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Erotic Forest

Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
United States
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Poetry Contest

This is an adventurous poem contest. Show your most intense, sultry and, perhaps fleshly erotica based on the theme ADVENTURE.
    Take a walk with me you naughty poets and poetess’s you, through the Erotic Forest! The main theme here is how adventurous you are in your erotica. What do you deeply desire to write about wherever its published, stays published? What better than the Erotic Forest competition on DUP? Do you secretly wish to ever blend sex or PDA within a particular setting, with a particular person in a way your mind has always detailed? Pen it!

Only erotica! Any style of erotica.
25 lines minimum. No max!
New write only.
One entry - give us your best!
Collabs welcomed.
PM me for questions.
Two weeks.

Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
United States
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Joined 26th Nov 2018
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The Delilah of the Night (Collab with Sky_dancer)

Touch me, your full bloom lips,
blood-swollen and taught.
Taste my mind, it's waxing;  
Take me where the dead lay,  
lie with me,  
at your altar I sacrifice my soul.  
With lips parted and eyes bloomed I will. {Eyes bowed to you, supple and supplicated}  
Take you  
and lean you over my alter. {I offer my sacrifice to you,  Lord of My Aching}  
Cleaving your legs;  
I thrust  
to where the dead still dream;  
pushing. {Where life waxes and wanes, rivers rage; untamed}  
Unsheathing from you,  
the sight  
was bone marrow upon flushed skin. {Ashen and veined, throbbing strings, yours to pluck}  
Stirrings of poetic ardor,  
lustful aromas,  
laying with you,  
I’ve tasted you well. {A decadent array: skin, flesh, bone, marrow. Open me, devour 'til I'm dust}  
Your laces pulled;  
swaying in our lilac heat,  
my belt buckle clinking. {Heart stops, as do clock's, Pavlovian slit}  
Blindfolded with poetic ardor bliss we are,  
sightless to the unadventurous, {hidden in plain sight}  
deaf to the unrhythmical, {silent, sexual psalm}  
numb to a purist’s scrutiny. {Unchained but bound in rope and lust}  
Heaven under these hallowed vaults;  
loud, painful ecstasy. {Choirs of agony - each strike plucks a note}  
Oh, the humidity in your panties; perfumed bliss! {Meadows in morning dew, run through me; fingers brushing petals in your wind}  
Darkly erotic verse billows  
from our gaping mouths. {Breathe your incantations into my soul}  
And from our sweating bodies so close,  
your eyes blossom at mine. {Celestial bodies, in binary gravity}  
Sorcerous verses as you gasp;  
amorous lyric,  
“oh, temptress, allure me to Hell!” I roared.  
“Oh, I’m your fuckin’ claim!” you squealed.  
I do confess now,  
my blinded senses had awoken  
to the Delilah of the night.  
{Yet, with no deceit or falsehood. Your power is your benediction, my surrender is yours, My Lord}
Written by gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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This is a non-entry poem by the author of the competition.

Thought Provoker
United States
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-Deep in the Forest-

I try to picture myself,  
in this position but remain silent  
How Do I Stop Accusing My Boyfriend Of Cheating  
It's a complicated world  
i know in my broken heart it's another girl  
i need real picture evidence  
So many crazy things so little sense  
Secret Drawers Hides my Most Embarrassing Collectibles  
Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model  
feeling so nice i just finished the whole whiskey bottle  
I promise that I'll change in time  
whenever the day he's all mine  
feeling so drunk of tragic endings
 visualizing  leaning uncomfortable
 remembering the good times
Written by Trome
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Joined 10th Jan 2018
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My Woodland Love

Walking through woodland glade
Basking in the dappled shade
Distracted and oh so distant
Weary of the world's resistant

But up my path I see a sight
A goddess in this soothing light
A beauty stood completely bare
With flowers woven through her hair

Her smile is so welcoming warm
That compliments her lithely form
She approaches with elfin grace
Welcoming me to this holy place

For this is hallowed ground
The voice of nature the only sound
The perfect place to consummate
The right time for her to choose her mate

Toyfully she binds me in vines
And stares upon my form so fine
Nails trace upon my skin
As we approach our righteous sin

Her tongue roams my manly tautness
Eyes promising pure naughtiness
Until her mouth finds the spot
That leaves me reeling as if shot

She takes me in her full lips
Causing me to gyrate hips
She purrs enthusiastic delight
As I force control with all my might

She takes me to the very brink
And then with in the fastest blink
She straddles me in wild fashion
Her sex slick with mounted passion

