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Metaphorically Sensual

Fire of Insight
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Joined 17th Dec 2018
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A Woman's Prerogative

Bathe my mind with wisdom
Cleanse my naked soul in truth
Guild the freedom of my spirit to the hereafter  
My footprints marked, engraved    
The sweetest tidal wave of time washed upon the sands of time  
Whispers, oh thy sweet whispers  
Sinking me, stealing me, sheds of me left  
Mirror mirror on the wall  
Protect my reflection from the fall  
My vessel of existence falters, yet divinity within a touch  
Where art thou woman  
I bow to unite with Mother Nature’s creed  
Absence within of its generation seed  
Yet bowing unto the world, healing the body with a gentle of ease  
My heart, my mind, my soul  
Trinity adopted through the passage of the womb    
Earth survival to the fittest  
Walking with hands out, the world, give unto me in its entirety  
Framed snapshots of lives  
Tears of time, for the fallen, the persecuted, the whoremonger, the jezebel  
Oh, sweet Lilith glory to be for the sins of me  
Even the helm of Jesus’ garment was touched for the taste of salvation  
The conviction of one’s soul lost  
Dark souls’ purpose to patrol  
From the cocoon of darkness into the light  
Spiritual blessed and anointed in our beautiful nakedness    
Clothed by society hatred, jealousy, greed  
To allow a woman to be, conform by the regality of my presence  
Written by Cocoa
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poet Anonymous

Dangerous Mind
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Our Alchemy Of Love

Listen to the translucently mellifluous  
sonorous metal molten as tttttipppppp >>>>
milking droplets of dripping rain rippling  
unto our orgasmic oceanic silences ))))))))))))))

Listen now to the silken lubricating lotion's
perfected turns of many kkrrrrrrkkkkkkkk/////////
squeakish hinging flexibilities..our slender threaded  
posturing swan necks in entwined kissing  
of yogic chakra activations**&$&$&$**

even stinking stench of our crying out apocrinal sweat-
[glands in seductively slow-motioned blotting absorbance  
unto our craving porosities & moistened nipping lips in a rejigged  
piercing their still screamingly searching~climactically hitting  
abyssal depths...on the shattering brink  
of a maddening routed ordeal rabidly tearing down  
the heavily draped leathery jerkins peeling  
unto their rapturously pleating bleeding core  
in alternate matte & sheen voluptuous bundled  
sigmoidal flown stream of cosmic consciousness]
-are pheromonally addictive Kamasutra Cologne in earthen  
musky mustiness of a monsoonal thigh-high’s wet black bough  
..its drawing ever elongate midribless succulence down the centric  
in mixed top notes are fumes of drowsily lingering hot spring steams  
of a buttery rancid and freshly fleshy fermenting pickled grandoise  
in juicy syneressing exuberance … & that of  
some post-play's soothingly enwrapping
end notes of a divine frankincense  
Written by summultima (uma)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Red Sky @ Night

I fell like the sun when I heard
your delicate voice reciting love poetry  
With words your quill etched into
the frozen orb walled up inside me  
My soul enchanted by the flow
of tsunamic waves within your verse  
Then bedazzled by your spoken dance,
if not so pure would be a curse  
Tonight's delighted sky reveals
how our hearts beat in harmonic resonance  
So hold my hand to fly as one into
the flames of our blazing renaissance  

Soaring to new heights together,
unfurled colors explode across the sky  
Lighting up the nighttime heavens
where eternal darkness goes to die  
Fading behind rising constellations
drawing pictures of deities at play  
Pouring your Big Dipper into the galaxy
of my spilling Milky Way  
How I long to create our song,
laying naked in each other's arms  
Blending our hearts and moons and stars
in a bowl of Lucky Charms  

