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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Feel you tugging on my inner threads  
through the fabric that weaves realities
unravelling all that's been put in place  
slow process at first  
untangling all the knots and tied ends  

Wouldn't know where to start  
beautiful enigma that you are  
delicately wrapped in a riddle  
hidden behind a unique mystery  
There is not enough time on the planet  
let alone life times in the universe  
to truly get to know you  
where and how to start  
How about now with this intricate dance  
of cosmic vibrations  
and sacred geometric patterns  
the clock stands still at three  
Reluctantly bending to your will  
slowly at first  
brick by brick the ramparts come down  
each day relenting a little more  
These uneasy feelings soothed  
by your tender touch  
even when backing away  
you patiently wait  
till we are ready to continue  
move on  
through the next barrier  
carefully put in place  
hiding high in the tower  
Just the bare bones left  
see you in the minds eye  
like seeing a friend that you've known  
since the dawn but yet to meet  
hear your soft voice calling out in sleep  
dream like states  
Awake to your kind eyes  
loving smile  
warm kiss  
now you know what lies beneath
Written by Carpe_Noctem
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poet Anonymous

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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Blueberry Pancakes

There were pancakes—
blueberry pancakes to be exact
with a dusting of cinnamon
I suddenly needed to make
from scratch

gathered up kitchen provisions,
tamed my hair with a laccy band,
put on one of a thousand playlists
to hear Tears For Fears singing
something about change

the kettle sang over me
as I gave it the eye
interrupting the space
where the light won’t find me;
I started the track over
just to have my moment.

I finished the pancakes
took them out to the yard
sat cross-legged with them
under our old plum tree

ate them with my hands
allowing my fingers to indulge
in the full eating experience
of sweet juicy berries
staining my palms

turned those guitar strings
into a summer hammock,
watched skies open up
in all their splendour
and smiled

with a belly full of blue,
pocketfuls of sunshine
upon my corner of Earth.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Along the Lea

She came to me
riding atop the scales
of butterfly wings.
Magical dust
clouded my vision
as Elven ways bound me.

She came to be
binding me
Adhering to my heart
where logic once prevailed
I could not escape.

I came to see
amidst the warmth
of her enchantment
her leeward love.

She came to me
on the flight of risk.
Magick and love
chained me in ways
I could only have

Along the lea
I prayed a thousand
Along with me
she came to care.

Along the lea
we sought
and being there
we uncovered
most of our answers. . .

along the lea.
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Swept Away

There’s always a love song in what you say;  
It’s the way of you that I know so well.  
The dance of your eyes, the light in its play,  
Clearly a message (for my ears) to tell.  

How inclined we are to carry a tune,  
There’s always a love song in what you say.  
That you can sing to me under the moon,  
Embraced in your arms & be swept away.  
Just coax us a breeze & please let me stay,  
I don’t want to wake or miss what you bring.  
There’s always a love song in what you say,  
Familiar refrain, a lyrical ring.  
The musical notes I hear in my mind,  
Are points that I feel you touch, night & day.  
I long that my heart leaves nothing behind;  
There’s always a love song in what you say.

Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
United States
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From my eyes is my deepness and my depth of the reflections of my life as I saw it through my own eyes as a baby given its first day of life even to when I reached manhood to become a man, for through my trails and tribulations came deep lessons I had to learn about real life with its ups and downs even to the turn around of unexpected changes that some how alter the very foundation of my life and world.                                                                
For even with the hurt and pain and suffering I had to endure along the crossroads of life I cried many silent tears that went unseen by preying eyes as they fell silently down the cheeks of my face, but yet through each storm I had to face head on in my life that has come and gone through the cycle of what is known as life, I held onto my FAITH in the most highest spiritual soul as he kept me safe from harm as he walked with me through the storms of my lifetime still keeping me strong.
Written by Stoney223
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Summer Night's Dance

All was silver and gold that endless summer night
Dancing in fields in the time between times
The sun, moon, the stars in that perfect sky
Clothed in white dresses, borrowed from a friend.
Each dress washed in holy water, then donned
To dance in the vineyards, singing for soulmates
Young men observed unseen, each seeking
Their balanced counterpart, their perfect one
She who would make their soul complete
Mother to his children, helpmeet of his life
Rich girls borrowed dresses from girls with less
Poor girls, garbed in gowns of princesses
Money was no matter, for character’s measure
The singular quality sought on this summer night.
Each man would choose, according to his fancy
Should she deign to accept, then they would marry
Two come to stand under the wedding canopy
Glass would shatter, they leave united as one.
Written by inechoingsilence
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Fire of Insight
United States
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I wake up each morning
the day starts a new
I give thanks to the Lord
for this cup of fresh brew

My morning drip coffee
is like an ole friend
it gets my day going
from beginning to end

The first sip is amazing
look forward to the next
been doing it so long
I know just what to expect

Now time for some scripture
to help start my day
I can feel his spirit
and continue to pray

The clouds of my mind
begin to start lifting
Now my spirits in gear
His word is uplifting

call me old fashion
or just call me crazy
after all said and done
I'm fresh as a daisy

I don't over do it
just one cup or two
It helps open my eyes
while reading Gods truths
Written by TIG
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Thought Provoker
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Play it on your lips

Wear a smile on your face,  
Wear a smile all day,  
For nothing you wear looks lovely without it
Smile away the day,
and watch the effect  
you pass around
It might just cheer up the not  
so gay
and happiness may well  
And don't you look your best  
when you do smile
No wonder you're asked to say  
'cheese' for a photo
but the trick is to wear it all  
the while
'To smile without distinction'  
be thy motto.:)
When someone creases their  
forehead into a frown
You curve your lips upward  
into a smile
Don't let their scowl get you  
They'd be the one to look the  
while you show off your  
inspiring style.
If people stare 'n' glare at you
Return their glares and stares  
with a grinning smile
Keep smiling whether they boo  
or pooh pooh
They might just reset their  
mental file.
Thus forever flash your  
They aren't meant merely for  
chow and bites.
Flash em' into a smile that  
A crescent shaped smiley on  
the face
explore your own facial  
expression delights.:)
A smile is a sign of happiness right under your nose
Smile warmly like the sunshine, like the crescent moon
Even when the icy cold wind of discourtesy blows
Written by Zaynab_kamoonpury
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