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UPlifting Poetry

poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
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Fairy Well


Up a high hill and in its side hid a cave.
A refuge from the cold, sun and damp it gave.
Making this rocky isolated cavern his home.
Dwelled an old wizard who worked there alone.
Out of fear none would visit except for a fairy.
Who decided the wizard was whom she needed to see.
Half a days travel over the woods to the hill.
To fly up would take another hour or two still.
At journeys end she had reached the scariest part.
Through the dark opening she went in with a trembling heart.
There in a magically lit space the wizard sat.
Dressed in a long robe and a high pointed hat.
The fairy spoke up, “Please sir may I speak with you?”
“I’ve come because of your wisdom and the magic you do.”
The wizard replied, “If it is knowledge all you need is to ask,
But I feel you wish me to perform some magical task.”
The fairy said, “Oh great one, I wish to be big and tall.
I’m tired of being pushed around because I’m so small.”
The wizard answered, “Tall is a giant but he’s always bumping his head.
His chairs break when he sits and he can’t fit into his bed.”
The fairy asked again, “Very well then what of these wings?”
“To travel swift on my feet would be better than using these things”
The wizard replied, “Get sore feet and have muddy shoes like an elf.
You are unique and beautiful, just look at your self.”
The fairy then spoke, “I wish I wasn’t so timid and shy.
Boldness and cunning is how the trolls and gnomes get by.”
The wizard then spoke with authority but also gentle and kind.
“My dear you poses so much more, it is within you to find.”
“You wish to grow tall, look out and see how high you are.
And your desire to move fast, sweet heart you’ve gone very far.”
“And what you think of as bravery,
It took that to request what you asked of me.”
Then one final message before he began to disappear.
“It is the uncertainty of success is all that you fear.”
Then the cave grew dark and she knew he was right.
Feeling big, beautiful and brave the fairy took to flight.


Written by midevil
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Lost Thinker
United States
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No Beautiful Rose Here

Hush nah child
Hush ya cryin’
Ain’t no need a sheddin’
tears if da ones gotcha
bleedin’ em’ ain’t gon’ feel
da flesh dey tearin' up          
Hush nah child
All dat wailin’
ain’t gonna change nothin’
Yo tears
ain’t gonna change dem sayin’
she beautiful,
cuz she is
And ain’t no need you cryin’
cuz dey say you ain’t beautiful,
cuz you ain’t!
Oh hush nah child!
Ain’t no need you cryin’
cuz you ain’t beautiful
You should be happier than
a fattened up skeetah
feedin’ off a fattened up gal!
See baby,
dere is plenty a beautiful girls
in dis world
and beautiful is da word dey use
for dem all
cuz ain’t nothin’ else
dey can call em’
And when you use da same word
to tell bout’ da same thing all da time,
dat thing become what dey call common
But you baby…da word beautiful
don’t come near close
to what chu be
You be what dey call “fascinating”
I learned dat word when
I was a young girl,
bout’ yo age, when
me and daddy saw this blue, kinda purplish
looking flower, look like a rose, sproutin’ up
right center of da cotton field
See, I thought she was beautiful
sitting in da middle of all dat dirt,
but daddy say
all dat dirt was surroundin’ her
cuz she was “fascinating”;
a kinda beautiful
ain’t nobody and nothin’ eva seen befo’
So see baby,
no, you ain’t beautiful,
you fascinating
just like dat rose
me and daddy saw dat day
And fascinating means
you da kinda beautiful dey
ain’t nevah seen before;
like nobody and nothin’ else
dey eva seen befo’
Nah go on smile baby
Let me see you smile Rose girl
cuz you ain’t beautiful;
you fascinating,
my fascinating little Rose
and ain’t nothin’
and no one else
like you
Written by Teeya
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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From my eyes is my deepness and my depth of the reflections of my life as I saw it through my own eyes as a baby given its first day of life even to when I reached manhood to become a man, for through my trails and tribulations came deep lessons I had to learn about real life with its ups and downs even to the turn around of unexpected changes that some how alter the very foundation of my life and world.                                                                
For even with the hurt and pain and suffering I had to endure along the crossroads of life I cried many silent tears that went unseen by preying eyes as they fell silently down the cheeks of my face, but yet through each storm I had to face head on in my life that has come and gone through the cycle of what is known as life, I held onto my FAITH in the most highest spiritual soul as he kept me safe from harm as he walked with me through the storms of my lifetime still keeping me strong.
Written by Stoney223
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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The laughter of children

It has no language barrier to overcome  
For it is the same in any toungue  
Comes as spontanious applause
Moves us to remember when we played
The dance of innocence
Just how short the second
Seeped over the day and fell
like pollen on the wind  
From the belly and infecting  
Bring a smile for the days of muddy paws
To splash the puddle in our best shoes
And when your friends were your best toys
chilhood of boys and girls
Skeleton of funny bones
Tickled with a feather
A confection for us all to treasure  
Came and went had no intent
Written by slipalong
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poet Anonymous

