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sexual fantasies

Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 27th Apr 2019
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Sex Me, Love Me, Fuck Me

Intensity smolders beneath flesh bearing evidence of Louisiana’s
midsummer’s heat surfacing atop her skin

She’s wet, soaking wet, as the sweltering inferno within
boils to the brim of unfiltered pruriency

Transparent, the white linen dress adheres to her wanting body
becoming a second skin, and his phallus calcifies as his eyes butterfly
the hips, nipples, shoulders, back, legs, and thighs
piercing through what seems to call him by name

She lifts her dress slowly
exposing her hunger for the sweetest eat
and she tips to him, spreading legs to touch
where fingertips lick lips,
accelerating coitus precipitation to drip from her clit
as it spits maraschino liqueur
onto a belvedere of erotic delirium

She burns intensely,
melting from the humidity of misty bayou waters
along with vapors rising from between her thighs,
she assumes the position bending over
and he aligns behind to her bent over spine
her pussy willow billows sirens of exquisite pain
as he feeds her pink petals his meat, salty and sweet
thrusting stroke for stroke and she whines as she winds
a pulsating grind on his mandated stick
as wisps of strands waft through the air
from the pull of her hair at the mercy of his hands
and she rends her lip as he seizes her hips
necks turns and flesh burns
as bruised shins accompany grates of scraped knees
abraded against scintillating floorboards
coinciding with wood grained splints
fragmented beneath nail beds
as the floor beds this scene of
erotic ebullience

And lust’s palate feasts on this buffet of sexual gluttony
as shots of Patron wake lullabies to scream
infallible urges of hard sleep
to awaken heightened peaks of
tasting and touching…licking and thrusting…
deep throating and sucking where sex makes love
seep sweat and grime
from velvet walls
breathing breaths of indulgence over weakened flesh
til uninhibited sensuality vexes love
to release vessels of subdued desires
into an unparalleled dimension of
two bodies
straight fucking…



Written by Teeya
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poet Anonymous

Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 29th Aug 2009
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Goodnight Kiss

Lips locked, bursting through the door,
Kicking it shut, hands explore,
Into the kitchen, hands at her hips,
Press her to the counter, heartbeat skips.
Breath growing heavy, desire mounting,
Time melts away, there is no counting,
Fingers through hair, pull head to the side,
Teeth into flesh, feel her legs divide,
Her hand at your cock, her grasp excites,
Moan escapes lips, harder teeth bites,
Fingers travel down, under shirt they explore,
Her skin so smooth, warmth you can't ignore,
Her tight little shirt, now falls to the floor,
Pale skin in the light, mind begins to soar,

Flip her around,
take control, bend her down,
Palm against her back,
take her in, go on the attack,
Skin tight jeans unzip,
Yank them off, down they slip,
Expose her bare,
Slap her ass, show no care.

Gasps and moans, now she's on her back,
On counter she lays, to claim your snack,
Legs spread wide, let your tongue taste,
Her desire soaking, tongue gains haste.

Kissing and nibbling, tongue slipping and sliding,
Your lips against hers, your hunger abiding,
Her legs wrap around, your vision goes black,
She quivers and shakes, heels dig into your back,
You grasp at her legs, it becomes hard to breathe,
Tongue slips inside, this place you'll never leave,
Her thighs tighten and squeeze, tongue twists and turns,
She draws close to ecstasy, inside ignites and burns,
Gripping your hair she pulls it tight, shivering explosion,
Released from her embrace, your mouth dripping with devotion.

Drops to her knees,
Takes control, aims to please,
Tugs down pants,
Cock escapes, this her chance,
Hard as stone,
Grips it tight, makes you groan,
Breath on tip,
Air hot, you swallow quick.

With a stroke and caress, your hers to control,
Throbbing desire gripped, She can't let go,
Lips explore and kiss, sensation all around,
Ignoring what's hers, Soft hand up and down.

