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Pompous Poet

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Lord Snodgrass wishes to inform
that Straightpipe fellow is such a bore
believes he can cause a stylish storm
with words he pretends count more

His knighthood is wearing rather thin
it barely reaches the bathroom door
where lights shine obsequiously dim
and lino covers the floor

Pretentious dickies can’t make a man
far less a poet to cause a furore
he’s hardly a third-grade also-ran
his grammar is worse than poor

Perhaps one day he will realise
in the poetry world, he’s just a whore -
no plaque for you, old chap, when you dies
of that you can rest assured.

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Poetic Poke

You  read my poetry and now you sneer
At poetic principals that I hold most dear  
I see you aspire to be known as a wit
Nasty, sarcastic little shit
So, congratulations clever sage
A wit? You've only reached the halfway stage
Written by blocat
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Fire of Insight
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nonintuitive fragments

Response to the esteemed
Sir Nigel Straightpipe, esq., Pompous Poet  

methinks the man has hit his head;  
no doubt, his poesy is dead—  
to phartz up words worn-out and done  
and think he rides the royal throne!        
his metaphors  
are aquifers        
that leak pale meaning;  
and his rhymes,  
in better times,  
were of the blind  
pre-nursery kind:  
unfit for weaning,  
with their cursory, brined  
of nonintuitive  
my mongrel dog  
has keener taste,  
e’en when there’s nothing  
left to chase;  
my cockatoo  
can thrill a crowd  
and win the face champs  
in a shroud.  
yet comes this twit  
without permit,  
to fondle words  
he can’t afford…  
© Copyright 2019 June 10
Written by cabcool
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Of Highly Dysfunctional Poets

We are both handsome guys  
dashing in our suits and ties  
It's confusing sometimes  
I must admit  
When dressed to the Nines in tweed  
very often I am mistaken for  
Sir Nigel Straightpipe!  
that literary nose thumbing nitwit  

notable for using rhetorical rhymes  
in ridiculous typo riddled lengthy tripe  
only good for kitty litter box linings  
who nowadays is self employing  
shoddy framing devices to support  
his poorly erected cocksure pinings  
over his glory days as a one wonder hit      
sold in bargain bins of Barnes & Noble  
doing little more than sit in his office  
spinning a reputation supposedly global  
trying to take the piss from the latest poet  
busy writing real poetry to even notice
Written by PsycoticMastermind
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Guardian of Shadows
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There’s Only One God, and It’s Not You

Legends live in their own minds,
narcissist, showing all the signs
of “worship me”, God of Verse—
ah, master dink of the universe.

Brooks Brother suit, Mensa pipe—
high price for facades of hype
for seeming the Gatsby of the pen,
typical of shallow men.

I’ll not need your approval rating
when inside, ‘tis only you, you’re hating.
Smugly, how you preen and fawn,
the poet whore of Babylon….

XOXO Madame Lavender

poet Anonymous

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Guardian of Shadows
United States
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Anonymous said:<< post removed >>

Bronson dictated, I typed—Cat paws don’t work so well on keyboards...😁

poet Anonymous

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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Valkyrie Daughters

Move with them, stand true,  
remember left is as valuable  
as the right  

they never see it coming,  
they never do

I remember  
his bare-knuckles  
spread out in thick stalks  
always bloody and pulsing  
with the rage of thousands.  
I was never meant  
to be a woman
truth be told he’d of traded me in  
for a set of shorts and a train set  
at the drop of a hat.  
I don’t blame him for the anger  
he had scorching his blood;  
it was how he was raised after all  
but he taught me to retaliate,  
to punch hard without warning  
because people need to know  
where they stand.  
Do I need a comeback?  
Hell to the fuck no  
because I never took my foot  
off the roaring pedal,  
the burning wheels  
screeching a battle cry  
to signal a fight  
and I know, of course I know  
what you think about me...  
but I’m still here  
studying shadows  
long into the night:  
move with them, stand true,  
remember left is as valuable  
as the right.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Tyrant of Words
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Pure pleasure, said the ego

If Achilles was watching you
he'd be turning in his grave
spit poetry so askew
Sir you are so brave

emperor to self oh so kind
adorning birth suit oh so 'fine'
the world can't see the fabric?
it's the world that is fucking blind

no assonance no resonance
neither rhythm nor rhyme
catastrophe of sheer dissonance
your works of art are a crime

It was a pure pleasure sir
meeting you said my ego
doubt you'd ever made love to her
to the one am about to show

David Macleod
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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The Worst of the Worst

Members of a cabal
Their poem banal

Egotistical arrogant shites
Creating drama and fights

Thinking that their shit don't stink
Sycophant fans, a nod and a wink

A self-promoting tribe
Unable to properly scribe

They talk a good game
But they're clearly insane

Narcissistic, psychopathic loons
The beat their chests like baboons

Strangers to humility
A website's liability

They attack now in packs
Greiveiously mental attacks

Ignore, block and insult
This hateful group is a cult

But the lies that they tell
Don't really gel

Accusations unfounded
Impunity unbounded

Given a free hand
Bullying on demand

Berating the innocent
With evil intent

Many have left
Their enjoyment bereft

Silenced with cat calls
And the fear of reprisals

The evil ones are few
And despite their arse licking crew

You need to scratch beneath the surface
Cowards and sheep beware their embrace

They talk of love and things above
Fabricated under a velvet glove

They even attack their own kind
When they show an enquiring mind

Questioning their validity
Will bring abuse against your stupidity

And you will join the band of castaways
Burnt at the steak by flames ablaze

Stand up, don't leave
Don't leave, stand up
Stand up, don't leave
Don't leave, stand up
Stand up, don't leave
Don't leave, stand up

This cabal will not win
Time to put them in the bin

This is a call to action
To annexe and expel this faction

The revolution starts here
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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