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UPlifting ppoetry

poet Anonymous

Parchment of Reemiss

They’ve said we should
but we don’t take a rest
as it’s always been all hands on deck
The “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” has been
in the Good Nights Await Hotel
on a shelf, surrounded by gold chocolate coins
for sometime now
Trying to capture you from the delusion of Shack Arrow, weirdo of an ex
that’s not making any sense
so whilst I’ve been at my window with the microscope
a prophecy speaks about Hanna Twitch
and to get to her, first must be destroyed that ship if ever it sneaks around, “Anna’s Twin”
From Cryptville Asylum
I’ve managed to hide a chest, in depth under those trees
But first I must get across the Atlantic Ocean to that island
so I’m unsettled and bothered
that my vessel, “The Grey Surfer” is trapped inside a bottle
Over tears and that not breaking
your last one in length was about a hundred feet that got my drenched
so I had a drop full too much
I felt Hector Barbossa’s statement hard
when his daughter asked who she was to him
and he replied “Treasure.”
Tyler isn’t gonna be holding up a shrunken-head of Seden
so the riddles meant for me from James Basher
obviously still proves you’re standing up
even for that fake two-faced girlfriend
because when she looks over towards it
You’re not in pieces
laying on her dust-pan and brush
We’ve all got our reasons and I’m waiting around trying to understand
Regret I feel that I can’t just willingly tell you what my heart whispers
but no cannonballs are flying through your sails
as it feels like you’ve found that diamond of mine, got it unstuck
in Antarctica
You get sick from hail of theirs
then they’re cursed within cobwebs and dust
being just another crab in the bucket
Been in Davy Jone’s Locker with an hourglass for 9 years
they’d say it is tragic
but as they light up the room and I sit in my cabin
having Candle Max trying to control his tangled wax
deciphering Brad’s code, he wasn’t a cheeky little monkey
with a compass
because he was absolutely right
His sounds said
“jim carreys lawyer, rickE, insane asylum, innocent fugitive, Ricky
Crazy Admirer, sep-i-cla-ikn.”
Year on the calendar is 2017
we’ve felt the nails in their wood
yet we will reach those caves
“See Thunder Now Choke To Sleep”
find Eminem’s lost Britney Spears lyric book
maybe some clues in Riddlescrypt’s Bible
hidden in the walls of Deep Underground Poetry
Every parrot I’m sure has died flying off-shore
maybe one day can tell you that I’m sorry
if it feels like I’m being distant still
An institutionalised drug addict that is unwell
but I know where I was
when I watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean film
because I was at my Uncle’s
Terry was even unsure that I’d be here now, it’s really Ricky Hedgeflip
up onto your window-sill invisible help
I know we’ve all at some point not liked
the tarot cards we’ve been dealt
this isn’t really a feather-pen you’d like to get
Intentions really are good yet not knowing who it’s gonna offend
we’re stuck in the same boat
Another day I sing and pray
that you wake, take your time and try again

(Inspired by the “Shipwrecked” competition, that I missed.)

poet Anonymous

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buddydog H Faulk III
Thought Provoker
United States
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A Smile

When I’m feeling down      
Happiness can’t be found        
When skies of grey        
Consume my days        
I rewind for a while        
Think of your smile        
How much you cared        
All that we shared        
All the clouds of grey        
Disappear into sunny day        
Sunbeams warm my face        
I find myself in a better place        
I find happiness and love        
Blessings from up above        
Courage to face the day        
No regrets or debts to repay        
If you can’t endure the pain        
Break free from all the chains        
Hold onto your dreams, set them free        
There’s no shame, just let it be        
Take the time to remember a smile        
That made your life all worthwhile        
Let yourself go to a better place        
You’ll find love, you can embrace
Written by buddydog (buddydog H Faulk III)
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poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
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find your yen

an octet
you are
by the cross that
you are called to bear,
i’ll lend you my shoulder
till you find your strength again.
never let your fears command you,
though the storms of life remand you.
stand triumphant through your pain:
fear will melt and smoulder
in your will to dare.
shrink away not
from the helm:
find your

© Copyright 2019 June 18
Written by cabcool
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Train of Thought[A Ticket from My]