Moist lips kiss the base, her tongue slides up,
Your tip at her lips, your balls she has cupped,
Velvet heat and warmth, she swallows you whole,
Inch by inch, tongue around shaft begins to roll,
Up and down she glides, tongue flicking against tip,
Each motion pure bliss, down her throat you slip,
The pressure intense, feel your cock start to swell,
Hands grasp her head, you resist and try to quell,
Deeper she devours, no way to break free,
She swallows you down, both collapse in ecstasy.
Written by Mentaly_unsound
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Joined 1st Nov 2012
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Willie Widow

I watch from my window a Willie widow since you left
Oh the girl next door fulfils my masturbatory needs
Her fingers deft fill my cleft I savour returning her favour
Stroke her beautiful breast as I nibble her sweet salty clit
But her tongue’s no substitute for the shock of your cock

They let you out two days ago was prison so bad?
I’m waiting. Don’t you feel glad?
Why are you not home making me moan?
Handcuffs already clipped to the bed
Eager me to be misled

I want you to tie me, bind me,
Gag me, shag me make me your whore
Force feed me your rock of a cock
Let loose your juice in my every hole
And inject your semen deep into my soul
Where are you? Shooting pool like some damn fool?
To scared to renew what we shared?
I need you to abuse me, bruise me
Forcefully screw me
Make my anus scream for your man cream

Ravage my butt I’m your subservient slut
Make me crawl and beg for more
Spill your seed hurt me I plead
If I scream in pain please ignore
Take that as a request for more

But I stand melancholy at the window and wait
Come home I implore
Make my trembling ass sting sore
The ropes and paddles are waiting master
Hourly my heart beats faster

