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sexual fantasies

Fire of Insight
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Astarte House

a story, in verse
My revered college went co-ed!
This broke the patriarchy’s grip
It filled the faculty with dread
As women took professorships
When Lady Ashtoreth took charge
As president, headmistress, too
She seized all power to discharge
Old male professors from our school
For that, she garnered our applause
Like fools, we did not comprehend
Our fates were linked to theirs because
The new headmistress hates all men
She founded a sorority-
Astarte House, just down the street
This pleased us boys enormously
A Party House of girls in heat!
But, our new classmates weren’t like that...
These girls were beautiful, but mean
Just like the Lady Ashtoreth
Less Aphrodite, more Athene!
This left us horny frat-boys vexed
Astarte’s mysteries, we craved
To mingle with the fairer sex
Behind the door of their enclave
Three randy lads first took a chance
And brazenly approached the door
Which opened wide to their advance
We all assumed that they had scored!
The rumor was they stayed all night
But none of them would speak of it
Refusing to confess delight
We deemed those bastards hypocrites!
I shadowed them next evening when
Back to Astarte House they crept
They entered and I followed them
Cocksure in my pursuit of sex!
The four of us were taken down
Attacked by girls who stripped us bare
Beaten, gagged, and tightly bound
They dragged us down the basement stair
I found a torture chamber there!
Where I was shackled to a wall
This unexpected kinky lair
Was more I ever dreamt befall!
A crack of whip and muffled scream
Made me rethink if this be luck
I couldn’t see from where I stood
If what he got was worth a fuck
I heard again, and then once more
The sounds of savage sadist games
Unseen, but I imagined gore
And wondered if their groins were maimed
Now ungagged, the threesome bawled
In misery and wretchedness
They begged for more! I was appalled
Minds broken by abuse and sex!
Before my eyes now stepped the one
Who worked my comrades to a froth
She moved in self-assured aplomb
It was the Lady Ashtoreth!
The dominatrix, fully nude
With whip in hand, was beautiful
She stood before her evil brood
Of nude, sadistic college girls!
She said, “A new one,” as she slithered
Up against my body, warm
And teased my cock until it quivered
Erect and eager for her charms
She smiled and slugged me in the mouth
Which banged my head against the wall
Then knelt, for targets farther south
And seized me by my cock and balls!
“The punch was payback for you, sir
You crashed our party—that’s the cost.”

My stunned mind couldn’t answer her
Except to spit the tooth I lost
Her iron grip was like a vice
She stretched my sac for all to see
“Someday soon, in sacrifice
You will offer these to me.”

Then rapidly, with fingers taut
She slapped the manhood in her grip
To bucking thighs and screams distraught
A masturbation torture-trip!
Wracked with pain by practiced claws
Yet, bliss intense unreconciled
I shamed myself and shot my wad
Embarrassed, disgraced, and defiled
She chose three girls, my pain to nurture—
Working their apprenticeship
“Repeat his masturbation torture,
Get him ready for the whip!”

My cock in blissful torture burned
Throughout the night, to jerks and slaps
With each girl taking several turns
To pinch and squeeze my scrotal sac
Hours later, bruised and wracked
With prostate burning dry and sore
They kept on pawing at my sac
And yanking cock from out its core
Ashtoreth returned, and quipped,
“Your will is broken, now you’re primed
To join the rest and taste the whip
We’ll train your cock and break your mind!”

