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Viddax (Lord Viddax)
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DUP 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

Hosted by The Poetcast Project

So this month on The Poetcast Project we are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of DUP in its current form.

We are looking for you to write a poem about Deep Underground Poetry as you see it. The winner will have their poem used to close the show as well as get a shiny trophy for their cabinet. Ideally, we would love you to record yourself reading it for us, but if you can't or don't want too, one of us (or anybody that would like to read it for you) will happily read it out to close the show. Of course, all credit will be given to you in the show notes as author.

We are looking for poems that summarise DUP. What you love. What you've learned. Your experiences. Your history.


* Winning poem will close the August show of The Poetcast Project podcast

* We would love for you to read the poem for us, but if you don't want too, we are able to read it for you.

* New poems or old poems accepted

* Audio poems accepted

* The odd bit of swearing is permitted, just don't go mad.

* Everyone is invited. All members, their personas, their postmen and their mad cats.

* One week because the deadline is tight.

Tyrant of Words
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Shout-Out to the Underground

With so many poetry websites in cyberspace,
Itís hard to find a place you can call a home,
A corner of your own,
Because regardless of what zone youíre in,
DUP is the place to be, now let me begin:
Hereís a shout-out to the underground,
To the writers who get down,
To the poets from all around the world who hurl verses when the inspiration comes through,
Where they seek the truth,
Where the old talk of youth,
And the young speak in tongues,
Because the future is theirs.  
DUP is the place to lit it and spit it, peel it and feel it,
Bleed it on every page and release all the rage until the words you spill are heard,
Till your woke and stirred,
Encouraged and spurred,
For the cool kids and nerds,
For the rebels and dreamers where the voiceless are screamers expressing their fears,
Sharing their smiles and tears,
Because here, no one judges you.
DUP is a place to come to write it,
To fight it and light it,
Then ride it off into the sunset,
To hone your craft because with each draft you pen youíre driving and striving to get better,
Like letters to your future self from the past,
Because today doesnít last long,
It has to be captured in song,
Where voices are heard,
Here at DUP.
Written by wallyroo92
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Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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My Website Mistress

Each time I log on I am reunited with my love
The familiar facade a soothing balm to my soul
An artistic amalgamtion for my eyes
And a subtle reassurance for my hands.
But lately my mistress has become fickle,
refusing to let me see her for days sometimes
tantalisingly I still know she's there
but the intimate connection is forbidden.
And yet I love her still,
Although sometimes the topic of the day infuriates me
Or the talent she displays numbs me into seclusion
away from her words and back into my own head.
And yet in spite of all of that
I meet to her daily if I can
Eager to catch up and comment.
But most important of all is how she listens
when I ramble on and on with esoteric allusions
and metaphors baked inside enigmatic pies of wordplay,
Although she may not understand and follow
She at least listens.
In return I give my time and care to her
As well as keeping her
free from those that would destory from inside out
using barbed words of hatred.
Sometimes she herself acts up with angry words
But has been known to let her hair down and joke
Or talk about sex, relationships and fetishisms
Intersperced with profound wisdom and challenges
to feed the mind and push me onwards.

Comically and Tragically though, this deep love,
this deep relationship,
Is with the deep
Is with DU: Deep Underground Poetry
And the website can never love me back.
Still, my mistress is a website.
Written by Viddax (Lord Viddax)
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poet Anonymous

Stella entries so far. Just what we are looking for. Thank you!

Thought Provoker
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Deep Underground

Iím not offended if I donít belong,
Itís not my way of life to toot a horn. †
A lot of what I say and do is wrong, †
And even when I try I donít conform. †
Yet still I found a light to be reborn; †
Iím not offended if I donít belong. †
Is ďheaven-sentĒ a word, as I am torn, †
But either way it didnít take me long. †
Trust in a leap of faith, I heard its song,
I saw a world of knowledge poets reap.
Iím not offended if I donít belong, †
A poet used-to-be, I joined the Deep.
Itís for my seeds of verse as poems grow, †
It happens while I learn how to be strong. †
As misfits who, like me, deep underground, †
Iím not offended if I donít belong. †

For the "DUP 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!" †
In gratitude of being the latest Poet of the Week - July 22-28

Written by Heaven_sent_Kathy
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poet Anonymous