Her claws biting into my chest
As I peruse her jostling breast
She rides me like a broken thing
Releasing cry that makes birds take wing

And so I make my own cry
Heedless if eyes may pry
Filling her with my cream
Fulfilling my sexual dream

I know that I will soon return
To find this fae for which I yearn
And she will always wait for me
My love I found amongst the trees.
Written by Rjm
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 30th July 2017
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Divine 69 ...with the lovely Crimsin

Luna harmonizing Sol chase
one spirit light
Sol intensifying Luna base
a duo twilight,

Lips across
this burning
hips show
the revealing,

I unfurl at your fingertips
you sip from my womanhood
a place of divinity,

Then slip inside my hollows
dip, sink, twirl
entering Valhalla,

A conqueror on a quest
you go know me,

In past time ere erotic
many ages before kink,

Along the ballade dark hills
streams their pale horse
at your service by sensation,

An operatic mountain wind
above the dungeon fugues
medieval movements by two,

You are my Ra I am your Isis
dark and light sealed in consummation
through the river Styxx
and into my valleys
deeper and deeper still you ravage,

Knight of remembrance
peaking my intuitions
pounding in the doors closed to you
then gently caress the hidden woman
for your eyes only...a revelation,

Inside my oasis our passions fulfilled
lips ignite our deepest needs
when you undress my soul
penetration of purity
a release of essence
my pleasure sealed,

Coveting what is rightfully yours
the sun and moon become one
on Norsemen grounds...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Time to hug a tree

Spring and summers bounty
Carved notches of the girls Iv'e mounted
For in that arboretum  I have laid  
And courted many a fair young maid  
Laid a trail to my egos hide  
For the bramble and wild rose  
And taste the sweet dew that falls  
The ruptured hymen of first intercourse  
The fungi spore it grows  
Its mushroom head in the night and dawn  
My loins will emulate that rise  
and keep those maids well satisfied  
Saplings bend and blow around  
my hardwood penis and its sap will give no ground  
Come the seasons restlessness  
A climate where a change is felt  
Strength within a living fortress  
The kiss of death, chainsaws teeth relentless  
Rainfall. the apathy that sucks  
When its lungs are squeezed and crushed  
A virgin left with a burning sore  
The  canopy we cant restore  
Its heart savaged and then raped  
The hand of man with a wooden stake  
The blot of ink upon the page  
She still beneath me in her place  
Written by slipalong
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Sex Me, Love Me, Fuck Me

Intensity smolders beneath flesh bearing evidence of Louisiana’s
midsummer’s heat surfacing atop her skin

She’s wet, soaking wet, as the sweltering inferno within
boils to the brim of unfiltered pruriency

Transparent, the white linen dress adheres to her wanting body
becoming a second skin, and his phallus calcifies as his eyes butterfly
the hips, nipples, shoulders, back, legs, and thighs
piercing through what seems to call him by name

She lifts her dress slowly
exposing her hunger for the sweetest eat
and she tips to him, spreading legs to touch
where fingertips lick lips,
accelerating coitus precipitation to drip from her clit
as it spits maraschino liqueur
onto a belvedere of erotic delirium

She burns intensely,
melting from the humidity of misty bayou waters
along with vapors rising from between her thighs,
she assumes the position bending over
and he aligns behind to her bent over spine
her pussy willow billows sirens of exquisite pain
as he feeds her pink petals his meat, salty and sweet
thrusting stroke for stroke and she whines as she winds
a pulsating grind on his mandated stick
as wisps of strands waft through the air
from the pull of her hair at the mercy of his hands
and she rends her lip as he seizes her hips
necks turns and flesh burns
as bruised shins accompany grates of scraped knees
abraded against scintillating floorboards
coinciding with wood grained splints
fragmented beneath nail beds
as the floor beds this scene of
erotic ebullience

And lust’s palate feasts on this buffet of sexual gluttony
as shots of Patron wake lullabies to scream
infallible urges of hard sleep
to awaken heightened peaks of
tasting and touching…licking and thrusting…
deep throating and sucking where sex makes love
seep sweat and grime
from velvet walls
breathing breaths of indulgence over weakened flesh
til uninhibited sensuality vexes love
to release vessels of subdued desires
into an unparalleled dimension of
two bodies
straight fucking…



