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Hymn of Acxiom

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Someone is learning the colors of all your moods..,
Hymn of Acxiom is a beautiful and haunting song by Vienna Teng about data mining.  If you're familiar with this "data gathering" business,  you can also look up Cambridge Analytica who was instrumental in the 2016 U.S. elections, Brexit and other activities in different countries.

Your mission dear poets is to write a piece about what this means to you, as writers, as consumers, as users of social media, what you think it's safe and what's not. Let me know what you think and feel.

1. Title Your Poem
2. Min 200, Max 400 words
3. New poems only
4. Any style
5. One entry per poet
6. No Collaborations
7. Questions? PM me.
8. Listen to the two versions of the song (linked below)
9. Go easy on me, this is my first time as a host

Here is Vienna Teng's original song.

Here is the Bluecoats arrangement from their 2014 program TILT

Good luck!

Dangerous Mind
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Where will you virtually go today?
  To the ends of the earth where all will follow?
   To where the world will fall in love again
      With images of your beauty they will swallow
        And it’s here when you must comprehend
    That passion sometimes goes unrequited
  After all the watchers maybe watching
Diligently from a distance uninvited
  And in the inquisitive visages of vanity
    Cater to your every secret and need
      You provide the info they always wanted
        Undaunted and unknowingly you concede
      Narcissus and Echo would be astounded
    With what the world has become today
  For in the portraits you reveal a bit more
Of your naked soul for all in full display
  And then you hear someone is watching
    Troubling and unsettling your peace of mind
      Regardless of where you go in cyber space
        Someone picks up the crumbs you left behind
      And so they shadow you, analyzing you
    To the point they understand you better
  Crafting the perfect lust for your heart
Making your appetite that much whetted
  Then you go back right into that blissful cycle
    Creating dreams for others to come and stay
      All dwelling amongst nuances and innuendoes
        While they observe you close but from far away
      Yet you’ve always had that effect on people
    And now the world wants an intimate look
  Contrary to your belief of your privacy
Once lied to then you’re on the hook
  Are you savvy to the underlying status quo?
    And drawn in by the influences of the day
      Or will you eventually evolve to an iconoclast
       Awake and aware to keep the wolves at bay
         Look at the fundamentals from another angle
          And with a new perspective you should dredge
            Discovering the reality with newfound perception
And the truth will send you over the edge
Written by wallyroo92
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Hymn of Acxiom #Vienna Tang

That blanket that concealed  the truth  
And all dissinformation rule. and just to trawl
To capture pearls though they be small
That passwords secrets come and gone
Until the shit all hit the fan
Until the shit all hit the fan
The jewlery and keepsakes drawers  
And not disguised in cloak and gloves
Just innocence of the users clause
They robbed you naked of your clothes
They robbed you naked left you so exposed

Nuggets from a mine so open cast
And self esteem just echoed in a hollow laugh
You featured in your own Truman shows
A Datagate while you just browse
A Datagate of why's and How's
Prostrated your disslikes and wants
And tried to profit from that font
For that subliminal attack  
Turn your vote with that hack
A song a chance of fighting back
Written by slipalong
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