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A Set of Five Short Poems

Thought Provoker
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The Present Will Always Bow To The Past


Time Is An Illusion

begins at the end
coiling itself backwards
from lesser to less.

The Wait

Seven soggy springs
Asleep on one side of bed
sinking ocean’s deep, waiting, for
An apology which never came.

The Farmer

You plowed digging
Layer by layer for my heart
Beneath each sheet
There was another skin
Dogeared: alabaster, untouched.


The snail glided softly
Slowly in blackest of black
Glistening iridescent path, bridging
An unframed world
With the past.

Losing Is An Art, and I Do It So Well

Losing isn’t hard. We practice everyday
Misplaced love, lovers, continents
Mother’s daughter missing
you, but perhaps
I miss myself the most.
Written by Layla
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you cabcool for entering the comp, taking us through a rhymed work-week.

Thank you Layla for and interesting entry in the comp, where past meets present.

Dangerous Mind
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The City That Sways

What you are is what
you control

This whole world is a
missed connection

Sitting up in dark apartments
As far from the mainstream
As you’d ever be

Sweet Prince
Two feet on the ground,
Quinn’s dead, and there
Would be no third chances

You’re facing lifelong
humiliation for
A paltry check

Wilson Park
Absence makes the heart
Look somewhere

Written by Taurek
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you Taurek for your entry; interesting set of random 'shorties'. By the way, you've done six short poems; only five are required for comp rules consistency. If you'd like to edit one of them out, that would be great.

Dangerous Mind
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Five Daily Musings

Buying celery in the market here...
the ladies buy only a few...of the tough outer ribs...    
...while I take home the lonely heart...    
about spontaneity...    
Don't you ever do anything spontaneous? says he    
Sure, she says, I married you, my love    
     ...didn't I?...    
for all my airs of wisdom    
           and assurance    
I too...am just a small voice in the      
      darkness...crying... lonely    
      ...looking for the light...    
It's clear to me where we came from    
look at Mother, it's plain to see      
that we...result from the nature of rational chance.
..with an occasional oddity...    
Try to accept me      
...for what I am…    
and I will try too    
...to accept you...    
Written by Ely (E.A.Rothwell)
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Fire of Insight
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John Smith's Distinct Memories Of 1999

Rainy Days

Others fall from the clouds;
he, falls on them...
If and when
a cloud falls on him,
he cries foul...

Hot July

His wife's best friend
exhibits under the table gestures;
his sensitivities are tickled...

October Blues

His parallel thoughts
of Frontal Attack and frontal nudity
merge in the infinite...

Black Friday

Outside the pawnshop
he window-shops used parts
for building character...

New Year's Resolution

Invents excuses
for always plunging
in moderate depths...
Written by takis1917
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you Ely for your collection of random 'shorties'; first time I've ever come across celery in a poem - and it's true, those hard outsides, and the double-level meaning. Nice observation.

Thank you Takis for your comp entry, picking out 'calendar events' with a subtle twist.

Dangerous Mind
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THIS NOW…{{I Bleed And Burn Alive In (y)our Love}}…COUNTS  TO ETERNITY

don’t know what am I?      
just let go- the eye of I      
lids heave no more.      
only light(ness)    
sandy. his street ID.      
decade of a glossy fur turns d(r)eadlock    
trend as baldy famine timeline. mere news.    
red rust last footprints sink down.as seeds    
a bird in time, alights      
from the grainy buzzing skies      
to an uncharted spot, rovers its tiny digits      
stamps a deluge of hope over minefields    
Burn Alive    
your pyre of greed burns down      
baby pinks & grass greens...    
your stage’s a lie of blown up cut-outs to burnt
effigies..dramatic emotional trauma
In (y)our Love    
inner train awakens in writhing pain    
benumbed broken tracks spark      
as red raging fire..Our Nature within      
syncs parallel, Destin(y/ation) Truth
Written by summultima (uma)
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you Uma for your entry into the comp.

Fire of Insight
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Short Poems [ String of Haiku and Tanka]


I see them falling
Twirling slowly in the air
Blown by monsoon wind


Fluttering their wings
Hover over the flowers
On a bright morning

Morning Glory

Unfurl their petals
At the sight of the warm sun
After a cold night


Lay on the sidewalk
Wilted, returned to the ground
Their season's over


Is a reflection
Of life's seasons and changes
Where there's beginning
And ending to everything
That lives and grows in this world
Written by Summerrain75
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you Summer for you comp entry - nice set of nature-related 'shorties'

David Macleod
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Watching Waiting and Thinking   (Five Short Poems Comp)

(i) Random

Waiting for the train
Watching random passers-by
Thinking no clean shoes

(ii) Tall Grass

Waiting for growth
Watching the tall grass growing
Thinking I should mow

(iii) Paint

Waiting but ready
Watching the first coat paint drying
Thinking, wrong colour

(iv) Bubbles

Waiting for the kettle
Watching for boiling bubbles
Thinking takes too long

(v) Scared

Waiting for a text
Watching my I-phone, then Ding!
Thinking scared to look
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you David for entering the comp. Nice fistful of 'shorties' connecting depth with humour.

Dangerous Mind
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Abbreviated soul-
Tucked within a hidden pocket
Folded into an origami thought
Pasted by the inner vision glue
Broken near this piece of mind...

Clock unwound by an infinite time...

High as Jacob's ladder-
Such, on it, drum session that goes beyond beat
So make your hair stand on end like Buckwheat
Breaking the light barrier, shining dark obsolete
In shifting the grooveless fools to beat a retreat...

When you are feeling beatdown, beats-

So, no one writes a song
As such take them along
Then none to sense the beat
Instead, it fills them complete...

Goodbye sigh-
Uttered as a fresh candied sigh
Here a voice rose from on high
Thus caused a near angel decry
So this, her lonely last goodbye...

Train quatrain-
So her love is locked...in a tearless heart
By this golden cage...yet still is set apart
A history into future...was written in part
As our sunshine rains...the world into art...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Dangerous Mind
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A bad smell disappearing  
Does not mean  
The source is gone-  
I might have just  
Gotten used to it  
I can be a Yogi  
I tell myself  
Even if it all seems overwhelming-  
Just look at how I’ve managed  
With that never-ending ringing  
I believe that    
Plastics are a mistake  
Yet without them I can’t see-  
Contact lenses are literally  
Evolution poking me in the eye  
“You have good taste,” I tell her  
Though I’ve never  
Bitten into her-  
The way I do with  
The closest thing I’ve got  
To proof that this is not  
All a simulation-  
How your specific touch  
Makes me feel
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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