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Open heart surgery

Fire of Insight
United States
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Two souls
Worlds apart
Walled in by stone
High on dark ledges
The deepest, truest parts
Most vulnerable of hearts
Hidden away for safekeeping

Lamps lit
Words traded
Smoke stoked to flames
Bright, never faded
Burning our fears away
Leaving the past in ashes
Nothing but love left in its wake

Two hearts
Me and you
Never alone
Living whole again
Souls reborn into stars
Light beaming from dark faces
From within to without we shine

Pain past
Still calls here
We may answer
But now we won’t stay
Love’s light calls us louder
Bathes us in its soft moonlight
And dries both our tears in its sun

Gift so rare
Two halves of whole
Two flames born of one
Vows made in devotion
Basking in wonder and awe
Made one for the other to love
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Roz_EZ and Raz_ORS

The scars on my breasts    
Will never heal    
They are too deep      
Physical mastectomy scars      
Affecting my womanhood      
Don't look good      
In a swimsuit      
Roses and razors      
My gift to the world      
I don't do nakedness      
Only in the dark      
Deeper still the psychological      
The coldness of being      
Need heart defibrillation       
Paddles from a canoe      
Cause bruised ribs      
Black and blue face      
The swelling is telling      
My life a microcosm      
Roses and razors      
My ex-boyfriend      
Was really an animal      
Held down repeatedly      
By his master's voice      
Forced romanticism      
Roses and razors      
A kiss with a fist      
Sex,sex,sex, and      
Don't forget the violence      
How can I?      
He said I should      
Get a job in Hooters      
The heart shatters      
Need open heart surgery      
Roll away the stone      
Heart transplant      
To change this      
This Ice Queen Bitch      
Into Martha Stewart      
Before the scars on my      
Chest and heart      
Are overtaken by      
The self-inflicted scars      
I cut into my arms      
Razors and roses    
Inspiration "This Little Fight Of Mine"
Written by imogeequeen
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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As the sun shines up within the destine skies and here I stand as this image of you by my side enters the depth and deepness of my mind as we stand atop of the highest mountain that we could find, within this dimension of neither space nor time for as my desire begins in my mind it slowly pushes my heart to its total limitation of a strong anticipation to come as these seductive thoughts open up the true feelings of my body and soul.                              
So may I have this time to speak my mind from the deepness of my soul for as our frequency reaches its highest level as the vibration shakes us down to our very soul of our souls, for I have become so intoxicated by your inner beauty as much as your outer beauty for your mind has haunted me from the very beginning of our paths crossing within this world of time.                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                                  For even now as your very image reemerges from the darkness and deepness of my silent thoughts in my mind I just wanna hold you tight through the silents of the night of a full moonlight shinning bright up within, the universe of the skies for I wanna feel your body in my strong arms as I softly kiss you behind your ears as I whisper the silent thoughts of seduction that I want to do with only you alone within the night time of neither space nor time for I wanna love you just like that under a full moonlight.
Written by Stoney223
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Lost Thinker
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Memories are the pills I take for the heart ache,
each one a different flavour,
fresh every time from my limbic system,
all we have been to and through.
Sweet and refreshing,
Beautiful and enchanting.

Alas it's just a quick fix
And each one leaves me worse.
As I resolve not to misss you,
I only fall deeper,
Dreaming of our next meet.

Absence makes the heart fonder,
But It also makes me wonder,
When you will finally be mine- forever.
Till then I guess we shall make more pills,
My only fear though is an overdose!
Written by Kingvirky
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Quite A Stir

One look it’s all it took and he was hooked,
He’d never seen someone as beautiful as her,
He struggled to say the words but he stuttered,
Her loveliness had caused in him quite a stir.
He closed his eyes and imagined this paradise,
With her allure he was sure it was mere perfection
And though he strived to get all the words out,
There was an unexplainable extraordinary connection.
She looked at him with a casual curious glance,
As he shied away still trying to find the right words,
They didn’t know it but this was the start of a romance,
Never really knowing when love and inspiration occurs.
He smiled at her, with the most sincere emotion,
He’d never seen someone as beautiful as her,
From that point on he swore she’d be his muse,
Because her loveliness had caused in him quite a stir.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Thank you again for all poets that contributed to my first hosting a Comp. I rely enjoyed all the pieces from emerging poets I myself at the tender age of 77 feel still trapped there and out of my depth sometimes against all the constellation of the establishment of talent in DU. I posted that there would be a public vote but due to the number of competitions ending at the same time the only  option was for the setter (myself) to pick a winner and runner up. My small number of wins are for Composition not Critique  and felt quite stressed but tried to balance the originality of the entries against the brief. I feel unable to give any critique on the wining piece only that its format and content drew me to it Regards SLIP

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