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A Set of Five Short Poems

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

5 Short Poems, triggered by mundane everyday events/thoughts
Write five short poems which can be random, or a linked theme.

1). Give each short poem a title (which can be part of the poem).
2). Give the set of five poems an overall title.
3). No erotica or extreme content.
4). New poems; any form.
5). Each poem 3, 4 or 5 lines long.
5). One entry per poet.
6). 2 weeks (I'm going on holiday after that). So comp ends on 23rd July.
7). Sample below (is also posted on my regular timeline on 9th July)

I am looking for succinct use of simple words and images that reveal hidden depths of our humanity - triggered by poetic (self)-observation.


Five Random Shorties from "A Day in the Life of ..."

Even when you do your best
to present an honest face
the crookéd mask jumps back in front
and smiles precociously.

Blake in a Haiku
Many grains of sand
in the matchbox in my hand.
The matchbox explodes.

The bird of prey
glided high …
book, chapter and verse
in its own gospel.

Busy Day

After a busy day
with too many people
I went home, shook off the noise
and drank in the silence.

Broken Poet’s Haiku
Wrote down the first of
many thirsts; watched my tears grow
into a river.

poet Anonymous

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Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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Excellent start to the comp highlyfunctional; thank you.

Thought Provoker
United States
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Five From Five

Lost and Alone
I'm no ones child  
This cross I bear  
You always had to wear  
I keep around my neck  
So God won't forget  
I’ll pretend to fly with feathers I don’t own
I go back in time  
Nothing but you I find  
Memories are like stones  
They only hurt when you crash on them alone
To live in a world with peace  
Where no one is ever wrong  
I’m not promised tomorrow    
But I won’t give up on today
Where have all my heroes gone  
Acting like nothings wrong
With all these voices in my head      
I keep seaching for words of red      
In hopes I find them in me      
Come with me, to find eternity  
Dark angel, I'm lost in your mystery
Her passion fueled by my desire  
She took me to a place where angels never fly  
I burned to ashes and never felt the fire
Written by buddydog
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Guardian of Shadows
United States
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5 Short Poems


Sand slips through my hand;
the sea becomes my marrow,
and I find my soul.

I Think

I am best, alone—
in God, I trust, for this life;
love left me jaded.

Too Much

Seconds seem too long —
what shall be my legacy
when time finally ends?

And Find

Vintage linens—yes!
I am a keeper of time.
My collection, grows .

Everything and Nothing

Patience has a way
of pissing me off, teaching
what I need to know .

Thought Provoker
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Silent Madness

Looks can be devious  
I look strong, balanced, calm  
supposedly impervious  
Silence and Madness laugh  
hysterical at your naivete

Silence sighs, cries  
never lies, never dies  
Madness supposedly sets you free  
That never happened for me  
Completely unwelcome  
I cannot send the shadows away  
To banish Silence and Madness  
I must exile myself  
It took a while to accept  
the frequent visitations  
Silent mania suffocating  
voiceless misery shrieking  
Silence dances with Madness  
I’m not them, shadowed fiends  
Yet the muted delusion is me
Written by inechoingsilence
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jade tiger
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Simple Thoughts to Self

Before the morning quakes I rise  
To shake off reservations,  
My blurry eyes
To step into the shower,  
All steamed, to shave my legs.  

I wash my hair and wrap it tight  
In spite of the temptation,  
Thru’ window’s light  
As misty view uplifting,  
The perfect weather begs.  
A quiet smile that comes to me  
In restive contemplation,  
What shall it be  
My honey currant muffins,  
Or coddled soft-boiled eggs.  
No coffee, no caffeine today  
A fruit smoothly libation,  
A sunshine’s ray  
Is better than anything,  
Won’t light up powder kegs.  
But most of all you will agree  
Of all of God’s creations,  
It’s love you need  
As bells that tolled once upon,  
To clothesline wooden pegs.  
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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Thank you Buddydog for your comp entry. Each of the 5 poems should be only 3-5 lines long. If you'd like to edit them shorter to fit the comp rules, and re-post it, that would be great.

Thank you MadameLavender. Nice idea to make the poem titles into a sentence which adds a further angle to your comp entry.

Thank you inechoinsilence. Interesting set of five poems delving into the inner world relating to larger themes.

Thank you Jade for your comp entry. Engaging journey through the morning routine and ending up with the larger perspective.

Tyrant of Words
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Five Thoughts

Where Light Dies
Frequency of darkness  
Tuned in to anger  
Vicious vibrations  
Reaching out for destruction  
This is where light dies  
Out Of The Box  
The concept of autism  
There’s no box  
That can hold its diversity  
New Town Leper
Don’t come near me  
Can’t you hear the bell  
I’m autistic don’t touch  
I am contagious  
The new town leper  
Not Dying Today
Not dying today  
One more breath  
One more heartbeat  
One more step
The little things that keep me on the path  
Unstitch The Label
A non conformity that won’t change  
This identity is me maybe a factory reject  
Adapted with what I got
Unstitch the label cause it don’t mean a thing  
Intermittent connection Is enough to survive  
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Tyrant of Words
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Five Folivoras

Did I even catch 40 winks
prior to my yawn
before my spilling ink
onset morning dawn?


Cups – no more,
no less than four
my cockcrow
Midnight snacks
time for sleep
or dream walking?
My body and mind
don’t always want
to travel together
before a wee nap


astrally in
bliss and rest
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Joshua Bond
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Nice set of 5 shorties, AP56; thank you.

You've got me reaching for my dictionary again Tallen  :))   we posted at the same time, I just missed it earlier on today. Interesting set of 'shorties'. Judging is getting harder by the minute. Thank you for entering.

Dangerous Mind
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Related submission no longer exists.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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after the campfire dies  
the forest has a way of baptizing        
  your thoughts—its obsidian font        
 revealing you are the captor        
  of your own shadow world—      
  your fears a prisoner      
5:00 am      
we all want a good story to tell—      
when dawn illuminates        
 the foothills of a cook stove        
 utensil, you'll improvise        
   the landscape of food      
the river      
sliding against the bank      
  its black water a snake—        
  stealthy; lightning slicing        
its underbelly—the rain      
  shouting, hightail it      
we all have a desire        
  to commune with our origin—        
the mountain opens wide its heart      
says, enter into this safe cavern—        
  the one that birthed you first
green thumb      
see, we all want our lives      
  to be immaculate; to communicate      
to know how to seed Love—        
but, more importantly, how to weed        
  fear so our roots won't choke        
Written by Ahavati
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Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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Thank you Eerie for entering the comp. Like the way you took (the) 5 stages of grief as a basis.

Thank you Ahavati for your comp entry. I'm dreading 'Judgement Day' now.

Guardian of Shadows
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pentametric paradigms @ work

ode to the weekend  

Monday is the day  
weekends lose their sway.    
what an awful fray,    
just to break away    
from the cabaret!    
Tuesday, gone the edge    
of lethargic sledge.    
Monday-Wednesday wedge    
brings a vibrant pledge    
from my lame cortège.    
Wednesday, middle week,    
perfectly oblique:    
come the joys i seek,    
with a brief sneak peek    
of weekend mystique.    
Thursday, working late,    
too much on my plate.    
gosh, how much i hate    
this eternal wait.    
i should delegate!    
just a few more hours    
gets me through these doors.    
Friday night for snores,    
Sat‘day morn for chores,    
then i’m once more yours!    
© Copyright 2019 July 11
Written by cabcool
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