Why don’t you come to me?
Set my lust filled spirit free
Hold me enfold me
Slap me and scold me
I watch at the window, I await my fate
Written by blocat
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 4th Apr 2018
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As she lay on the bed
Butt naked, blindfolded and in handcuffs,
She couldn’t help but wonder  
If he would be gentle or too rough?
She felt an electric sensation  
As his hand lightly pet her skin,
The goose bumps started to protrude  
As the hairs on her body stood on end.
With her anticipation building  
The wetness of her pussy began to drip,
He put her legs up in the stirrups  
And her clit he started to lightly lick.
Soon she started to tremble  
But he was far from done,
He’d bring her to the edge of ecstasy,
But he refused to let her come.
Flipped her, struck her ass with his whip.
Then he licked around her asshole
And then plunged in the tip.
He alternated the whip and his tongue,
Until she begged to be set free.
He released her hands from the cuffs
But grabbed her hair forcefully.
He pushed her head into the pillow  
Then yanked back hard on her hair,
She sunk her waist into the bed  
And arched her ass higher in the air.
She said, “Punish me!”
Surprised cause she had such class,
She said,
“I can take it, Please Fuck me in the Ass!!!”
So he stuck his cock in  
Pulled it out and put it in her cunt,
He kept alternating back and forth  
And yelled, “Is that what you want?”
She screamed in pain and in pleasure
As her pussy lips began to flutter,
He released her hair, she grabbed his dick,
To suck off the truffle butter.
Bring him to the brink then pulling back,
Neither of them was ready for this to end.
Laying down she said, “Cuff me back up!”
He obliged and put his cock back in.
Sucking her tits, lightly biting her nipple,
As he continued to stroke.
Putting his hands around her neck cause
He loves to see her choke!
Her breaths are getting shorter  
As their climax can no longer wait,
They both explode in unison  
As she starts to asphyxiate!
He gives her mouth to mouth  
Her consciousness starts to come to,
He asks, “Are you okay?”
She says, “I’m ready for round two!”
Written by Lyrically_Inclined
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Joined 31st May 2015
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The t.v screen gleemed off the keyboard,  
I couldn't sleep i was up dreaming up    
In freeroam until i was interrupted by my phone ringing i picked it up smiling because the chick on the otherline just escaped my thought region, She said hey are you off today? I need help with history my collage teacher trippin and these notes just dont make sence to me, her voice sounded swisher sweet the kind that you split and lick to see if it get you high in my mind i replied ill help you get a D, i said i gotchu mah, she said okay im on my way ill let you know when im outside, 15 minuets had flown by, now im opening my door and find a dark skinded brunnet with curves like two S on top of each other facing opposite,  I gave her a hug and turned on the light she walked up the steps i watched her hips sway from right to left im at a lost for breathe im not out of shape but her shape brings it out of me mixed with her scent voice mannerisms and body speach,    
We laughed and joke for a minute or 2 i took her book and did her work just so we could get through, i said if you not ready to go we could chill i put on a a film she said she with it so cool, 10 minuts into the movie i have a mood switch we laying with her back in my chest the diffent colors of light reflecting off of her skin started to fool with my brain plus the arch in her back was adding its 2 scence i moved my hand along her legg she pushed her butt into my zipper as if to say do you like it this way she looked back i bit my lip and gave her the scorpion gaze then leaned in and put my toung in her face im reaching inside her panties tryna find her sweet spot i pushed her in my lap to sit on my heat rock my other hand landed up her shirt grasping her nipples im feeling the heat rise my fingers swimming as i nibble on her neck i slid from under her yanked her pants off and tugged on her drawls i undid my belt buckle and stood up my belt hit the floor and her eyes went more wider than skys get, i looked at her laying in my bed wearing only a purple shirt i locked my door sliped on a condom from out of my wallet turned to her swollen from the weist down  my dick pulsed with its vein resembling a midgets arm lifting a weight i stared in her eyes while i tried to get on top she got up then pushed me on the bed grabbed my rock and gave me head her round pupils dialated her face expanded going up and down while messaging my balls with her free hand after 5 minutes she stoped and hoped on my lap and said the only way your on top is if you hop in the back she grabbed my dick and stuffed it inside her cat water fell like a river mouth flowed on a raft as soon as my head entered she leaned fowared then the lower half of her body moved like the signal on a pace maker. My hearts racing im sweating taking off my shirt and pulling hers off i started sucking on her nipples and more water started drippen my instincts kicked in i grabed her weist and pushed in  it harder and farther more water fell it sounded like a giant set of hands got cought in a storm and started aplauding she started moaning i beat that pussy like symba father did, she stoped moving up and down her kneesed clinched my side she said i cant i held her up with my hands and fucked her harder the wetness started making my dick stiffer than normal i pushed her off then bent her over grabbing my dick and sticking it in my abbs slapped against her ass again and again she grabbed the sheets sqeezing them screaming deeper im pushing in harder she said your in my ribs, im sliding in and out of her she arched her back her cheak pressed on my matris her other cheaks in the air and i grabbed moving them around while i pound. Knocking against her croch the sound got faster she begged for me to stopp but it was too late my body was on auto piliot ruff fucking her made my dick grow wider while its inside her ripping right through the condom and  i didn't pull out i just keep fucking her and fucking her untill her pussy turned white like a ghost cuz i bust in her. I layed hugged up with her and fell asleep,    
She went home in the morning but i know when its homework time she'll come back to me.
Written by G3r0 (TetsuUmi)
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Lost Thinker
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Joined 22nd Feb 2017
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It hits you quick        
One second you're at your desk, coffee in hand         
The next you're on a spring mattress, fucking         
You can't avoid it         
The feeling of being filled up just to the point of breakage is satisfying
The way you contract around his cock is pleasurable         
The pleasure stems from the impossibility of your reality         
How could your cunt, so hidden and pure,
Accept this foreign object so willingly         
But here it is, dripping with a slick fluid         
The external physical equivalent to the rapid beating of your heart         
And it pulses when it is empty         
Fingers, cock, the Devil knows what else, satisfies it         
But his lips sucking your clit makes you convulse         
Your body shaking from the welcome invasion of privacy         
His fingers are still pumping inside you         
Your back arches and your toes curl
There's fucking and then there's fucking    
And then you're flat on the bed, your breasts pressing into the sheets  
He takes you from behind, both hand possesively grabbing your hips         
And then you're bent over a wood table, your clothing on except for your skirt         
It's hitched high enough to allow for dexterous fingers to toy with your clit until you're begging for it         
And then you're blindfolded, your eyelids fluttering against the fabric  
Hands brush over your breasts, pinch your nipples while teeth mark the sensitive skin of your thighs         
And then you're begging, but you don't know for what as he tightens his grip on your neck  
Your breathing staggers but a familiar heat rushes between your legs         
And then he is taking you without permission, bruising your thighs with his wanting hands and forcing you out of control         
And without control you can breath in the heady scent of sex without repercussion         
Too soon you're thrown back to your desk, your coffee cold in its mug         
The familiar scent of sex hits you         
You close your legs and shift uncomfortably in your seat         
There's fucking and there's  fucking    
And there's the lusty thoughts of your mind
Pinpointing your desires         
An exercise in using simple language focused on the physical while avoiding descriptive similies and comparisons using imagery
Written by Enchantress_Em
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Lucky Chance