Written by Teeya
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Fire of Insight
United States
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As the candles burns and give off its own reflection of light let us transcend to a higher level of perspective unshackling our deepest desire of our lust and love, for lets throw caution to the wind as it swirls around the atmosphere invisible to see but still it can be felt upon the nakeness of our skin as it dries the sweat as it pours off our body heat that burns with fire and desire.                                                                                                          
For let us entwine like clouds in the distance skies floating through space and time of pure ecstasy for we need not ask for permission as we throw caution to the wind.                                                                                              
For let me rub your skin with seduction upon my mind for let my finger tips outline your shape with a velvet touch of perfection as they travel to that place of pure wetness and heavenly delight, for as I go to that spot located between your beautiful legs and thighs let my lips kiss you so gentle as I inhale the scent of your aroma with each lick of my velvet tongue.            
For I want to seduce you in mind and soul and body into pure submission breaking down walls making you try to crawl and escape my grip and, my hold as I drown within the wetness of your precious liquid that just flows so freely like a beautiful waterfall.                            
Written by Stoney223
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Twisted Dreamer
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Joined 13th May 2019
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Bedtime with Dick

Lying here waiting, I'm at attention
You enter the room, eyes on the selection
Let out a squeal "Is this for me?"
"I've been a good girl, this is how you surprise me?"

You slide up close, give both a big kiss
Place one in your mouth
Play with it

Run your wet tongue around my
inside shaft
Tickle the head
Allows me to last

Open your mouth
Swallow me whole
Love how I taste
I am your whole earth

Thrust myself
To the back of your throat
Bedtime with me
To your girlfriends, you'll gloat

Volcano eruption
Over excitement
Rub myself on your body
Just how you like it
Written by spacemod69
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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In The Midst of the Forest

Amid the trees and flowers she sat,
Lively and high-spirited about her way,
To become at one with nature,
But then within minutes fade away.
Oh the look of enchantment in her eyes,
As she reaches for paradise between,
She loses all thought and mind,
Enjoying the beauty of the obscene.
And the song of birds adorn the scene,
With rushing waters in the distance,
She can’t help herself but she bops,
Indulging without resistance.
Her eyes wonder from place to place,
Looking up to heaven when it’s too much,
Then back down at her precious flower,
In the wild in the midst of her own touch.
And she revels in the sensation,
Madly, badly and without restrain,
The look of pain but feel of pleasure,
The composure she cannot maintain.
She writhes with the softest of rhythms,
With breaths that are taking her away
To some paradise or blissful realm,
That began only as innocent play.
And she bites her lower lip as well,
While closing her eyes with REM,
As if the riches of all the world,
Are found on her treasured gem.
Then she licks her fingers rapidly,
And delves with speed once more,
Determined to reach a pinnacle,
To that place she’s been before.
The slight groans that escape her,
And look of absorption in her face,
Tell the tale of gratification,
That now seems like a lonely race.
And as she reaches her orgasm,
With ripples she feels across her skin,
Are echoed with moan and spasm,
In elated whimpers of joyful sin.
 Her little sigh and wicked smile says it all,
 In the midst of the forest, she had a ball.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Old love fresh in the mind

Your lips are dripping black.
My eyes are blinded for-
the crimson trails you leave,
the technicolor streaks.
Your footprints are so faint.
Your voice is silky satin.
My ears are weeping softly,
and mourning your sweet nothings.
I miss the trails you'd leave-
through my little home-
of that flowery perfume,
and the sweet smell of you.
I can still feel your warmth-
on my bed-sheets,
and I can still hear-
your sultry wanton moans.
I wish to feel you still-
clasped ever so tightly around,
while I wrap myself around you,
and pin you to the wall.
My mind is racing still-
with thoughts of your thighs,
and the taste of your lips-
when you would give me rides.
Your back seat was so cramped,
but I did not mind very much;
for you were riding me,
to let me come inside.
Written by MJ-SWIM (M.J S.W.I.M)
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Delight of the Night

She slides sinuous as a serpent into his bed
Takes his head and kisses him gently awake
Feels him respond sleepy yet but still
Reacting to the thrill
Of her closeness, the fecund perfume
Of her of her sacred yoni
Sweet in his nostrils

She spreads herself over his face
He moves slowly at first
Breathing deep of her femininity
Probing, his tongue finds her tender places
Softly moaning she gyrates
Blood pulsing, clitoris raises
Offering itself up to lingual assault
Delight of the night

Sudden as a pouncing tiger he’s upon her
Spinning her bedwards in a flash
Ohhh she cries feeling her loss
Of control as he pins her
Mercilessly to the sheets
Hard nipples stimulated on iron chest
His hand sliding between silken thighs
Fingers probing
Feeling her eager wetness

In playful vengeance licks her finger
Slipping down the cleft of his buttocks
With a deft flick she pushes deep inside him
He responds, feigning outrage
You dirty little bitch he laughs
well, don’t stop,
Finger fuck me
She laughs. Pervert!