ďDeep Underground WizardĒ

In the end
The Poetcast Project would have been
a part of the Good Nights Await Hotel
Iím not sick at all
but if that is just all fictional
that ďSeizure Is Now WorseĒ poem in the corridor
next to myself, a wax statue
and a model of Abington Park Museum
could appear in reality
Stick it to a wall near you
like buying a pair of boxing gloves
and two packets of blue-tac
as I know how to hit
make it into a ball and just start
knocking the shit out of it
It is Thursday 25th July 2019
and the time is 2:38pm
Wanted to but havenít ripped-up that cannabis draft
and whatever way I go
should have apparently been the other
That ďBe Loud, Speak Up, SurfĒ trash
Iím giving it a bad review
seriously lack of clarity in lines
such as a hammer and Miss Sub
At first, thatís a situation badly misjudged
would have wrote and added
ďshe killed a psychotic mastermind
clear path back on boardĒ
into my notes at the time
if it hadnít been for that lil dragon fly
telling me to watch out for one time-traveller
and that he was only a hundred yards behind
carrying a packet of 18 cans of Pepsi

Everyoneís got their own version of it
ďDeep Underground: A HistoryĒ
A part of my soul has been left floating around the library
it was just the other day it dropped off a page
The message read
ďSeptember and October of 2013
my baby-mother is getting worried about
me talking to someone from London
and her initials are SH
Three-years on
and Iím still here living on Lower Bath Street
Iíve spent as much time with her as I could
Why is she still stressing at me?
When she felt like she was
getting pushed into a corner
I went to that college and was there for her
Tired of them disses
as Iím on YouTube watching
the faces of people stare-down a camera in 1903
but I still hear the old
fuck off and watch your porn
Studying that Relapse album in 2009
careful what you wish for
wasnít a track I listened to first
it was My Darling.Ē

Now moving to 2017
Thereís been a lot of name-calling
and it would set him ablaze if he was told the truth
because I used one photo from another member
that picture of the red clown
and my accuser was adamant
that it was me behind that account
And if it wasnít for
an imposter pretending to be Jack Sparrow
and actually send me the phone-number
of Johnny Depp
as promised, we could have been together
P.S This is Stan, bang bang, could
have went into depth
but I leave with your partner, say respect
The gratitude of being able to
wake up and show some fans
what one person alone can do

Yes! Itís finally happening
Only real time I was pleased
to be stood next to him
when he transformed
And I mean looking at Brianís iPad
at propertyís in Northampton
Iím being moved and Iím just
gonna explode with inspiration Iím sure
No more listening to that shouting
and them really denying what was
happening behind closed doors
Once I was watching Empire of the Sun
eating some tomato soup and bread
and also checking DU
when Sara walks through the front door pissed out of her head
walks in leaving puddles of water and mud
and sits on my bed
He walks out the bedroom
never asked ďWhatís up, B?Ē
and just started laughing
Seriously? Yeah, you need to go
what are you doing here
And I have an appointment at the job centre tomorrow
I canít even believe this is happening
Iím a fake writer and Plasters is wiser
by the train tracks inevitably
is a good place for him
though, a sheet isnít what heís wrapped me in
plus Zoe would tell anyone
above and beyond past the grave
No one will stop Ricky
telling his story
So when in Corby
I did always have to get a black taxi to school
and knew the A43 route
like the back of my hand
Heat at the moment and the sweat
having away the lyrics
I can remember the sentences
although theyíve been smeared in
ďA few nights ago
I was awake that morning
the rain, thundering and lightning arrivedĒ

