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Lost Thinker
United States
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Confessional @ 1am

I'd have you in for tea, but you've seen just how I live
So I ask you, “Night, tell me, is that really all you've got to give?”
Spastic inclinations formed by drastic elations
You’ve got me talking in quotations as I lay in exudation
I can’t pinpoint just when it was that I lost power
But this once bittersweet has all but turned to sour
I swallowed up my dignity and glanced upon your shadow
Then I woke up in France inside a rundown chateau
As she twisted her head to the side with a quirk
"How have you been?" she said with a smirk
I can see right through your eyes as if they’re made of glass
That award winning grin, she angles with class
I've left it, as they say, inside the hands of fate
So the next time I choose teams I'll be sure you participate
This difficult climb, not for the faint of heart
Let me stop you right there before you even start
I've run away again, till I’m lost out of sight
Holding on for one more day, and maybe one more night…
So here is my confessional, I’m well aware it’s 1 A.M.
But my eyes just will not close and my thoughts refuse to mend…
Written by Chimaera76
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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( after Agnes Török )    
So welcome to my little show    
Of inspiration’s need-to-know.    
In search of happiness to grow    
And have a life of healthy glow.    
I’m not even quite twenty-three!    
I’m here to show a destiny    
With all of you who came to see    
If what I spout’s your cup of tea.    
I spent my youth to never guess    
What did I know of happiness?    
In my belief had I been blessed;    
So now I’m here and on a quest.    
Applies to you? Just raise a hand    
For you and I to have a plan,    
To spread a smile thru’out the land;    
Uplift a life, won’t that be grand!    
Alone or with a friend in crime,
It doesn’t need a word to rhyme.
But our duet between the time,
We think alike as one great mind!
To letting go without a care,
Like being filled with happy air!
Inhaling deep will take you there,
A dizzying self-love affair.
The love to laugh begins with you.
Receive the joy and when you do,
Like happy seeds that grow into
The crockpots full of happy stew!
For morning, night & afternoon,
At anytime and very soon—
To float up high over the moon;
A gift of health is laughter's boon!

Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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The Revolution Starts With You

Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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The Revolution Starts With You

Let me start by saying
I am the most amazing person  
I know and I love me.

Some might have already
thrown their heads back
and made a noise  
like a yawning Chewbacca

others may  
have rolled their eyes
into an alternate dimension  

but the fact of the matter is
it is fucking true.  

Can you tell me why
to state that we are amazing,
to tell ourselves that we are worthy
and deserving of love and adoration  
causes people to recoil in horror
and throw around words
like egotistical and narcissistic
when I didn’t realise that being awesome  
was a fucking offensive mental condition.

Can you tell me why I feel
I need to justify the redness of my skin,
the shape of my body, the way I fix
my cutlery to match the clock handles  
when I finish a meal because it just
makes me feel better  

why, oh why  
did I wake up this morning
and examine my reflection
like Inspector Clouseau on a case
while the rest of me  
exclaims wildly into the mirror  

“that top with those pants, babe?
bitch, who dressed you, Stevie Wonder?”

If you need to hear this today:
do you have any idea how improbable  
your existence is?

Do you have any idea how fast  
you are surfing through space  
on a spherical board?

Can you comprehend  
that you’re a meat covered skeleton  
that could have chosen  
to sit down
hide away
not write
a god  

but here you are  
winging it.  

Do you know how badly
I want to grasp you by the shoulders  
and say my girl, my girl  
do you know how beautiful you are?
Do you know wild, how bold
how fucking fierce you are becoming?
Do you know how the fear  
that breaks you in half only longs  
to find a way to break loose?

Do you know how brightly
your weird little light shines
in the darkness so that others
can find you just to say

you are amazing—
you are enough.

You are worthy of the love
you so freely deny.

Lost Thinker
United States
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No Beautiful Rose Here

Hush nah child
Hush ya cryin’
Ain’t no need a sheddin’
tears if da ones gotcha
bleedin’ em’ ain’t gon’ feel
da flesh dey tearin' up          
Hush nah child
All dat wailin’
ain’t gonna change nothin’
Yo tears
ain’t gonna change dem sayin’
she beautiful,
cuz she is
And ain’t no need you cryin’
cuz dey say you ain’t beautiful,
cuz you ain’t!
Oh hush nah child!
Ain’t no need you cryin’
cuz you ain’t beautiful
You should be happier than
a fattened up skeetah
feedin’ off a fattened up gal!
See baby,
dere is plenty a beautiful girls
in dis world
and beautiful is da word dey use
for dem all
cuz ain’t nothin’ else
dey can call em’
And when you use da same word
to tell bout’ da same thing all da time,
dat thing become what dey call common
But you baby…da word beautiful
don’t come near close
to what chu be
You be what dey call “fascinating”
I learned dat word when
I was a young girl,
bout’ yo age, when
me and daddy saw this blue, kinda purplish
looking flower, look like a rose, sproutin’ up
right center of da cotton field
See, I thought she was beautiful
sitting in da middle of all dat dirt,
but daddy say
all dat dirt was surroundin’ her
cuz she was “fascinating”;
a kinda beautiful
ain’t nobody and nothin’ eva seen befo’
So see baby,
no, you ain’t beautiful,
you fascinating
just like dat rose
me and daddy saw dat day
And fascinating means
you da kinda beautiful dey
ain’t nevah seen before;
like nobody and nothin’ else
dey eva seen befo’
Nah go on smile baby
Let me see you smile Rose girl
cuz you ain’t beautiful;
you fascinating,
my fascinating little Rose
and ain’t nothin’
and no one else
like you
Written by Teeya
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Twisted Dreamer
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To be Mighty

What does it take to be Mighty, you ask?  
How to find the edge and climb up over the holes?  
How to find the energy to Breathe, to Be, to Exist?  
How to Understand that you change the world around you?  
How to Realize, that you are strong?  
It means standing up on your own two.  
Standing by your own conviction.  
Standing against what you don’t hold as True.  
It means NEVER compromising yourself.  
Stand up.  
No one wins, crawling on knees.  

