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Poetry competition CLOSED 11th August 2019 3:49am
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sexual fantasies

Lost Thinker
United States
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Poetry Contest

i want to see who has the most raunchy mind, i want to feel like i need a cigarette after ready your entry .
-no word count limit
-1 entry only allowed per human
-must be a sexual fantasy
-new material preferred
-old material accepted
-title not counted in length



Dangerous Mind
United States
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In The Valley

Okay, now
Unbutton his pants
And suck his dick
Faster on it,
Okay, now gag on it
Okay, that's good
Now spit on his balls
There you go
Now lick it off
Okay now get both balls
In your mouth
You’re a fucking star
Okay now spit on your tits
And squeeze them
Around his cock
Okay, now where’s the oil?
Okay, Jerry, start pouring this
On her tits
There you go,
Don’t be afraid to use all of it
Because we’ve got plenty
Okay now start slathering her ass
Put it directly into her butthole
And squeeze it,
Good, good
Now, Karen, squirt it out
Don’t worry, we’ve got
A cleaning crew
Okay, Jerry, put it in her ass
You okay, Karen?
Ha ha, I know you like it
You’re the best bitch ever
Pour more oil on her ass
I mean, really get it all
Over the place
This footage looks fucking amazing!
Okay, now pull it out
And start sucking it again
You’re really into it, okay?
Gag on it again
Oh shit!
You’re gonna get nominated
For this, Karen
You fucking bitch
Okay now start slapping her face
With that horse cock
Tell him how much you love it, whore
Yes, I’m gonna fucking cream myself
Right now
Okay, back in her ass
But cowgirl this time
Not that reverse bullshit
And Karen, stay squat on your feet
For as long as possible
This’ll be some legendary shit
Right here
Grab her ass from underneath
Finger your pussy, Karen
Talk dirty
Oh shit, did you just come up with that?
I fucking love you!
Okay, grab her tits,
Squeeze them
Where’s that oil?
Ah, fuck the oil
Okay, start sucking him again
Now lick his ass, rim him
What?  Okay, I’ll throw in
Another $800.  Deal?
Now really get in there,
Suck some shit outta his anus!
What?  Too far?
Okay, go back to the balls
Really make out with them
Like it was your high school crush
Whisper sweet nothings to them
Okay, now bend over,
Keep your legs straight,
And grab your ankles
Now, Jerry, here’s extra lube
I want you
To really pound her this time
Show no mercy,
Make her say the safe word
Three times before you stop
Okay, another $500, then.
We good?
You’re killing me, Karen
Grab those ankles!
You’re loving it, you slut
Oh shit!
Smack her ass
Harder, with both hands
I want to see oil
Splashing off those cheeks
God damn
You’re getting this, right, Glen?
Fuckin’ A
You’re the best in the biz
Holy shit!
Whip that hair around, Kar
Grab her midriff,
Keep slamming it,
Don’t slow down
No, already?
Okay, fuck it
Karen, get down on your knees,
We need this shot
You went a whole week
Without doing it, right, Jerry?
You’ve got the best loads
In the biz!
This is gonna be money
All over, Jer, all over
Get it in her eyes
And up her nose
Swallow whatever gets
In your mouth,
Don’t spit,
Okay, Kar?
Okay, here we go
Get in tight, Glen
Tongue his balls
One last time, Kar!
Oh fuck, Jer,
What the fuck did you do?!
You overshot!
Half of it’s on the couch
And on Tracy’s new boots!
You asshole, I’ll fucking kill you!
Goddamn it!
What am I gonna do with this?!
Okay, okay, fuck!
I’m calm, Glen, I’m calm
Keep shooting
Okay, Kar, suck him dry
Smile, wink at the camera,
Now kiss and wave goodbye
Goddamn it!


Written by Taurek
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Lost Thinker
United States
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*lights cigarette* thank you for your entry and for kickin off my very first competition hosted by yours truly. im going now to read more of your work. WELL DONE.

Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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The Order [.]

"In Order To Clean Himself Up, He Had To Dirty Her" - Unknown (sic)      
rolling towards      
in the bloodied earth's      
fiery core      
Sweat flowing in        
red rivers      
between thighs      
to visit      
volcanic eruption      
in the shudder      
of the core's      
Leather Warning      
Ropes tighten      
in the black watercolour      
(before it had a use)      
"Finish yourself!"      
the passage tunnel      
while the swing        
in oblivion      
just, 2 inches        
from the      
in love    
and lust    
in love, and lust    
in hate and love, and lust    
and love and hate,    
in lust      
the light goes out.      
Takes A Shower      
Written by RevolutionAL (Alistair Plint)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Joined 9th Nov 2015
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Out The Cage

‘Twas for a time when I was young,
I slept right through a string of dates
With boys much younger than my age;
It was their first time out the cage.
Who didn’t know how to give tongue,
A sack of hammers wouldn’t rate.
Though none of us had body hair.
None on their face & none down there.
All inexperienced and dumb,
With brains that screamed Jus’ gimme some!
And set aside their childish pranks,
Though still they all were numb as planks.
It’s only just a matter when
Disaster comes and writes the rules,
Tattooed across your ass and then
We’ll set sail on the ship of fools.
Let’s not forget, there was a date;
The Fickle Finger of my fate:
Back when I worked in Hollywood
And took on everything I could,
I was the mail room, me myself;
Was for a magazine, defunct.
A neat-as-pin and full of spunk
The staffers’ only little elf.
Then came the autumn’s overtime:
The congress’ special quarterly.
Raised from a ‘nickel’ to a ‘dime’,
In every shipment’s trip to take
The bulk by van downtown I’d make.
They hired an extra boy for me.
He threw himself into the work,
We got along, he’s not a jerk!
And kinda cute I felt, no doubt,
And after time, he asked me out.
I drove us to a place to eat,
I had a car. It was my treat.
Then often, after work, we two
Would hang out at his bungalow
Not far from where we earned our dough.
The family came from Arkansas,
At times I got to meet his Ma’
Who worked two shifts at the Bijou.
An evening when we’d spend the time,
We’d sit and rock the porch’s swing
And talk about most anything.
Like shopping at the five & dime,
Or what was sitting on the lawn.
He had a thought, then came the dawn.
A little trailer sleeping two
If you were lucky, had a clue,
Had sat within the yard a few;
Why waste an invitation to...
He leapt up off the swing to gaze
Upon the trailer thru’ the haze.
The fog would often settle low
When drifting in off Zuma Beach.
And even tho’ within arm’s reach,
A guess I’d made and put to bed,
I saw the gears turn in his head.
I thought I’d skip the kiss & go.
But Junior was ahead of me.
He took my arm & jumped the steps,
Pulled wide the door, I held my breath
‘Till suddenly, he pushed me in.
I’d fallen on a padded bench
The kind for sitting when you eat.
I thought aloud sarcastic’lly
“Oh lucky me”, by trailer hitch,
To try and pork me in the dark
Just for a lark, ain’t that a bitch.
No torch to see ironic’lly,
It wouldn’t count math’matic’ly.
He didn’t even grope, not once
While on all fours to penetrate,
And there I’m thinking ‘doggy-style’.
He’s gotta know, the donkey dunce,
To anyone who’s fucked a while.
He’s in a ‘rage’ and cannot wait.
The pokes, the fumbles getting in;
My patience wearing kinda thin.
I tried to help, I reached behind
And nearly missed and couldn’t find
Just what the hell was on his mind:
Dude make your move before I’m dry!
And meantime with the curtains drawn,
We both of us preoccupied,
The headlights flash and pass beyond
The moment when I thought I’d die.
With Junior now on top of me:
The ultimate insanity.
Without a plan for anal sex,
He had to have it, fuck it all!
I felt in mortal danger then,
I had to redirect his bend
Or it would be the end of me,
His cock was huge & he was tall!
I couldn’t get him off for shit,
I tried to talk him out of it.
I don’t know why I thought I could,
His head was hard just like his wood!
But then I shifted hips and rump;
I felt him slide into the front.
That seemed to satisfy his crave,
To save my ass another day,
He mashed his face into my hair.
I closed my eyes, I wasn’t there
As Junior grabbed my hips & humped,
Until his grunts were filled with doubt.
I tensed myself; he found me out??
He rolled his hips in disbelief,
That even he knew ass is tight,
And shouted out ”Damn, girl, you’re loose!!”
Outside, the bellows of a moose!
And then came MA’ in from the night!!!
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Multiple Tongues