We're in bed both naked  
The first time that we've met  
Just by chance we dated  
A move I'll not regret  

Hands caressing each crotch  
Eager and excited  
Now's not the time to botch  
Stealth until we're united  
Her hand stroking my rod  
Making  it soon expand  
I give her clit a prod  
Wetness engulfs my hand  
Oral is not needed,  
She's ready to receive,  
Entry is conceded,  
Virginity to relieve.  
I ease into her passage  
As  gently as I can,  
Deep as I can manage  
Painlessness is the plan.  
I oscillate inside her  
Until I make her come  
More; she says; its a spur  
To continue all the fun  
We commune in this way  
She has orgasms galore  
Shall I 'call it a day'  
Still she asks for  more.  
Can I satisfy this girl?  
A challenge to explore  
She needs more than a twirl  
I'll end up on the floor.  
We agree to meet again  
To have another session  
Orgasms to obtain  
Pretend we're in heaven
Written by gardenlover
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Thought Provoker
United States
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My Boss's Cock

Sitting at my desk and I hear my pager beep at my side
I look down and see Jackson on the little screen
I smile as I stand up and unbutton three button on my shirt
Then pull my skirt I'm further so it hugs tight against my ass
I walk up to the door and knock three times
I hear the muffled "Come in" and I hurried through the door
"You wanted to see me Mr. Jackson?" I say sweetly
He looks up and his jaw drops then he swallows hard
He stands up and I stare at the bulge in his trousers
"What are you looking at Emmy?" He barks
When I don't answer he drops his zipper and his cock springs out
I gasp at the raw massiveness and thickness
It's how I imagined it while I played with myself
"Come here..suck my cock." He commands
I slowly walk up and get upon my knees taking his cock in hand
Before I can take control he shoves my mouth on his dick
Forcing my head back and forth and back and forth
I choke and moan wanting more and more
He slaps my face and smiles at my stunned look
He tastes exactly like I thought while I was in my bathtub
He slammed in completely and I choke wanting him out
He stays in there what seems like forever
Then he begins thrusting again and again and again
That's when he cums in my throat and I gag
"Swallow it like a good girl Emmy." He commands
I swallow and open my mouth wide showing him how good I really am
Written by Countrygirl96
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Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Joined 5th Nov 2014
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the lady in the mask
takes me to task
with corrective measures
and forbidden pleasures
I am her footstool
her sex tool
her plaything
her anything
her obedient slave
never misbehave
only when she lets me
my mistress gets me
she knows what I like
to be ridden like a stolen bike
but before its the whip
the handcuffs I grip
then it's the paddle
maybe then she'll straddle

then again maybe not
she fingers my G-spot
my tied down erection
her candy confection
with her tongue, she teases
then roughly she seizes
she slaps my cock
it's as hard as a rock
and it is bleeding
my begging, my pleading
all to no avail
she cuts my chest with a nail
scars upon scars
like the strings of guitars
until I gently weep
astride me, she creeps

Unleash the beast
no lube I'm ungreased
I'm inserted with violence
then a moment of silence
she denies permission to touch
thumping into my crutch
like I'm branded cattle
she rides me into battle
like a wild rodeo bucking
she is seriously fucking
there's pain and pleasure
in no small measure
tits in my face
I accept with good grace
"I'm coming, Great Scot!"
she said "Oh no your not"

she gushes, she cums
she nail grips my plums
pumps it like crazy
my mind now is hazy
like a banshee possessed
she makes me come on my own chest
"say thank you, mistress!"
"Thank you mistress"
Written by David_Macleod (14397816)
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Strange Creature
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Joined 7th Aug 2019
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Love on paper

I will make love to you on a pure white paper

And spill musky white ink with passion upon sheet by sheet

I will caress ur areolas, then fist on ur nipples in every chapter I pen

I will fold and rub ur clit, play with it with my tongue
In short sentences and prose

Taste your innocence and urs dear, without words spoken

Kiss I will ur lips and suck ur tongue, in between the lines.

I will make u moan my name then take u to heaven

All this will do with a pen
Written by Kingmat01 (Martin2019)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Wow!  This is great.  I just want to thank everyone for awarding me for being a perverted creep.

Thanks again!

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Lost Thinker
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Joined 21st Feb 2020
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already set yum

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