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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Bathe My Whispers In The Calling Of The Moonlight

Bathe my whispers in the calling of the seductive moonlight    
Lay my soul bare on the bed of your mental cortex        
Hearts infusing serenity within the depth of our moving temples        
Infatuating my soul, intoxicated by the elixir of your sacred manly creed, your crown        
As you instill my core with hidden truths of today        
Kisses upon my lips, staining them of now, yesterday        
Tongues binding yonder of tomorrow        
Your skin I ravenous the taste, my King        
The closest to worshipping the silhouette of God’s beautiful first creation        
Take me higher beyond the clouds, our bodies softly shuffling, landing among the stars        
Our breaths of enlighten we come        
Bowing unto the skies as we call out Selah in union        
Suspending me in the hereafter        
Surrendering of me as you part the ingress of my sacred Chi unto you   
Clenching me as man to woman        
Infusing me tenderly with the creed of you        
Your seeds of gift you asunder        
Sweeten fruit my chasten mind I consume        
Pleasure filling me of your knowledge        
The hardiness of your wisdom you twist, contouring to fit the present state of our existence        
Releasing of your soul        
My mind, mentally inebriated off the wondrous of you        
Freeing me, pulling me closer as the crest of my heightened wave ascend        
Your body finds the absence of your taken rib        
Unto me you give        
Unto I, shall take, keep        
I am enthralled        
I am in waiting        
The sweetest recipient of the supremacy you have awoken        
Hands as gentle as a wisp softly engulfing me        
Tenderly bathing my skin with wisdom found within the power of your touch        
Anchoring deeply into the Sovereign of my essence         
The alliance of spiritual sensations overtakes us        
Baptizing my soul as we rebirth to a higher clandestine plane of moral gratification        
Reach out, feel the enlighten as you throw your head back        
The awareness of one I feel        
Sinking us into rapture of the unknown        
As we become as one        
Echoes of the past, a blueprint of our footsteps to which we stand        
Now as destiny unbiased we lay        
The illumination is on the wall        
Our hushed desires veiled in sacred hieroglyphics        
Only our minds, hearts, our entwined souls can decipher        
Blanket me, as I float, drift        
Allow the tide of your peaceful sea to calm the rage as deep waters cascade        
Such a beautiful illusion drowning us both        
Heavenly sensations we sink deeper only our ears can attune        
Our souls can tastes, our mouths we speak not
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Twisted Dreamer
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When you leave the one you love,
You leave everything behind.
That's why I'm coming with you.

Let's go down to the river and set up camp.
We'll live off the land until we can afford a house.
As long as we're happy, I don't care where I sleep.
Written by A_Failed_Artist
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Dangerous Mind
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When things seems like they are holding you down from achieving your dreams you got to keep moving on for in the end when all is said and done the most highest spiritual soul has the last word not man, for when things seems to be coming at you all at once I know at times it feels as though the most highest spiritual soul doesn't hear your cries nor does he understand what you are going through as you go through the storm.                            
                                                                                                                                       But you see that is were you are wrong for he does hear you above the thunder and wind and rain for he is the only one not of this world who sees everything that you will and are going through, for the most highest spiritual soul is the only one that can remove the storms that seems to consume the very fabric of your life and world.                                              
                                                                                                                                  But you got to believe within thyself for it is through faith and trust you gain your strength with courage to keep going on as you move on pass the storm, FOR THE MOST HIGHEST SPIRITUAL SOUL GOT YOU for he will never forsake you nor ever leave you to suffer through the rain pouring down upon your life and world.
Written by Stoney223
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Dangerous Mind
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thank you for the read

Strange Creature
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allow the tide......thats one of my best lines in here

Dangerous Mind
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dock ellis
pitching a no-hitter
on acid is
a pretty good
reason to believe
you can do anything,
my love
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
United States
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The Illusion of Breaking

From broken paths we merge into one
All things new, beyond the bloodline
Like a mother to another's son
Time is not the healer without love
Our heartstrings weaved together
Like a patch over a tattered tapestry
When I think of you
There is only fondness in my memory

Embraced I find home
Reborn in the heart
Of every broken piece we bring
Mosaic beats of a counterpart

Clarity and color
Like stain-glass
There is beauty in the shatter
Somewhere between
Black and white, of shadow and night
I find home in the remaking

Nothing is lost
Where redemption seals the cracks
We are made whole after the illusion of breaking

Dreaming heaven I find hope
In the eyes of angels, as you
What is paradise but our subjective havens
And learning to know what beauty is
From another point of view

All I have is gratitude
For your unique and graceful touch
And the wisdom found of every scar
For all we've been forgiven, we love much

Oh deep the wounds engraved of former lives
Scored in us the depth of truth and even deeper love
Betrothed of destiny revised
Navigating life entrusted to the hands of God above