The time is now 7:23pm
Instead of the see-through plastic folders
I have a red clip folder
thatís empty of wallets
just have to write A Dadacrook on it
But making a piece of paper
look like a piece of parchment
treasure as to why I stand for
so thatís studying possibly
The Mummy, The Mummy Returns
and The Scorpion King
confuse competitors in a sand storm
And that doesnít necessarily mean
Brian in Egypt
because Iím sick, itís from him thinking Iím constantly stalking
Neither have to prove anything to
one another anymore
I know Iím passionate and is not just
gonna sit and make it up
Tired of hearing about Only Fools and Horses?
Iím watching that episode, ďMother Natureís SonĒ
On a scale of it no less than ten
Iím inside Ricky haha possession again
Itís Anna Grin
a caterpillar bean-bag teddy covering us
unwillingly under an invisibility cloak with James
At 28, such a child, colouring
Never touched me but what
have you left me in
Iím seeking those that hide
and think itís a game
Can I not make anymore Harry Potter references?
I mean, no one could see me in the scene
in the Forbidden Forest
but I wrote ďDumbstruckĒ
while trying to sow a sparrow
you just canít really see
a cloaked figure walk in
and kill _____ through my screen
Dolores Umbridge arriving
and calling my brothers half-breeds
I just had to stay calm with my bow and arrow
because you know
what itís like with a Sagittarius
Long ago, a giant clipped my wings
so sorry I couldnít have been around
You see, the Deep Underground Poetry
Webmiss had me locked away
for 4 years
That boggart in her cupboard

Another void entry.
Have another 3 days for my actual piece, so Iím just getting warmed up. 🕰✝️🍿🚳

Fire of Insight
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The door opened and a big fluffy dice jumped out    
And said trust me all, and rolled around the floor †  
I am one it said but if I change my mind I'll shout † †  
The monsoon has brought the snakes out of their lair † †  
†† †  
Ivy grew so fast and blocked the exit cave † †  
Just ahead a was a long ladder made out of wood † †  
And dice said do not be timid we must be brave † †  
For the boa constrictors are up to no good † †  
† † †
For we must climb up to the top † †  
Our first quest is not to slip or drop † †  
Trolls with slimy fingers green poke out your eyes † †  
With poisonous pet frogs in cages by their side † †  
† † †
They picked up dice who now was six † †  
We must sing a climbing song † †  
††††"scratch your head † † †
†† †poke out your tongue † † †
†† climb that ladder rung by rung † †  
†† the rain it tastes like lemonade † †  
†† some squares you must avold † †  
†† to step wrong and then you slide" † †  
† † †
†† The top of the canopy new adventure starts † †  
†† They got there by the shortest route † †  
†† The dice changed to †the ace of hearts † †  
†† Down the slide chased by a great big ball † †  
† † †  † †
Do what you want in that †games console †  
Jump into the deep just don't push delete  
You are the theme and passion the prize  
Stardust for minds to depths realised

He sat in his shed and wrote as a child
To worlds that only he had contrived
Written by slipalong
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poet Anonymous

ďFive Years In A DingyĒ

Having made a cup of tea
Iím back at my desk
and the time is 4:44am
Itís done it again
canít leave the DairyMilk chocolate
bar out for too long
because it just keeps melting
How do I explain, that Iíd do a glass-frame free for her
happy the Deep Underground website
is on the internet
aside from the fake people
and whoever they pretend to be
They claimed to understand me
I admitted to that mistake I once made
havenít poetically attacked
anyone in any inbox messaging
Just a troll hating
but said he was Agent Smith from the matrix
Austin back in Emmanuel Middle School
having all three films on one disc
he never thought it fascination to return it
But of course I donít know
who the robot really was
but when I reached machine city
He said his name was ďBadbedbongĒ
crazy rapping outcome
poked fun about a line
from his Kamikaze album
like ďItís fun, youíre plugged into nothing!Ē
So no one is really seeing
these weird dreams when Iím asleep
Right now, Iím pleased to be
able to be that invisible ink worm
now crawling across the screen
inside a tent
outside Alexís shed
I can see the castle
but a whisper in my ear says
ďIt is Friday 26th July 2019
Ryan has cut you up into pieces
and youíve been sent to Alisonís address
as that parcel.Ē
I donít spin
when theyíre imagining me in one
and itís always carpet tunnel

Welcome to the Deep Underground site
You will be allowed to play
bulldog and see who gets hash-tagged
Maybe I should have wrote
some more erotic poetry
and how Iíd love if my nipples were bleeding
I donít just say the cripples are fiending
as Iíve often helped out
a homeless person sitting outside Iceland
Gave him three-quid
With my star-sign
trying to compare me with Dumbledore
because of the way he controlled
a snake and the fire not only
inside the cave
Over-tired and wide awake
Picturing a police car
being pushed into the black lake
And hear echoes of
ďYou see nothing, itís either one of us
in another dimension weíre lost in!Ē
ďWell, See No Evil Hear No Evil
is a childhood film mate
and excuse-em-mwah-Monsieur-hot-shit!Ē