They took me down from off the wall
Where I had been so harshly groped
My arms and legs were forced to sprawl
And tightly bound with satin ropes
Then she seized my battered glans
And jabbed a spike down through the tip
Completely piercing through it, and
With pliers, clamped a ring through it!
By now, too weak to even scream
Exposed before their hate-filled eyes
I grunted as my ass was reamed
And, by a broom-stick, sodomized!
Into another room we went
Between two pillars, I was tied
With dread, I guessed their ill-intent
With arms stretched out and legs spread wide
Here, I found the other three
Bound-up and stretched-out, just like me
We all could clearly see and hear
Each others’ cries, ignoble tears
I stood and faced a retinue
Of naked, domineering chicks
All armed with whips, and strap-ons too
To break my mind and train my dick!
Headmistress cracked her whip at me
A bolt of thunder, barely missed
With new-found strength, I screamed and screamed
And in my terror, pissed and pissed!
She stepped behind, and cracked her whip
To paint a welt across my back
And then her strap-on dildo ripped
Apart my pale and helpless ass
One of her girls then grabbed the ring
That cruelly had pierced my dick
And threaded through a piece of string
To stretch it out for whips to lick
Then, the wicked women whipped
My penis, as my ego writhed
And from my mind my mettle, stripped
They laughed as my machismo died
Headmistress said, “He’s now our bitch
With flaccid dick, forevermore
And never-ceasing horny itch
Makes him our masochistic whore!”

Just before the morning came
They pushed us out Astarte’s door
Naked, bruised, and sore ashamed
Indeed, I was Astarte’s whore!
The next few days were bad for me—
Impotent, in agony
A flaccid, horny, helpless state
Impossible, myself to sate
I saw the girl who yanked my ring
And stretched my cock while it was whipped
She teased me with a bit a string
And jerking motion with her wrist
The other guys there on the Quad
Just laughed and asked her what was up
My face turned red, I gave a nod
She asked me if I’d like to fuck
Wolf-calls and laughter from the guys
As she continued jerking air
A hard-on raged between my thighs
Embarrassed more than I could bear!
The craving made me realize
My pride had died deep down inside
And I was willing to reprise
Submission most undignified
Sheepishly, I answered, “Yes”
She whispered, “Don’t be late tonight”
As up against my crotch she pressed
I creamed my shorts, from lust and fright!
Submissive urges took control
To get relief I sold my soul
The only way I’d get aroused
Was downstairs in Astarte House
That evening found me at their door
Among what must have been a score
Of wretched blokes with broken dicks
Drawn like addicts to their fix
This time, they took me straight to whip
Between the columns, stripped and checked
The same girl seized my ring, and quipped
“I’ll yank until you stay erect!”
She kept her word and yanked so strong
A searing pain shot through my crotch
She leaned back, stretched it out so long
I thought she’d rip my manhood off!
Some seconds passed, her work complete
My cock was hard and standing proud
She took a whip and thrashed my meat
My scream of pain was long and loud!
Then she stopped and turned away
Leaving me to weep and moan
I begged her, asking her to stay
“I cannot find relief alone!”
She turned, and with an evil grin
She seized my balls, and pulled and squeezed!
She grabbed my dick and jerked again
Then giggled while I choked down screams!
This hand-job torture was far worse
Than what I got the last time here
I ‘jacked-off many times, of course
No pleasure, only pain and fear
Long after all my cum was spent
And ‘jacking dry in burning pain
The coup de grâce to my torment
She wracked my manhood with a cane!
Bruised and bandaged, to my shame
I noticed I was not alone
Many classmates looked the same
A few of them had broken bones
I tried to stop and stay away
From House Astarte’s horror show
But she would find me, tease foreplay
And drown me in submission’s throes
The girl had taken charge of me
A dominatrix fully trained!
Obsessed by fear and fantasy
I didn’t even know her name
Then, one night, a new disgrace
She strapped me, face up, on a bench
And pressed her pussy on my face
To breathe, I had to please the wench!
Licking ever faster, deeper
Each mistake, she slapped my balls
I did my best to please my keeper
Tongue, a slave to pleasure’s cause
This lesson mastered, mighty quick
For when I licked her favored spots
She deigned to gently kiss my dick
And when I missed, she slapped my crotch
One night she didn’t set me free
But kept me in the dungeon, chained!
Though thrilled to be her devotee
I feared why I should be restrained
Then, I was left alone to heal
With food and water, nothing else
Alone for several days, to feel
My craving for submissive sex
She appeared and teased my cock
And whispered things that gave me chills
Then she left me chained and locked
Hot and horny, unfulfilled
Once each night she played this game
Torture worse than all before
My craving became so inflamed
I couldn’t take it any more
Then, one night, she didn’t show
My dominatrix bailed on me
Alone, in darkness with my woe
Craving what she does to me
From out the dark, I heard a noise
And waited there, with baited breath
But, alas, my hope destroyed
It was the Lady Ashtoreth!
She cracked her whip, my bare ass burned!
I screamed and strained against my chains
Away from her, I tried to turn
And hide what manhood that remained!
She laughed and asked, “So now you’re shy?”
Then cracked her whip. “Now face me, bitch!”
I faced her, hands between my thighs
Intimidated by that witch
“Your dominatrix won’t return
Unless you choose to be her slave—
Her lessons you may choose to spurn
Forever losing what you crave!”