It means Evolving.  
L O V E.  H A R D E R.  
Do what it takes to change and reach your dreams.  
It means manifesting your desires.  
Paint your life in all the colors.  
Reclaim your Life and your Essence.  
Fight for your Right to Matter.  
Easily detected in the weak moments  
where your source of power lies.  
Uncovered, unhindered  
waiting to be Seen.
Vibrating, shivering
waiting to be Felt.
Do Better.
Unfuck yourself, unlock your cages;
Leave unsustainable variables behind.  
Screw fear and self loathing, Here;  
There is no time for Mindfuck and Illusions.  
Fight for who you were  
before others dimmed your light.  
Be True, to You.  
Start walking.  
Written by SkyeCebh
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Strange Creature
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I like it. A bit forceful and even graphic to a point at the end. Want to see more.

Strange Creature
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Are you being angry or empowering. Either way, it's still powerful. Good work.

Strange Creature
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Good read. Definitely puts me in a thinking mood.

poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
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Three Trees

She climbed the steep hill with midday sun on her back.
The balmy breeze barely touching beads of sweat rolling over her weathered skin. Steps once lighter, swifter became methodically slower over ridged trails curved, carving Reimann Hypothesis on her vertical axis with graphite coal smudging thoughts into shadows which never touched.  

She passed a Redgum Tree and paused to wipe the perspiration from the temple with her right hand remembering how the left hand slid in her father’s pocket, the trousers hung behind the bedroom door, taking two coins in the dim light of youth.  How the next day water condensation from a bottle of cold cherry coke held with both hands seemed to wash rites of wrongs with the taste of sweet elixir coating her throat.  
The road seemed to level and she reveled at the wild beauty of nature. The extraordinary perseverance of metamorphosis for a trace of trice to feel life's tempo under skin burrowed in the marrow. Alongside the thicket cacti stood tall with black opaque flowers phlegmatic surrealism mimicking ghosts rooted in the valley of death surrounded by all the riches.  
She felt the apple bounce in her bag over the shoulder as she came upon a patch of filtered shade under a Velvet Ash Tree.  The hike, although short in distance geographically; pivoted the mind and soul in kaleidoscopic tones.  She took a bite of the apple, juices dripping from her chin, she didn’t bother to wipe, her hands felt unclean. Reclined against the trunk, eyes closed listened to the sounds ranging from nothing to everything alive and electrifying.  
It had been three years since she had packed her car and moved away as far as the winds could carry in aimless wanderlust.  There were no goodbyes, no tears, sentimentality seemed overrated, slashing every word with letter T, sharp across the middle in crucification.  Heartbreak is always a glass half full but she had left all behind including the glass, carrying only suitcase of memories.  
She took a precarious turn passing the last ridge gathering the last of strength and there it stood The Wisdom Tree solitary and majestic in magnificence.  
She approached in awe and stood beneath it where countless others have stood enduring the strenuous journey, rediscovering themselves in the process leaving their notes of sage in a box under the tree.  
The blood throbbed coursing her veins feeling the energy, light and universal love; Strength in weakness, endurance in resistance, lessons in rocks and knocks while the road curved with new hope each day.  
Three words were scribbled on a piece of paper, folded once, twice, triad.  She dropped it in the box.  
Life is beautiful.  
Written by Layla
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
Sri Lanka
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h  o  p  e

  r i v e r s
       t h r o u g h
         to   join   the  
...a hope
Written by dejure (vick)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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All Due Respect

It’s 2019, for better or worse
I hear the talk, read all the news
Watch parades, learn the proper terms  
People are more ‘woke’ than ever  
Society demands lack of judgement  
Everything is acceptable, it’s all good  
I watch from afar at the hypocrisy    
If a boy proclaims he’s gay  
Suddenly he wants all the boys.  
Post-game showers get strange  
If a girl announces she’s a lesbian  
She immediately wants all the girls  
It becomes a challenge to ‘turn her’  
If a person is bisexual, out and proud  
They are promiscuous and can’t decide  
Or that love-type simply doesn’t exist  
If a person identifies as transgender  
They are in defiance of God’s will for them  
That souls go where they are supposed to  
If a person is asexual  
Society says they are broken  
They just need to find the right one.  
Why are heterosexuals given a free pass?  
Straight men ogle any female in his line of sight  
Just showing off his privilege, rampant sexuality  
Or for the modern woman bringing home  
A new male for every night of the week  
Call her promiscuous and face a lawsuit  
Love is love, it’s free for all, it can’t be confined  
Why does something so pure need to be rationed  
How is it that in 2019, we so socially aware    
Dare to persecute, torture, take life away  
Simply because of who/what the heart longs for  
No one alive can be judge, jury, executioner  
Dictating who others need to identify as, to love.
Written by inechoingsilence
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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