She spreads her legs wide open
Giving them access to her beautiful shell
And they on their knees lap at her
Like beasts with a ravenous hunger to quell
She moans in delight despite her position
Seated on the altar up on high
A line of men and women stands and waits
To taste the juices that flow from her thighs
They idolize her like a goddess divine
But she definitely is not a saint
As she gives herself freely to the sinners
Who kiss and lick her clit and her taint
Some women stand in quiet amazement
As they themselves get wet at the sight
Of the goddess being eaten out
In constant joy and throes of delight
Others softly kiss her legs and her feet
In complete reverence of her sensuality
The pleasure of multiple tongues
Is a wicked fantasy turned into reality
They take turns worshipping her sex
The sacred ritual to see who is the one
To please her and make her release
To satisfy her until she’s able to cum
The goddess looks at each of them lovingly
As she whimpers and closes her eyes
And all of them linger waiting to see
Which one of them she would baptize
Then a beautiful young girl walks up and kneels
They feel the connection when their eyes meet
And as her youthful mouth opens to lap
The goddess delightfully quivers in heat
The young woman kisses and licks with such a passion
That the goddess begins to writhe and shake
Climaxing into the young woman's full lips and mouth
Releasing all her nectar with an enormous quake
They all witness the young girl being doused
The goddess comes off her throne to give her a kiss
Their lips and tongues locked with a fever
“I love you” the young girl whispers in bliss
The girl then is disrobed and carried off
By the animals who are under a spell
To satiate all their wants and their needs
By the cannibals with a hunger to quell
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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My Sexual Fantasy

My fancy
My ultimate fantasy
Is to make love
To a woman
So vigorously,
And Satisfactory
She feels compelled
To pay me

 If only,
I'd quit my job
Written by snugglebuck
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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She asks "Can you feel me...?"  
"As if you were here with me"  
I, with exultation, reply  
Electricity courses through my body  
as my fingers dance  
with the silky tendrils, live-wires  
on the nape of your neck  
Seduced by your magnetic,  
needing, wanting,  
unconditionally accepting gaze  
eliciting a smile, a joyful tear  
Your breath  
warm on my face  
familiar,comforting scent  
presages the vibration  
of your voice  
magnificent sultriness  
Your succulent lips  
fuse with mine  
as if never to be separated  
our tongues colliding  
by the candlelight  
reflected off the smooth round  
of your glorious shoulders  
where my lips linger  
pressed against  
their polished ebony surface  
Like a voracious beast  
I attack your breasts  
hiding my hands  
beneath their sweat moistened  
lifting them to suckle  
each rock-hard ruby nipple  
Grabbing you  
in a kissing embrace  
my hands travel the length  
of your back  
coming to rest on your curvaceous hips  
moving down your crevice  
to cradle your round, breathtaking bottom
waves of euphoria roll over me  
as I feel your heat  
I crumple to my knees  
spreading your thighs  
my fingers unwrap  
your humid,  
heavenly musk-scented  
chocolate box  
the hard tip of my tongue  
probes and discovers  
your fuchsia hood  
and hungrily licks  
your priceless pearl  
Penetrating your humidity  
with my blushing rigidity  
your welcoming tightening  
invites me to stay  
play a while  
until with shuddering ecstasy  
my cream explodes forth  
to mix with your sweet honey  
Oh yes, I can feel you  
Written by Gahddess_Worship (Osomajestuoso)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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As I enter into the dimly lighted room off in the distance I notice a shadow within the shade of the darkness but yet as I go deeper into the abyss of no light there you stand, as the moonlight reflects off the beauty of your body shinning so bright for as I grab you by your waist and pull you so very close to me as I feel the softness of your skin against mine as I moan with pure delight craving you even deeper.                              
But yet as I inhale your essence which each breath I take deep within my lungs I become intoxicated, by your scent and your aroma that seems to pour from the deepness of your spiritual soul.                                                            
Drowning me into a pool of pure seductive thoughts gripping me with each breath I inhale and exhale till I even become exhausted by your presence and, the touch of our hands as they explore our deepest body senses making me crave you even more than before like a song of rhapsody written with a deep and viciousness of caring love.
Written by Stoney223
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Lost Thinker
United States
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yaaaassss! i love it!