“My apprentice trained you well
Observing all my protocols
To her, you must now bid farewell...
Or offer me your testicles!”

Her price was steep, but so I paid
And spread my legs before her knife
To sacrifice upon her blade
The source of all my horny strife!
She seized by sac and stretched it out
Convulsive fear! Unnerved, I pissed!
She paused, and mocked me with a pout
Then winked at me and flicked her wrist!
She laughed, and held it to my eyes
Between her finger and her thumb
My severed scrotum, now her prize
As she predicted I’d succumb!
My dominatrix then appeared
And claimed her slave, forevermore
A state for which I volunteered—
Her pussy-licking eunuch whore!
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Fire of Insight
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The Time Machine of Sex

A sexual fantasy of mine                    
and this may sound a little complex                  
But I want to go back in time                  
in my Time Machine of Sex                  
I’d fly it through a wormhole                  
back to before our lives                  
With the one noble goal                  
of shagging famous dudes wives                  
First I’d go back to the year                  
of 1954                  
And slip in Joe DiMaggio's clear                 
master bedroom door                  
Where Marilyn Monroe is sleeping                  
naked in her bed                    
So in I go a-creeping                  
and tap her on the head                  
Then she wakes up glamorously                  
with her hair in a tight, blonde curl                  
And moans out oh so amorously                    
as she rides me backwards cowgirl                  
After I’m done I leave her there                  
with her anus hurtin’                  
But before I leave the bedroom, yeah                  
I wipe my cock off on the curtain                  
Then I hop back in my time machine                  
and to the Thirties I ride                  
To stick my johnson in between                  
the notorious Bonnie and Clyde                  
I hide behind an apple tree                  
and watch them from afar                  
Chuckling to myself with glee                  
as Clyde steps out of their car                  
Then as he goes into the bank                    
with his tommy gun                  
I run over to his skank                    
and propose a bit of fun                  
Bonnie lets me in their Chevy                    
for an impromptu meet-n-greet                  
(meaning we get hot n’ heavy                    
naked on the back seat)                  
I spray my cum all over her face                  
just as Clyde comes running out                  
And high tail it outta the place                  
“You dirty rat!!” I hear him shout                  
He fires a flurry of rounds at me                  
but he ain't got Buckly's chance                  
'Cos I piss off as quick as can be                    
to 19th Century France                  
Where I park on top of the Palace                  
the home of 'Ol Napoleon                    
I already have another stiff phallus                  
So It’s time to get it on                  
I shimmy my time-travelling arse                  
across the roof to a big window                  
I see Josephine so I tap on the glass                  
and whisper  “Hey, let me in yo”                  
She opens it up and I jump in                  
then she kisses me on the cheek                  
Before long I've got my balls on her chin                  
and she's gagging like a freak                  
But we’re interrupted by a Frenchman's cry                  
“Where are you my little flower?”                  
“Oh shit” says Josephine with cum in her eye                  
“He wasn’t s'posed to be back for an hour”                  
So I go into a barrel roll                  
and hide under their big bed                  
And pray from the depths of my soul                  
he can't tell his wife's been givin’ head                  
So in walks the Emperor of France                  
in his knee length underwear                  
And I'm under the mattress shittin' my pants                  
hoping he doesn't suss that I'm there                  
Then Napoleon french kisses Josephine                  
and I lay there worried sick                    
When I hear him say “Why my queen                  
does your breath smell like dick?!!”                  
That's when I get up off the floor                  
and start running for my life                  
