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sexual fantasies

Fire of Insight
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poet Anonymous

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Lost Thinker
United States
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Giving him the pleasure he deserves.

He is sprawled out on the bed
 face down,
I kneel at the edge of the bed
 gently massaging his feet ,
 making way up his legs kissing his flesh
  as I caress
His balls so hard and hung, I can't resist
But to lick and suck them.
Squeezing and massaging his ass cheeks
as he lay there
Taking his nut one by one into my mouth
 then both at the same time.
He let's out a soft moan
that made my clit tingle and wet.
Kissing his ass cheeks up his back to his neck.
He turns over to kiss me passionately.
I trail my tongue down his neck to his stomach to
his waist down to his bulging hard cock
His veins rippling as his blood pulsates through them,
This sight I can not resist..
I take his bulge in my hands as I lay there twirling my tongue around his head, licking and sucking the precum from his tiny hole,
Mmmmmm I moan as I taste his cream.
Licking and slobbering as I follow down his shaft and back up again circling around.
Grabbing my hair he pulls hard pushing my head down till I start to gag on his hard cock, pumping it faster in my mouth.
Ride me he says,
I straddle his cock and rock back and forth side to side, up and down faster and slow ago,
Feeling the heat brewing in my pussy as my juices flowing down his shaft ,
My pussy acheing and throbbing bringing me to the brink of climax.
Feeling like I m going to erupt like a volcano
I scream and moan in pleasure
My tits bouncing in his face the faster and harder I ride my man.
He let's out a shout  OH Jesus here it comes baby ... Where do you want it.
I say deep inside me ... I m cumming with you. We both exploded together our juices mingling as one flow.

Written by Nympho
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Lost Thinker
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My Master

My Master , he enters the room
Come here he says, tonight you will obey
Bow down and kneel before me, when instructed to do something say yes Sir Master,

Take my cock out of my pants.
Yes Sir Master,
Lick and suck ,spit and slobber all over it.
Yes sir Master
I begin to lick and twirling my tongue around his head , darting my tongue in out his tiny hole, lick all around the shaft to his ball sack and back up again, before taking it inch by inch in my mouth sucking and spitting and slobbering all over it.
He must be pleased, he grabbed a fist full of my long black hairs and thrusting harder and deeper into my mouth.
Gagging as his cock slips down my throat.
He says look at me as you are gagging on my massive cock.
Yes sir Master
I look up at my Master
He says your eyes are so seductive he wants to cum all over my face.
I said yes sir Master
As he shoots his thick milky load in my face . Dripping down my chin
Written by Nympho
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Lost Thinker
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My hands and feet tied to the bed post
Spreading my legs apart
Sliding his head next to my mound
Parting my pussy lips, he begins
Sucking on my clit and fingering
my hole.

Burying his tongue deep in my hole
lapping at my juices
 Like a hungry animal
Squirming and moaning as he is giving
me pleasure.

Wanting and needing to be fed
that big hard cock
I beg and I plead
Give it to me good

He pop the head in and out
teasing and taunting me
making me beg for it all

Deep and hard my pussy must have
Thrust that cock deep to my very core
My pussy on fire 🔥 like a raging inferno of orgasms.
Pounding hard and fast to orgasmic rush of juices spew down his shaft.
My body quivers and shakes and begging for more cock.
Written by Nympho
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poet Anonymous

Tyrant of Words
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Busted Pipe

 “When her liquid loves splashes my face the shit excites me
It’s on that same level when I cum in her pussy,
 “If I’m still hard-I tell her to climb on her joy ride
And pound my sperm deeper inside,

 “She licks her juices from my face and my dripping lips
Gyrating with erotic force her sexy full hips,
 “Tongues wrestle each other, while I’m palming ass cheeks
As she softly whispers ‘baby you’re making me weak’,

 “Feeling her body shake as inner pink walls clench
Followed by another intense vaginal rinse,
 “Down the river ass crack to my mountainous spine
Transforming her silent scream into a straining whine,

 “Then her whine, becomes slow crying
Because her true sexual emotions are exposed-there is no denying,
 “Burring her face in my shoulder-arms around my neck
While her inner flood releases again-making my dick monsoon wet,

 “Tears from her eyes roll down my chest
And in my bellybutton is where they find rest,
 “My pubic hairs traveling the land of her Brazil
As her body shakes like she has an arctic chill,

 “Teeth of sudden passion instantly bite into my flesh
Along with another feel of her waterfall wet,
 “Dick throbbing hard, because her pussy is so quivering hot
In-between tears she cries ‘baby I can’t stop’

 “Slowly she rises until her pink flower meets my tip
Then once again her pussy let it rip,
 “Spraying like a water-hose all over my legs
Causing her to cuss and stumble on the bed,

 “Face down, ass up as she uncontrollably weep
Time to ascend her to the level of super freak,
 “Suddenly her eyes open wide and breath leaves her mouth
As I suck her pussy from behind and drain her ass out”.
Written by CasketSharpe
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Dangerous Mind
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My Main Sexual Fantasy

Okay. You could say that my main sexual
fantasy happens to be for me to fuck
hard a babe in bondage who is not a pal.

I would rub this cock that's as big as a truck
with baby oil before stuffing it inside
a babe who tried to escape with no such luck.

For example, I would have to break the pride
of Wonder Woman who would be unable
to stop me from drilling my dick deep inside.