How can I summarise DU?
Itís tricky business falling in love with a poet
with Anna Grin
itís like I grabbed her thong
and ran that marathon so fast
I ended up karate-chopping in mid-air
with my hand
during an argument with Hitler
who come around shouting his mouth off
about tv license
so in no time at all
youíll occasionally lose yourself
And through all the creativity mess
and people trying to throw
gasoline and a lit-match into the next cell
I donít have a problem with anyone
Would you want a taste of this cake?
Itís layered with so much
Under a door, Ricky got his toe stuck
and thatís a confrontation
best left unsaid
for an insane asylum conference
where ambition is critical

The time is now 6:30am
and Iíve just closed my window
I didnít leave the cigarette that way on my pen
Iíve liked peopleís work without them knowing it
and what can I say
Iím at a loss for words sometimes
because I suck at commenting

However, Iíll take this moment to write
a howler for Eamon
ďIn 2017, I do remember getting a
lot of inspiration from ďThe SnareĒ film
and wanted to be there
writing in Ireland
To tell the tale of Reemiss and his parchment
not just that, but other spells
I achieved when they
would have been too tired
And all the horcruxís will be destroyed
at once if they can make it up to
Mount Everest with that blue diamond.Ē
Void entry. 🐛

Tyrant of Words
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Sacred Place

This site is so much  
a part of who I am now
I feel such a deep connection
to the people here
I'm so grateful to the Web Mistress
for bringing us all together
on these sacred grounds
those not meant to be dare not tread here
slightly psychic I can feel the guardians
warding the doors with magic
this is an enchanted place
when these gates are closed
I feel anxious
my demons tugging on their chains
only free to roam here
other poetry sites dead to me
like locked doors  
they must be talking in coded ink
I just don't get it
I'm sure other supernatural sites  
are around but this is the one
that the powers that be saw fit to open to me
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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S t r a n g e

   † † †
An invitation to the countryside † †
Is what I thought itíd be on a train ride. † †
The city lights had blinked off at sunrise, † †
The station disappeared leaving old ties. † †
† †  
And after living years a working poet, † †
Was going on hiatus, didnít know it. † †
Off to a little pond with leaping fishes, † †
I hadnít made a plan to suit my wishes. † †
† †  
I had no expectations of my own, † †
Was weary of the rut & missed my home. † †
And as I watched the scenery fly past, † †
I felt the fresh airíd do me good at last. † †
† †  
Though once I came upon my destination † †
And waited to unload my obligations, † †
The train began to pull away without me, † †
With just a carpetbag, I felt all at sea. †
And once the red caboose went round the bend, †
A sign said ďStrange Creature, This Is The EndĒ. †
I turned around, about to fight or flight, †
If I were Dickinson what would I write? †
I didnít understand the situation. †
Since flatteryís begot from imitation, †
And just then saw a Mr Lobo ride in †
By hog with bags to drop off in the mail bin. †
So I approached and introduced myself, †
Informing Iíd been sent there by an elf. †
He smiled & told me rooms are very cheap, †
Then took me on his chopper to the Deep.

Mr Lobo = Shadow Guardian LobodeSanPedro - the 1st I met & who conversed & helped me.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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poet Anonymous

ďA Worm on Bottled BleachĒ

I ended up missing the bus.
I didnít want to go to school because of Sam.
Heís a Deep Underground madman who comes out late at night
Scared of sunlight
and has his laugh while graffitiing walls; last message around the corner was
ďThink the word graffitiing has too many Eís in it.Ē So I walked through Holman Close and through an alleyway, thinking ďI never will be, but maybe some day someone will ask what itís took to be great. Iíd have to say, sweat, sickness, and a lot of sugar intake,Ē I saw John appear in the distance, beside a hedge. On our journey, we talked about him trying to kick a ball up, by tapping the sole of his foot on the top of it, and I carried on by myself, him departing on Wellingborough Road.
When I made it to the Tesco tunnel, that is where I saw Eamon. He said, ďItís now quarter-to-nine, and Iím signing back into DU again. I see the cannabis draft, I laughed that you crossed the no out in knob, but allow the fucks to remain in there.Ē
I looked at my watch, cared that I was gonna be late in 12 minutes.