As I’m bolting out their bedroom door                  
he yells “How dare you fuck my wife!!”                  
Chased by the guards, I run like hell                  
‘til I reach my time machine                  
I jump in and as I’m flying off I yell                  
“Thanks for the blow job Josephine!”                  
I set the time dial to 1533                  
and the place to London town                  
Where I hide the machine in a dark alley                  
just a couple of blocks down                  
From the giant stone castle home                  
of King Henry the Eighth                  
Then I don a brown robe to hide my bone                  
and to look like a man of faith                  
I rock up to the iron gates                  
and give the guards the sign of the cross                  
Then say “How's it goin’ tonight mates,                  
Just here to see the boss”                  
So they let me in without carding me                  
and in five minutes flat                    
I’ve pinched Anne Boleyn’s bedroom key                  
like a crafty little rat                  
I sneak through a secret passageway                  
up to a turret tower                  
Go in her room and pretend to pray                  
while she's in the ensuite shower                  
I hear the taps turn off in there                  
then she walks out in the nude                  
And catches me in my holy ware                  
helping myself to her food                  
I go “Oh, hi Anne, don't worry 'bout me                  
I’m just a Church of England friar                  
But inside I'm thinkin’ “He he he”                  
'cos she cant tell that I'm being a liar                  
"I'm so ashamed" she says bowing her head                  
and trying to cover up her bod                  
I go "Never mind that just jump in bed                    
trust me baby, I’m a man of god"                  
So Anne Boleyn slips between the sheets                  
and I'm eating her pussy out                  
I've got one hand up there caressing her teats                  
When I hear Henry the Eighth shout                  
“Where the fuck is that monk?!!                  
he better not be up here!!"                  
As I’m shooting my hot load of spunk                  
On Anne Boleyn's flabby rear                  
Like a crazy bull the king bursts in                  
to catch me naked in bed with his missus                  
There is no way that I can deny a thing                  
'cos I'm covered in red lipstick kisses                  
Henry the Eighth runs over to the bed                  
and grabs me around the neck                  
Then punches me upside the head                  
that's when I hit the deck                  
I've got the bastard on me, I can't breathe                  
his lard arse must weigh a ton                  
But somehow I squeeze out from underneath                  
and off I fuckin’ run                  
I bolt back down the tower stairs                  
just like a scared house cat                  
But after me Henry the Eighth tears                  
moving fast for guy that fat                  
“You will hang for this, you’ll see!!”                    
I hear the king's voice boom                  
As he rolls down the stairs right after me                  
like the boulder in ‘Temple of Doom’                  
I fall out of an arrow slit                  
down into the moat                    
I hear Henry yell “You little Shit!!”                  
as I climb into a wooden boat                  
I paddle away fast and good                  
‘til I find myself in a stream                  
That conveniently takes me back to the hood                  
where I left my sexy time machine                  
As I fly through the sky past the castle                    
I give the angry king a Toot!-Toot!                  
And yell “Hope I wasn’t too much of a hassle                  
and by the way Anne’s a great root!”                  
As I stroke the whiskers of my beard                  
I set the dial for the present days                  
Then in a zap I disappear                  
into a swirling blue haze                           

When I get back to the current year                  
In my post-history sex glory                  
I head straight down the pub for a nice cold beer                  
and to tell my mates my epic story!                
Written by RexDurkin
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Giving him the pleasure he deserves.