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Walk Into The Arena

The first time I felt real fear
everything changed
I was eleven and riding a bike
with a girl I’d known forever
in the way all rural kids do
riding for miles through lanes
that wound their tangled tracks
around neighbourhood farms
we caught the gaze of local boys
who began to chase us through trees
throwing stones at our wheels.
We rode
as fast as legs would stride
over the wooden bridge
down the sycamore hill
until the spokes  
I was thrown from the bike,
my head colliding with the force
of a mud wall
knees bleeding
hands impacted with gravel,
crash helmet cracked in two.
Took me a while
to get back on the bike,
but kids are resilient—
within a few months
I missed peddling around  
the old dairy yard,
past the water pump
guarding the witches house
(or so people said)
If there’s one thing I learned
from that day, it’s that
I loved freedom more
than fear.  
Years later  
I found myself standing before
a small crowd of women
performing a poem
feeling vomit rise from guts,
my bare-feet quaking  
against the carpet
but I kept reading
body electric
eager in its message,
burning with the magic
of the microphone
visualising her death,
his accusatory hands
that had lead me  
to this moment,
this breath
to move beyond.  
is a piss-poor excuse
for anything
because all we have to do
to beat it is to show up—
to keep showing up
stomach churning
heart pounding
palms moist
in the lamplight  
and we do this
because fear is the only thing
that makes us feel truly alive.
I want to wake up every morning
and feel my knees shake their bells
to the tune of my potential,
my eyes stinging with the whiplash
that lies between nightmares & awake
and I want to live
I want to live so bad
that my pills shake in their packets,
that death will take one look at me
and realise it can’t kill a storm
and I can only do this
if I keep showing up
setting light to anxiety
head held high
walking into the arena
because you never know
how fucking good
that grass looks
beating your fists
against the walls  

Thought Provoker
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US Heroes

You can call us all, including our dog, your hero men  
So when you need help quickly call 9/11  
Rescue we try and save you we hope, from Gods sun filled heaven    
but sometimes we lose out to the devil in this ash scattered hell    
Climbing the steps and spraying the fire, that nobody's skin should've felt    
Bringing you out, one by one, just hold on tight to my safety belt.
We are there to protect you, not to distress you    
Dressed in blue, pistol and taser at side, all in full view    
We arrest the speedsters, traffickers and all the gangsters    
Let the judges decide if the sentence should incur extra time for visitors    
Your lawyers, barristers and familiar jailbird friends    
Will testify, use false alibi to get you off and to make amends.
We're racing to the scene with the medicine in the back    
Inside bed, needles and portable CPR machine, just in case of a heart attack    
We will revive the dead, patch up a sore head and even help mother with newborn    
So let us through with ease and don't for a second put your hand on the horn    
For one day, it might be you or your family or even a long lost friend    
That is waiting for the moving medical miracle machine in the end.
We dress in disguise, mainly in tree green and dirt black    
On the back of tanks, falling from the sky and we won't take any flak    
We're here with orders from the guy at the top    
So don't get upset at us, when we come back with a hop    
We fight to protect the freedom of all mankind    
Just doing our job and hoping not to leave, anybody behind.
Written by Fetchitnow
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
United States
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We can't live life in a bubble
Enveloped with fear
Bumpy roads are inevitable
Grab the wheel & steer

Fear will pigeonhole you
That is crystal clear
No matter what we go through
Can't quit but we can veer

Sometimes we call an audible
When we see some deer
Instead of becoming hysterical
Change routes & persevere
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Thought Provoker
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Just Love

She would like the world to be an exuberant place with people who love to love, with things that doesn't matter but with a race of people with just love and optimism in their heart and mind.

She would like to live in a world where irrelevant things doesn't matter but how you are careless in love with the world and how you can be a caretaker for anyone who needs it without a flinch of doubt of what your going to do. Your way of oblivion love is the way that the love would grow and that's what she wants to see.

This is the the world she want to live in, with everything and nothing beside her, with amore and loving more, with passion and no aggression. To amass not fortunes nor wealth in ruling, that will feel like a decadent life but a life engorged with so much passion, so much flamboyance of love for one another that no one can handle. And that my friend will be exciting and what she strive for to see it happen and it's about time it did.
Written by LUUH19 (Emeraldia)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Dedicated to I_IS_ME

Your words spoke to me
a connection and understanding of your pain
It reminds me of my 1st love
the one that hurts me over and over again
I give in hoping she would change
but the pleasure of almost broken
she left me
the sorrow in my voice made her excited
she love the look of pain as my eyes glisten with tears
breathing problems as her life went on without me
I'm left with a heart condition no doc could cure me
I long for her bitter love, stab me again
watch me bleed and tell me you love me baby
I'll always be here for you although you never needed me
I am the one that was weak
waiting on her love to save me
find the Lord I_IS_ME
find something that brings you peace

stand alone as a whole, don't go looking for anyone to make you
To make you complete

fuck a soulmate we were all created whole and perfect
don't fall for broken people lurking for your soul
hoping your joy could satisfy their sorrow
making you believe your crazy when it's not true

choose your love carefully or stay self sufficient
success is a lonely road
and money can't buy love
Just be careful not to sell your soul for her affection
Find the peace within
Lot's of love forever and always M.G.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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What is love without affection nor the trust of understanding for what is honor without respect nor honesty truth or trust for what is having a heart if one has no soul to feel the heart beat of another living being, for what does it means to be loved if one never knew what real love feels like or looks like to the awakening of the heart and mind as it pulls at the very core of ones inner being. For through this equation of what is life we all will one day experience most if not all of these things during our journey and travel through this cycle of life for we will feel the hurt with the pain as silent tears will run down our face, for we will even begin to even question our own judgement of the choices that we will make along the way that sometimes will lead us astray from what our heart and mind craves from deep within the soul. For we each have our own journeys and travels to walk upon this place called MOTHER EARTH but yet with each experience we should take away from the trails and tribulations some sense of understanding of what is knowledge with wisdom, for life is merely a process of ups and downs with twists and turns and curves for we each have a choice in our destiny for how we live it is our making of our own decisions for you are the driver upon an open road that makes up what is life.
Written by Stoney223
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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