Scenes I dream between the sheets
of paper filled with rhymes of yours and mine  
Of thought forming more than fantasy
spilled in imagery within a poet's mind  
Would I be stepping over an unspoken line
drawn in the sands on a beach  
Where castles of imagination
are beyond a minstrel's clandestine reach?  
Could there be a shoreline
where dawn's red skies are not a sailor's warning  
And delicious treats beneath starry skies
foreshadow a good-morning?  
I spread my wings when I sensed the heat
from your glowing comet's trail  
Once again I spied the fluttering feathers
on the tip of your scarlet tail  
I crave the tickle you place upon my nose
with your rustic fluffy muff  
And the scent of warm bread spread
with strawberry jam and marshmallow fluff  
How pleased I'd be to drink the sweet and salty elixir
flowing from your holy grail  
When the pleasure I gift you with unfurls
your folds into a crafty silken sail  
Would you then return the winds
to blow me into a sea of ecstasy?  
Where I would swim the ocean blue
and surf the waves of your red-sea  
Under the cloak of night you read to me
to guide me to your hidden lair  
Wantonly displaying my ascending crest
to let you know I'm almost there  
Then drizzle upon the pointed tips
of your soft white chocolate kisses  
With warm French-vanilla cream
to satisfy your shooting starlight wishes  
Filling my mind's eye with dark stars
exposes your beguiling specter  
Unquenched until drowned in a flood
of honey laced natural nectar  
The warmth of passion quickly arrives
as you erupt in blissful chirrup  
A flood pours from your royal chalice
into this pawn's old wooden cup  
Nourishing my parched heart
that could not flow with the ink of poetry  
Until it spilled upon your parchment
in the hue of pink sky harmony  
With the full moon setting on my pillow
just before the crack of dawn  
Diamonds and rubies sparkled 'round
the rim of your queenly golden crown  
Kissing your icy peaks until they melt
into a refreshing mountain dew  
As you spread your feathered wings
and I come to rest on top a glistening hillside
When the morning star arose
the phantom vultures had all finally been laid to rest  
While lyrics of the lovebirds song hum
in the wind while we happily build our nest

(jj poetryman)

Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 3rd July 2015
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Poetic Pen.e.tration


My pen.is    
with desire    
to spread  
o  p  e  n  
to caress    
the lines  
with lovin'  
each page  
for more    
my mind  
as one  
d   e   e   p    
and passion    
with every  
in beast    
my pen  
pouring out  
my heart  
and soul  
till I  
all over    
the paper  
with orgasmic  
the pad  
watch it  
new poem  
Written by MagicVisionz (Magic101)
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Sex Me, Love Me, Fuck Me

Intensity smolders beneath flesh bearing evidence of Louisiana’s
midsummer’s heat surfacing atop her skin

She’s wet, soaking wet, as the sweltering inferno within
boils to the brim of unfiltered pruriency

Transparent, the white linen dress adheres to her wanting body
becoming a second skin, and his phallus calcifies as his eyes butterfly
the hips, nipples, shoulders, back, legs, and thighs
piercing through what seems to call him by name

She lifts her dress slowly
exposing her hunger for the sweetest eat
and she tips to him, spreading legs to touch
where fingertips lick lips,
accelerating coitus precipitation to drip from her clit
as it spits maraschino liqueur
onto a belvedere of erotic delirium

She burns intensely,
melting from the humidity of misty bayou waters
along with vapors rising from between her thighs,
she assumes the position bending over
and he aligns behind to her bent over spine
her pussy willow billows sirens of exquisite pain
as he feeds her pink petals his meat, salty and sweet
thrusting stroke for stroke and she whines as she winds
a pulsating grind on his mandated stick
as wisps of strands waft through the air
from the pull of her hair at the mercy of his hands
and she rends her lip as he seizes her hips
necks turns and flesh burns
as bruised shins accompany grates of scraped knees
abraded against scintillating floorboards
coinciding with wood grained splints
fragmented beneath nail beds
as the floor beds this scene of
erotic ebullience