Getting off the Wellingborough Road, and entering the grounds; I see a cube for the sports-hall, basketball court kind of exam room I remember, when sitting my GCSEís.
Walked through reception doors; two chairs on left, and to my right was the receptionists desk. A locked door ahead, that would lead into a huge canteen. I walked out onto the playground. James from behind me called my name, done his little run-up laughing and said ďWe got you out of bed last night, for me and Jade to get in it, because...I wonder if heís somewhere and can imagine the moment. Was sat in his bedroom playing The Eminem Show.Ē
I made into class and saw Tracy as always, sitting in the corner. I said to her, ďI wonít forget you having those shit songs I recorded with a phone, on yours...Ē
ďWhatís this about?Ē asked Zenda, suddenly leaning forward, I then continued: ďShe had everything that I recorded..her favourite one, that was Lee laughing whilst I was recording on Eminemís Toy Soldiers instrumental, for a good two minutes at least. Canít remember what I said. Donít know about a half-blood prince, more like Tard-er prick. Iím feeling Re Re, not Rihanna, thatís Reemiss. Itís crazy, but it does take time, he wants to exist and with all his will put the energy in. I know we usually have 15 minutes, and now only having 1, so I just want to sayóFor Slim, Iíve got a horror spin, his bones on the storyboard, and I mean studying his origin, being German and Irish, so his sense of humour is beyond a joke, which had made Matthew mad, getting a reply worse than Stanís, photo attached of the man wearing a Japan flag.Ē

When the bell rang, I walked into the toilets and saw James sitting on the radiator, talking to someone in a cubicle and also playing ďBrain DamageĒ.
ďYou need to get on the train, otherwise youíre gonna be carrying half a bicycle for the other end to fly and arriving late, you took the polyjuice potion, they know he didnít have the same sandwich, what did you order again?Ē
James said, ďI had, umm, nine rolls, three waters,Ē was given a half-lit cigarette and said to me, ďYou will need to know what Iím offering, for that poem of yours titled My Apology.Ē
I shook my head, walked out, past Rachel and Shona sitting with earphones in on a laptop, then made it to Science class.
The rumours werenít true; it was sitting in the right hand corner of the room when I walked in, soon said
ďIíll make a line of day-walkers
one of which you will not cut off
and so what that I keep having to return
to the toilets to
put on some more sun-block
Wanna pick up a handgun or something?
Canít tell if Iím a man or woman
and itís a sure as why Iíve come back for
I canít follow orders
And all them two in Dryden House heard
was platform nine and three quarters
Donít worry about Mr Stevens up at the front
Iíve already said for him
to get his head around it
like telling him what I canít spit
because Iím not some half-wit
My name is Sam, and to defeat me
thatís joining that certain church group
in Silent Hill
thinking you can save the damned
And whilst weíre on the subject of
talking about dumb teachers and their concepts
I told Steven, that youíre gonna
draw Rodney and Del Boy
from that Homesick episodes
then itís onto drawing a bigger version of
Harry Potter and Voldemort duelling
No one else is showing any proof
so itís a genuine scheme and I want to get in it
I mean, for the Half-Blood Prince
Iíve got a part of the script that went missing
so youíre probably Dumbledore man
like saying water...three sugars, milk and a Yorkshire ripper tea-bag...Ē
ďWhy are you staring at the bat poster? Aktar asked. I pulled my bottle of Dr Pepper out of my bag, then Sam continued:
ďAs you grow more quicker
Iím not that shit fourth riddler
like stamping a stamp on your forehead
of Tuesday 23rd April 2019
and Anna not sending a naked picture
with her problem with empathy poem
I can relate, like not caring how many
words are the same and on the line are placed
so pulling off one with one hand in one second
I do doubt you
so if weíre talking about boobs
you can get a last pic in
of Barbara in Night of the Living Dead
with her top and bra missing
aside my true self, after you shoot
_____ in the head and miss this zombie
Of course it isnít checkmate in this race
as Iím ahead
Take this overflow now
youíre right about writing nothing original
with that Wrong Turn movie
so I could be an axe wielding feminist
telling them to more or less think
of my bitch lines towards others
like the enemy of my enemy is my friend
And I hate men
they say Jessie is messy
because Chris couldnít answer the questions
other words, I asked where the cannibals
were going after we ran out the house
And then asked him what they were doing
when weíre in a watchtower
I mean, I expect my boyfriend to read minds
and see past doors...Ē

