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Poetry Contest

Poems about a lesson learned
Write a poem about someone who taught you a lesson by exampleÖa what NOT to do. Something you determined from their example never to do yourself. Tell us about the person, what behavior, attitude or belief they portrayed that influenced you, and how youíve liven by their un-example since.

*1 entry only
*3 weeks
*New or old writes
*No epic sagas please Ė keep it to 60 lines or less
*Post your poem & then link it here
*Please post comments to the writerís personal page.

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Manimalistic †- for the "Un-Example Comp"

the vast majority of men are shit
liars, cheaters, deliberately cruel
Arrogant, sexist, egotistical, violent,
led around by their dicks, not by their minds
assholes, wankers, keyboard heroes, bullies
Narcissists, psychopaths, evil, thieves, rapists
child molesters, sick, idiots, dicks and pricks,
alcoholics, junkies, any hole is a goal,
no means yes, they are all asking for it
ignorant, cock-sure, mostly mindless
all women are sluts, worthless and weak
a small proportion of women are like men
the suggested solution was a good beating

My father was my inspiration
in these various lessons learned
as all of them applied to him
and I do mean all of them
I was destined for that traditional path
Glaswegian, heavy drinker and male
already a potential stereotype in the making
a Damascus road experience, a burning light
a moment of clarity, not divine just logic
I had a burning hate for my father
and my childhood with good reasons
and yet, I was turning into him

by a force of will, I unlearned his lessons
and taught myself a most important one
He was my example, I deliberately chose
to be the polar opposite of him in all things
Initially, it was a struggle needing heart and focus
logic and reason, and the bravery to stand up
but with research and the gaining of knowledge
I was able to change, we are all able to change
the lazy men never change or reach maturity
The lessons were self-taught and passed on

It is ok to be a man, even a white man
but to be a real man requires real work
A real man is never; cruel or indecent
all people and genders are equally valuable
he must be loving, empathetic and kind
must be respectful, never a bully
trustworthy, honest and never cheat
protector of the weak and downtrodden
brave, strong, the best version of yourself
Non-violent unless in righteous defence
a real man takes personal responsibility
he earnestly seeks knowledge and wisdom
A real man is open-minded and fair
and seeks to create justice for all
a real man is never a finished project
there is no such thing as toxic masculinity
each has the power to change
but only if you want to change
lazy men will ignore
thoughtful men are always open
Written by David_Macleod (14397816)
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When is it time for you to get your life right not only with the most highest spiritual soul but with the ones you claim to love, as you keep on doing them wrong and you call that love from the heart and soul. For when is it time when you stop trying to get over on life and open your eyes with the awakening of your mind, for that's no way to live life for how are you suppose to show your child that you can be who and what you are within there eyes for are you a man of strength and courage and self pride. So I ask you from man to man when you look into your child's eyes when is it time, for you to get it right as a father in the most highest spiritual way of life and in the eyes of your child for when will you man up and step up and be that man in the eyes of a child.
Written by Stoney223 (WOLF BAY33)
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I Am That Label

Ignorance is bliss
Or so the saying goes
But ignorance
Is a lack of knowledge
A narrow perspective

I had this blindness
About disability
Not knowing I was disabled myself
It was invisible to me
As it was to others

When my diagnosis came to light
I was already middle aged
My perspective had new eyes
It was a shameful experience
To be confronted by my own ignorance

I followed the crowd
Laughed at inappropriate jokes
Looked at the stereotypes
Believed the label
Presented to the world

Now I am that label
That invisible minority
The but of jokes
This blind man can see
How ignorance is still a learning curve

Itís human nature
A culture nurtured out of misinformation
The stigma of being a burden
Non conformance of genetics
A turd floating on the pool of life
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Guaro and the Three Franks

My father passed away at sixty-six,
And my grandfather at a younger age,
They were both addicted to alcohol,
Now I write their story on my page.
They tell me I was Frankís first grandson,
But I donít have any memory of him,
My dad told me he and grandpa bonded,
When my dad started drinking at thirteen.
But Iím talking about the real hard stuff,
Guaro made from distilled sugar cane,
After all they grew it in the old farm,
In the days before the civil war came.
For years my father lied about drinking,
He always tried to hide his addictions,
It cost him his family and his freedom,
That for years it caused a lot of friction.
When my father and I reunited,
Just like his father we too began to bond,
And I found myself unable to hang,
When those old demons had been re-spawned.
Though my drinking wasnít nearly as bad,
I was scared when dad would say "letís get more",
As his health began to deteriorate,
Denying him alcohol started a war.
I remember the last argument we had,
Love and loyalty was put to the test,
He ran away, he just couldnít take it,
Deep down I knew my father was depressed.
And so I decided to stop drinking,
Iíd love to see grandchildren when Iím old,
And the day he died I started thinking,
My father taught me to have self-control.
Written by wallyroo92
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Iíve crossed the road and down the street
Iím white and dark juicy meat.
I can be crispy and full of spice
But original is always nice.
Let your hunger be your guide
To try a tempting tasty side.
Together we shall truly see
Why so much tries to taste like me.
Written by midevil
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Dangerous Mind
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Lessons I Unlearned

You never loved yourself and that is why
I try to love myself even harder every day.
The booze and smoking kept you sane at
Your lowest points, but that is why I turn
To friends or writing. You wanted to die
Today, but that is why I live in every ray
Of sunshine. You always kept falling flat
And gave up. You watched the edges burn
Away like an old photograph held to the fire.
I never wanted to follow in your footsteps
Or mistakes. I can never un love someone
Just because you did overnight. Years later
And I still never let the flame or the desire
Fade or dull over that time. I simply accept
The world and life as it when you were done.
I took my hand off the throttle and accelerator.
Written by eswaller
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Bloody Hell !!!!! I enter these things never expecting to win think wallyroo92 and David_Macleod deserve congratulations for their entries

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Congrats to David_Macleod on being runner up. Asperger, congrats on taking the prize. Thank you to FromTheAsh for hosting this wonderful comp.

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