And lust’s palate feasts on this buffet of sexual gluttony
as shots of Patron wake lullabies to scream
infallible urges of hard sleep
to awaken heightened peaks of
tasting and touching…licking and thrusting…
deep throating and sucking where sex makes love
seep sweat and grime
from velvet walls
breathing breaths of indulgence over weakened flesh
til uninhibited sensuality vexes love
to release vessels of subdued desires
into an unparalleled dimension of
two bodies
straight fucking…



Written by Teeya
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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As this overwhelming feeling grabs at the very base of my inner feelings releasing me as it manifest into existences my most deepest thoughts as they transcend my mind to a place of imaginations gone wild, for it is here when I am with you I can let go of all my fears and even my true inner emotions of my true sexual desires of my fantasies, for as I hold you deep within my arms and smell the sweet aroma of your skin and feel the softness of your lovely hips and thigh pressing against mine as our body heat slowly begins to rises.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
For it is here within this moment I want to feel the very beat of your heart I want to feel the air of your breath blowing against my ear as you whisper and moan as the foreplay of hands and finger tips dip in and out of your sweet box that slowly becomes wet, with each teasing of my hands and lips for I want to look up into your eyes and see the pleasure within your eyes as I roam and explore the depth of your soul as we experience a deep magical moment between two earthly souls.                                                              
For there is no boundaries that will hold us back from reaching that climax of pure ecstasy as we unshackle our mind and soul to feel things that happens in moments of sensual, stimulation of the body and soul bringing us to pure exhaustion from the art of the seduction gripping and pulling and teasing and pleasing pass our breaking point of truly no return.
Written by Stoney223
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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the skies opened
and the dreams poured in
your passion in rich mahoganies
fused with my blood

my heart began to beat
telling the story of our passion
with a heat, we ignited
the stars tell of our union

how in the desert of loneliness we wandered
and we thirst with great lusts
then a lush paradise opened to us
we quenched our need

when you came into me with your ache
I relieved it with my magic
our souls merged as one
beating back the pain of days past
we spent blind to each other

you wrapped around my shame
and devoured it with your light
the darkness recognized your voice
then retreated
your essence flooded me
filling the empty

I spoke in tongues
when you first entered me
the language of love
new and foreign to me
it fell from my lips and you rejoiced
you knew you got through to me

so far you journeyed to reach my heart
when we came together as one
you claimed me as a warrior would
marking me as your own

forever bound by love

Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Old love fresh in the mind

Your lips are dripping black.
My eyes are blinded for-
the crimson trails you leave,
the technicolor streaks.
Your footprints are so faint.
Your voice is silky satin.
My ears are weeping softly,
and mourning your sweet nothings.
I miss the trails you'd leave-
through my little home-
of that flowery perfume,
and the sweet smell of you.
I can still feel your warmth-
on my bed-sheets,
and I can still hear-
your sultry wanton moans.
I wish to feel you still-
clasped ever so tightly around,
while I wrap myself around you,
and pin you to the wall.
My mind is racing still-
with thoughts of your thighs,
and the taste of your lips-
when you would give me rides.
Your back seat was so cramped,
but I did not mind very much;
for you were riding me,
to let me come inside.
Written by MJ-SWIM (M.J S.W.I.M)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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June 10 1962 My Soul Mate

June 10 1962 My Soul Mate

In a Relationship with my girlfriend I wrote this for her.

You are golden.
You, deserve the best things money can buy
But unfortunately I cannot afford them
Instead I give you the best things that are priceless.
My heart my kindness things that are righteous
I write this poem to you, I hope that you like it.
Kissing your lips, holding your hand
You've made this broken guy into a once again wholesome man
You're sweet and kind
You're that sweetheart of mine
Like a brain tumor baby you stay on my mind.
I love hearing you laugh and seeing you smile
you’ve made me feel what I haven't felt in awhile
Loved and appreciated
Thank you Baby I appreciate it!
This may be just the beginning I'm hoping it won't end
Thank you for keeping it real showing me others were pretend
If you need a hand baby both arms to you I will lend, extend
You're my love, my boo, my best friend
For you I am grateful
I'm hungry for your kisses
Your lips are so tasteful
What you bring to the table sure is a plate full
When it comes to your heart I sure am not playful
I will not toy with your emotions
Because Baby Girl you fill up my world like the Oceans.