He is sprawled out on the bed
 face down,
I kneel at the edge of the bed
 gently massaging his feet ,
 making way up his legs kissing his flesh
  as I caress
His balls so hard and hung, I can't resist
But to lick and suck them.
Squeezing and massaging his ass cheeks
as he lay there
Taking his nut one by one into my mouth
 then both at the same time.
He let's out a soft moan
that made my clit tingle and wet.
Kissing his ass cheeks up his back to his neck.
He turns over to kiss me passionately.
I trail my tongue down his neck to his stomach to
his waist down to his bulging hard cock
His veins rippling as his blood pulsates through them,
This sight I can not resist..
I take his bulge in my hands as I lay there twirling my tongue around his head, licking and sucking the precum from his tiny hole,
Mmmmmm I moan as I taste his cream.
Licking and slobbering as I follow down his shaft and back up again circling around.
Grabbing my hair he pulls hard pushing my head down till I start to gag on his hard cock, pumping it faster in my mouth.
Ride me he says,
I straddle his cock and rock back and forth side to side, up and down faster and slow ago,
Feeling the heat brewing in my pussy as my juices flowing down his shaft ,
My pussy acheing and throbbing bringing me to the brink of climax.
Feeling like I m going to erupt like a volcano
I scream and moan in pleasure
My tits bouncing in his face the faster and harder I ride my man.
He let's out a shout  OH Jesus here it comes baby ... Where do you want it.
I say deep inside me ... I m cumming with you. We both exploded together our juices mingling as one flow.

Written by Nympho
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Lost Thinker
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My Master

My Master , he enters the room
Come here he says, tonight you will obey
Bow down and kneel before me, when instructed to do something say yes Sir Master,

Take my cock out of my pants.
Yes Sir Master,
Lick and suck ,spit and slobber all over it.
Yes sir Master
I begin to lick and twirling my tongue around his head , darting my tongue in out his tiny hole, lick all around the shaft to his ball sack and back up again, before taking it inch by inch in my mouth sucking and spitting and slobbering all over it.
He must be pleased, he grabbed a fist full of my long black hairs and thrusting harder and deeper into my mouth.
Gagging as his cock slips down my throat.
He says look at me as you are gagging on my massive cock.
Yes sir Master
I look up at my Master
He says your eyes are so seductive he wants to cum all over my face.
I said yes sir Master
As he shoots his thick milky load in my face . Dripping down my chin
Written by Nympho
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Lost Thinker
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My hands and feet tied to the bed post
Spreading my legs apart
Sliding his head next to my mound
Parting my pussy lips, he begins
Sucking on my clit and fingering
my hole.

Burying his tongue deep in my hole
lapping at my juices
 Like a hungry animal
Squirming and moaning as he is giving
me pleasure.

Wanting and needing to be fed
that big hard cock
I beg and I plead
Give it to me good

He pop the head in and out
teasing and taunting me
making me beg for it all

Deep and hard my pussy must have
Thrust that cock deep to my very core
My pussy on fire 🔥 like a raging inferno of orgasms.
Pounding hard and fast to orgasmic rush of juices spew down his shaft.
My body quivers and shakes and begging for more cock.
Written by Nympho
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Fire of Insight
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I close my eyes  
You easily
Come to mind  
I need you
 To fill me
  Fulfill me
   Fuck me
I’m craving  
 For your hands
  To touch
   To tease
    To turn me on
      Indulge me
I want your thighs
 To plunge
  Between my legs
   Not slow  
    Nor gently
     Abuse me
Please take me hard
 Without sympathy
  Spread me wide
    For your pleasure
      For mine  
       I need it
Use your hands
 To tweak  
  To pull  
   The hard tips  
    Of my nips
Make me moan
 Every single time  
  You use  
    My body
     Make me tremble
      On your quest
Pull on my hair
 Slap my arse
  Take full pleasure  
    From behind  
Suck my neck  
  Create a veil  
    In my body
     With your marks
 That I'm yours  
  Color me  
   Black and Blue
I'll proudly  
  Your marks
   I want to be  
     Your slave  
Written by Soft_lilac
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Dangerous Mind
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Busted Pipe