I was called out of the classroom by another teacher, and was told ďChloe said he knows he got out of bed, just after six at night, and itís now Saturday 27th July 2019, and the time now has just gone twelve-minutes-past-six.Ē
As soon as I put my hand on the classroom door, my phone fell out of my pocket
and saw the message; a voice-clip from September 2017. I opened it and heard
ďIt could have been suicide.
Someone in the crew is tampering, poisoning the weed, heís full of shit
man, I know Albert Einstein never appeared
in the cue and asked him how to make a line rhyme.
Heard he tried to slice your arm, Uma told to sit in the van, whilst she kept
twisting that Indian flag, it sure is twisted angel
Can he produce something in material
as beautiful as The Qurían?
Mr John Sickyithís junk wonít make it
into the basement of the Vatican
yet I carry on, hungry to show what a wizard is.
Not more lying just because heís giving you a lift
to back where you live
so arrive all pissed off and guilty to quiz the kids
like the time she was pulling out all them dvdís
and you was proud over such a shit tv.
Social services arrive trying to understand a baby, ďpishy pishĒ. That translation is, questioned my authority in darkness, Iíll have you blown to bits, you bitch.Ē
Another void entry.
This competition sure has helped with my diary entries. 🤓

poet Anonymous

ďPrison GlassĒ

Here, where? This is how the confrontation went
Was in the Good Nights Await Hotel
walking through one of the corridors back to my room
Was looking at the floor
and as I turned a corner to walk through my door
I was in a room surrounded by others in an orange jump-suit
like fuck was I, I looked up
the time was 7:20pm and could hear someone yelling ďBrian!Ē
As I walked forward, I sat down, and having picked up the phone
at the same time
I heard ďIt is Grim, when you donít know whoís looking
so why was the gastric-band put in?
I mean, dumb quotes being shared by a genius like yourself
about people wasting the best years of
their life on people that didnít give a fuck.Ē
ďBig man, ainít we, Paul? Why am I in here?Ē
ďYou will just bullshit me if youíre told the truth, Iím just here because I love hearing it, like Rickyís window
believing youíre really peering in.Ē
I remember seeing Rickyís reflection

while he continued:
ďIf you arrived outside of a train station
and met Magdalena
offering a bag of munchies and the Twin Town movie
youíd not be able to
lie about your ex always leaving dirty
cutlery piled up near the sink
What you think, she would want to be interested in you? You stink
and wonít on a marble floor have your statement
because youíre not a poet
so none existent is that
short and sweet for some peace
Sheís been stolen, Reemiss said
saw and sex, youíre a peach
Itís okay to admit you have a weak-bladder
just donít blame it on the kids
I heard Rickyís doing a glass frame for Sue
and talk of the devil, itís you
Sat in a grey tracksuit, at a table
and looking through my piece of paper now on
having a fortune-teller and a priest
thereís nothing in the rules
that says Ricky canít write in Brenda and Constantine
because we all have our defence mechanisms.Ē
ďWhatís he got to say about never winning a trophy?
Shit is funny, heís supposedly one of the greatest
walking in the wrong direction
and my crowd said he looks very lonely
I donít tell lies, he canít admit anywhere on a line that the only
gold cup was an egg one from his
baby-mother that time he made her put up that competition
Hasnít inner peace like myself and more hides
but so what about the police
nobody knows me and I am right
I donít give a fuck about anyone on
that Deep Underground site
Iíll just stick to Facebook
have more typoís in lines and spit fire
always against Mr Smiths hate crimes.Ē

Iíve cut out a square from
a Northampton Borough Council letter
And with a brown fine-pen
write on it
that I heard the young woman
who lives at number 13, at 6:18am
shouting at someone to fuck off
and there was banging of doors
And at nine oíclock now
can you look out the window
and notice itís been raining?
Thankful for that cold breeze blowing
and Iíve been laughing
you just canít see myself now
laying on the pavement and rolling around
Yet another void destroyed oh boy entry.
I have one more and then thatís me done. ⭐️

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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