Take me there to that place
Where dreams are seamless
Free of responsibility
And reprimand is a disgrace

Take me there to that place
Where my heart is charboiled
Under the ash & embers
From Misery's soil
Sprout gems of wisdom

Take me to there to that place
On a broken mountain edge
Eyes closed arms open
Delve into the unknown
With you between my legs

Take me there to that place
Where the sweet acidity of freedom
Burns my soul
& the air scrapes my lungs
With blessed burden

Take me there to that place
When Time is cheap & plenty
Like bad wine
Clocks are predjudiced & proscribed
Tossed in the bowels of History
To never again be wound & shined

Take me there to that place
Of jungle jazz
The catacomb chaos
Paralyze is the air with grace
Silence cracked and shattered
With the wise surprise of virgin eyes
& the soprano of a baby's cry.
Written by SeaEntity1
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Told To Wait

Almost nothing is handed at the start.
Everyone gets there with a focused look at time and good reason.
Summer has come to fully consume me for one good ride.
Never been more ready to be stolen.
Taken far away from what is normal thank God.
Temptations have finally spoken.
It’s okay if you’ve once been broken.
The pointless walks and the softness of your voice.
You made that dirt road abandoned with your beautiful dancing.
Sure there were trees but that only painted the background.
Barefoot there you went careless and brave walking on those rocks.
Pain never looked so beautiful.
Exhausting you continued to pull him by the hand along.
Dazed he became with the beginnings of a blissful adventure together.
Written by ClearmindedVillain
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David Macleod
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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The 15 of Hearts (Revised)


Time to stand up straight  
Bowing your head no longer  
Revolution starts  
You must take courage  
Have a no fear policy  
Adopt bravery  
Standing together  
War faces painted with blue woad  
Seek to free the soul  
Take it back from them  
Those who would rule with darkness  
Simply be the light  
Must test the spirits  
Angels of light or demons  
block and ignore evil  
This our underground  
Slaying demons takes courage  
It's worth fighting for  
The foe, increases  
First battle is exposing lies  
Be honest with self  
7. The Enemy  
Don't fear the reaper
He's a flesh and blood demon
The're an easy rid  
your demons  
privately will assault you  
Keep your eyes wide open
They're here to tear down  
Pretending Angels of light  
Don't be duped and fooled  
10. WOLVES  
Wolves at the door  
Welcoming them with a smile  
strength is fearlessness  
Toxicity and  
Bad associations need dropped
Positive sanctions  
12. HERE  
Walk tall, head up straight  
Chest out, strong posture and stride  
Tell the world you're here  
Don't be prideful  
This leads you to arrogance  
Be humble yet valiant  
Stare unfairness down  
It is now time to fight back  
Don't ever be owned  
Cleared the decks of shit  
Love strengthened, hateful banned  
A new life begins  

Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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A Glimmer of Hope

Hope is the grounds of believing something good may happen
Trapped in the eternal darkness, hope was all I had
The day I finally broke free was more than I could ever imagine
Whether by a miracle or not, I was freed by the touch of your hand.
My blindness has been cured, and my blood pumps warm
Is this what it feels to be alive?
Sights and smells surround me that I’ve never experienced before
I must surely be dead for this is paradise.
The darkness of the night is nothing to be feared
As long as lovely Luna sits upon her celestial throne
The heavy weight on my shoulders has disappeared
For I saw a glimmer of hope reassure me that I’m never alone.
My soul has been revitalized like a Phoenix rising from the ashes
Warm once seemed the candle to me before I finally felt the sun
The mirror has been mended from shattered glasses
My new journey has only just begun.
The angel’s lovely voice leads me to my destiny
For once, I don’t fear the unknown
Out of every struggle I must face, I’ll emerge victoriously
My mind has been opened by new possibilities when I had flown.
The darkness of the night is nothing to be feared
As long as lovely Luna sits upon her celestial throne
The heavy weight on my shoulders has disappeared
For I saw a glimmer of hope reassure me that I’m never alone.
Written by LunasChild8
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Live Your Days Inspired Anew*

*( an acronym for LYDIA )

I heard to live your days inspired anew;
A woman who had been attacked said so.
A man broke in her home & beat her blue,
Set her aflame, she leaped & jumped below.

