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6 Years Ago Today...

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem describing to me what you were like 6 years ago
So 6 years ago on June 30th 2014 I first joined DUP, which gave me an idea that basically goes like this:
Tell me what you were like 6 years ago were you a lot more different?, were you married?, were you on this site?, did you give yourself to God, etc. was there anything dramatic that changed about you?
Explain in your poem and be specific

- 1 poem
- can't be too long
- Must be specific
- Be creative
- Please title poem

Tyrant of Words
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From my heart I open the depth of my mind but from my soul I release my inner spirit as I open the doors to the stairway to the silents of my darkness of who and what I am as a man, but yet from my visions that became images taken from the pages of my lifetime they became my trails and tribulations the real lessons we sometimes have to learn from life but yet from my eyes was the hurt and pain which some came from love and some came from lessons learned from the devils in human skin. But as the feelings became lesser to feel the unseen tears that once fell down my face slowly healed with the passing of time but as I journey travel and walk through the passage of life with its storms that comes with life I not ask question the most highest spiritual soul, as I know he will always be there walking beside me as I walk through the storms with my faith and my trust for he will give me the courage and the strength to stand and walk as a man of skin flesh and blood as a man who has become unchanged because through him I gain my faith and trust.
Written by Stoney223
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Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
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6 Years Ago

6 years ago
I was in 6th grade
If I were to define that year
It would be
The year I killed myself
Metaphorically speaking
Both my best friends ditched me
And I could barely speak to anyone else
That was the year
I told myself to suck it up
Shit happens
I realized that life wasnt going to go easy on me
That was the year that I was forced to be in a drama production
Turns out, I love theater
I broke out of my shell
That was the year
That prepared me
For the following years
Of shit
Written by marina2020 (Rain Woman)
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Dangerous Mind
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Dangerous Mind
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6 Beers in Hell

6 years ago I bought a
condo in a beach community in
southern California at the  
urging of my parents  
years ago they had given  
me a bunch of government  
bonds that I had in a plastic  
grocery bag that I kept in  
my closet  
they said I could use that  
for a down payment  
at the time, I was living in  
a slum in Santa Monica  
and fighting with the  
landlords over the gas bill  
the only people who lived  
in the complex then was  
an older annoying drunk  
who lived downstairs in  
a room with a separate  
bathroom down the hall, and  
a pretty young woman who  
had just moved into an  
apartment directly across  
from me on the second floor,  
she was in between places and  
her parents knew the landlords,  
so they let her move in as a favor  
I think she flirted with me a  
Couple of times but I was too  
Fucked up to do anything  
About it  
I remember her parents came by  
One day and said the location  
Was beautiful, but the inside  
Of the complex was like living  
Inside of a horror movie  
That was the most apt  
Description of the place I  
Had ever heard  
Anyways, the whole process  
Took over a year, with me  
Looking at various condos  
With my real estate agent and  
My mortgage broker basically  
Letting me know what a loser  
I was financially in the friendliest  
Way possible  
This was post 2008, he said  
Prior to then, you could just  
Walk in, ask for a loan, and  
Theyd give it to you right  
There on the spot  
Now, they wanted to know
everything about you,  
Right down to how many hairs  
You had dangling around
Your asshole  
The whole process left me feeling    
A bit like Id been raped or at    
Least a little molested  
Anyways, I was able to secure  
A shitty ARM loan that keeps  
The monthly payments relatively  
Low, but it expires next year, and  
I dont know whatll happen then,  
I keep meaning to ask my mortgage  
Company about it, but Im too  
Much of a lazy coward to make  
The call  
And the thing is, although my  
living situation has definitely  
Upgraded, Ive remained the same  
Im still at this computer drunk  
Every night eking out words in  
My own plankton manner  
The only difference being, that  
I now post them on this site for my  
Audience of 30 or 40 people  
Wherever you go,  
There you  

Written by Taurek
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Lost Thinker
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All I can see is fading brake lights as I swerve throughout the cars  
Its time for late night pleasure seeking in some seedy run down bars
Right now I am unchaperoned, but will commit before this night is through  
Thinking if I close my eyes real tight then Ill be sleeping next to you
It's only entertainment, as pretty girls lift up their skirts  
When she lays herself across me, I'm quite uneasy as she flirts  
It's just another pair of tits, these arent her lips, these aren't her thighs  
And Im undoubtedly aware that for sure these aren't her eyes  

With a quick spark the fire starts and the smoke fills up the room  
Watching as her face turns now intriguing to gloom  
I know that using her, only makes it seem more crummy
But I slowly kiss her neck and make my way down to her tummy
I touch her very softly and she says, You know just what to do  
But the night was closing in so, It might as well be you?  
With pinned out eyes I wonder could you bring these tears to laughter?
Is this who Ive become, is this really what Im after?  
Emotional brick walls help me stay out of the light  
Sanity; a full time job but...
Im done with this crude night  
Written by Chimaera76
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Twisted Dreamer
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Not love

Fuck you up
As I suck you off
Cuz you beg for more
As you try to score
Do you remember
When I whispered to you
No other lover will ever
Suck your cock the way I do
But you spat right back
This ain't love here
It's just a fuck
One that lasted ten years
I know you miss me  
Cuz there ain't no doubt
My words were true - see?
Six years without
Written by Amanacer
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poet Anonymous


Tyrant of Words
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First and Foremost

I was lost in a sea of uncertainty,
The fates almost took my beloved away,
And though I was scared I basked in anger,
Thinking and feelingI should be the one to die.
I was mad at the world stuck in a rut,
Trying to redefine myself without definition,
My fear was masked with muddled indifference,
But I seriously had to look within myself.
Love alone would not get me out that funk,
I had to come to terms with my past,
I had to understand its what shaped me,
Always imperfect, constant and unabashed.
Turning forty required some deep reflection,
Between love, life and career,
I had to really look in the mirror,
And learn love myself first and foremost.

Dangerous Mind
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6 Years Ago

Six years ago, I was just someone
Who was trying to find her place
In this world filled with chaos and
Uncertainty everywhere she went.

Back then I was trying to outrun
My old demons and tried to face
That I might not be able to stand
On my feet. Everything was bent,

Twisted and all out of shape back
Then. My friendships were tested
And we all made memories along
The way. There were some days in

Which I thought I would be off track
Or lost forever. My lungs, congested
With yelling, laughter and my song
Made me comfortable in my skin.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
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Wow, thank you so much MsRockyJackson for picking me and for hosting this wonderful competition. Congratulations to talking_mirrors for getting the runner up position. Some interesting pieces here and gave me a chance to reflect.

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