Then wriggling her slender hips
The better to draw him into her
She surrenders
Her hand guiding him
marvelling at his girth
Lightly squeezing
Passion building
They climb the heights,

She screams in orgasmic delirium
Losing her mind as she's possessed
With spasms of soul shattering delight
He, carried to his crest surges
With cries of joy
Pours into her
Written by blocat
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Dangerous Mind
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I leave work early, and ask you to meet me just upon dusk, and when you arrive you find me partially immersed in the peak of my emerging arousal in the garden, and I’m already in need of your carnality & sexual healing.

Dangling with a slightly gaped mouth and a ripened glistening deep ache in the hammock with a light summer dress and nothing underneath as my hips, nips and fingertips trace the letters of your name upon my already swollen bud.  

I'm entirely are exposed to you, and my nips are poking attentively through the sheer material whilst trying to reach the warmth and solace that exists within your hands, and hot & hungry mouth as the cool breeze invades my bare flesh.  
I notice the depth and shift in your breathing pattern as you reach down to greet me with a wet, hard and passionate deep kiss which takes my breath away as you pinch and pull upon my risen fleshy nips.  
Whilst I feel the ever increasing dripping moisture building with your touch, you leave tingles upon my flesh as the cool breeze invades my bare wet cunt as it glistens in the last fragments of daylight, in which you soon replace my fingers, with your tongue & fingers as you bend my needy tight wet cunt to your will rhapsodically.  
I'm in awe at the way you navigate us through such pleasures until I'm trembling and quivering, flowing salaciously upon your fingers as you stretch me wide until you’re knuckle deep, and I’m begging for more of you as you ask me if I want your rock hard cock filling my tight wet whole, deeply.  
I answer inaudibly through the rise & fall of my breath after you've trigger a series of little deaths within me, and your throb is evident as you plunge yourself into me ferociously and i gasp at the urgency of your width and length as we grind hard and deeply, lips to lips and forehead to forehead until you instruct me to lie on my stomach as you scissor my legs widely, and take me again & again until you explode deep inside me.  
And, you fall into me as we both lay nestled together spooning as my swollen blossoming cunt twitches and convulses around your cock as I make myself cum clitorically several times and soon, you're hard again, wanting more and we move inside to the shower as the last traces of sunlight disappear through the mountains.
Written by shadow_starzzz
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Something in Her

i will change what needs to be changed , will you accept what needs to be accepted, give yourself over, feel ur need, you always knew what you wanted, I saw you at the party, you undress me from across the bar, you knew i would be dangerous, I knew you wanted to be hurt, your body ached from my stare, your hunger called out from the distance between us, part of you afraid, and part of you wanting to be tortured, you tease arouse awake emotions that can only bring us together, you know you are my mistress, clamped nipples leather ball strapped mouth, hanging face down, hands and feet tied behind your back, nipples aching, orgasm rippled screams from the ball strap in your mouth, muffled groans, spank me smack my ass don’t make me wait any longer, put your fist in me, orgasm bursting with pain and pleasure, moaning as the ball strap nipple clamps are unfasten, hands feet set free no longer suspended, i stumble to the shower, hot water run down my face as I sponge my aching erect nipples, as hot soap caresses my tender sore ass, not able to stop this brutal orgasm, I step out of the shower crawling to you for more
Written by 0-100takeflight (TakeFlight)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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sexual dreams

As I lay my head on my pillow to rest my body.  
I get a good thirty minutes and I'm thinking about you.  
Tossing, turning , and sleeping good as my body at ease.  
In my dream baby I'm making your ass scream as I fuck you from the back gripping your hair. Trying to get all up in your guts busting that vagina wide. I been waiting onyou there is no reason to hide.  
I just turned over on my back while you was riding me as I squeeze your boobs like I'm checking for lumps.  
I get mad when I think about the bad you done to me, so I get you in missionary with the back and forth movement like a dog who is trying to get his first nut.  
As I cum, I wake up drooling all over the pillow. My current situation is not like MY dreams, so pardon me if I refuse to be around you.
Written by deepthreat1490
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