Poetry competition CLOSED 16th July 2019 8:30pm
RUNNERS-UP: summultima and mel44

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Dangerous Mind
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With muscles flexing

Everything tuned up
In tune
You appreciate it
When you see the video later

It would be easy to say
You are in awe of yourself
But it is the divine muse
Who makes you feel this way
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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Dangerous Mind
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Quite a Stir 2 (The Muse to Her Poet)

I saw him hiding,
His eyes were mysterious and deep,
He was shy and silent,
He seemed fun and sweet.
And when he finally spoke,
It was as if he was from another world,
The words he used were stirring,
It was something I had never heard.
He seemed pure of heart,
Then again he was pretty young,
And though we then shared a glance,
I knew something special had begun.
Then he wrote me letters,
Scenes of paradise dreamed and longed,
Verses of ecstasy and bliss,
Promises of something beautiful and beyond.
From time to time I catch him looking at me,
As if he’s lost in something he can’t explain,
Struggling with words when he talks to me,
Still young at heart loving me just the same.

poet Anonymous

I love it when you make it difficult for me to judge. And y’all didn’t disappoint! In the end I resorted to calling in a non-member friend to help me. After much deliberation, this was our decision:

highlyfunctional, your entry was unexpected & brilliantly written. You most perfectly encapsulated what we were looking for in this challenge. Well done on a very deserving entry! Congratulations on taking the trophy!

summultima, A Beautiful Chaos indeed! We’re sure many writers can completely relate to the chaos that can be the voice of the Muse. You demonstrated that chaos perfectly here with your entry. Congratulations on runner-up!

mel44, you wrote an accurate portrayal of how brutally honest the Muse can be…urging us to express our emotions…where they will be forever immortalized. The Muse never forgets. Thank you for sharing your muse’s voice with us. Congratulations on runner-up!

A few honourable mentions must be made as well:

Jade-Pandora, your poem went an unexpected direction in that you wrote from another gender’s perspective. It was intriguing & worthy of a mention. Thank you very much for bringing it to this comp!

Heaven_sent_Kathy, you wrote with such a loving pen that the affection your muse has for you is quite strong. It’s a symbiotic relationship, writer/muse. You showed that very beautifully with your poem. Thank you for sharing your muse with us!

DevlinDLC, we read your entry through several times & grinned each time. Your muse brought attitude to the table in grand fashion! Thank you for allowing your muse the floor for this challenge!

dejure,we loved the uncertain voice your muse spoke with. It is not unreasonable to assume that our muses sometimes question their value to us. A very unique perspective you’ve shared with us. Thank you so much for allowing your muse the stage for this challenge!

slipalong, you highlighted the environment in which the muse reigns…in all its glory & splendour. And not all inspiration is positive. We will feel darkness & danger through our muse at times. Perfectly described in this great entry. Thank you so much for joining us with it!

Gahddess_Worship, what a beautiful query your lovely muse makes in her hesitation. We often take for granted that our muse knows their worth to us but that may not necessarily be so. Especially if our muse is human. You show the growing relationship between muse & writer in your piece beautifully. Thank you for sharing her with us!

Thank you again to everyone who took part in this challenge! You never disappoint with your literary creativity. Until next time, see you all between the pages.

jade tiger
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Thank you, dear host WillowAsh, I’m honored for the Honorable Mention. And my congratulations to winner highlyfunctional, and runners-up summultima & mel44!

And to the others who received Honorable Mention:  Heaven_sent_Kathy, DevlinDLC, dejure, slipalong, & Gahddess_Worship!

This has been a wonderful competition!


Tyrant of Words
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A most thought provoking comp...thank you Ash! A hearty congratulations to Highlyfunctional  and all the poets who participated in this muse-fest, muzapalooza. I appreciate the honorable mention and the kind, encouraging comment accompanying that honor,

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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wonderfully unique  comp. & such many stellar entries streaming to verses the voice of muse..thank you for the runner-up mention & i think the whole comp. is a deep tribute to the ever-living loving muse within one. gratitudes for hosting this Ash & my heart congratulations to winner, runners, mentioned honours & all in this space. thank you & cheers:)

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