Two stories, bare & smoking, hit the stone,
Was lifted to a hospital or die.
Induced coma, five months, but ne’er alone;
The love of fam’ly, friends & staff stood by.

At last when she awoke she could not talk,
Or move or think with battered injured brain.
To learn once more to speak & then to walk;
The journey to be Lydia again.

If you go Live Your Days Inspired Anew,
And practice at this each and every day,
What happened to this woman will touch you
In daily aspirations, every way.

I recently first heard about this Colorado woman on a rerun of a DATELINE episode of which I’m not able to share here because I can’t find it on YouTube. However, I did find the following on the site that at least lets you hear Lydia herself - a determined young woman who continues to grow as an inspiring human being as she continues to heal from that harrowing day when someone was also determined - to kill her.

Someone she has forgiven. And why? She chooses to live surrounded by “LOVE”, not “FEAR”. That alone had me drop everything, to try and write this poem - as primitive a try as it is - so I could help spread Lydia’s story, because, many of us live in fear for far lesser reasons than what she experienced. She has a magnificent real life support system that I don’t have, but still...

her story has given me hope. To those reading this, please view the link, and hope will come to you:

Lydia Tillman Tells Her Story

In her statement as to what saved her life, besides “love”, was having “ovaries of steel”. To the men reading this, that equates for a woman as “balls of steel”.

And this one:
Written by Heaven_sent_Kathy
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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starlight upon the brink.

For all the days
that got the best of you
& the nights where you’ve
not slept a wink,

may you find the
light that will guide
you away from the
Written by _boybrains
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Have you ever met someone who just appears within your life and you feel a deep connection in heart soul and mind for have you ever looked into the depth of there eyes as you can see, the honesty and truth and trust that can be seen through there eyes which is the key to there soul as it flows through there spiritual soul like a ray of sunlight. For have you ever wondered within the deepness of your mind were has this person been all your life, as they don't care about your imperfection nor your flaws are the deepness of your scars that you try to hide from peeking eyes or the fact that you still carry your hurt and pain deep within your heart. For if you ever come across someone who just appeared within your life remember this one thing, everyone that comes into your life will either come as a change of season or just for a short while but yet there main purpose is to enlighten you inspire you and encourage you to appreciate your imperfections for that is what makes you special like a ray of light.
Written by Stoney223
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poet Anonymous

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Lost Thinker
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No Beautiful Rose Here

Hush nah child
Hush ya cryin’
Ain’t no need a sheddin’
tears if da ones gotcha
bleedin’ em’ ain’t gon’ feel
da flesh dey tearin' up          
Hush nah child
All dat wailin’
ain’t gonna change nothin’
Yo tears
ain’t gonna change dem sayin’
she beautiful,
cuz she is
And ain’t no need you cryin’
cuz dey say you ain’t beautiful,
cuz you ain’t!
Oh hush nah child!
Ain’t no need you cryin’
cuz you ain’t beautiful
You should be happier than
a fattened up skeetah
feedin’ off a fattened up gal!
See baby,
dere is plenty a beautiful girls
in dis world
and beautiful is da word dey use
for dem all
cuz ain’t nothin’ else
dey can call em’
And when you use da same word
to tell bout’ da same thing all da time,
dat thing become what dey call common
But you baby…da word beautiful
don’t come near close
to what chu be
You be what dey call “fascinating”
I learned dat word when
I was a young girl,
bout’ yo age, when
me and daddy saw this blue, kinda purplish
looking flower, look like a rose, sproutin’ up
right center of da cotton field
See, I thought she was beautiful
sitting in da middle of all dat dirt,
but daddy say
all dat dirt was surroundin’ her
cuz she was “fascinating”;
a kinda beautiful
ain’t nobody and nothin’ eva seen befo’
So see baby,
no, you ain’t beautiful,
you fascinating
just like dat rose
me and daddy saw dat day
And fascinating means
you da kinda beautiful dey
ain’t nevah seen before;
like nobody and nothin’ else
dey eva seen befo’
Nah go on smile baby
Let me see you smile Rose girl
cuz you ain’t beautiful;
you fascinating,
my fascinating little Rose
and ain’t nothin’
and no one else
like you
Written by Teeya
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