Twisted Dreamer
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Wrap yourself around me
Feel water droplets trickle down
My fingers slowly tracing round your back
Push hard up against me
Sexual whispers in my ear
Slowly you open up your crack

Slide your hand towards mine
Directing where to go
Guiding me toward the centre
I make my way towards it,
This thing of sexual beauty
The pussy, between the sweet legs
Of the lady I

I hear your gasps of excitement
As I tickle around inside you
My fingers dripping wetness
That is seeping from your clit
Then I push a little harder
Deeper down inside you
That hole of sexuality
That is a major hit

You scream out in excitement
Begging me to fuck you
You want to feel my hard cock
Pound open your door
So I push hard inside you
Both our floodgates open
As we collapse together
Upon the shower floor

Written by spacemod69
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Garrett Asa Hughes
Thought Provoker
United States
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You are truly a gift.
Wrapped in a pretty bow.
Of which i want to pull a strand.
Slowly, as it unravels to show.
As your clothes fall to the floor.
I'm left to marvel, beautiful and bare.
My knees collapse without warning.
I'm left in awe to look up and stare.
Please come walk to me,
So i can hold you around your legs.
Hands full, clawing your ass.
As both of our bodies beg.
Hands, running down,
To the back of your thighs.
Looking up at you.
Mixture of moans and sighs.
Your taste on my tongue.
My eyes continue to stare.
Yours, close slowly-
For moments only-
As your fingers grip my hair.
Hold me within-
Skin upon skin.
You, next to me-
Both, in ecstasy.
I want to feel your legs,
Tremble around my head.
Until you fall over me onto the ground.--
I'll reach up to grab your wrists,
Feel your hips,
As they gyrate and hold my head down.
Arch your back,
Just like that,
So i can feel your pressure on my tongue.--
And while i get your taste,
You can fuck my face,
Just know, we've only begun.
Written by DCLXVI_1989 (Garrett Asa Hughes)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Related submission no longer exists.

poet Anonymous

Gustavo Alvarez
Strange Creature
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Your  satisfaction

I've left the door unlocked,keep the lights off,just walk in ,no spoken words,release that animal you've kept inside. Release all that power, release all your might, release all the tension you've had bottled up inside. You know were to find me,you know were I'm at,eagle spread across the bed,hand shackled n feet cuffed,only to feel how you savagely tear me up inside. Like hot knife to butter, oh fuck I feel you deep inside.Claiming this body,making me yours,you fuck with no mercy,with no remorse,my moans grow louder with every stroke. Power fucking me till you explode. Be wild ,be free,just fuck me which ever way you please. I'm here for your pleasure and your satisfaction , now let's try that demon of yours that I know wants to fuck me.
Written by BOyt0y (Gustavo Alvarez)
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