Guardians as compasses guiding even as they find their way
Our legacies are not the sins that are forgotten
But the way the Potter shapes us from a single lump of clay
Reformed and begotten after the Spirit
And grafted in
Family goes beyond those we're born in care of
But those we treasure deep within

Oh blessing in disguise
I find love in all you've been to me
For despite darkness we find light
And are guided into a reformed destiny

Extensions of grace and a blended family
I love you as if by blood, for by the blood you are another
Happy Birthday Kami
Faithful wife and amazing mother...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Lost Thinker
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Lost Thinker
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To My Little One

A time must come
When the game must end-
The blame game.
When the ashes must usher in new life
Completing the cycle of nature.

Little one rise from defeat.
Men are forged from failures,
Disappointment is only a tool most lethal
In the hands of the determined...
Be wise!

Free your mind
Let go of the past
Embrace change
Seize the future...
Be strong!

You must grow up
And speak up
You must learn to
Take the bull by the balls....
Always stand your ground!
Written by Kingvirky
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Here’s To You

To the lovers who dream of each other across time
To the emotions when they look up at starry skies
To those aching hearts that are filled with faith
May you look upon again your beloved’s eyes
Here’s to you…

To the dreamers and the thinkers of a brand new world
To their philosophy that aspires to think and be free
May their ideas bring light to struggling minds
May their notions fill humankind with harmony
Here’s to you…

To the child with great love being conceived tonight
To the mothers around the world giving birth
To the new babies taking their first breath
May you give us hope for a better healthy earth
Here’s to you…

To the preachers and the teachers who shed light
To their dedication and their passion for the truth
May the blessings from above fill you up with love
May your wisdom bring faith to our youth
Here’s to you…

To the composers who fill our hearts with song
To the poets who pour their words on every page
May you inspire us to better ourselves
May we find peace in our age
Here’s to you…

Here’s to you,
May the light of everlasting love,
Rain upon your soul with joy and grace,
Here's to you,
May the sight of everlasting hope,
Reign and make you whole in all your days.

poet Anonymous


if butterflies did eat half of my heart
they ate the undesirable half and decided
to stay for the films and music
and when someone touches my skin they scream
little high frequency delights.

let's never talk. it awkwards everything
out and in. we can just use
our faces and bodies as sirens.

the butterflies don't care what you say
because they don't speak any known languages.

I often dance or act the goat with headphones
in or behind a pane of glass or online
because I'm more spirit then.

how to converse with someone in a car
without language. without death answering.

we'll roll and shrink off a corner more suddenly
than my hand in your hair so it would be almost worth it.

the sun turning us
into earth's little brushes.

before woosh

but then every day we risk falling over
or being picked off by a kalashnikov.

what I'm saying is this


Strange Creature
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So life. ..
Confused yet so amused!
My advice. ..
Just be nice :)

Get real
Never steal
Say yes
Say no
Let it flow
Thou shalt not kill
Take a pill
Love or lust?
Turns to dust
Pure bliss
But what will come of this?
Be nice
Give good advice
Think twice
Before you speak
Don't be weak
Or meek
Don't slack
And don't do crack!
Eat well
Look good
Go spend time in the woods
Peace and love
Rise above
Break rules
Don't need fools
Appreciate art
Fresh start
Girl or boy?
Be clever
Give in
Try to win
Beginning to end
Be a good friend
See things through
Always be you
Be there
Passion Wit
Oh shit there's more. ...?
Oh for sure!
Don't be a bore
Don't be a whore
Don't fight
See the light
Free your mind
Always be kind
Have fun
K I'm done. ..
One more thing. ..

Written by EIMZ
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Lost Thinker
United States
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My Sista

Hey sista, my sista so beautifully created,
Goddesses, our God has uniquely painted.

Placed here to populate Earth, as we bare new life within,
We must construct the blueprint for our youth and break the cycle before it begins.

Nurturing our seeds as there maturity grows,
Shining light on what is buried in shadows.

Women engaged for equality, but was that enough?
We were finally evolving, making changes for the better cant be that tough.

Let’s start over, now with our daughters and sons,
Putting an end to them being raised by social media and television.

Telling them often they are queens and kings,
Teach them that through strength from God they can conquer anything.

Its okay to make mistakes and sometimes cry tears of sorrow,
Just keep moving forward, omit regrets of yesterdays and envision hope for tomorrow.

Come on my sista , this may be a trying task, a hard concept to grasp,
But, we can still join the race and not finish last.

The time us now, we must use our strong, unheard voices, so desperately craved,
Showing the world why we are goddesses vitally made.

©️ Courtney Hines
Written by hinescourtney801 (Courtneyy)
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poet Anonymous

Strange Creature
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Very nice

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