And even though it should be regrettable,
the sex would indeed be so incredible.
Written by berea440oh
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Dangerous Mind
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Hit the Shower

After a long and stressful day
I’m really itching to hit the shower
To feel the warm water wash my stress away
I could stay in here for hours.
A shiver passes down my spine
As the shower door swings out
I turn around and see something so divine
My throat goes dry as if suffering from drought.
And a form of drought I am suffering from
The miserable torture of being untouched
Despite your primal stare, I feel calm
And from within spreads a deep flush.
You step inside and close the door
The small space suddenly feels even more confined
Your darkened eyes send shivers down to my very core
I look at your body and admire its design.
You approach me and push me back against the wall
You press your warm lips against my sensitive neck
I gasp in delight, and pressed against you I feel so small
I feel so blessed to have you; I picked the right card from the deck.
You grab my hair and force me to look into your eyes
Those gorgeous blue-green orbs are enough to get me wet
Your member pokes at my abdomen and I’m taken aback by its size
You give me that cocky smile that I adore as if saying: ‘This is as good as you’ll get.’
Your strong hand plays with my breasts and pinches my nipples
It’s exactly the way I love it; you’re driving me wild
The water cascades down and causes ripples
Your touch ignited the sparks and is fueling my fire.
As you bite my neck, your nimble fingers slide south
You gently caress my sacred part, and slowly slide one finger into my heat
You mute my moans by sticking your tongue into my mouth
As nice as your gentle strokes feel, they’re not enough for me to feel complete.
My moans get louder as you play with my clit
My nails dig into your back the way that you like
You guide your member to rest at my entrance, waiting for me to submit
You already know what I want, no need to be a psyche.
You slide into me slowly and I shudder in unrestrained pleasure
Inch by inch your member rubs against my walls
You are my oasis in a merciless desert
Good thing you’re holding me up otherwise I’d fall.
You pick up the pace and begin to thrust
I follow your lead, and rotate my hips
Even in this primal joining you’re still the only one I can trust
The pleasure between my legs increases and I bite my lips.
Each thrust of yours brings you in faster and deeper
Our eyes lock as we continue to grind against each other
You kiss me hard and I respond back eagerly
Your taste intoxicates me, and I know that I can never belong to another.
 Your member hits all the sweet spots inside of me
I tilt my head back and I feel myself getting closer
You pick up the pace and leave kisses that electrify me
I’m simply a passionate melody and you are the composer.
My moment has come, and I let out a cry
Your breathing gets harder as you allow your release
We lean against each other as we recover from our high
After an exhilarating voyage, I’m now at peace.
I sigh in pure bliss as you wrap me in your arms
I can still feel your heartbeat inside of my core
“We have to clean off again, huh?” you say as you kiss my palms
I smile as I feel your hardness once more. “Let’s go for more.”
Written by LunasChild8
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Strange Creature
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Dinner on bed

 I want to eat you,Let me be close
Smell you, treat for nose
Grope you hard, let's start 😋
You doesn't need dressings
Like normal food
Watching you there, I stood
Take my mouth,To your lips
Taste the taste buds, On my tongue tip
Lick you down , For softer hills
Make wet twice, With my skills
Take it in, chew it hard
Calm down baby, it's a start
Let me suck them, You close your eyes
Feeling like this, Make something rise
Close our bodies, Let them heat
Not only tongue, I want all sense treat
I want your moan, To reach my ear
Let me make effort, To make them clear
To lick the wetness, Making them wet
Finishing by entering, Just be relaxed
Written by Amon
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Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Age cometh not alone
It bringeth much baggage
Things changeth a lot
Even sexual desires doth
In my early teens
My sexual fantasy
Was my French Teacher
In a red pencil skirt
And fishnet stockings
Mounting me on her table and  
Riding me into battle
My wet dream fantasy
Was a certain communications officer
On the US Enterprise
In a miniskirt showing off
Stocking tops and red panties
She was always able to beam me up
Always with sticky pyjamas
And heavy breathing
In my early 20's
I discovered Maralin Munroe
Rachel Welch, Doris Day
Sophia Loren and Twiggy
My wank bank was full
Forever making withdrawals
Started losing my sight
And grew one big bicep
Fast forward almost 40 years
Many fantasies have cum and gone
3 in a bed, twins, naughty nurse
Sex in public, sex on a bus
Sex in a church, Madonna,
7 of 9, Beyonce, Lamas,  
Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad  
Currently, I would settle
For a female
Living or dead
Who can give me an erection
So we are talking about
A female Baptist Pastor
Who by the power of God
Can create miracles to happen
And the healing power to raise the dead

(For the Sexual Fantasies Comp)
Written by David_Macleod (14397816)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Lien On Me


My blood shed is yours to drink.
Your thoughts are mine as well to think.
I crave the pain it’s how I feel.
Gaze down upon me as I kneel.
Forbidden love we take and give.
This is how our kind must live.
Bound in chains of need and trust.
Free to know the depths of lust.
My sister’s sounds I long to hear.
And taste once more the sweat and tear.
Begs disguised in do and say.
Commands each other to obey.
Submissively I play my part.
That she may dominate my heart.
Written by midevil
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Dangerous Mind
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I gaze into
I realise  
that he's  
a rare    
we both    
that he  
ever compare  
to any  
as the beauty  
of him  
in my    
as I    
to him  
until I feel  
harden beneath    
my flowered  
as the    
of his    
breath sears  
my psyche  
whilst our  
one another    
our lips  
as a precursor  
to our  
upon each    
as we    
of the    
as my    
plush velvet  
his rock
as he    
onto my    
to nourish    
in stunning  
he pierces  
heart & soul  
as we    
hard & violently  
but always 
my body  
is his  
Written by shadow_starzzz
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Fire of Insight
United States
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