 “When her liquid loves splashes my face the shit excites me
It’s on that same level when I cum in her pussy,
 “If I’m still hard-I tell her to climb on her joy ride
And pound my sperm deeper inside,

 “She licks her juices from my face and my dripping lips
Gyrating with erotic force her sexy full hips,
 “Tongues wrestle each other, while I’m palming ass cheeks
As she softly whispers ‘baby you’re making me weak’,

 “Feeling her body shake as inner pink walls clench
Followed by another intense vaginal rinse,
 “Down the river ass crack to my mountainous spine
Transforming her silent scream into a straining whine,

 “Then her whine, becomes slow crying
Because her true sexual emotions are exposed-there is no denying,
 “Burring her face in my shoulder-arms around my neck
While her inner flood releases again-making my dick monsoon wet,

 “Tears from her eyes roll down my chest
And in my bellybutton is where they find rest,
 “My pubic hairs traveling the land of her Brazil
As her body shakes like she has an arctic chill,

 “Teeth of sudden passion instantly bite into my flesh
Along with another feel of her waterfall wet,
 “Dick throbbing hard, because her pussy is so quivering hot
In-between tears she cries ‘baby I can’t stop’

 “Slowly she rises until her pink flower meets my tip
Then once again her pussy let it rip,
 “Spraying like a water-hose all over my legs
Causing her to cuss and stumble on the bed,

 “Face down, ass up as she uncontrollably weep
Time to ascend her to the level of super freak,
 “Suddenly her eyes open wide and breath leaves her mouth
As I suck her pussy from behind and drain her ass out”.
Written by CasketSharpe
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Tyrant of Words
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Dangerous Mind
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My Main Sexual Fantasy

Okay. You could say that my main sexual
fantasy happens to be for me to fuck
hard a babe in bondage who is not a pal.

I would rub this cock that's as big as a truck
with baby oil before stuffing it inside
a babe who tried to escape with no such luck.

For example, I would have to break the pride
of Wonder Woman who would be unable
to stop me from drilling my dick deep inside.

And even though it should be regrettable,
the sex would indeed be so incredible.
Written by berea440oh
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Dangerous Mind
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Hit the Shower

After a long and stressful day
I’m really itching to hit the shower
To feel the warm water wash my stress away
I could stay in here for hours.
A shiver passes down my spine
As the shower door swings out
I turn around and see something so divine
My throat goes dry as if suffering from drought.
And a form of drought I am suffering from
The miserable torture of being untouched
Despite your primal stare, I feel calm
And from within spreads a deep flush.
You step inside and close the door
The small space suddenly feels even more confined
Your darkened eyes send shivers down to my very core
I look at your body and admire its design.
You approach me and push me back against the wall
You press your warm lips against my sensitive neck
I gasp in delight, and pressed against you I feel so small
I feel so blessed to have you; I picked the right card from the deck.
You grab my hair and force me to look into your eyes
Those gorgeous blue-green orbs are enough to get me wet
Your member pokes at my abdomen and I’m taken aback by its size
You give me that cocky smile that I adore as if saying: ‘This is as good as you’ll get.’
Your strong hand plays with my breasts and pinches my nipples
It’s exactly the way I love it; you’re driving me wild
The water cascades down and causes ripples
Your touch ignited the sparks and is fueling my fire.
As you bite my neck, your nimble fingers slide south
You gently caress my sacred part, and slowly slide one finger into my heat
You mute my moans by sticking your tongue into my mouth
As nice as your gentle strokes feel, they’re not enough for me to feel complete.
My moans get louder as you play with my clit
My nails dig into your back the way that you like
You guide your member to rest at my entrance, waiting for me to submit
You already know what I want, no need to be a psyche.
You slide into me slowly and I shudder in unrestrained pleasure
Inch by inch your member rubs against my walls
You are my oasis in a merciless desert
Good thing you’re holding me up otherwise I’d fall.
You pick up the pace and begin to thrust
I follow your lead, and rotate my hips
Even in this primal joining you’re still the only one I can trust
The pleasure between my legs increases and I bite my lips.
Each thrust of yours brings you in faster and deeper
Our eyes lock as we continue to grind against each other
You kiss me hard and I respond back eagerly
Your taste intoxicates me, and I know that I can never belong to another.
 Your member hits all the sweet spots inside of me
I tilt my head back and I feel myself getting closer
You pick up the pace and leave kisses that electrify me
I’m simply a passionate melody and you are the composer.
My moment has come, and I let out a cry
Your breathing gets harder as you allow your release
We lean against each other as we recover from our high
After an exhilarating voyage, I’m now at peace.
I sigh in pure bliss as you wrap me in your arms
I can still feel your heartbeat inside of my core
“We have to clean off again, huh?” you say as you kiss my palms
I smile as I feel your hardness once more. “Let’s go for more.”
Written by LunasChild8
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Strange Creature
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Dinner on bed

