orgasmic  
squeeze desirous of its craved  
paining needs it paints.... in  
its splashes of pure exuding  
….is a  
legendary irony,
any recorded limits  & shackles  
of your defining rigours… this, this, this  
…is what is the red of freedom & love    
in a spectacle- a rarity spotted reindeer  
ah, this reindeering again & again now!  
--with its sparking firebulbous eyes---
[in  yogic calming mixing  
fixtures of unifying streams  
unto this aching soul  
----their branching horns’  
a firmly networking silence  
enmeshing in an ageless grip  
of earthly brown  
rootedness..tagging skies &  
souls, amidst rapid-fire chaos  
of monsoonal flooded flows  
-----symbolical signs of a hiccupping  
absential presence, a nostalgically  
kicking out radicalized radicle  
in arrival]

----their eyes
of sparking ignitions rise  
above as lanterning fireflies…taking  
on the sinking down darkness oddities  
by their minutely infinite winged kites  
in blindingly lamplit- a holy incensing
light(ness) uprising  
struck thunderous--
 a robustizing ephemerality
downpours..... thinning as  
drizzly electrifying streaks  
over the deeply stagnating  
blackened cavities-  
with their camouflagingly mapped  
slanting adjacent slopes…diffusing
as creased platinal electroplatings  
in partial winking blinking kohl-eyed
mystical glistens  
---in the trying blanket  
smothering of the reindeering's  
fire-eyed luminescence---

of the mind—a thickly  
stirring in viscous solidities  
in the limitless breaking… by  
infusing penetrance—of  
the entwining brilliance, the  
light(ness) & their partial  
---all in the churning of eternal sun's flaming  
elixir, Devaamirtham of souling depths
Written by summultima (uma)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Back And Forth


A final breath then came sight so focused and so clear.
Gone were all the ghosts of thought and the grave of fear.
Moments filled my clouding eyes each breaking through a haze.
Cherished memories going back to long forgotten days.
My beloved’s hand was of the first in passion clenching tight.
And like a prayer came the words, “All will be all right.”
A body frail makes lazy days with time’s slow ebbing tide.
Shown was my soul’s retreat with my love still at my side.
The children of my children each sat upon my knee.
My nighttime tales hushed them quiet as they slept so dreamily.
Then born to my son and daughter came children of there own.
Holidays filled with laughter rang through out my happy home.
 I saw again the wedding vowels of two that once were mine.
How sad and proud I had become at this special time.
I smiled at a happy memory with a friendly familiar face.
At chores I’ve done and of scenes of a far-flung distant place.
My children went from on there own back into waiting arms.
How carefully I cradled them and protected them from harm.
Again my thankful eyes were filled with my children’s birth.
I gazed once more at the face of angles here on earth.
Vows of love by joined young souls sharing a single life.
I watched as my beloved and I became a husband and a wife.
Childish scenes came in a flurry of school and some of play.
My fathers smile and mothers hug were more than words can say.
At last a bed of final rest lays a peaceful form.
Scars from toil lines from worry upon its face are worn.
The hand once clenched now feels soft but never lost its grip.
Hand in hand are an eager two resuming their eternal trip.

Written by midevil
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Tyrant of Words
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Cross the Bridge

Those demons wouldn’t let you go,
No matter how hard you tried to fight,
It was tough for you and I know,
In the end it all came to light.
I didn’t know you were home alone,
But your last thought was to make a call,
And though no one picked up the phone,
I can’t conceive the pain of that fall.
Did your life flash before your very eyes?
The roar of the crowd while on the pitch,
Or the love for all those family ties,
And how you used to want to be rich.
Maybe the first time you laid eyes on her?
Oh your smile on your wedding day,
The way you held your babies in pictures,
I can still hear your voice when you prayed.
Take all the joy you felt all your life,
Each and every single reverie,
And the love for all your kids and wife,
Wrapped into one distinct memory.
Go on ahead and cross the bridge,
They’re calling you from the other side,
As you stand there at the very edge,
Don’t look back across the great divide.
Don’t suffer anymore, this is goodbye,
Your faith and love has your soul redeemed.
Go on home, to that gate in the sky,
To that paradise you always dreamed

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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