By nutbuster
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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Lost Thinker
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Warm Shower

Bodies clean
Hot to touch
Ready to devour
Be devoured
Written by SilverBeaver_42
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Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell
Thought Provoker
United States
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The Farmer and the Sunflower

Walking to and fro,
She did come and go,
She did not notice,
Until the fallen seed had sprouted in the garden of her heart, did she notice.

Caring for the flower,
But being a sunflower,
Had his bright face turned towards the sun,
He did not notice her, or for him, what she had done.

Then one rainy day,
From the direction of the sun, he momentarily turned his face away,
And he saw her face that day,
She knew not what he thought or felt about her, then or since that day.

She saw galaxies, and a warmth unknown,
When to her, his face was shown,
Only in photos, movies, and a game,
Had she ever seen her flame.

She tried to hide in her cheeks, the excess color,
To speak, but from his beauty and kindness, was filled with too much wonder,
And her emotions were obvious,
Who wouldn't be speechless when looking into the center of the universe?

For three years, did she love, nurture, and care for him,
She began to feel as if she had always known him,
And because of this, began to occasionally also feel a certain way for him,
Wishing to extend his taproot, spreading his seed, and sprout more flowers with him.

To extend his root,
To make it shoot,
Into soil uncharted,
Soil untilled.

To have her flower, deflowered,
That only to him, would be revealed,
Under a blanket of moss,
Of every drop of rain, there would be no loss.

But alas,
Too fast did the time pass,
She could not say all that she wished, and out came the sun,
And from her face, he was gone.

Maybe one day,
Another rainy day,
Maybe even a rainy season, or year,
Where, to each other, they could be near.
Written by Orc_Pirate_68 (Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Hello everyone!! So far, I'd addressed everyone's entry up until my hiatus. I apologize to those whom I haven't. I've read from the outside looking in & all are beautiful pieces.. I'm blessed for each entry & hope to be back in working order by the 30th to elect the winner. You've all made it exceptionally hard for me so far! I will definitely be looking for help outside of these halls. See you all soon...

...Love you guys, Pandy🌹

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Here we are as a man and a woman enjoying a beautiful tranquil evening with dinner and wine and soft candle lights that reflect the moon of the shadows that is our form of light so beautifully right, but yet deep within my silent thoughts of my mind as the conversation grows deeper than deep on an intelligent level mentally and emotionally and spiritually and above all physically.                                                                                                                    
I want to know the depth of your dreams for what are your goals that you have and achieved for I want to know the deepness of your soul of souls and how much hurt and pain you had to endure through your walk through this life, for I want you too understand me as much as I understand you as we both had been through some trails and tribulations of life but yet here we are now.                                                                                                            
For I want to taste the very essences of your thoughts and see through my own eyes your hurt as well as your pain and misery for I want to taste the silent tears you cried when you were alone in the wee hours in a darken night, for I want to taste the mere deepness of your spiritual soul pulling at your very heart of hearts for I want to taste who you really are beneath the silents of your true deepness of your depth.                                                    
For I  want to explore  your mind were no man has ever gone before and returned as one soul as we returned as one skin and flesh and blood bond by not destiny but by faith for I want to taste you from deep within your vessel of your skin mind and heart and soul from deep within for I want to taste you with my mind and my thoughts from deep within me.
Written by Stoney223
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Lost Thinker
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Night Sailing

full moon
gentle breeze
softly kissing
glowing bodies
rocking within
the waves
Written by SilverBeaver_42
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