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Visualize it...  Global Warming

Dangerous Mind
Sri Lanka
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Dear DU Poets,

I sincerely apologize for the delay in choosing the winner…….
(I had a long holiday weekend for Eid Al Adha)

lets get down to business then,

Thank you all you guys for your entrees.

I’m sure every one who wants to chose a winner will go through the same emotions I went through.
Because even though the entrees are few, they all are exactly what I wanted to hear from this competition.

Here I have chosen a WINNER and a RUNNER UP...!

And here I describe briefely my view on both poems. ( I know am not an experienced poet. These observations are mainly at the visual aspect of the poem)

The Wor(l)d - Ahavati
When I saw the entree,  it captured my attention 100%. I loved the image, colours and the abstract shaping a burning wood but actually burning papers (words) it fit your poem perfectly.

dEVOLUTION - summultima
I loved the visual, it was calming the eyes yet with a powerful message. The visual accompany abstractness of the poem well with the collage layout.

I spent a long time to decide what to chose as a winner. Thats why there is no 2nd runner up

Also Thank you SatInUGal , wallyroo92 , eswaller I would've used more bright colours and place the text on one side and give a prominent to the concept image. Then you have more space to tell you story and the feel of it

And for AnonymousBystander , DCLXVI_1989 , buddydog , slipalong I'm sorry there are such beautiful poems, but since this is a visual poetry I cant count them. I hope next time I could help to create the visual poery images.

Thank you guys again...


poet Anonymous

Ah..This is a timely themed comp. hosted in all pressing concern over saving our very Mother Earth ..our Home..Thank you Dejure for the efforts & mention in here among all great entries! Feels a small worthy step ahead to embrace Earth in our versed viz. art. Congratz Ahavati n all in here

Tyrant of Words
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Congratulations on a stunning entry, Sweetie! 🏆😊💜

Well done, Uma!

And great job everyone else, including Dejure in his hosting!

Tyrant of Words
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Thank you for the honor, Vick.  I'm truly humbled.  Congratulations, Uma! So happy to be standing with you.  And thanks everyone who entered to show you care about this global threat to every living thing, including the planet.  I give gratitude every day for the upcoming generation who will alter the paradigm shift from profit over people to people, animals, and the planet over profit.

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