 I want to eat you,Let me be close
Smell you, treat for nose
Grope you hard, let's start 😋
You doesn't need dressings
Like normal food
Watching you there, I stood
Take my mouth,To your lips
Taste the taste buds, On my tongue tip
Lick you down , For softer hills
Make wet twice, With my skills
Take it in, chew it hard
Calm down baby, it's a start
Let me suck them, You close your eyes
Feeling like this, Make something rise
Close our bodies, Let them heat
Not only tongue, I want all sense treat
I want your moan, To reach my ear
Let me make effort, To make them clear
To lick the wetness, Making them wet
Finishing by entering, Just be relaxed
Written by Amon
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David Macleod
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Age cometh not alone
It bringeth much baggage
Things changeth a lot
Even sexual desires doth
In my early teens
My sexual fantasy
Was my French Teacher
In a red pencil skirt
And fishnet stockings
Mounting me on her table and  
Riding me into battle
My wet dream fantasy
Was a certain communications officer
On the US Enterprise
In a miniskirt showing off
Stocking tops and red panties
She was always able to beam me up
Always with sticky pyjamas
And heavy breathing
In my early 20's
I discovered Maralin Munroe
Rachel Welch, Doris Day
Sophia Loren and Twiggy
My wank bank was full
Forever making withdrawals
Started losing my sight
And grew one big bicep
Fast forward almost 40 years
Many fantasies have cum and gone
3 in a bed, twins, naughty nurse
Sex in public, sex on a bus
Sex in a church, Madonna,
7 of 9, Beyonce, Lamas,  
Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad  
Currently, I would settle
For a female
Living or dead
Who can give me an erection
So we are talking about
A female Baptist Pastor
Who by the power of God
Can create miracles to happen
And the healing power to raise the dead

(For the Sexual Fantasies Comp)
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Lien On Me


My blood shed is yours to drink.
Your thoughts are mine as well to think.
I crave the pain it’s how I feel.
Gaze down upon me as I kneel.
Forbidden love we take and give.
This is how our kind must live.
Bound in chains of need and trust.
Free to know the depths of lust.
My sister’s sounds I long to hear.
And taste once more the sweat and tear.
Begs disguised in do and say.
Commands each other to obey.
Submissively I play my part.
That she may dominate my heart.
Written by midevil
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Dangerous Mind
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I gaze into
I realise  
that he's  
a rare    
we both    
that he  
ever compare  
to any  
as the beauty  
of him  
in my    
as I    
to him  
until I feel  
harden beneath    
my flowered  
as the    
of his    
breath sears  
my psyche  
whilst our  
one another    
our lips  
as a precursor  
to our  
upon each    
as we    
of the    
as my    
plush velvet  
his rock
as he    
onto my    
to nourish    
in stunning  
he pierces  
heart & soul  
as we    
hard & violently  
but always 
my body  
is his  
Written by shadow_starzzz
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